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Can Do Attitude

Looking for some ways to obtain a can do attitude? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some key insights to help you develop a can do attitude in no time at all.

Now, before we can help you with that, we must first get under the surface of some things. Namely, the link between how we perceive ourselves, and how it impacts how we approach problems. So, here’s what you need to now about. Everyone maintains a relationship with himself or herself. We can either be a best friend to ourselves or, we can be our own worst enemy. This relationship we have with ourselves doesn’t depend on our external environment either. Nor does it depend on the people around you.

How you think, act and behave comes down to your self-worth. And believe or not, your self-worth determines how much you feel you can or can’t do in your life. So it should come as no surprise that the people who have more self-worth are the people who have a can do attitude.

Conversely, the people who have a can do attitude are the ones who typically accomplish more in all they do. But what’s a can do attitude you ask?

What Is a Can-Do Attitude?

Well, just in case you were wondering, having a can do attitude essentially comes down to thinking positively about what is possible for you. It means to think that things are possible first and foremost. Now that’s our definition.

But the formal definition, according the Cambridge Dictionary, means having an attitude that conveys confidence in your ability to deal with problems and achieve success (see below).

Can Do Definition

So, in short having a can do attitude ultimately means being optimistic and looking at one’s problems as solvable.

With that being said, if you’re looking for some ways to value yourself a bit more and in the process become a more action oriented person with a can do attitude, well then, you’ll want to read this post. It will help you overcome your can’t do attitude, and fortify the type of attitude that gets results, the can do attitude.

How to Develop a Can Do Attitude:

Can Do Attitude

1. Focus on Your Self-Worth

Since your self-worth is an internal thing, the value you place on yourself can be controlled only by you. Truly, you are the one who determines how external factors influence your value. These are mainly the actions, expectations and reactions of the people around you. It also involves the demands you have to meet at work. Anything that is outside your body is an external source. When you link your self-worth to external sources, your life will start being miserable. Why?

First, outside forces will never happen 100% your way. They will always vary from time to time. While these external conditions can motivate you to work harder to change them, it does not mean that you are a healthy person emotionally. When you base your self-worth with the things and people surrounding you, you’ll always be confused and disappointed.

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People who look for validation from external sources are highly likely to make the wrong decisions. Seeking validation from external sources blinds you from acknowledging your own strengths and blocks you from achieving your true potential. Basing your self-worth on external factors such as appearances or performance will lead to stress and frustration in the end.

People who place their self-worth on internal aspects tend to understand themselves and they are generally healthier and happier. Having an internal support system helps you discover that you are an important person and you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

2. A Person With a Can Do Attitude Doesn’t Blame Others

Attitude is another thing that makes the difference between a failure and an achiever. If you’re a person with a can do attitude, you can do or get anything you want anytime. You can persuade others to change their decisions or beliefs, you can easily forget the past and focus on the future. You can pretty much do anything. It’s all about attitude, a can do attitude.

With a can do attitude, you can change the beliefs and perceptions about your present circumstances. By doing this, you will change your attitude and ultimately grow to handle your own struggles effectively. Epictetus once said that people are not disturbed by the things that happen to them but by their own opinions and principles regarding these things.

Achievers Have a Can Do Attitude Quote

Therefore, you should never blame your hindrances and grievances on things or others but on yourself and your opinions. Scientific researchers have found out that people react according to their perception of situations and not the situations themselves. You can value yourself and change your can’t do attitude into a can do attitude at any moment, especially with the help of the following seven tips:

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others essentially means that you are measuring your worth by other people’s terms. When comparing yourself to others, you tend to ignore the awesome you can do. For you to be happy, you have to realize that your own terms matter.

Modern technology especially social media platforms are making it difficult for people to focus on themselves because they are constantly parading and reminding people about the achievements of others. The more you see and focus on the achievements of others, the less you focus on your own life.

Instead of measuring your worth by comparing yourself to others, you should concentrate on the meaningful things in your life. Creating your standards and making them a reality should be your main focus every single time.

4. Accept and Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s normal for people to get overly fixated on past mistakes and faults. This is especially true if the mistakes generate feelings of regret and shame. How you handle and cope with your past will affect how you perform today.

When you make mistakes, you should not start blaming yourself or others. This is the perfect time to learn from your mistake. Find out why things happened the way they did. Discover how you reacted and reasoned with yourself and the people around you. Analyzing these crucial aspects will give room for future improvement.

Remember, the more you fall, the more you grow and develop. Life is a huge opportunity. Every day, we get the another chance to prove to ourselves who we are. Focus on the future and perform efficient acts now.

5. Grab Opportunities Coming Your Way

Opportunities only come to those who are ready for them. The key to spotting an opportunity is paying attention to the things happening around you. Start by reading books and blogs that mean something to you.

Attend seminars, workshops and events on subjects that matter to you. No matter how busy you are, always allocate some time for your hobbies. Meditating and reflecting on your actions every single day will help you stay on the right path.

Also, writing down simple daily goals will help you tackle bigger goals and you’ll start feeling good about yourself. Creating the right balance in your life will help you spot opportunities on your way that can make you a fortune.

6. Share Your Ups and Downs With Someone

We’ve discussed on the importance of focusing on oneself. Sharing your ups and downs with someone seems contradictive however, it’s not. Seeking helps and compassion is another way of improving yourself and increasing the opportunities that might come on your way. You should share your ups and downs with someone you trust; not just anyone.

Sharing your journey with the wrong people will bring you down faster than a sea anchor. This means that you should study people keenly before creating friendships with them.

Sharing your problems with someone who cares will give you the opportunity to brainstorm and find the right solutions. Sharing your journey with someone helps you see who you really are.

7. Pay Attention

For you to gain control over your mind, it’s important for you to develop a keen sense of awareness. You can do this by holding still for a couple of minutes, taking deep breaths and freeing your mind from the noises happening inside and around you.

This is one of the most basic things you can do as a human being. And it will pay off in spades. Give yourself a break from time to time and be conscious of what’s happening to you.

You’ll have to find some solo time and focus on your inner world. Otherwise every day will be chaotic. Your outer world will become peaceful and more perfect, but not until you fix your inner world.

8. Focus On The Positive

Being aware of your thoughts and emotions will give you the chance to redirect your focus. You should avoid being overly fixated on the things that are dragging you down and focus on those that inspire you. Focusing on the next meaningful step will change your attitude and help you perform better. If you can fix a hopeless situation, do it right away.

Quote on having a can do attitude

There’s always something you can do in any situation to make it better. Don’t allow the pain to cripple you. Take action whenever you can. Even in butter situations, maintain a calm and positive attitude. Reacting to your environment is the number one cause of failure, dissatisfaction and a can’t do attitude in life. Focus on the solutions and not the problem. All successful people know how and when to change their focus.

9. Be Grateful

As a human being, you’ll always have a need to expand and have more. There’ll never be a day when you’ll be satisfied with what you have. Yet how many people are suffering trying to achieve such an elusive goal. You’ll be joyful, happy and healthy the day you realize that you don’t need more things. What you need is to be grateful for the things you have right now.

If you look back, the things you have right now are everything you wanted back then. Yet, they don’t excite you as they did a few years ago. Why? It’s because you have started taking them for granted. Be thankful for the things you have and those that you don’t have yet. Gratitude is the only thing that connects you to the supreme power.

Most people exercise gratitude until they get the thing they desire. After that, they cut the links to the supreme powers. Such people never get more things. Even if they do, they are never fulfilled by them.

Be thankful not only for the things you are but also for the person you’ve become. Be thankful and hungry for more at the same time. Gratitude will change your life in ways you never thought possible. It will empower you and change your attitude.

10. Create Some Compelling Goals For Yourself

One of the best ways to improve your attitude, is to set yourself up with some compelling goals. Having a goal the gives your life more purpose and meaning, will help you feel better about where you are going in life, but it will also give you a better sense of direction.

And believe it or not, having a strong sense of direction and knowing where you are going in life, can improve how you feel about yourself. And as mentioned earlier, people who have a greater sense of self-worth, tend to be more-action oriented — and possessing a better can do attitude.

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On top of this, when you’ve created a compelling goal, it will literally pull you into action. You’ll need to depend on less motivation to pursuit the goal, because you’ll be pulled by excitement of eventually reaching said goal.

Final Thoughts on Having a Can Do Attitude

Self-worth and having a can do attitude are crucial aspects when it comes to creating success and happiness in your life. You are a unique and wonderful creation. No one has ever or will ever live the kind of life you’ve lived. No one will ever have dreams like you. Why should you base your self-worth in the hands of others?

You can only improve your self-worth by focusing and improving yourself on regular basis. By doing this, you will also change your attitude. And once you fix your inner world, your outer world will be amazing. Why? Because you’ll not only feel free, but you’ll be free and able to do just about anything you set your mind to.

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