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Start Believing in Yourself

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I start believing in myself?” then this article is for you. We know everyone falls into a rut sometimes where we don’t have as much belief in ourselves as we used to. We know everyone, from time to time experiences those days where our self-confidence somehow gets thrown out the door, leaving us feeling uncertain and unsure of ourselves. The good news is, we have a few great tips to help you find out how to start believing in yourself again.

There is no doubt that lacking self belief can leave you struggling to find your way through life with little hope for significant change. In short, not believing in yourself can make the future look bleak. Fortunately, you can find your way back to a more confident and assured you, if you try. And you can do it today!

So, what happens when you start believing in yourself? Well, you’ll start having more hope for starters. And with more hope, you’ll be more inclined to take action. And with every action you take to build yourself up, and create a better future for yourself, your confidence and belief in yourself will grow.

So, let’s get you started on this journey of reclaiming your self, and with it, your future. Just follow these seven steps. They’ll show you how you can start believing in yourself again, and help you feel like you’re on top of the world again.

7 Best Ways to Start Believing in Yourself

Best Ways to Start Believing in You

1. Practice Loving Yourself

Self-love leads to self belief. You cannot gain faith in yourself if you don’t love the person that you are on the inside. You have to find confidence in yourself.[1] This means you looking into the mirror and smiling. It means love that person you see in the mirror for all of their good and bad qualities.

In addition, you can practice loving yourself by finding the morals and values that you hold dear to your heart. Figure out your strengths and your weaknesses. Smile because you are a real person with good and bad qualities. You can always work on your weaknesses. You can always be a work in progress, but you don’t have to feel worthless because you aren’t perfect.

The main thing to take away is to love yourself because of the unique qualities that make up your personality. You can take the first step to start believing in yourself when you start loving yourself.

2. Realize All Personal Failure Is Not Your Fault

The global pandemic lead to many people feeling as if they were lost in a tornado. Their lives were turned upside down both professionally and personally. They thought that they could change the outcome of things if they had only seen a pandemic coming a year ago.

In all reality, sometimes failure is not your fault. Some of the most prepared and successful people fail.[2] Figure out the difference between times failure might be your fault and times when everything was out of your control. You’ll start to see your worth. You’ll realize that you can move forward once you understand failure happens. Sometimes failure is a stepping stone to something greater.

3. Treat Yourself The Way You Treat Others

It is easier to start believing in yourself when you begin treating yourself the way you treat others. Think about it, you wouldn’t usually tell others they are worthless and a failure, right? No, of course you wouldn’t because you believe in those people you respect and love around you. You are patient with them. And you’re willing to lend a hand and help them up when life is tough.

So, do the same for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to talk and be open just as you do those around you. The way you treat yourself is a direct ink to your feelings. If you give yourself positive affirmations, you’ll feel happy and lifted up. If you continually tell yourself that you’re worthless, you’ll feel sad and upset. Take care of yourself the way you would take care of your best friend.[3]

4. Feed Your Spirit

It’s important to feed your spirit and mind with positive things. Be careful what you watch on television and what you read each day. Feed your mind with interesting topics. Ask respected colleagues about the great things they’ve done in their life. Ask them how self belief lead them to become the person they are today.

Seek out inspiration in quotes and documentaries. Read about topics that will help you figure out your next steps in life. Read about facing your fears and being confident. These things may seem small, but they will make a difference to your mind and spirit. You’re teaching your brain to be confident and believe in yourself.

5. Take A Step Forward

When life knocks you down, get up and don’t look back. It’s crucial that you practice self love by moving forward. You may feel like giving up and just staying down in the dirt. You will doubt yourself if you stay down there long enough. So you have to pull on your boot straps and move forward.

Don’t think about looking back because you will get stuck staring at the past. You’ll start to wonder about things you could have done differently.[4] You have to live in the present and look towards the future. This is the time that you believe in yourself with pure confidence. You push yourself forward by taking a break to think about your next steps. Brainstorm the best possible outcomes in your life. Take each step one at a time. One day you’ll notice how far you’ve come, and those days will be a distant memory.

6. Know You Choose Your Reactions

Start believing in yourself by knowing you are in charge of your reality. You do this by deciding how you react to good or bad news. Now, we understand that you might not be able to change the things happening to you, but you can change the way you react to them.

Yes, you might be angry and confused when you lose your job or a loved one passes away. But there is nothing you can do to change those types of outcomes. The only thing you can do is control the way you handle the situation.

You determine the positive outcomes of negative things because of the way you react. Those lacking self belief get stuck in the negative outcomes. They don’t try to find a way out because they’re scared to face their own reality. It might be tough, but you can face anything with a positive mind.

7. Accept That You Are Not Perfect

It’s hard for many people to understand that they aren’t perfect. Social media makes it seem like so many people are leading these amazing lives. We think we must be positive and happy or we are worthless. This isn’t true.

Sometimes there are positive people that have tough lives. This is because they accept the pain. They know life is going to be tough at times. They know they endless optimism won’t make life easier, but it will help them handle the harder things and move forward. It’s okay to accept the pain and anguish in life.

The trick is to be honest about it. The trick is to forgive yourself for the pain in your life. Understand that sometimes you are going to be negative, and that’s okay. As long as it does not take over your self worth, you can feel the pain at times. Embrace the imperfect times then let them go.

Bonus Tip To Help You Start Believing In Yourself

This last tip is related to correcting the issue by taking back control of your mind with force. A lot of the times, we don’t believe in ourselves because of alot of negative self-talk that we have going on in our minds. But, that negative chatter can be silenced with affirmations, especially if they are affirmations for help you improve your confidence.

So, if you’ve tried all the steps above, and you still find yourself wondering “How do I start believing in myself?” then you absolutely should give affirmations a try. Use these confidence affirmations, they’re a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

Self belief is something that isn’t created overnight. You might work years on yourself to boost your confidence and self worth. Just know that you are unique and the effort put forth will be worth the fight.

Give yourself the love you deserve by taking it a day at a time. It’s time to be your own best friend. And you can start by taking the first step and give yourself a few compliments today. Without a doubt, if you do this one little thing, you’ll start feeling better and you’ll usher in a more self-trusting and positive chapter in your life.

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