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Greatest Secret of Success in Life

Hundreds of thousands of people every day seek out ways to be a success in life.  They seek, and seek, and seek for the secret of success.  They seek promotions, praise, lots of money, early retirement, and freedom, but they never find it.

Want To Find More Success in Life?

One reason people never discover the success they’re looking for, is because they give up to soon.  They throw in the towel just before discovering the greatest secret of success.

A great many people also come across this secret of success unknowingly, yet, they don’t realize it when they see it.  The secret looks them in the face, but they turn away from it because it looks different than what they hoped it would be.

Then there are those who learn about this simple little secret, but day after day fail to apply it.  They allow little things to deter their application of this secret, little things like a lack of self-discipline, fear, or sufficient motivation.

Easy Come Easy Go

Astonishingly, most of the greatest books on success include this secret I speak of.  The answer is always there, waiting to be discovered and applied.  Mysteriously though, the authors of these great success books never make their secrets easy to find.  In fact, they typically bury it deep within their texts.

Why so secretive?

Perhaps it’s because they wish to weed out the uninitiated.  Or, perhaps it’s because they know, that anything obtained easily is likely to disappear easily.

In other words, things that are earned are likely to last, while things that are given are forgotten fast.

So, What’s This Great Secret of Success?

If you’re a reader of The STRIVE, you probably already know what this great secret of success is that I am alluding to.  In fact, the answer is embedded within the name.  But, you may be new here, so I’ve got some explaining to do.

Before I fill you in on this secret though, and before I share with you the way to become a success in just about any area of your life, there are a few things you must first know.

Some Not So Inconvenient Truths

The first thing you must know and be aware of, is the truth, the truth about our world and the truth about your nature.

So here it is, here is the truth.  We live in a world of mediocrity.   The majority of people across the world embrace the mediocre, the average, the commonplace.

The great majority of the world likes things to be easy.   They like things to be handed to them.

In fact, it’s our nature to search for the simple, the easy, the convenient.  Think about it, how often do you automatically think about doing the bare minimum on a task…whether it’s putting in the least amount of effort on a project, clocking out of work as soon as you can, or looking for the shortest and fastest route to your destinations?

I’d put money on it, that for most of us, seeking the path of least resistance is something we always do, every day, every minute, every second.  We are hard-wired for ease and the conservation of energy.  It’s our nature.

No doubt, thousands and thousands of years ago, finding the shortest path, conserving the most energy, and seeking out the easiest way to do something lended to our survival, but those cave dwelling days are over friend.

Operating on Minimums

Sadly, too many of us still operate on these types of minimums.  We think that by putting in minimal effort, we are maximizing our returns.

We still think that if we can get away with putting in the fewest amount time on a project, while getting rewarded the same paycheck as everyone else, we are somehow coming out ahead.

We still believe that if we can discover how to work a four-hour work week, and then spend the rest of our days surfing the net, taking it easy, and getting to do whatever we want, we’ve won.  But, that ain’t so.

We’ve been duped.  On the daily we are being sold on the falsehoods of ease and shortcuts.

Our less-than-ideal nature is being taking advantage of.

In fact, they take advantage of our nature when they say…

“Buy this fitness program and you’ll have the best-looking abs in only 5 minutes a day.”

“Buy this book and you’ll be able to learn how to live the life of your dreams while only working 4 Hours a Day.”

“Take this supplement and you’ll be able to look amazing in just a few short weeks.”

But these promises are not promises as all. In fact, they are a part of one big fat lie.  And it’s a lie that too many people get sold on.  It is the lie of ease.

“Ease is The Hallmark of The Mediocre.”

Yes, the mediocre love their ease, their conveniences, and their shortcuts.  Fortunately, there are smart people like you, who know these truths, AND are willing to act in contrast to them.   Truly, it is the people with an anti-mediocrity mindset who consistently find what they seek.  It is they, the few masters of their own mediocrity that discover success time and time again in every endeavor they choose.

So, are you ready for your secret?  I hope so.   Before I give it to you, know this; if you will embrace this secret, if you will live it, breathe it, and indefinitely believe it…in the long run there’s no way you can lose.  Behold:

The Greatest Secret to Finding Success in Life Is…

The Secret of Success

In other words, be a person who strives!  Strive to be and do more than average, strive to make extra a part of you!  Strive to always go the extra mile.  Strive to be Extraordinary!

And there you have it, the is the greatest secret of success.  Now applying it is 100% up to you.

Applying The Greatest Secret in The World

Without a doubt an average person would have ended this post with that last sentence.  Why?  Because it would have been easy to do so.

But I won’t leave you there.  You deserve some actionable steps that you can implement now to distance yourself from the cult of the average today.   May they help you find more success in life, may they help you become extraordinary.  Here you go:

7 Ways to Be Extraordinary and Find Success in Life

Best Secrets of Success

1. Decide to BE/DO/HAVE More

The first and most important thing anyone can do to find more success in any area of their life is to decide to have more than average and be more than average.  Passively desiring to have more, to be more, and to do more in life is not good enough.  You must decide to have it.

Once you are ready to get what you want, to make a change, to improve your life; a determined decision to get what you want must be made.  As soon as your mind has been made up and a decision has been made, action will follow.

And the first and best action you can take is this…

2. Plan Your Success

The average person does not set goals.  Most people dream of a better and brighter future, but they fail to put those dreams down onto a piece of paper.  Most people don’t realize how powerful the simple act of putting pen to paper to commit to their goals can be.

So, one of the best things you can do to set yourself apart from the rest, is to start planning your life.  One of the best ways of doing this, is to create a goal setting system where you map out your goals for the week, month, quarter, and year ahead.  Believe it or not, when you do this, you are consciously mapping out your life.  By setting goals, you are in fact giving yourself way points to strive for and direction in your quest for life improvement.

If you want to increase your chances of improving your life, make a plan for it to happen.  If you want to start finding more success in life start setting goals today!

3. Think Big Go Big

You’ve heard the saying, “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  Well, it’s a powerful message about expectations.  Surely, we don’t always get what we expect, unless we expect nothing.  Expect nothing, get nothing.

By going big and aiming high, you give yourself a better shot of achieving something big.  Sure, you may miss your mark, but if you never go big, there’s no way you’ll ever achieve big.

Leave the small uninspiring aims for the mediocre.  If you want to be and have more than the average, think big, go big, and eventually you’ll receive big!

4. Embrace What The Mediocre Won’t

One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success is to do what others won’t do.  If “the competition” won’t stay late, stay late, if they won’t focus on quality, focus on quality, if they won’t be positive, be positive, if they want to coast, you soar, if they want to go slow, you go fast.

You get the picture, never shy away from what others are unwilling to do. In fact, run towards what others run away from, and you’ve got it made.

So, be willing to embrace what others won’t (the discomfort, the difficult, the dirty job, the extra mile…the hard things) and you will win by default.

Those who will embrace the hard, will find it easy to win.

5. Study The Successful

There’s a well known adage in the world of self-development that states, “What you focus on expands.” Therefore, if you want to find more success in life, it will do you good to fill your mind with what you are after. And, studying the lives of the successful will help you do just that.

When you study the lives of the successful, not just observe them for entertainment purposes, you will learn the mindset, the strategies, and the trials the successful had to overcome to reach their success. Knowing these details will give you the insights that can help you make better decisions on your journey to success.

In addition to this, when yo study the successful, you subconsciously program your mind to pursue the prosperity, achievements, and success that those high achievers have obtained. And this is a good thing, because looking up, will pull you up. So, actively study the stories of the successful if you wish to find success.

6. Don’t Fear Failure

As you strive for success there will be times when you fail, because failure is a part of the process. There are very few people who have set out to achieve something greater for themselves who hit the mark on their first attempt. So, be cognizant of the possibility and likelihood for some failures along the way. Then, be brave, get your mind right about the failure that may occur, and push forward relentlessly.

In short, seek out failure. Fail early and often, and get it over with, and you will inch closer to your eventual success. Guaranteed!

7. Never Settle

Average people settle.  They settle for what they can get.  They settle for what everyone else is doing.  They take the easy way out in every area of their lives.  But you are not average, you are extraordinary.  And if you want to remain extraordinary and continue to reap the extraordinary, you must ensure you never settle.

So, what’s the best way to never settle?

One of the best ways to ensure you stay hungry is to immediately create new goals for yourself as soon as you have achieved the initial goals you set out to hit.  When you update your goals and plans, you keep things fresh and give yourself renewed energy for continual action and extra effort in all of your undertakings.

So, if you wish to continually find more and more success in your life, be sure you are always giving new life to your striving with new goals.   Why?

Because when you’re striving you’re thriving.

Bonus Secret of Success

If you’ve made it to this point in the post, you deserve this last secret of success. No doubt, if you aim to be above average, and live an above average life, you WILL eventually create one for yourself by following the steps above along with greatest secret that was just shared with you.

But if you consider yourself truly ambitious, and if you’re truly ready to experience staggering success, the likes by which you’ve only dreamed until this point, you’ll only be able to find it, by heeding the strangest secret of success that was discovered by this man: Earl Nightingale.

This is The Beginning, Not the End

My friend, much of what I’ve just revealed in this post are things you probably already knew.  Most people are actually aware of this stuff already, I know that.

However, most people just have a surface understanding of these success secrets.  They don’t truly KNOW this truth.  They don’t know it in their bones.  If they did, I wouldn’t feel compelled to write this stuff.

Fortunately for you, if you’ve gotten this far, if you’re reading these words, you now have a serious advantage over others.  Fortunately for you, with this new and deeper understanding of the greatest secret in the world, you know what it takes become a true success in life.

Now, this may be the end of the post, but, it’s just the beginning of your success story.

Till next time,


PS – This book is required reading – ‘The Greatest Secret in The World

PPS – So is this book – ‘The Strangest Secret’

PPPS – If these words rang true for you, don’t hesitate to share them with the world…

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