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The STRIVE is a digital media company that publishes inspirational and financial content for big dreamers, future millionaires, and high achievers.

The STRIVE:  Definition of Strive

Everything we do here is tailored to help you believe you can do, be, and have the success and prosperity you want in this life.  And then, to get you as motivated and inspired as possible to start taking action, and keep you moving forward towards those big dreams and inspiring financial goals of yours.

Why is this our aim? Because we know this goal and dream chasing stuff is a struggle, it is an everyday battle. That’s why we publish success insights, uplifting quotes, and encouraging stories to inspire your success daily.

Why Should You Follow The STRIVE?

The STRIVE was founded by Nathan Lee Morales, an ex-collegiate athlete who escaped the poverty of his youth and is now determined to inspire as many people as he can, to believe in and achieve the success and prosperity they seek. 

We want to help you live your life the way it was meant to be lived…fully and abundantly! It doesn’t matter if you are striving to pursue your passion, get fit, create a laptop lifestyle, improve your finances, or become a multi-millionaire.  Whatever form of prosperity you’re striving for, we’ve got your back.

As such, Nate and his team at The STRIVE do their utmost to publish a variety of inspirational and helpful content that will without question, help you achieve more of what you are chasing after.

So, if staying motivated, getting inspired, and gaining new ideas that can help you improve your life and achieve true prosperity is something you’re looking for, then you should definitely follow The STRIVE!

We’ve already impacted over four million people and counting, and we’re striving for more.  Our sights are now set on impacting 100 million people, and once we achieve that, a billion, and then… well, you get the picture, OUR STRIVE is the limit.

So, subscribe today and climb aboard our growing achievement ship…  Let’s GO!

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