Why Music is Your “ON” Switch for Productivity

Music has a direct line to your emotions. Who needs heroin or cocaine when you can just take it in the ears? As impactful as any drug, music can have an immediate effect on how you feel.

Music and productivity

In an instant, the right song can trigger emotions that either energize or depress you. In this article, you’re going to learn how music can help you push through adversity, recuperate from stress, and be more productive.

Rest and Recreation

Welcome to episode 38 of the Greatness Project.  This episode is an update of what to expect in the coming weeks on both TheSTRIVE.co and the podcast.

Due to required travel for the up and coming Holiday’s, content may be on the lighter side.

Up Your Intensity, Elevate Your Life

The Strive's Official High Intensity Gym Playlist

The strive to create an extraordinary life is a full contact sport.  There is no easy option when it comes to the struggle related to creating a life we can be proud of.

Elevate Your Life

Use the resources in this post to up your intensity and elevate your life, so you can better weather life’s storms.

50 Power Quotes to Help You Go For Your Dreams

Imagine a world, where people weren’t afraid to go for their dreams.  A world where people didn’t feel stuck, hopeless, or forced into a life they know in their bones they shouldn’t be living.

Review this curated list of power quotes if you are looking for a little nudge to help you follow your heart and go for your dreams.