5 Best Ted Talks to Crush Your Fears

Videos on How to Build Confidence and Overcome Fear

Fear can have a huge impact on how our lives’ turn out.  It can limit us from living a happy fulfilled life. Fear can keep us from success, it can keep us from fulfillment; it can keep us from becoming our best self.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us go through our days, allowing ourselves to live with a lack of confidence.  We allow ourselves to be defeated by our fears.

We let fear conquer us, when we let it keep us from applying for our dream jobs.  When we let fear hinder our ability to take action on starting that big life-changing project we’ve been meaning to launch, we lose to fear as well . We also lose to fear when we let it discourage us from approaching that person who might have been our one true love, our ideal partner, our soulmate.  Regrettably, we all too often allow fear to be the driver in our lives.

When we let our fears dictate what we do, we pay a price. Sadly, we end up paying this toll with the quality of our life.

To help put a stop to fear and its shrewd ability to limit our lives, I’ve put together this powerful list of Ted Talks.  My hope is that you’ll watch them and learn some new tactics that you can use to build your confidence and overcome your fears.

I jotted down a brief synopsis of each video so you can get an idea of what the video is about before you commit to watching the whole thing.  When you are ready to watch the video, just click its associated image.

Without further ado, here’s your list of Ted Talks on how to build confidence and overcome fear:

1 – Joe Kowan :  How I Beat Stage Fright

An entertaining and uplifting video that details how singer-songwriter  Joe Kowan eventually learned how to overcome his fear of being on stage.  Joe does this by ritually singing a stage fright song that he created before every event he does.  It’s very powerful and is a must watch for those who need to build confidence for getting on stage or in front of large groups of people.  Click on the image above to watch.

2 – Amy Cuddy :  Your Body Shapes Who You Are

This is an extremely inspirational video by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy.  She provides amazing insight into how research is starting to suggest that we are influenced by our own non-verbal communication to ourselves.  In short, she reveals how our non-verbal’s (like body language) can influence how we think and feel about ourselves.  It’s great information to help you build confidence so you can become fearless.   Her last suggestion is what is most important.  “Fake it till you Become it”.

3 – Jia Jiang :  Overcoming Fear with Rejection Therapy

Author of ‘Rejection Proof’, Jia Jiang, provides a very funny, informative, and helpful video for overcoming our fears.  He starts slow, but his message really picks up steam half way through.  By the end of the video, you will have laughed a dozen times and you will most certainly have gained some powerful insights for overcoming your fears and dealing with rejection.  Jia Jiang’s last statement really knocks it out of the park, when he admonishes that we embrace our fears, because it is in doing so, that we are bound to discover our biggest opportunities.

4 – Tim Ferris :  Learning How to Smash Fear

Author of ‘Tools of Titans’ and productivity guru Tim Ferris gives a nice intellectual breakdown on how he learned to deconstruct his fears so he can eventually conquer them.  If you watch the video till the end, he eventually ties all of his examples together to help you understand how you can overcome fear.  His last two messages are by far the most important.  “Fear is your friend.” and “What is the worst that could happen?”

5 – Karen Thompson Walker: What Fear Can Teach Us

Novelist Karen Thompson Walker gives a refreshing take on dealing with fear.  She gives some insights on how fears are nothing more than unintentional storytelling, and why it is important to learn how to listen to and read those fears effectively.

There you have it, the 5 best Ted Talks on how to build confidence and overcome your fears.

I hope you found this collection of videos helpful to you on your journey towards improving your confidence and conquering your fears.

Remember, if we let it, fear will sabotage our biggest plans, it will snuff our highest hopes. Fear will stop us from living the life we were meant to live. It can, and it will restrain our greatness, unless we decide to conquer it.

Time to get out there and start crushing your fears! Go get your greatness!

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