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Are you looking for a better fitness experience in 2022? Need a little guidance on which fitness program or health optimizer app you should use before you get started?

If you still haven’t achieved those fitness New Year’s resolutions, but you’re ready to get serious now, you’ll want to check out our selection of the best digital fitness programs and health optimizer apps for 2022. Some you may already know and some have been flying under the radar for a while, but all the winners are about to take off in 2022 🚀

Our list has been curated by some of the top personal trainers and celebrity fitness coaches based in Los Angeles, California. With more than 200 apps and programs out on the market today we’ve done the hard work to test and research them all to bring you the best of the best. With top picks from on-demand fitness programs like Apple Fitness + and the Peloton App to personalized and comprehensive programs like Healthstar Fitness, we got all the bases covered. Read on to learn more.

Sneak Preview at the Winners 💪

Best On-Demand Classes: Peloton

Best Smart Home Gyms: Tempo

Best Nutrition Programs: MyFitnessPal

Best Online Personal Training Program: Future Fitness

Best Health Optimizer App & Wellness Program of 2022: Healthstar

Keep Reading to see why we picked our winners.

Here’s our top 10 criteria for how we picked the best health optimizer app and why you should use this methodology too.

Personalization.  Everyone has different goals and start out from a different place on their fitness journey. A great fitness program should be designed around your workout preferences, exercises needs, and fitness goals. When it comes to customization a lot of programs talk a big game, but only a select few have this dialed in.

Healthy Lifestyles vs. Fads. New fitness fads and trends can sometimes offer quick gains, but far better to find a program that creates lasting lifestyle change. Your fitness program should be well-rounded, comprehensive in its approach, and help you build on a foundation of healthy lifestyle habits to create sustainability over the long-term.

Accountability. We looked for programs that can help keep you on track using regular check-ins. Accountability can be accomplished by checking in with your own coach or using a community support format.

Professionally Built & Evidenced-Based. It’s critically important to know if the fitness program has been built by people who know what they’re doing. You don’t want a program created by some harebrained scheme thought up by a gym dude or a techno geek who knows more about drinking 6-pack craft beer than getting six-pack abs.

It’s always best to make sure the programs are created and run by people with credentials like certified personal trainers and other fitness professionals such as certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Customer reviews.  App and user reviews are helpful, but oftentimes the best reviews come from the people you know. If someone is getting incredible results it’s worth asking them what’s been working for them. We surveyed some of the best fitness coaches and personal trainers in Southern California for their recommendations on fitness programs that their clients are using to get results.

Ease of use. A good fitness program should be easy to sign up for, use, and cancel when needed. There are questions to figure out before signing up for any fitness program. Do you have to download an app and if so is the app super buggy? Do you have to sign up for a long-term contract? What’s the cancellation policy? Do they make it almost impossible to cancel membership by having you search the internet for some hidden phone number just to call in to a busy phone line?

If the program works the fitness company shouldn’t be making it impossible to cancel – they know you’ll use their product because it works, not because you haven’t figured out how to cancel.

Results. One of the most important aspects of any program is its effectiveness in helping you get the results you want. Why waste time and money on programs that are not laser-focused on getting you results. Unfortunately there are a lot of digital fitness programs out there, like many gyms, hyper-focused on trying to get you to sign a contract and locked in for the longterm. Find programs that focus on quality, a well-rounded approach, and achieving the results you want.

Equipment Required. Does the fitness program require you buy a new piece of expensive equipment or a whole new home gym costing thousands of dollars? Are “on-demand” classes only available at certain times. Is the program adaptable and available during times of travel or vacation? Find a program that works for your current equipment situation or be ready to pony up a big chunk of change for the required equipment needed for certain fitness programs.

Workout Variety. Make sure the fitness program you choose is adaptable to your preferences which may change over time. You may want to start with HIIT workouts now, but may find that a traditional strength training regimen would help you reach your goals faster. Make sure the program you choose has flexibility, adaptability, and variability for workout types. 

Price. In fitness, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but if you are looking for a program that addresses all the factors mentioned above be prepared to spend more per month than you do on your Frappuccinos. For the more expensive fitness programs out there we strongly recommend the ones with a free trial to test the waters before making the big plunge.

Now without further ado, the Top Fitness and Health Optimizer apps for 2022!


best health optimizer app

Best Overall Fitness and Wellness Program: Healthstar

Price: $99 per month

Free Trial: 30 day free trial for first time users.

top health optimizer app - healthstar app

Description: Healthstar Fitness is a great health optimizer app and online personal training app built by an impressive team of fitness coaches, nutritionists, and doctors. Their comprehensive approach not only pairs you with a certified personal trainer for one-on-one weekly coaching, but they also provide a weekly personalized program for cardio, strength training, nutrition, sleep optimization, and stress management, all at no additional cost.

The nutrition programs are truly personalized and include both shopping lists using food preferences and meal prep advice for the upcoming week. The program is built around your food preferences and any dietary restrictions you list…we tested keto, vegan, paleo, pegan, and intermittent fasting diet restrictions with no problems.

Similar to Future you’ll meet with your personal trainer during an initial video call, but with Healthstar you get access to any follow up video calls you might need, which is nice when you have questions about how to perform an exercise properly or just want to check in with your coach via video. When put to the test, Healthstar coaches were able to create programs for nearly every workout environment we threw at them including at-home workouts, workouts with no equipment, heavy duty bodybuilding, gym circuits, outdoor workouts, business travel, and vacation settings. Healthstar may not have as many coaches as Future, but the ones they do have mastered their craft.

Healthstar’s roots run deep in digital health and data-driven clinical care and their recent transition into the fitness world likely gives them an edge when it comes achieving impressive outcomes. They claim an average of a 25 pound fat loss and a 5 to 10 pound lean muscle mass gain within the first 3 months of the program. They also use the same precision health technology for their fitness programs as they do for their clinical programs, which allows for tracking super detailed information like body fat percentage loss, lean muscle mass gains, muscular strength and endurance improvements, recovery insights, and cardiovascular fitness levels like VO2max.

Finally, we also like Healthstar as an online personal trainer app because it offers such a flexible program. It can be used in combination with most of the fitness trackers we used for this review including the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura, and Whoop. And unlike some of the other fitness programs we tested, Healthstar does not require any extra purchases for premium services, expensive smart home gym equipment, or extra devices like an Apple Watch.

Our pick for the Best Overall Fitness and Wellness Program for 2022 is Healthstar Fitness. We have no doubt that once word gets out about Healthstar, this company will start making some major waves in both the health optimization apps and fitness world.


  • At $99 a month Healthstar offers tremendous value. You’ll get one-on-one personal training with your own dedicated fitness coach.
  • Personalized programs are actually personalized with unique programs delivered every week.
  • Impressive clinical-grade technology that allows you to track more than your basic fitness metrics.
  • Pairs well with the other fitness programs and devices we tested.


  • Lack a dedicated mobile app for iPhone and Android, but their progressive web app setup is mobile friendly and makes access super easy with no app to download.
  • Would like to see a bigger selection of personal trainers.
  • Price point may be high for those looking for a basic fitness program.

Best On-Demand Classes: Peloton App

Price: $13 to $39 per month. $1,495 to $3,115 for equipment (bike or treadmill).

Free Trial: 30 day free trial for first time users (app only).

Best Digital Fitness App

Description: Peloton was the pandemic fan favorite for in-home cycling workouts using their crazy expensive bikes, now they are out with a relatively inexpensive fitness app that does not require the bike or their new treadmill. Their unique leaderboard and shout outs from celebrity trainers to participants during the live workouts has created a loyal fan base and great user experience.

However, to get the full immersive Peloton experience you’ll still need to upgrade to their pricey bike or treadmill…$1,495 to $3,003 for the Peloton bike and $2,495 to $3,115 for the Peloton treadmill.

Honorable mentions for Best On-Demand Classes: Barry’s Bootcamp, BeachBody, Apple Fitness+, and yoga app Glo.


  • Daily live classes with interactive leader boards
  • Lots of great reviews in the app store and a loyal fan base
  • 30 Day Free Trial for first time users


  • To get the full Peloton Experience requires expensive equipment. In addition, the treadmill had some major issues with it’s design. For $3,115, it’s gonna hurt more than your legs to go running indoors. 😭
  • No personalization or custom workouts. Limited workout variety as classes lean heavily towards cycling and running workouts, with some basic strength training and HIIT workouts sprinkled in.
  • No nutrition component.

Best Smart Home Gyms: Tempo

Price: $2,495

Free Trial: None

Best Online Fitness Program Tempo

Description: Sleek home gym built around classic free weights combined with an AI powered form correction system to help you develop proper form while you work out. This home gym is great for beginners just getting into traditional strength training since it helps correct improper form while lifting. What we like about Tempo, as compared to other single form factor home gyms like bikes or stairclimbers, is that the use of free weights allows you to learn techniques that you can take to other workout environments including hotel gyms or traditional in-person gyms.

However, at $2,495 the price is steep and if you’re currently on a budget you could learn proper free weight techniques from a live personal trainer (either in-person or virtually through their online personal trainer app) and some basic inexpensive free weight equipment.

Honorable mentions for Best Smart Home Gyms: Mirror, Clmbr, Tonal, and FightCamp.


  • Their 3D Tempo Vision offers realtime feedback and guidance on lifting techniques and tips to correct bad form which is great for strength training beginners.
  • Uses tried and true free weights for strength training to help develop techniques that can later be used in any gym.
  • Sleek design for easy storage and a modern look.


  • Comes with limited equipment. Starter package for $2,495 comes only with dumbbells. To get a barbell and a bench you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus package which will run you $3,245.
  • Claim of “the only home gym with a built-in personal trainer” is a little misleading as the AI system will correct posture and form in real-time, but you want get access to or guidance from an actual personal trainer.

Best Nutrition Programs: MyFitnessPal

Price: $19.99 per month for Premium.

Free Trial: 30 day free trial

Best Online Nutrition Program

Description: MyFitnessPal is one of the go-to apps for nutrition tracking that has only gotten better with time. They now claim to have a database of over 14 million foods with macronutrient breakdowns for each one. The barcode scanning feature is nice when it works, but there are still some bugs to work out especially for non-processed foods that don’t easily scan. Free version of the app provides great food logging features, but ads can get annoying at times.

Honorable mentions for Best Nutrition Programs: Noom, Weight Watchers, LoseIt, and PlateJoy.


  • Huge database of over 14 million foods with macronutrient breakdowns.
  • Free Version offers many tracking features including food, weight, and water intake.
  • Barcode scanning works most of the time.


  • Entering food every time you eat or drink something can become time consuming even with saved favorites feature.
  • Inability to create a meal plan that’s personalized for fitness goals like increasing lean muscle mass or improving sports performance. Focus is on weight loss only.
  • No personalized guidance from expert nutritionists or dietitians.
  • Does not provide any exercise guidance or fitness programming.

Best Personal Training Program: Future Fitness

Price:  $149 per month.

Free Trial: None

future health optimizer app

Description: Future is a coon online personal app that uses the Apple Watch to track your workouts and an iOS app to create a personalized program built by one of Future’s personal trainers. Fitness programs are customizable based on your fitness goals, but are predominately HIIT workouts. A nice touch is meeting your fitness coach over FaceTime initially and then hearing him or her do voice overs for that week’s workout exercises, however don’t plan on seeing your coach over FaceTime again…after that first week it is largely a text-based conversation. If you get paired with a good coach the experience can be great and the accountability aspect with weekly check-ins is right on point.

The price can seem a little high at $149 a month, but considering you are working one-on-one with a dedicated personal trainer, who normally charges $70 – $100 per hour for in-person sessions, we still felt like we were getting good value.

The major downside to Future Fitness is the requirement to either purchase an Apple Watch, or rent one from Future, in order to use the program. Another big drawback is their lack of personalized nutrition advice. When we asked for nutrition advice to help us hit our goals we were sent a couple of super basic nutrition PDFs that looked like they were pulled straight from the CDC website.

Honorable mentions for Best Personal Training Program: Healthstar, Nike Training Club, Centr.


  • One-on-one program that connects with a real fitness coach who can build out a personalized program for your fitness goals.
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach helps to keep you accountable and on track to hit your goals.
  • In-app voiceovers by your coach is a nice personal touch.


  • Health Optimizer App Requires an iPhone and an Apple Watch.
  • No nutrition advice. Can’t do customized diet plans or food tracking capabilities.
  • $149 a month can be a budget killer for many people.
  • Workouts are largely HIIT based. Also, your program is dependent on your coach’s “unique training style” which can be great if you get a good coach or lead to poor results if you get a bad coach.

Best Digital Fitness and Health Optimizer App Guide

Here’s a helpful side-by-side comparison chart of the top digital Fitness programs and health optimizer apps for 2022. Use it as a guide to help you choose which digital fitness resources are the best for you:

best health optimizer app guide

Final Word

In 2022 you have many options to help you rock your fitness goals. From basic tools like the Peloton App to comprehensive programs like Healthstar Fitness, it’s time to get excited about what 2022 is bringing to the digital fitness world.

Hopefully our review of the best digital fitness programs and the top health optimizer app provided you with the information you were looking for. On top of that, we hope at the very least, you can now make a well informed decision on which tools you should use to achieve your fitness goals in 2022.

For more information on 2022 fitness trends check out the American College of Sports Medicine 2022 Fitness Trends.

The Strive Team is made up of everyday people and experts from all sorts of different callings and professions, each contributing their best advice and unique insights to help you navigate the challenges of success, and support you as you strive to dream big, work hard, and achieve the impossible.





Get Healthy Stay Healthy

If you’re looking for an effective guide on how to help you stay happy, healthy, and in great shape, for good, this Get Healthy, Stay Healthy guide is it!

The most popular New Year’s resolution is self-improvement: specifically, to exercise more and to lose weight. But why is it that every year, we make the same resolution? Why is it that we can’t seem to “stick with” our most burning desire: to keep our body healthy?

I was a personal trainer for over 20 years, and throughout that time I was constantly told, “You are so lucky to be in such great shape!” But a doctor doesn’t remain healthy simply because she is a doctor; she stays healthy because she follows her own advice and training, and she understands the protocols for keeping her body healthy.

The hairdresser doesn’t have great hair just because she is a hairdresser, but because she understands how to keep her hair healthy and style it well. A personal trainer is no different; she is not “genetically lucky to have a great body,” but she is in good shape because she consistently applies what she knows about keeping her body healthy and fit. 

Achieving a healthy, happy body is not about finding the “secret exercise,” or the “ultimate diet.” If there were such a thing, then the goal of losing weight wouldn’t constantly be number one on the list of New Year’s resolutions.

So, what is the secret?

The secret is simple: gain as much knowledge as you can about maintaining a healthy body, and then consistently apply that knowledge to your lifestyle.

With that said, here are the five most effective and practical tips for how to stick to your resolution for good health…for the rest of your life.  

5 Best Ways To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Tips

1. Strategize On How You Will Find The Time.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Shorten your daily time blocks by 5 minutes each, to create a time gap of 40 – 50 minutes. For example: wake up 15 – 30 minutes earlier, get ready for work 5 minutes faster, shorten your lunch break by 5 minutes, shorten your TV time by 20 minutes, cut your social media time by 15 minutes.

Once you add up all that extra time, you will have “found” the time for your exercise–and now you can keep it in your everyday schedule, just like any other important meeting on your calendar. No meeting on your schedule is more important than meeting up with YOU, to take care of your health! 

Here’s a great resource to help you strategize better so you can find the time to exercise.

2. Have Two Motivational Reminders.

If you really want to get healthy and stay healthy, having two motivational reminders is crucial. Your first motivational reminder should be visual, so create a vision board featuring pictures of yourself wearing the clothes you love most.

Create this board in a way that allows you to see yourself radiating from the great feeling of wearing those clothes. Keep that vision in your mind every day.

The second reminder is emotional: here is the secret for why doctors stay healthy, hairdressers have great hair, and personal trainers have great bodies. They know how it feels if they don’t follow through and apply their expertise; they know how the “other side” feels, and they do everything they can do to avoid it.

Since I know how it feels to wake up in the morning and feel upset and ashamed of my body, those feelings are my biggest motivation to stop overeating or skipping my workouts.

So, create two effective motivational reminders, one that is visual, and one that is emotional, and you’ll be well on your way to getting and staying healthy.

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3. Familiarize Yourself With Your New, Healthy Routine.

Many people put off exercising because they are not confident and clear about exactly what they are “supposed” to be doing. Therefore, do yourself a favor and take time one day to visit the gym; learn how long it will take you to get there, where you will park, where the lockers are located.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy Tips

Become familiar with the cardio machines and the weight machines. Once you know where you are going and what you are doing, there is a much better chance you will actually make it happen.

The more familiar you are with the environment you’ll be exercising in and the routine you’ll be following, the better you’ll be at envisioning yourself following through on your exercise. And the better you get at seeing yourself following through, the more likely you’ll be to do so.

Familiarizing yourself with your new, healthy routine is one of the best kept secrets to get healthy and stay healthy, so give it a try.

4. Your Exercise Routine Starts The Night Before.

The night before your workout, prepare your workout clothes. This will not only get you into a workout mindset, but it will save you time in the morning. Prepare your gym bag with water, a towel, and healthy snacks for the day.

If you work out at home, as many did during the pandemic, prepare your online video the night before. I always search it out the night before, and set it up, so I don’t waste my time searching in the morning. If you must drink coffee (as I do), prepare your coffee mug and have the coffee maker ready to go. Preparation is the key.

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5. To Get Healthy and Stay Healthy Remain Loyal To Yourself.

Don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your health goal, including the everyday actions it will take for you to reach that goal. 

There are so many quotes about the role of consistency in staying healthy. Good health is all about consistency. Keeping your body healthy and happy is like running a marathon. You can put that 26.6 sticker on your car only if you finished the marathon.

Perhaps you walked, you jogged, you ran, you rested…but you kept going, because you were driven to keep moving forward one step at a time to make it happen. The good news is, those decisions were all yours.

So, stay loyal to yourself, and to your goals, so you can create a healthy lifestyle you can be proud of.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the 5 best way to get healthy and stay healthy. Follow these tips consistently, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you, for good.

Remember, life will take off for you, when you choose for it to do so.

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed this get healthy, stay healthy article, and the invaluable tips provided for keeping your body healthy for good, then you’ll love this article on how to stay motivated to exercise regularly.

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Staying Motivated to Exercise Regularly

You know that exercising regularly is good for your health. Yet, following through on that exercise is a whole other story.

It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy for continually choosing to put off regular exercise. In fact, you may just be dealing with mental roadblocks that are keeping you from hitting the jogging path or lacing up your gym shoes. The good news is, roadblocks can be removed.

To stay motivated and stick with your workout routine, you need to remove that little voice inside you that says, “I’ll just exercise tomorrow. Or maybe, the day after.”

So, if you’re struggling to find the motivation to exercise regularly, below are some tactics to help you overcome those obstacles that have gotten in the way on your fitness journey. But before learn how to sidestep those obstacles, it’s critical that we briefly touch on why people aren’t motivated to exercise in the first place.

Why Aren’t People Motivated to Exercise?

  • Exercise is viewed as hard – One reason why people may not be motivated to work out is that they view it as something difficult. There are even photos of people struggling to make it through their routine and most people don’t enjoy those types of struggles themselves.
  • Sedentary lifestyles and jobs – Most people spend much of their days on the computer or in the car so they sit more and walk less. And the more their body gets used to sitting, the more difficult it is to get their body moving.
  • Busy lifestyles – Being busy becomes a great excuse to skip workouts.
  • Exercise is considered a luxury – While exercise is necessary for good health, others view it as a luxury. Of course, personal fitness instructors and trainers come at a price tag, but others can also enjoy the free community events and camaraderie to be active.
  • No access to workout facilities – Having no access to a community center or nearby gym may also influence a person whether they exercise regularly.
  • No safe places to work out – Some people live in places that do not make it easy for them to exercise. The good news, on the other hand, is that there are other ways to stay fit more than ever before. There are on-demand workouts, fitness apps, as well as live-streaming classes.
  • Negative consequences are not immediate – Not exercising today or even a few days or months will usually not have immediate negative consequences. And this is why some people are not motivated to work out regularly, because they won’t have to worry about something that has not yet happened.

Okay, now that you know the common reasons why most people aren’t motivated to exercise, you’re ready to learn the most effective methods for overcoming those obstacles so you can get and stay motivated to workout for the long-term. Let’s to get to it:

10 Practical Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise

Best Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

1. Define Your “Why”

First and foremost, if you want to know how to get motivated to work out, you first need to find out what your true purpose is for taking action. Is your reason for working out to prevent health problems? Is it to boost energy? To reduce stress? Or are you looking to transform your body shape?

Whatever your “why” is, you can rest assured that adding exercise to your routine will most assuredly have positive effects on your life. So, zero in on your why, and you’ll be much more eager to the gym and exercise.

2. Set Goals/ Put it on Paper

There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the first 5K visible in bold letters on your calendar. So, set goals and commit to an exercise program that will get you in proper shape during the race day.

When setting goals, make sure it is realistic. Include clear milestones and you will soon find the ripple effect not just in your physical health, but also in your home life and at work.

As much as possible, put your realistic goals on paper. Wiring your goals on paper could help you stay motivated. Others even have an exercise diary so they’ll know how long they work out or what they did during each workout session.

3. Find the Fun in It

If you really want to know how to get motivated to workout, this is probably the best step to follow. Why? Because by nature, we humans need variety and change to stay motivated. We also need to enjoy ourselves even when working out. So, why not do both?

Whether it’s a trail run that changes scenery every season or sculpting and toning class that changes choreography, find the fun in your workout. Include also an exercise that you truly enjoy so you will look forward to doing it regularly. You may be surprised that one day, you’ll just forget that you’re working out, especially when you play sports, hula hoop, or dance with family and friends.

Adding variety to your workout moreover challenges your body. For instance, yoga and Tai Chi benefit both your physical and mental health.

Exercise During Commercial Breaks

Speaking of finding fun while working out, why not do quick exercises during commercial breaks? An hour of a TV show can already include roughly about 22 minutes of commercials, which means you can squeeze in about 45 minutes of workout in three hours of prime-time TV.

You can alternate each commercial break with push-ups, dumbbell overhead raises, squats, lunges, tricep tips, or jumping jacks. Repeat them and you’ve already completed a full-body interval workout out of those commercial breaks.

4. Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective from the couch potato mentality to that of an athlete. While it may sound challenging, it’s not a big leap when you start small. For example, you can view it as something that will make you stronger after giving birth.

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Shift your thinking that exercise is a blessing, not a sacrifice. If you work out and meet people as you work out, you may even take inspiration from them.

If possible, try not to motor your way through life. Time-saving devices, like elevators and dishwashers, save more time but they also prevent you from burning calories. Why not change your perspective to work out by turning your chores into exercise.

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5. Delete Guilt

Accept that there will be a day or two when you miss your workout. You don’t have to be guilty over those missed sessions in the gym. Instead, be more prepared mentally to deal with your setbacks. It’s just a misstep. Don’t let that be your excuse to give up!

Stop feeling guilty even for the foods you eat or acknowledge your emotion, but don’t dwell on it too long. Just consider it as a pause and reflect on why you feel guilty.

6. Invite Friends, Neighbors, or Others

Find people – friends, neighbors, or co-workers – who will encourage you to stay on track. You are not in this goal alone. You can have them as your cheering squad or you can work out together. Exercise with your loved ones or play soccer with your kids.

You may even organize a fitness class with your neighbors or work out together virtually during this pandemic. Doing these will set you up for a lifetime of better health, more energy, and more happiness for everything else in your life! You can even collaborate or compete against others, whether over Zoom or in-person with family or roommates.

And remember, if their helpful reassurance turned into criticism towards your fitness goal, gently remind them that you don’t need the nagging.

7. Be Kind to Yourself

One of the best strategies for staying motivated to exercise regularly is to be kind to yourself. Don’t attempt to power through or beat yourself up if your drive to move is low right now. Give it time to get through the moment and do whatever you need to do.

If you still can’t muster the energy to exercise for a day or a week, consider giving yourself some grace. You are not throwing in the towel to work out, but just focusing more on staying happy, sufficiently fit, and healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) at the moment to compete again or exercise again.

Just make sure you stay accountable with the goals you’ve earlier set, even if only to yourself.

8. Stop Focusing on The Scale

Focusing on the scale can be discouraging and frustrating since your weight can fluctuate and it’s not like you will see an immediate result after just one workout. So, don’t focus on the scale but on your accomplishments instead.

Staying Motivated to Workout

This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t track your progress. Whether you do it in an old-school fitness journal or online, it is best to chart your workouts so you see the improvements. By tracking your progress, you know whether you are doing more reps than before, running faster, or exercising more often. All these will help you want to keep going.

If you still want to gain weight fast and safely, you can eat more calories than what your body burns. Eating plenty of protein will also be helpful as muscle is made of protein. You can take high-protein foods or take high-quality protein powder.

9. Reward Yourself

After working out or achieving a goal, treat yourself. Choose rewards, such as a massage, a ball game, a new outfit, get a tattoo, get professional photos taken, or whatever you enjoy!

But if you want to reward yourself wisely while continuing to aim high on your health journey, you may consider getting new workout gear, see a movie (action movie to pump you up or comedy movie to increase your dopamine), go snowboarding, or hit the beach to get some vitamin D.

10. Use Visualization

One of the best ways to jumpstart your motivation for working out regularly can be found in the simple practice of visualization. Often times, we see exercise as something to dread, or as a painful experience.

However, if you can intentionally visualize yourself enjoying exercising, you can dramatically increase the odds of your taking action to start doing it.

So, the next time you feel less than motivated to get to the gym, just close your eyes for a few seconds, and visualize yourself breaking a healthy sweat in the gym. You’ll be amazed at how much more inclined you’ll be to follow through and start exercising.

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Find Your Motivation to Start Exercising Regularly!

We hope you’ve regained your enthusiasm to get moving by reading these tips. We encourage you to make small, incremental changes to your exercise routine as they will altogether add up to big results.

We understand that the pandemic may have drained some of your motivation to exercise, but it should also be the reason why you should not ditch your workout routine. After all, nothing is more important nowadays than everyone’s health.

Strive to be a better you!

PS – If you enjoyed this article about finding the motivation to exercise, you’ll likely enjoy this health guide with tips on how to get and stay healthy.

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Why Health Is Wealth

Health is one of the most important aspects of a strong and vibrant life. In looking at why health is wealth, it’s easy to see that without good health, our lives could be pretty miserable. People often joke about this fact, especially when times are tough. For instance, after a job loss or financial tragedy, you almost always hear people say, “at least you have your health, right?” As difficult as that is to hear when you’re going through something traumatic or difficult, it does have a serious element of truth to it. 

The Real Health Is Wealth Meaning

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and have a comfortable lifestyle. That’s naturally part of life. Keep in mind though that without a healthy mind, body, and spirit, your life won’t be everything you need it to be. The real health is wealth meaning goes back to the old proverb that means having a total state of optimal wellbeing is really the ultimate goal in life that will allow you to be intrinsically (naturally) well off at your core. It has nothing to do with money, but has everything to do with achieving the greatness of being you. 

As the ancient Roman poet, Virgil stated, “the greatest health is wealth.” It’s where this saying first came to fruition and consciousness as an asset over actual money. Or back in those days, it was gold, silver, or bronze riches. Virgil, unfortunately, suffered ill health throughout most of his life, so that’s the reason he probably coined the proverb about why health is wealth. It was something he regretted not having.  

Wit that being said, let’s explore some of the best reasons, as to why health is wealth and why being grateful when you are healthy, is something we should all strive for.

Best Reasons Why Health Is Wealth

Top Reasons Health is Wealth

1. Being Sick Costs Money

Even if you have excellent health insurance, there’s still money involved with being sick. Co-pays, medication costs, and time away from work equal a big chunk of change out of your bank account. To be able to live your life to the fullest and achieve your dreams, it’s vital to be healthy in the process.

Being sick derails your life in a very real way. Think of all the people that had to step out of the workforce, after getting Covid-19 while unvaccinated, and almost dying in the process. It’s not an easy feat to come back from any extended illness. 

2. A Healthy Body Gives You Confidence

Having a body that is physically healthy and fit can give you confidence in all aspects of your life. That includes your job prospects, dating life, your family, and friends. When you have confidence because you’re in great health, it can bleed over into being beneficial for all parts of your world.

Being a healthy person who values themselves will achieve more in life than those who aren’t feeling that well most of the time. Everyone has that friend who is always miserable, complaining about every little ache and pain they have. You definitely don’t want to be that person.

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3. It’s About More Than Physical Fitness

Health is wealth meaning is about more than just “physical” health, it encompasses full body, mind, and spiritual wellness. So don’t just think of the health and non-monetary value of “wealth” being just about the physical body, because true health is so much more. This is especially true when it comes to mental wellbeing and feeling good about who you are as a person. 

4. Healthy People Are More Productive

Sick people just generally aren’t as productive as healthy people. They need more time off, sleep, and have days where they just can’t get out of bed. That’s fine on occasion when you have a cold or the flu, but healthy people, in general, are way more productive. When you have good health, you’ll be able to be proactive about every aspect of your day-to-day life. 

5. Spend Quality Time With Those You Love

Being healthy in relationships requires that you get to spend time with those you love. When you are healthy, that is more enjoyable and easy to do. You want to see and connect with others. When you are ill, sometimes it’s easier to just crawl into your bedroom to shut out the world.

Having beneficial relationships with family and friends is one of life’s true treasures that connects to being a healthy and satisfied person. 

6. Money Can’t Buy Health

All the money in the world isn’t going to buy you health, if you have a serious illness or disease, due to lifestyle factors. Are you stopping for greasy fast food on the way home from work too many days per week? If you haven’t exactly treated your body like a temple throughout your life, and who really has been perfect about not smoking, drinking in moderation, or eating the perfect diet?

Truly, no one, but if you’ve paid attention to your lifestyle habits to prevent certain premature sicknesses, then you won’t end up frail and ill for the most part. Money cannot buy health when you’ve been careless about not taking care of yourself.

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7. Wealth Cannot Buy Happiness 

Here’s the big picture when it comes to why health is wealth. Wealth cannot in the end buy happiness. And you may be thinking, man, I’d feel pretty fantastic riding around in a Ferrari, throwing money at all of my problems.

Having that excessive cash may work for a while, but not guarantee you long-term happiness. Whereas, being healthy can make you a more content and pleasant person for life. When you wake up every day feeling good deep down inside physically, mentally, and throughout your soul, you’ll notice that life is pretty great. 

Gandhi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” What he was saying was that health is truly the foundation for a good life, no matter how much money you have. Once you discover that, you’ll have a much more fulfilling life. So, in the end, thank your lucky stars if you’re healthy and feel good.

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Health Benefits of Regular Walking

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that time outside is essential. Whether you’re going outside to train for a 10k run or just for a walk to the store, the fresh air and exercise that comes with a stroll outside has a huge effect on our bodies. But why does it impact us so much? In this article, we’ll cover the major science-based health benefits of regular walking and exercise.

Why? Because life is so much better when you’re healthy.

With that being said, we’ll be looking at:

  • The physical health benefits of exercise outdoors
  • The mental health benefits of exercise outdoors
  • The ways you can make a walk or run more exciting

From mood changes to weight loss and improved wellbeing, exercise and nature combine into potent medicine. So, if you’re ready to learn about some of the best science-based health benefits of regular walking and exercise, let’s dive right in to them:

Leading Benefits of Regular Walking and Exercise

1. Lower Risks of Heart Disease, Hypertension, & Strokes

One of the major benefits of regular walking and exercise is that it can reduce the risk of heart disease, increased blood pressure, and strokes.[1]

With increased physical activity, your heart will be working harder and learning to be more efficient, thereby improving functionality. It’s like when you lift weights – with repetition, your muscles (which your heart is) get used to the new challenge and can handle more.

2. Create Stronger Bones and Better Balance

Regular walking and exercise can result in stronger bones and your ability to balance.[2] 

Running or walking outside can be more high impact on your bones than running on a treadmill, but it will encourage a higher bone mineral density.

On the other hand, walking/exercising outside will actually put less stress on your knees, as treadmills are infamous for.

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3. Increase Blood Circulation and Flow

It can increase your blood circulation and improve flow.[3] Raising your heart rate slightly with aerobic exercises like a jog or brisk walk, pumps your blood around your body faster and helps flush your system.

Repeating this kind of exercise little and often can help improve overall flow and support your heart health.

On top of all the physical changes you’ll see from increased walks and exercise outdoors, there are several mental health and wellbeing benefits you’ll experience too. And with World Mental Health Day coming up on the 10th October, it doesn’t hurt to take some time and see if there’s a way you can improve yours…

4. Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Walking outside can help reduce the symptoms of depression. 

Research shows that people who are regularly physically active are less likely to be depressed.[4] It’s all to do with how exercise influences our brain function and chemical centers. 

Walking and raising your heart rate can encourage our brains to release certain neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine as well as endorphins. These are all feel-good natural chemicals that help your body regulate moods, relieve stress and manage pain.

What’s more, walking outside in nature can reduce the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a common form of depression. It’s more usual in the cooler months where there are fewer hours of sunlight and fewer indicators for our bodies to produce serotonin. This lack of serotonin impacts our natural circadian rhythms and increases feelings of lethargy and drowsiness.

Walking or exercising outside during the day in whatever sunshine there is, is a great way to tell your body that it’s daytime and to increase the production of serotonin. Light exposure and increased neurotransmitter production can also help regulate your sleep pattern, as well as boost your mood and help with anxiety.

If you think you are depressed or dealing with SAD, please speak to a doctor to gain a confirmed diagnosis before starting any serious treatment.

5. Increase Your Energy Levels

You might think that increase activity will wear you out, but getting out and about is an energy booster. 

For starters, if your circadian rhythm is off, you’ll likely feel groggy and tired a lot, so that serotonin boost and the improved sleep might result in more energy during the day.

Next, the blood pumping and fresh air are naturally invigorating and can blow away all those pesky cobwebs and shut-in feelings. 

6. Help You Maintain a Routine

When you’re stuck inside, the days can either fly or drag by, making it hard to keep track of the date. But a walk outside at the same time every day is a great way to kick start your routine and get back into some semblance of a schedule.

Just think, to go for a walk, you need to get up and washed, then have some breakfast and get dressed, then you’re ready to go. It is a short process but a nice easy routine for someone who is struggling.

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7. Improve Your Mindfulness.

Getting outside to take a walk and just observing the world around you is an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is the idea of being completely present in the current moment – no worrying about other things, no stressing, just focusing on the moment at hand. 

So, getting outside and away from any potential problems can be a major boost for your wellbeing.

8. Build Self-esteem, Confidence and Encourages Socialization

If you’re struggling mentally, then small everyday things can seem like a struggle, but if you can manage to go for a daily walk or do a little bit of exercise, you may feel a bit better about yourself.

Similarly, if you finally manage to climb the tallest hill in your area on your walk, that’s another confidence booster. Furthermore, if you notice the pounds dropping off as you increase your walking routine, that is going to be a definite boost to your self-esteem too.

It’s the little wins that count and add up to you feeling better overall.

It’s also a great opportunity to be social by inviting your friends or family to join you or just waving at that person you see on your walk every day. We humans are social creatures, and even though our levels may vary, a bit of social interaction is beneficial and has been said to improve mental health.[5]

Bonus: Some Ways You Can Make A Walk Or Run More Exciting

The key thing about all this is to make walking or running outside a habit, not a chore. You should want to go outside for the fresh air and the world around you, so it’s good to mix it up and try new things to prolong your enjoyment. 

You could try:

  • A new route that explores new areas.
  • Seeing how many plants types you can find.
  • Drive out somewhere completely new and explore.
  • Birdwatching is a good mindful outside activity.
  • Stopping at a local coffee shop for a drink.
  • Meeting a friend for a mid-walk picnic or chat.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the major benefits or regular walking and exercise, and why you should consider doing much of these activities outdoors.

With that being said, remember, walking or exercising is good anytime, but doing it outside in nature with all the world to watch and distract you is just a bit better, isn’t it? So why not give it a try and see how your mental health and wellbeing improves?

Till next time,


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Healthy Foods That Give You Energy

Picture this: the three o’clock slump hits you. Your stomach hungers for a satisfying snack—and your hoping for a little pick-me-up while you’re at it. What do you instinctively reach for?

Do you hit up the vending machine down the hall, zoom into the kitchen, or crack open a container of innutritious and potentially harmful snacks? If your go-to energy-boosting consumables are caffeinated, sugar-soaked, and synthetic, you may want to rethink your health strategy.

Why? Because those types of foods consumed over long periods of time don’t lead to good health. In fact, they lead to health problems, and they actually detract from your overall sense of well being and your energy levels for everyday you consume them.

The great new is, that you can make simple changes to your diet today that will make a big difference in how you feel and how your look on a day to day basis. So, if you’re looking to incorporate energy-boosting foods into your diet that are good for you, and will help you feel your best, then stick around; because we’ve published this list of some of the best healthy foods for powering you through the day and helping you feel like your best self.

Best Healthy Foods That Give You Energy + Help You Feel Your Best

Best Healthy Foods for Sustained Energy

Get Your Greens: Spinach or Kale

Let’s face it—dark leafy greens aren’t exactly the tastiest menu items for human palates, but their mighty intrinsically provides a motivating jolt like a miniature-sized Yoda. Load on up on spinach or kale at some point in the day—a refreshing, hearty salad or a big handful of greens thrown into a smoothie is sure to do the trick.

These suggestions are terrific because they are high in iron, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Without a doubt, leafy greens will give you the green light for productivity.

Get Your Grains: Oatmeal

Oats are where it’s at for nutrient-dense fiber. As a breakfast staple, you can’t go wrong with this versatile whole grain for a morning energy boost.

Your parents, grandparents, and past generations were right about oatmeal. It’s a rich source of B vitamins and provides an array of minerals that support the energy production process.

Quick disclaimer though, be sure to stay away from the instant oatmeal, as it can actually slow your metabolism.

Get Your Protein: Eggs

You don’t need to eat five dozen eggs every morning to reap the benefits of their power-packed amino acids and proteins. Fortunately, eggs are one of the easiest foods to cook on the planet.

Eggs are ideal for building stamina and aid in the production in testosterone. So, scramble your eggs for breakfast or hard-boil a dozen that you can pop in your mouth throughout the week, and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Go Bananas or Munch on Melon

Sometimes that sleepy, sluggish feeling is a sign that your body lacks hydration or electrolytes. An assortment of fruits—especially berries or melons—provide natural sugar, magnesium, fiber, and antioxidants to hike up hydration, energy, and immune function.

Bananas are also a top choice of the best healthy foods to power you through the day.With fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, and complex carbs, everyone should go bananas for this favored fruit and its nutritional properties.

Golden Powerhouses: Nuts and Seeds

A plethora of nuts and seeds are nutrient-dense in all the best ways. These tiny powerhouses of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals come in endless varieties for your snacking pleasure.

A suggested best practice is to keep several nut-buying considerations in mind when picking up a bag to nibble on at home or at your desk. From cashews to almonds to pistachios, a handful of any type of nut will keep you alert to live life to the fullest each day.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best healthy foods to keep you energized and help you feel like a million bucks on the daily. We hope you’ll include these nutrient packed foods into your diet pronto. and positively impact how you feel about yourself and your life.

Till next time,


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