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How to Find The Self Discipline to Workout



Self Discipline to Workout

Working out and staying in shape is a challenge for just about everyone. In fact, studies have shown that 92% of all people who set goals for themselves, whether it be to lose weight, run more, or just become an improved version of themselves overall, typically fail within just a few short months. Studies have also shown that only 23.2% of all US adults meet the weekly physical activity requirements for good health. Why is it that just about everyone seems to fall short? The simple answer is Self-Discipline.

We all struggle with self-discipline, especially when it comes to working out. As such, this article is going to give you a few effective strategies to help you find the self-discipline to workout and reach your fitness goals from here on out.

So, if you’re ready learn more about acquiring the self-discipline to workout consistently, and make some real change with your health, then let’s dive in.

Best Ways to Find The Self-Discipline to Workout

Best Ways to Get Self-Discipline to Workout

1. Create a Compelling ABC Goal

One of the first things you’ll want to do to help you build the requisite levels of self-discipline needed workout, is to create a compelling ABC goal. What’s an ABC goal? Simply put, it is a goal that is achievable, believable, and committable.[1]

By creating an ABC goal, it will become a compelling goal for you. And a compelling goal is what will get you moving towards it day in and day out. In short, the goal should be something that you think is achievable. You must also truly believe you can reach the goal in a reasonable amount of time, and it should be a goal that you’d be quite proud and able to commit to.

By creating this compelling, albeit practical goal, you’ll create a strong basis for yourself to take action. A.K.A., this small little goal will give you the initial oomph everybody needs to workout more.

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2. Use The Goldilocks Rule

There’s a rule known as The Goldilocks Rule.[2] This rule essentially states that people are most motivated when doing things that are just on the edge of their current abilities. In other words, what they are doing is not too difficult, nor is it too easy, but rather just right.

Now the way you can apply this rule to improve your discipline to work out, is to ensure that the workouts you are doing to reach your goal are within this goldilocks range. For example, you shouldn’t trying running a three miles every day to hit your health goals if you can’t even run a mile. Or, don’t try to doing multiple High Intensity Interval Trainings (H.I.I.T) per week if you’re struggling to just do one. Master what feels right first, before you go big.

In short, don’t aim at extremely overtaxing exercises if you have yet to work up to them. Like goldilocks, do what feels good or just right when it comes to exercising. By doing this at first, you’ll be more likely to keep to your exercise regimen.

3. Start Small

You’ve heard the saying “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is one bite at a time. And the same goes for finding the discipline to workout. If you’re a stranger to working out daily, or multiple times a week, the best way to create the habit you want is to just start small. Even if it is only working out for 10 minutes a day.

The important thing here is to just begin working out and getting your mind focused on becoming healthier. Why? Begets every disciplined action you take begets more discipline. So, if you’re not exercising at all, start by just going for a walk around the block today. And tomorrow, if you’re feeling up to it, walk a little further. And the next day, again, if you’re feeling up to it, do a few push ups, etc..

You have to start somewhere. So, just start exercising, even if it seems insignificant, do it. Because action, regardless of the size matters more.

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4. Find a Workout Partner

Believe it or not, finding a workout partner can do wonders for finding the discipline to workout. By simply joining forces with another person who is looking to get healthier and more fit with you, you will be more inclined to exercise and get healthier.

There is a lot of power in accountability, even if your partner isn’t trying to be the next cross fit champion, just having someone to go to the gym with, run with, or walk around the block with, will push you to work out more. Why? Because knowing someone is watching you will help you push you limits, and will psychologically, make it more difficult for you to slack off. So, get yourself an workout partner, and before you know it, you’ll be holding each other accountable and exercising often.

5. Leverage The Köhler Effect

Even if you can’t find a workout partner, there’s still hope, because one of the best ways to build the self-discipline to workout is to leverage the Köhler effect. What’s the Köhler effect?[3] In essence, the Köhler effect is a phenomenon that has been proven by research, which suggest that working out with virtually present, superior partners can improve persistence motivation on exercise tasks. In other words, by having someone who is superior to you health wise in knowledge and/or physicality, even if virtual, can help you get more motivated to work out and get better results.

As such, one of the best ways to leveraging the Köhler Effect is to use a personal trainer. Personal trainers can be even more effective than relying on a friend to hold you accountable because that’s what your paying them for. On top of this, they can even be a virtual or digital trainer, and you’d still reap the benefits of the Köhler Effect.

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Final Thoughts on Finding The Discipline to Workout

Finding the self discipline to workout can be challenging; however, with these handful of tips in hand, you are now equipped to make some headway. So start with a compelling goal, start small, make sure whatever fitness regimen you take on feels right, don’t hesitate to get some friends involved with your new fitness goals, and lastly, find a leverage a good fitness coach.

Do these things, and you’ll be surprised by how much more discipline you have to workout. But more importantly, with your new exercising self-discipline, you’ll be surprised by your better health.

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