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Tatiana Schloessman

Tatiana Schloessman is the creator and CEO of MyReturn.Life in Los Angeles, California, and the author of 555 Method. With a Master’s in Physical Education and Biology, and over 20 years’ experience as a celebrity personal trainer, Tatiana brings you a lifetime of expertise in how to take charge of your whole health: mind, body, and heart. 555 Method: Old Out – New In reveals the ultimate secret to leading your healthiest, happiest, and most empowered life. Tatiana has seen it dozens of times: women will commit to various diet plans, exercise regimens, and self-improvement programs, only to give up or burn out after a few weeks. With the 555 Method, she teaches women to break out of their unhealthy patterns once and for all, and center their lives around a higher vibration—without the need of special tools, equipment, or restrictive dieting. She says, “The very moment you realize that YOU are worthy and enough, you claim the power to change your own life!” Visit for Empowering Apparel for Women, and to learn more about the 555 Method, and find your way home.