Seek and Destroy Self-Doubt

3 Strategies to Slay The Inner Saboteur

The great generals, emperors, and conquerors of history all had this one thing in common. They excelled at bringing the fight to the enemy.

The greatest achievers and leaders have always had a knack for assaulting that which posed a threat to their dominion, to their greatness.

There are many important lessons that can be learned from studying the history of the great leaders of nations. If you pay close attention, you can observe significant parallels that exist between them and the internal battles we face in this new era. Parallels that can help us learn how to become conquerors as well; not of nations, but of our selves.

If we are to ever claim our rightful place under the sun, to achieve that which we are destined to become, that glorious vision we have of ourselves living the life we’ve always imagined, we must go on the offensive.

In terms of success and personal achievement, our biggest enemy lies within us. In many ways, self-doubt is the biggest obstacle that keeps most people from acquiring the sense that they are winning this thing called life.

Sun Tzu, in the Art of War, advised that there is security in a strong defense, but that if it is victory that is sought, then going on the offensive is necessary.

Stop Being Normal, Start Being You

5 Reasons to Embrace Your Uniqueness

I was at the gym the other day, and the following random thought popped into my head, “Too many of us spend way too much effort trying to appear normal.”

Stop Being Normal

In that moment I realized two things. The first; was how powerful this natural urge that we all have to be ‘normal’ is. The second thing; was how destructive this urge can be, especially if we harbor dreams of doing grander things with our lives.

I recognized that if we are always over concerned with what others think of us, we set ourselves up for living a very limited and potentially boring life.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of freedom. knowing I have the freedom to grow, the freedom to expand, and the freedom to become whoever the heck I want to be is exhilarating.

How to Build Confidence Like a Boss

11 Confidence Hacks for The Ambitious

If you want to rock life and leave a legacy, you are going to need to learn how to build confidence like a boss. If you’re a big thinker like I am, you’ve most likely envisioned all that you hope to achieve in your life.

how to build confidence

However, one of the aspects that many of us accidentally leave out in the consideration of our grand ambitions, is the prospect of the unnerving risks that we must eventually confront to successfully progress towards those dreams.

The purpose of today’s post is to arm you, with a handful of some of the most effective methods for building your confidence. This way, when those pesky unforeseen fear inducing challenges pop up as you march towards toward your big goals, you will be in conquer mode, and better prepared to successfully manage those fears like a boss.

Let’s go!