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Quotes About Money

Countless financial “gurus” have admonished time and time again, about how the amount of money we have or don’t have, is largely a consequence of our thinking. They’ve shared with us the secret link that exists between our money and our mindset. Namely, the secret that our attitudes and the unique set of beliefs we’ve held about money, has impacted our handling of it up until this point.

So, to help you obtain a stronger money mindset, and eventually a larger bank account, we’ve decided to publish the best money quotes of all time.

We hope you’ll use these quotes to embrace the money principles that will help you improve your relationship with money. So, if you’re ready improve your money mindset, let’s dive into these powerful money quotes:


Best Money Quotes

1. “Having money isn’t everything, not having it, is.” – Kanye West

2. “The money you make is a symbol of the value you create.” – Idowu Koyenikan

3. “Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.” – Wayne Dyer

4. “Money is in some respects like fire – it is a very excellent servant but a terrible master. When you have it mastering you, when interest is constantly piling up against you, it will keep you down in the worst kind of slavery. But let money work for you, and you have the most devoted servant in the world.” – P.T. Barnum

5. “Too many people spend money they earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Rogers

6. “Save money, and money will save you.” – Anonymous

7. “Never spend your money before you have earned it.” – Thomas Jefferson

8. “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die.” – Warren Buffett

9. “Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.”  –  Robert Kiyosaki

10. “A penny saved is a penny earned” – Benjamin Franlkin

Penny Saved Quote

11. “Making money isn’t hard in itself… What’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one’s life to.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

12. “Money is only an idea. If you want more money simply change your thinking. Every self-made person started small with an idea, then turned it into something big. It takes only a few dollars to start and grow into something big.”  –  Robert Kiyosaki

13. “Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money.” – Voltaire

14. “When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.” – Idowu Koyenikan

15. “Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong, it makes a mess.” – Bradley Vinson

16. “You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.” – Tennessee Williams

17. “Money is a great servant but a bad master.” – Francis Bacon

18. “The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.” – Napoleon Hill

19. “It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.” – Albert Camus

20. “There is no shortage of money in this world. Start hustling.” – Grant Cardone

No Shortage of Money Quote

21. “Money isn’t everything…but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” – Rita Davenport

22. “The man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it.” – Ayn Rand

23. “Work like you don’t need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you’ve never been hurt.” – Mark Twain

24. “The first rule is not to lose money. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.” – Warren Buffett

25. “Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” – Sophia Amorus

26. “Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” – Erich Fromm

27. “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” – Henry David Thoreau

28. “The money you have gives you freedom; the money you pursue enslaves you.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

29. “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

30. “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Fearful Money Quote

31. “Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each. –Christopher Rice

32. “I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy.” – Warren Buffett

33. “Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

34. “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” – Norman Vincent Peale

35. “If you’re smart, you’re going to make a lot of money without borrowing.” – Warren Buffett

36. “One may not condemn a man for succeeding because he knows how. Neither may one with justice take away from a man what he has fairly earned, to give to men of less ability.” – George S. Clason

37. “The key to making money is to stay invested.” – Suze Orman

38. “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.” – Warren Buffett 

39. “Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience.” – P.T Barnum

40. “Sloth and prosperity can never be companions.” – James Allen

Sloth and Prosperity Quote

41. “If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some; for he that goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing.” – Benjamin Franklin

42. “Here’s the major problem with going on strike for more money:
You cannot get rich by demand” – Jim Rohn

43. “Tell me how you use your spare time, and how you spend your money, and I will tell you where and what you will be in ten years from now.” – Napoleon Hill

44. “Through positive, appreciative attitudes toward money, you can make money your servant, instead of becoming its slave. You should master money rather than be enslaved by it.” – Catherine Ponder

45. “Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money.” – T. Harv Eker

46. “The single biggest financial mistake I’ve made was not thinking big enough. I encourage you to go for more than a million. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.” – Grant Cardone

47. “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

48. “Money is not an end in itself. It is merely a tool to help us achieve some particular goal. If the way we handle our money conflicts with our personal values, we are not going to wind up living happy and fulfilled lives.” – David Bach

49. “You don’t have time an money because you don’t invest time and money.” – Grant Cardone

50. “Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep.” – Robert Kiyosaki

It's How Much Money You Keep Quote

Halfway There

Alright, you’re halfway through our money quotes, but don’t stop now. Keep reading, striving, and planting these good money vibes directly into you subconscious mind.

Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

51. “Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.” –  Françoise Sagan

52. “In the United States, where we have more land than people, it is not at all difficult for persons in good health to make money.” – P.T. Barnum

53. “The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”  –  Robert Kiyosaki

54. “Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern it’s acquisitions.” – George S. Clason

55. “While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” – Groucho Marx

56. “Money is really only important if you don’t have any.” – Harrison Ford

57. “One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden

58. “The better you feel about money, the more money you magnetize to yourself.” – Rhonda Byrne

59. “The fastest way to double your money is to fold them in half and put them in your pocket.” – Andrew Carnegie

60. “Money is usually attracted, no pursued.” – Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn Money Quote

61. “You must spend money to make money.” – Titus Maccius Plautus

62. “Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.” – Michael Leboeuf

63. “There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money.” – Robert Graves

64. “Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.” – Jackie Mason

65. “The best time to invest is during a recession.” – Graham Stephan

66. “Earning a lot of money is not the key to prosperity. How you handle it is.” – Dave Ramsey

67. “The more your money works for you, the less you have to work for money.” – Idowu Koyenikan

68. “Money is such an amazing teacher: What you choose to do with your money shows whether you are truly powerful or powerless.” – Suze Orman

69. “It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.” – George Lorimer

70. “Knowledge without action cost money.” – David Bach

David Bach Quote on Money

71. “We’ve been raised to believe that you have to work hard to make money, and certainly there are times when this is true, but the real secret is you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you’ve never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own.” – Jen Sincero

72. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” – Ayn Rand

73. “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thin in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” – Oscar Wilde

74. “Do what you love and the money will come.” – Marsha Sinetar

75. “You can have a masters degree in making money but you will still end up broke if you have a Ph.D.. in spending it.” – Orrin Woodward

76. “Money can’t buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.” – Spike Milligan

77. “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” – Ben Franklin

78. “Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. Though we need nothing at the moment it insures the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.” – Aristotle

79. “When I had money everyone called me brother.” – Polish proverb

80. “Money grows on the tree of persistence.” – Japanese Proverb

Money Proverb

81. “Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.” – Miguel de Cervantes

82. “Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.” – Chris Rock

83. “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.” – Warren Buffett

84. “Working because you want to, not because you have to, is financial freedom.” – Tony Robbins

85. “Income is like your health: if you ignore it, it will go away.” – Jay Rigler

86. “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffett

87. “The big money is not in the buying or selling, but in the waiting.” – Charlie Munger

88. “Success isn’t about money, it’s about peace.” – Grant Sabatier

89. “If you’re saving, you’re succeeding.” – Steve Burkholder

90. “All wealth is a product of labor” – John Locke

91. “A millionaire is made ten bucks at a time.” – Mr. Money Mustache

92. “Money has no grey areas. You either make it or you lose it.” – Kevin O’leary

93. “Fortune sides with him who dares.” – Virgil

94. “The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” – Peter Diamandis

95. “Money is the wise man’s religion.” – Euripides

96. “Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.” – Johnny Cash

97. “Money is life energy that we exchange and use as a result of the service we provide to the universe.” – Deepak Chopra

98. “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” – Jonathan Swift

99. “What you focus on you create more of, so if the plan is to get rich, you’re gonna want to focus on abundance as much as possible. Give as much as you can as often as you can, receive with gratitude and joy, think of money as your pal, raise your frequency and get in the flow, yo.” – Jen Sincero

100. “Remember that: money will always match your mindset.” – Joe Vitale

Money Quotes Money Mindset

Bonus Money Quote

Bonus Quote: Here’s one last bonus quote on money that every would benefit from if they heeded it as advice. Enjoy!

“Get What You Can, And What You Get Hold, Tis The Stone That Will Turn All Your Lead Into Gold.”

– Benjamin Franklin –

Final Thoughts

Alright, you’ve made it through our long list of inspiring money quotes. We hope they have at the very least, helped you strengthen your mindset when it comes to money.

With that being said, be sure to bookmark this page and come back often. Doing so will improve your money mindset with each visit. And remember this is key, because those with a healthy money mindset tend to have more money then they know what to do with it; while those with an unhealthy money mindset tend to feel as if they never have enough. The choice is yours.

See you soon, and till next time,


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Kevin O'Leary Net Worth

Kevin O’Leary is a world-renowned businessman, entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, and T.V. personality. Most know him as Mr. Wonderful from his charismatic presence on the hit reality T.V. show, ‘Shark Tank’. And, as a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, O’Leary has founded, invested, and sold numerous businesses over the years, bringing him fame, financial success, and a massive net worth. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be highlighting on this Kevin O’Leary Net Worth page.

“You Don’t Build Wealth Part-Time.”

– kevin o’leary –

So, if you’ve ever wondered what Mr. Wonderful’s net worth is, and how much he makes or could make, then let’s dive right in to the numbers.

What Is Kevin O’Leary’s Net Worth?

Kevin O'Leary Net Worth 2022

Kevin O’Leary’s net worth in 2020 and 2021 was reported to be around $400 million per Celebrity Networth.[1] However, considering the market’s average annual return over the past 30 years is 9.9%, our estimate for Kevin O’Leary is slightly higher.[2]

We all know Mr. Wonderful is all about building wealth full-time, so it’s highly unlikely that his net worth would remain stagnant for 2 years in a row.

Therefore, incorporating two years of growth at 9.9% per year, puts Kevin O’Leary’s net worth as of 2022 at approximately $483 million. This makes him the 2nd richest Shark from Shark Tank, just below billionaire Mark Cuban’s net worth.

How Much Does Kevin O’Leary Make?

With a sizeable net worth like this, you probably want to know how much Kevin O’Leary makes a year. Well, he earns about $30,000 per Shark Tank episode, and there’s an average of 24 episodes per year. So, from Shark Tank alone, he pulls in approximately $720,000 per year.

Kevin O’Leary also started a wine venture known as O’Leary Fine Wines, which he’s apparently transitioning into an affordable luxury business known as Shop Mr. Wonderful. His income from this venture has yet to be disclosed. O’Leary also earns royalties from books he’s authored, fees from speaking engagements, management fees from his investment Fund (O’Leary Investments) and dividends from his own investments.

That said, we don’t have a definitive number for you when it comes to Kevin O’Leary’s salary.

Baseline Income

However, here’s a baseline income estimate that Kevin O’Leary could easily make per year based off of the earning power of his Net Worth alone. To get this estimate, we must first assume he’ll take his entire $483 million net worth, cash it out, and then reinvest that money into a bucket of assets that can pay out on average 4.5% annually.

4.5% is a reasonable estimate annual yield, considering 3% to 5% is what the average returns on extremely safe investments have been historically.[3]

That said, after crunching the numbers, Kevin O’Leary could easily make $21.75 million per year starting today. All he’d have to do is liquidate all his assets and and place them into a few safe haven dividend paying stocks.

Here’s what that type of pay out would look like monthly, weekly, and daily.

Kevin O’Leary’s Money Metrics

Money MetricAmount
2022 Net Worth:$483,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$21,735,000
Per Month:$1,811,250
Per Week:$417,981
Per Day:$59,711
Per Hour:$2,487
Per Min:$41.46
Per Sec:$.69

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Kevin O’Leary based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he potentially earns from projects, sponsorships, his participation on Shark Tank, or social media, etc.. This baseline calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Interesting Facts About Kevin O’Leary

  • Kevin O’Leary has over 427K million Facebook followers, 920K Twitter followers, 950K Instagram followers, and 714K YouTube followers, which comes out to a grand total of 3 million social media followers.
  • O’Leary’s mother taught him everything he knows about investing.
  • Kevin O’Leary’s birth name is Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary.
  • He’s the proud father of 2 children (Trevor & Savannah).
  • He’s an avid watch collector.
  • Kevin’s worst investment cost him over half a million dollars.
  • He’s invested in over 40 different deals found on Shark Tank alone.[4]

How Did Kevin O’Leary Get Rich?

Kevin O’Leary didn’t get rich over night. While in grad school studying for his MBA, Kevin started an internship with Nabisco that would eventually turn into a full-time job. From this job he learned the ropes of business and marketing as an assistant brand manager.

But his corporate career was short lived, as he left this job to start an independent production company with a few of his former classmates. The new business saw limited success, but O’Leary would eventually get bought out of his position in the company for $25,000.

He would go on to leverage this payout, as well as $10,000 of seed money he was able to borrow from his mother to help get his newly co-founded software distribution and publishing company off the ground. The company was named Softkey.

Kevin O’Leary would go on to grow Softkey year over year, conducting a handful of acquisitions in the process. And after 13 productive years of growing the company, O’Leary and co. finally sold to Mattel for $4.2 billion. It was at this point that Kevin officially became not just rich, but free.

Kevin O'Leary Net Worth Quote on Money

Kevin O’Leary On What It Takes

That said, here are few additional success and financial insights from Mr. Wonderful. These quotes paint a solid picture on the mindset and thinking that has helped him build the fortune he now enjoys. Here you go:

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Additional Financial Insights

If you want to dig deeper into the thinking process that has helped Kevin O’Leary dramatically grow his wealth, the video below is worth watching. It provides some generous advice on what it takes to get rich in 90 days from Mr. Wonderful himself:

Video Credit: Kevin O’Leary (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

Here are a handful of key takeaways from our Kevin O’Leary net worth page:

  • Kevin O’Leary Net Worth:  $483 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $21.75 million
  • Social Media Followers:  3 million
  • Keys to Riches:  Taking Risks, Business Ownership, Hard Work

The net worth of Kevin O’Leary is impressive and without a doubt, it is continually growing. His business acumen and investment prowess seems to only be getting sharper with time. As such, we project his fortune will grow to over $1 billion within the next 10 years or less.

That said, Kevin O’Leary’s sizeable fortune is something that should inspire us. Certainly, it’s large and it may even seem impossible to obtain for many. But, it doesn’t have to be. Nor does it mean that we shouldn’t aspire to learn and build our own fortunes.

Till you reach aims,


** Disclaimer: These earning are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Kevin O’Leary’s net worth alone, assuming a 4.5% dividend yield.

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Tom Brady Net Worth 2022

Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the sport of Football these days. As the quarter back for the New England Patriots and more recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady has managed to accomplish what few have ever accomplished in the sport before him. He’s tallied up the most victories by a quarterback, the most touchdowns, and as of late, the most super bowl championships. All of which has led him to be considered the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All-Time) in many fans eyes. And with such heights of achievement comes money and wealth.

So, that’s exactly what this page will be highlighting, Tom Brady’s net worth and his earning power. And, just for good measure we’ll also include a few fun facts related to his success and influence. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

Net Worth of Tom Brady 2022

So how much is Tom Brady worth? Well, as of this year, Tom Brady has a net worth of approximately $250 million. [1] And he’s managed to earn well over that amount during his 20 plus years in the NFL.

Since signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he’s managed to pin down a two year contract for $50 million. As such, Tom Brady’s average annual earnings from this contract alone (not including any special incentives) is $25 million. But, after getting his team into the playoffs, and then winning a super bowl, his average earnings for 2020 was around $28.3 million.[2]

With that said, his average earnings for 2021 was approximately $41 million, and for 2022 it is looking like his earnings will land somewhere in the $8 to $9 million range.

How Much Could Tom Brady Make If He Retired?

With all the media attention Brady’s been getting with his talk of possible retirement, some questions many people have on their minds is, “What will Tom Brady do after retirement?” and “How much will Tom Brady make after he retires?”

Well, we can’t answer the first question, but, we can provide you with a pretty solid predication for how much money he could rake in per year if he wanted to, post retirement.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how much Tom Brady could make per day, month, or even a year, after he retires, here is what we’ve come up with.

To provide you with this estimate, we have to infer that Tom Brady is a savvy enough investor to earn an annual 4.5% yield on his combined $250 million net worth ( by the way 4.5% is a very reasonable return to expect, considering historical returns on safe investments tend to fall between the 3% to 5% range [3]).

Therefore, if Tom Brady hypothetically liquidated all of his assets and invested them into a handful of stock or REITS with a modest 4.5% dividend yield, he could very easily make (and at a minimum) approximately $11.25 million per year in retirement.

Not a bad retirement income eh?

Here’s a little breakdown of how much Tom Brady could make every month, day, etc..

Tom Brady’s Money Metrics

Money MetricAmount
2022 Net Worth:$250,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$11,250,000
Per Month:$937,500
Per Week:$216,346
Per Day:$30,906
Per Hour:$1,287
Per Min:$21.46
Per Sec:$0.35

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Tom Brady based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he will or can potentially earn from his other projects, sponsorships, businesses, or social media, etc. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Facts:  

  • Tom Brady has 12.6 million Instagram followers, 5 million Facebook Followers, and around 2.8 million Twitter followers. All of which comes out to a grand total of 20.4 million social media followers.
  • Here’s another fun fact; Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen has a net worth that is almost double that of Tom Brady’s. With her net worth coming out to $400 million.[4] And of course, their combined net worth comes out to a cool $650 million. Talk about a power couple (at least for now).[5]
  • Brady’s first job was as a paperboy.
  • Tom Brady didn’t start playing football until he was a freshman in high school.
  • Brady was a back up quarterback for 2 Years at Michigan before he got his shot.
  • He was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft.
  • Tom Brady was the highest paid football player in the NFL in 2022.[6]

For those who don’t typically watch football or keep up with ESPN, you’re likely not privy to how Tom Brady has become so successful. So, we’ll provide a quick summary for you.

How Did Tom Brady Become So Successful?

Tom Brady Play to Win Quote

In short, Tom Brady has become extremely successful by mastering his emotions and his ability to execute under pressure. Most fans of the sport would agree, that he is one of the most level headed players in the league, and he has the ability to manage his poise under pressure.

In fact, his focus and ability to execute flawlessly under extreme pressure has helped him earn the most 4th quarter comebacks of any professional football player in history.

His ability to bring his team back from huge deficits to eventually win game after game consistently has earned him the moniker of ‘The Comeback Kid’. Indeed, there is much more to what has made Tom Brady so successful over his career, but this is the one thing that helped him rise above his contemporaries. For a deeper dive into how he became the legend he is today, you’ll want to check out this Tom Brady Success Story.

In His Own Words

Of course, Tom Brady would contribute his success to other things. And in his own words, he sums it up best with his following quotes:

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Start Building Like Brady

Despite what most people believe, you don’t have to be superstar athlete or movie start to make millions of dollars per year. In fact, most self-made millionaires grew their small fortune not through some large sports deal, or striking it big in Hollywood, nor by winning the lottery, but by slowly growing their net worth over time.

Sounds crazy we know, but it’s true. That said, if you want to start building your net worth like Tom Brady, you can either wait for the NFL to come knocking at your door, or start training up to give tryouts a shot.

Or, you can make a solid plan and start taking action to build your own net worth starting today. The choice is yours.

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Key Takeaways on Brady’s Net Worth

 Here are some key Tom Brad takeaways:

  • Tom Brady’s Net Worth:  $250 million
  • Annual Earnings**:  $11.25 million
  • Social Media Followers:  20.4 million
  • Keys to Success:  Mental Toughness, Effective Execution, Always Improving

Tom Brady’s sizeable net worth is directly related to his leadership qualities, his obsession with improving his craft, and his ability to stay calm and execute under extreme pressure. His wealth also has a lot to do with his longevity in the league.

With that being said, we hope you’ll take this information, and let it inspire you towards mastering your ability to perform under pressure and constantly improve what you bring to your own industry.

Till next time,


PS – If you enjoyed our Tom Brady Net Worth page, then you’ll love the net worth profile for the G.O.A.T. when it comes to European Football, Cristiano Ronaldo.

** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Tom Brady’s net worth alone, assuming a 4.5% dividend yield.

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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Robert Kiyosaki is a highly successful American businessman who is most well known for his extremely popular financial education programs and books. As the founder of multiple companies, including Rich Global LLC, The Rich Dad Company, as well as the author of over 26 different personal finance books, he’s managed to build up an impressive net worth over the years.

Having said that, this is exactly what this page will be covering, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth and the potential earning power of that net worth. So, if you’re ready to learn how rich Robert Kiyosaki really is, then let’s dive right in.

What Is Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth?

Net Worth of Robert Kiyosaki

As of 2022, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is approximately $100 million. Which is not bad, considering his net worth in 2012 was around $80 million according to Forbes.[1] That’s a 25% change, which indicates he’s been very conservative with the preservation of his capital.

At the very least, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth has been keeping up with the historical average annual inflation rates.

How Much Does Robert Kiyosaki Make Per Year?

Certainly, Robert’s current net worth and rate of growth begs the question, ‘So how much does he make per year, or per month?

Well, according to our research, Robert has stated that he makes anywhere from $1.5 million to $2 million per month. Of course, those numbers are difficult to pin down given no official documentation was provided.

That said, even though we don’t have Robert Kiyosaki’s verifiable income, we have a good bare bones estimate on what he can make per year, not counting his active income activities.

To provide you with this estimate, we’ll assume Robert Kiyosaki is a savvy enough investor to earn an annual 4.5% yield on his combined $100 million net worth (4.5% is a reasonable minimum annual yield to expect on investments considering historical returns on safe investments have typically fallen between the 3% to 5% range annually).

So, if Robert hypothetically liquidated all of his assets (homes, businesses, etc.) and then transferred all of that money into an asset like some dividend pay stocks or REITS that earns a modest 4.5% annual yield, his yearly passive income would come out to roughly $4.5 million per year.  That’s a pretty good retirement income, eh?


Money MetricAmount
2022 Net Worth:$100,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$4,500,000
Per Month:$375,000
Per Week:$86,538
Per Day:$12,362
Per Hour:$515
Per Min:$8.58
Per Sec:$.14

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Robert Kiyosaki based off the earning power of his net worth.  It does not include how much Robert Kiyosaki makes from projects, sponsorships, his podcast, or social media, etc. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth History

Robert once stated, “Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.” And based off of his net worth growth over the years, it appears he follows his own platitudes. That said, below is helpful snapshot of Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth history by year.

This wealth history goes back 10 years, starting in 2012, showcasing a positive change in his overall fortune by 25% over the past decade.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Robert Kiyosaki Fun Facts:

  • Robert Kiyosaki has 2.9 million Instagram followers, 2 million Twitter followers, 6 million Facebook followers, and 2.75 million YouTube subscribers. As such, his grand total of social media followers 13.65 million.
  • Kiyosaki has sold over 41 million of his books across the world.
  • Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hawaii, in 1947.
  • Power couple, Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki are no longer together.
  • Kiyosaki produced one of the most popular financial education board games of all-time, Cash Flow.

How Did Robert Kiyosaki Get Rich?

Robert Kiyosaki’s journey to success and riches is one that is characterized by many ups and downs. After Robert served in Vietnam, he found work selling copy machines for Xerox Corp., and eventually threw his hat in the entrepreneurial arena.

And even though he experienced a few back-to-back business failures, he learned some valuable lessons about real estate. While his businesses boomed and then busted, his business acumen grew, as well as his real estate assets.

how to secure your net worth quote

Eventually Kiyosaki learned how to become financially independent through real estate investing. Once Robert discovered what worked, he scaled his knowledge by doubling down in the real estate arena.

He then leveraged his new financial insights by creating an education business to help people achieve similar financial outcomes. The result? A large fortune and a globally recognized brand.

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Build Wealth Like Robert

These days Robert Kiyosaki continues teaching people how they too can crack the code of financial independence and building lasting wealth as well.

So, if you want to know how to build wealth like Robert, all you have to do is get smart with your money by taking control of your spending.

Then, all you have to do is begin taking action to aggressively build your net worth.

Financial Success Insights

That said, here a few powerful words and success anecdotes that Robert Kiyosaki has uttered himself that my just help you get on the right track for building your own rich future, if that’s what you seek:

If you’re looking for even more financial insights to help you eventually build a Robert Kiyosaki-sized net worth, then you’ll gain some truly valuable insights from this video:

Video Credit: Rich Dad Channel (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

Here are some key Robert Kiyosaki takeaways:

  • Kiyosaki’s Net Worth:  $100 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $12 million
  • Social Media Followers:  13.65 million
  • Keys to Success:  Trial and Error, Taking Risks, Investing in Real Estate, Selling Knowledge

Robert Kiyosaki’s massive net worth is directly related to his financial education, as well as how many other people he’s helped enlighten with that very education. And from the looks of it, he’s not done yet, as continues to inspire and educate people all over the world with his growing Rich Dad podcast and his insightful YouTube channel.

Robert Kiyosaki Financial Success Quote

That said, hopefully we successfully provided you with the Robert Kiyosaki net worth details you were looking for, and more.

Till you reach your financial aims,


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** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth’s earning power alone assuming a 4.5% dividend yield.

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Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart is no stranger to success. As a highly accomplished comedian, actor, and producer, he’s become a household name, and one of the most recognized and loved personalities in the world of entertainment. And as you’d expect with winning countless entertainment awards, starting his own streaming service, production media business, and putting on multi-million dollar tours, he’s built himself a sizeable fortune.

So, that’s exactly what this page will be highlighting, Kevin Hart’s net worth and his current earning power. We’ll also include a few Kevin Hart fun facts related to his life, success and potential. So, let’s dive in.


Net Worth of Kevin Hart

So, what is the net worth of Kevin Hart? As of this article’s publication, it is approximately $450 million.[1] However as his popularity rises, and as he continues to flex his business muscles, like his founding of Hartbeat media, his fortune will only grow.

In fact, we predict he’ll be a billionaire in just a few short years, especially considering how fast his net worth has grown since 2010; having gone from a net worth of $9 million to $450 million in just 12 short years.[2]

Which comes out to a whopping 4,900% growth rate over 12 years, or put another way, a 38% year over year rate of growth. Anyway you slice it, it’s extremely impressive!

How Much Does Kevin Hart Make a Year?

With a growth rate like this, you probably want to know how much Kevin Hart makes a year. Well, on average, Hart makes between $50 to $70 million per year in income. This is an conservative estimate based on his history of having some years that bring in $87.5 million, and some years that bring in $65 million.

So, our safe estimate is around the $60 million per year mark. Having said that, here’s how much Kevin Hart could make if he decided to hang up his hat and retire today.

To get this estimate, we must assume he’ll take his entire $450 million net worth, liquidate it, and then invest that money in an asset that pays out on average 4.5% annually. Why 4.5%? Because 3% to 5% is what average returns on safe investments have been historically.[3]

That said, Kevin Hart could easily make $20.25 million per year starting today, if he cashed it all out and retired. Which comes out to around $1.68 million per month. Not a bad retirement plan!

Kevin Hart’s Money Metrics

Money MetricAmount
2022 Net Worth:$450,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$20,250,000
Per Month:$1,687,500
Per Week:$389,423
Per Day:$55,631
Per Hour:$2,318
Per Min:$38.63
Per Sec:$.64

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Kevin Hart based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he could potentially earn from projects, sponsorships, or social media, etc.. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Kevin Hart Net Worth History

Kevin Hart’s wealth has gradually grown over the years. From $ 9 million in 2010, to $78.5 million in 2016, to the now jaw-dropping $450 million. His wealth has grown to the degree that his influence and popularity has. And as the graph below shows, his net worth seems to be accelerating.

Here’s Kevin Hart’s net worth history going back 7 years, showing an impressive 473% increase in wealth in that short amount of time:

Kevin Hart Net Worth History

Kevin Hart Fun Facts

  • Kevin Hart has over 36 million Facebook followers, 37.5 million Twitter followers, 152 million Instagram followers, and 5.08 YouTube followers of his LOL Network, which comes out to a grand total of 230.58 million social media followers.
  • Standing at 5’4″ tall, Kevin Hart wanted to be a basketball player in the NBA when he was young.
  • Hart was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1979.
  • When he first got his start in stand-up comedy, he was booed off the stage a number of times.
  • Before Kevin Hart made it big, he was a shoe salesman.
  • Kevin Hart is the proud father of four children: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori

How Did Kevin Hart Achieve Success?

Kevin Hart followed his dreams. He could have followed the path that most people follow, and stick things out at his normal 9 to 5, but Hart had big dreams. Dreams that he courageously pursued.

Kevin Hart Net Worth Quote

From almost being evicted, to spending years commuting to small gigs across state lines, to having chicken thrown at him because his act was in need of some major polishing, Kevin Hart showed grit and determination.

He chose to take action, to follow his dreams, to put in the work that was required, and to never stop improving himself. These are the key factors related to how Kevin Hart achieved so much success, and it’s why he continues to accomplish so much as well.

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That said, below a few of Kevin Hart’s most inspiring quotes about success to inspire your hustle:

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Kevin Hart Financial Success Insights

Here’s a great video that you may want to spend a few minutes watching if you’re seeking further insight as to how and why Kevin Hart has managed to become so good with his money:

Video Credit: Millionaire Mentor (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

Here are a handful of key takeaways from our Kevin Hart net worth page:

  • Kevin Hart Net Worth:  $450 million
  • Annual Income: $60 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $20.25 million
  • Social Media Followers:  230.6 million
  • Keys to Success:  Taking Action, Work-Ethic, Grit, Kaizen

The net worth of Kevin Hart has grown so dramatically and to such a massive amount because of his determination to succeed. It’s also largely due to his relentless work-ethic, a characteristic that many of his fans started taking noticed of, ourselves included.

That said, Kevin Hart’s sizeable fortune is something that should inspire us. Yes, it’s large and may seem out of reach to most; however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn how to build net worth like Kevin Hart.

Till then,


** Disclaimer: These earning are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Kevin Hart’s net worth alone, assuming a 4.5% dividend yield.

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Prosperity Quotes

Prosperity is the growth, advancement and flourishing that we all secretly aspire to in our lives. It’s the thriving, success, and condition of good fortune that eventually comes to all who seek it. Prosperity comes to each of us at different times, it is available to us all, and it eventually arrives for the patient and persistent. So, in honor of your journey towards a greater prosperity, we’ve pulled together this collection of inspiring prosperity quotes.

We understand that prosperity more readily flows to those who gives it their attention. As such, it is our hope that these quotes on prosperity will both inspire and encourage you to stay hopeful and focused in your pursuit of a more prosperous future. So, if you’re ready for some powerful quotes about prosperity, then let’s dive in.


Best Quotes About Prosperity

1. “The shocking truth about prosperity is that it is shockingly right instead of shockingly wrong for you to be prosperous.” – Catherine Ponder

2. “No one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty.” – Wallace D. Wattles

3. “Only by thinking prosperity and abundance can you realize the abundant, prosperous life.” – O.S. Marden

4. “Your prosperity will only grow as fast as you do.” – Randy Gage

5. “Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it.” – Wayne Dyer

6. “Sloth and prosperity can never be companions.” – James Allen

7. “The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” – Jerry Gillies

8. “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person.” – Bob Proctor

9. “Those who speak most of illness have illness, those who speak most of prosperity have it, etc…” – Rhonda Byrne

10. “Mediocrity is the worst enemy of prosperity.” – Henry Ford

Enemy of Prosperity Quote

11. “A man’s prosperity is measured by his usefulness to the community, and a man is useful in accordance with what he does, and not because of the theories which he entertains.” – James Allen

12. “Positive thinking and positive attitude attracts prosperity, peace, and happiness. It also exposes us towards the path of achievements and success.” – Anurag Prakash Ray

13. “Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn.” – Earl Nightingale

14. “Prosperity tries the fortunate; adversity the great.” – Rose Kennedy

15. “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” – Napoleon Hill

16. “Remember the proverb of Solomon: “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” – P.T. Barnum

17. “You’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.” – Prosperity Saying

18. “The key to economic prosperity is the organized creation of dissatisfaction.” – Charles Kettering

19. “Live a life of positivity and you will have a life of prosperity.” – Anonymous

20. “There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way.” – Wayne Dyer

prosperity quotes

21. “Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience.” – P.T. Barnum

22. “Let yourself feel happy about the abundance you will have, because it will come.” – Natalie Ledwell

23. “If you want to experience prosperity at a miraculous level, you must leave behind your old ways of thinking and develop a new way of imagining what is possible for you to experience in your life.” –   Wayne Dyer

24. “You’re not poor because you don’t have money. You’re poor if you don’t have a dream.” – Randy Gage

25. “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

26. “Prosperity flows only through channels that are wide open to receive it. Doubt, fear and lack of confidence only work to close these channels.” – O.S. Marden

27. “Let us be done with thinking of poverty as a virtue. It is a common vice. If you have been living in financial lack and limitation, you have literally been living in vice. That, too, is the shocking truth about prosperity. But you need not continue living in financial vice. There is a way out.” – Catherine Ponder

28. “Poor choices are the leading cause of poorness.” – M.J. Demarco,

29. “You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” – Stephen Richards

30. “True prosperity is appreciating what you have.” – Bill Ferguson

31. “If you want great good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it! In other words, get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you do want.” – Catherine Ponder

32. “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

33. “Prosperity is a more severe ordeal than adversity, especially sudden prosperity. “Easy come, easy go,” is an old and true proverb.” – P.T. Barnum

34. “Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” – Eckart Tolle

35. “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” – Robert Kiyosaki

36. “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” – George Lorimer

37. “You will not begin to touch your possibilities until you make the acquaintance of your real self.” – O.S. Marden

38. “There is not greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you.” – Richard Branson

39. “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

40. “The only limits in life are those we impose on ourselves.” – Bob Proctor

quotes about prosperity bob proctor

41. “The permanently prosperous men in any community are not its tricksters and deceivers, but its reliable and upright men.” – James Allen

42. “Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.” – Rhonda Byrne

43. “Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.” – Eric Butterworth

44. “While prosperity is in some ways related to money, it is not caused by money.” – Shakti Gawain

45. “True luck consists not in holding the best of the cards at the table; luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home.” – John Hay

46. “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradstreet

47. “Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.” – Ernest Holmes

48. “In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.” – John Churton Collins

49. “Only when a man’s life comes to its end in prosperity dare we pronounce him happy.” – Aeschylus

50. “Prosperity starts in one’s heart not their pocket.” – Ricky Maye

quote about prosperity starting in the heart

51. “Don’t concern yourself with the money. Be of service … build … work … dream … create! Do this and you’ll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you.” – Earl Nightingale

52. “Everything we get in life comes through the gateway of our thought. If that thought is negative or mean, what flows to us will correspond.” – O.S. Marden

53. “True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man.” Benjamin Burt

54. “The purpose of life for man is growth, just as the purpose of life for trees and plants is growth.” – Wallace D. Wattles

55. “Our lives are a work of art. Plant seeds of love and respect and reap a harvest of prosperity and peace.” – Joan Pillen

56. “Submit to God and be at peace with him, in this way prosperity will come to you.” – Anonymous

57. “The degree of a country’s freedom is the degree of its prosperity.” – Ayn Rand

58. “The better your attitude and the harder you work, the luckier you get.” – Robert G. Allen

59. “By virtue of exchange, one man’s prosperity is beneficial to all others.” – Frederic Bastiat

60. “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Quotes for Prosperity

61. “Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperations, perspirations, and inspiration.” – Evan Esar

62. “To rejoice in the prosperity of another is to partake of it.” – William Austin

63. “Prosperity is at first a spirit, and attitude of mind, a moral power, a life, which manifests outwardly in the form of plenty, happiness, joy.” – James Allen

64. “Prosperity isn’t found by avoiding problems, it’s found by solving them.” – Tim Fargo

65. “Nothing shows one who his friends are like prosperity and ripe fruit.” – Charles Dudley Warner

66. “The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.” – Marianne Williamson

67. “You can never fill your life with prosperity if you walk with a poor person’s mentality.” – Debasish Mridha

68. “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.” – Joel Osteen

69. “Let a man turn away from the mirages of intellectual speculation, and begin to do something, and do it with all his might, and he will thereby gain a special knowledge, wield a special power, and reach his own unique position and prosperity among his fellows.” – James Allen

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Inspiring Quotes on Prosperity From Historical Figures

Some of the most inspiring quotes on prosperity have come from some very notable historical figures. These people are names you’d recognize from modern history, and we think you’ll enjoy their wisdom on prosperity.

Without a doubt, they’re wisdom on prosperity matches their stature. Enjoy.

70. “Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.” – Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin on Prosperity and Wealth

71. “Prosperity is the fruit of labor. It begins with saving money.” – Abraham Lincoln

72. “The natural effort of every individual to better his own condition…is so powerful, that it is alone, and without any assistance, not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operations.” – Adam Smith

73. “Prosperity is the best protector of principle.” – Mark Twain

74. “Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped.” – Calvin Coolidge

75. “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” – Winston Churchill

76. “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” – Benjamin Franklin

77. “The virtue of prosperity is temperance; the virtue of adversity is fortitude.” – Francis Bacon

78. “A nation is not made wealthy by the childish accumulation of shiny metals, but it enriched by the economic prosperity of it’s people.” – Adam Smith

79. “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.” – Abraham Lincoln

Wise Ancient Quotes About Prosperity

This next set of prosperity quotes is from some of the most recognized names from antiquity. These wise ancient quotes on prosperity deserve a little reverence, especially since they have withstood the test of time.

80. “Much effort, much prosperity.” – Euripides

quotes on prosperity - euripidies

81. “When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.” – Confucius

82. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

83. “Receive wealth or prosperity without arrogance; and be ready to let it go.” – Marcus Aurelius

84. “In prosperity let us particularly avoid pride, disdain and arrogance.” – Cicero

85. “Prosperity is full of friends.” – Euripides

86. “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” – Epictetus

87. “No one that encounters prosperity does not also encounter danger.’ – Heraclitus

88. “Wealth and poverty do not lie in a person’s estate, but in their souls.” – Antisthenes

89. “Success is dependent on effort.” – Sophocles

90. “Happiness is prosperity combined with virtue.” – Aristotle

aristotle quote about prosperity

Motivating Quotes That Will Lead to More Good Fortune

This last batch of quotes are more or less action oriented quotes on prosperity. They are the nudge we could all use from time to time to get us to take action on the goals that would bring us closer to the prosperity we seek.

91. “There’s no shortage of money in this world. Start hustling.” – Grant Cardone

92. “You get spiritually rich, and you’ll get financially rich.” – Kenneth Copeland

93. “Hard work puts you where good luck can find you.” – Prosperity Saying

94. “Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things the fastest.” – Paul Zane Pilzer

95. “To have the body of prosperity — its material presentation — we must first have the spirit of prosperity, and the spirit of prosperity is the quick spirit of moral virtue.” – James Allen

96. “The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.” – Barbara Sher

97. “In the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving and investing it.” – Peter Lynch

98. “You can’t spend your way to prosperity.” – Edward C. Prescott

99. “Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

100. “The trick is to make sure you don’t die waiting for prosperity to come.” – Lee Iacocca

Lee Iacocca Quote on Prosperity

101. “Abundance and lack are always both present, and we get the one we focus on.” – Myron Golden

102. “Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things.” – Grant Cardone

Bonus Prosperity Quote

Bonus: This last quote on prosperity is one of our all-time favorites. It provides the foundation of where pretty much all “luck”, good fortune and prosperity stems from; action.

“Men Of Action Are Favored By The Goddess Of Good Luck.”

George S. Clason

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Final Thougths

There you have it, one of the best collections of prosperity quotes compiled for your benefit. We hope they inspired you to look at prosperity from a new angle; one that will help you increase the prosperity you’ve experienced in your life up until this point.

With that being said, please share this page or one of our prosperity sayings or quotes if you think they could inspire or help someone else.

Till next time,


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