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The Khabib Nurmagomedov Success Story



Khabib Nurmagomedov Success Story

Khabib Nurmagomedov is well known across the world these days, especially for those who appreciate mixed martial arts (MMA). As the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, Nurmagomedov has made a name for himself. Many consider him to be the greatest fighter in MMA history, and very few could argue otherwise. So, considering all the impressive accomplishments of this highly regarded champion, we will dive into how such a legend came to be in this Khabib Nurmagomedov Success Story special.

The aim of this page is to reveal key insights about Nurmagomedov’s success. We want to provide you with a better understanding of how he became the champion he is today, as well as a few insights you can use to dominate in your business, industry, and life. So, if you’re ready to start learning from Nurmagomedov’s success story, let’s dive in.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov was born in the Republic of Dagestan, which is part of the Russian Federation. Hailing from a rugged mountainous region within a country that was rife with considerable wars over the centuries, along with internal skirmishes with Russia, especially in the late 90’s , helped shape Nurmagomedov and his people’s rugged ethos.

Nurmagomedov’s character and fighting prowess was especially forged by his father, who was a former Soviet soldier, a wrestler who received a Master of Sports recognition in wrestling, and whom was also a Sabo and Judo coach that famed throughout Russia.[1] Needless to say, this particular combination of environment and paternal influence, created an almost Spartan-like culture that groomed Nurmagomedov into a relentless fighting machine.

Being raised in such a way, exposed Khabib Nurmagomedov to the combative sport of wrestling at a very young age. And it was at the ripe young age of eight (some say five), that Nurmagomedov would unofficially train under his father’s direction; wrestling bears, learning how to grapple, and sparring with other fighters training under his father’s tutelage. Once Nurmagomedov turned 12 he would finally begin his formal training in wrestling, then sambo, and finally judo a few years later.

The Making of Khabib Nurmagomedov

Having an early start in the sport of fighting, combined with his father’s extremely disciplined coaching style, and ultimately being raised in the rugged mountains of Russia, would lead to the creation of an iron-willed fighter who would go pro by the age of 19, and then eventually come to be a world champion.

Khabib Nurmagomedov would eventually become so successful, because he perfected his craft over time. The fact that he was essentially born into a household that glorified battle, and raised in a strict household did wonders for his habits. But, what it all really comes down to, was Nurmagomedov’s self-discipline and rational use of his time.

In short, when he was growing up he would not waste time scrolling through a Smartphone, getting sucked into social media, or waste away his days watching T.V. like most other kids were doing.[2] Nope, while others were playing their Nintendos, Xboxes, and PlayStations, he would be spending his spare time learning, working on his technique, and training. He sacrificed all these niceties, comforts, and distractions to become a better fighter.

He’s says it best himself when he expressed the following…

“I would wake up, train, then – I had classes. Then I came back home and had some additional classes. After that, I had evening training sessions, came back home and studied again. And sometimes following all that, I went for another training session at 11 p.m., just by myself running in the mountains.”

It was Nurmagomedov’s ambition, and his awareness of the price he would have to pay to achieve his ambition, that would lead him to doing exactly what it required of him. He once said…

“I was always striving for more. I thought to myself, “If I want to be the best in the world, it was not enough to train more than anyone in my city or Russia. I knew that somewhere on the other side of the world, in Brazil, Australia, or Ireland – there was people who trained. And we might face each other on the biggest stage sometime.”

And Khabib’s hunch was right! And he has the accolades to prove it.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Achievements

Here are just a handful of Nurmagomedov’s impressive achievements that show what hard work, and a lazer-like focus on achieving your goals can bring about:

  • 2020 Russia’s Most Successful Athlete
  • 2020 UFC Lightweight Champion
  • 2020 Longest Reigning Lightweight Champion in UFC History
  • 2020 Record For Most Takedowns in a single UFC Fight
  • 2020 Tied for Most Title Wins in Lightweight division UFC History
  • 2020 Most Consecutive Wins in UFC history (Lightweight Division)
  • 2020 World Sport Star of the Year | BBC
  • 2017 Performance of the Year via
  • 2016 Beatdown of the Year |
  • 2016 Comeback Fighter of the Year |
  • 2016 International Fighter of the Year | World MMA Awards
  • 2013 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year |
  • 2012 Men’s No-Gi Expert Welterweight Champion | NAGA World Championship
  • 2012 ADCC Rules No-Gi Expert Welterweight Champion | NAGA World Championship
  • 2010 World Combat Sambo Champion (Gold) | World Combat Sambo Federation
  • 2009 Russian Combat Sambo Championships (Gold) | Combat Sambo Federation of Russia
  • 2009 World Combat Sambo Champion (Gold) | World Combat Sambo Federation
  • 2008 Pankration Atrium Cup Tournament Winner
  • European Champion of Army Hand-to-Hand Combat | Russian Union of Martial Arts
  • European Pankration Champion | International Pankration federation
Khabib Nurmagomedov king quote

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Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s Success Ethos

Nurmagomedov relied on old school, time-tested, hard work to give him the edge that would transform him into a fighter that was always on another level in comparison to his opponents.

The results of his training, speaks for itself, as he was able to easily impose his will on every single fighter that stepped into the Octagon with him. And it all comes down to the ferociousness of his training; a ferocity driven by his personal success ethos.[3] A success ethos made obvious through his own words:

Nurmagomedov channeled his belief in the divine to achieve his extraordinary results. Which points to two critical takeaways; 1.) there is magic in believing, and 2.) strength follows the faithful.

Here’s another example…

Through this statement Nurmagomedov makes it obvious, that to become a champion, you have to train like a champion. You have to be committed to the end result, and that requires having the self-control to do what is necessary. Nurmagomedov showcased this best with his famed two-a-day training routine, to his willingness to grinding while other’s played. In other words, much of his success is a result if his mastery of the art of self-discipline.

This last and final quote, points to the fact that much of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s success ethos stemmed from his awareness that the first step to beating his opponents in the ring, was to first beat them in training.

In short, he knew that in order to win, and keep winning, he would have to stay hungry. And he applied his vigilance through massive hard work and training.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, the Khabib Nurmagomedov success story that describes his Journey going from a kid living in a remote mountain village in Russia, to becoming one of the most famous fighter’s in the world.  We’ve uncovered the success ethos that has guided him in becoming the #1 pound-for-pound fighter and the undefeated UFC champion. And because repetition is the mother of learning, and the father of action, we’re going to give you one last recap to drive home how Nurmagomedov became successful:

Faith | Sacrifice | Self-DisciplineAmbition

With that being said, we hope you’ve gained some value from these insights and apply them to your life. Lastly, if you only got one takeaway from our Khabib Nurmagomedov success story, we hope it is this…

Greatness, accolades, money, fame… success all come at a price. And that price is massive sacrifice.

Till next time,


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