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How to Make Money When You Sleep

If you’ve eve asked yourself, “How do I make money while I sleep?”, then you’ll find this article helpful. Similarly, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can make sure I don’t slave away at a job for the rest of my life?” then you’ll especially find value in this article.

If you’ve never had such thoughts, well, you’ll still find something of value in this article, because it is a question almost everyone should be asking themselves these days. Well, at least every person who wishes to someday step back from the daily grind and live life on their own terms. Or, anyone who wishes to eventually stop having to wake up at ungodly hours just to trudge off to work to pay the bills. Now, don’t get us wrong, paying the bills and work is necessary. But, like ole Warren Buffett once stated…..

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die.”

We certainly don’t intend to work until the day we die, and we hope you don’t either. To help you avoid such a reality, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and simplest ways anyone can learn how to earn money while sleeping. If you’re ready to learn, let’s jump right into it:

3 Best Ways to Earn Money While You Sleep

Best Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

1. Dividends

The simplest way anyone, including you can begin to make money when you sleep is by investing in businesses. Now, we don’t mean to go out and find and start your own business. What we mean, is to take some of your hard-earned cash, and invest it into businesses that offer you a share of ownership of the company, particularly where each share pays you a dividend.

What’s a dividend? Well, in its simplest terms, it is a payment made to you by the company you invested your hard-earned cash into, for essentially lending them your money. In exchange for your money, the company gives you a sliver of ownership of that company, and pays you to own it.

Platforms To Consider

If you’ve never considered this simple money making method, it is a game changer. All you have to do, is conduct some research on a company who’s product and services you believe in. Along with a bit of research on the current and future economic viability of the company (meaning, ensuring the company will be in business for the long haul), and then us a brokerage account purchase the stocks you want. Some of the best brokerages to use for this would be:

After you’ve made your purchases, the stocks you own will either pay out dividends to you every month or quarter depending on their pay out schedule. And then presto, just like that, you will have begun the miracle process of earning money while you sleep. Here’s an example of what this will look like at first…..

How to Make Money When You Sleep with Dividends

Keep in mind, the pay outs will be small at first, but over time, as you reinvest the dividends and as you continue to buy up more dividend stocks, you’ll earn more and more money while you sleep. And of course, with enough patience, your trickle of dividend cash can become a flood passive income.

So, if you’re not earning any money while you sleep at the moment, get started with this approach today so can start earning while you sleep. But most importantly, so you can eventually get to a point where your can live off your monthly dividends. And once you do so, you can say peace out to that desk job forever!

2. Become an Internet Publisher

Another way you can start making money while you sleep, is to become an internet publisher. Now, you don’t have to become the next Forbes or You can start small, in fact, the you can simply start a personal blog to get into the internet publishing business. Of course, you can also go big, and set out to create a massive media site too, it’s up to you.

Platforms To Consider

To make this work, all you have to do is create valuable or interesting content others want to read regularly. Once you gain some traction on your site, you can simply integrate one or multiple ad networks on the site. Like the following:

Once you do that, with enough consistent visitors to your site, you’ll start to generate daily revenue.

It really is as simple as that. And of course, taking this route puts you in control of how much money you wish to make while you sleep. Want more money? Simply hustle and publish more valuable content.

Make Money When You Sleep With Ad Revenue

Before you know, your site will begin generating money daily off of content you created months or even years ago (so long as it is evergreen content). Want stop publishing for a while and go on a vacation? You can, and magically, the money will keep rolling in. Now, we certainly don’t recommend quitting your day job (at least not at first), but you may want to seriously consider starting an internet publishing side gig to get the ball rolling towards earning while you sleep.

You’ll never know how much you could make unless you try.

3. Invest in Real Estate and Rent It Out

This third method is by far one of the most profitable ways to make money while you sleep. However, this approach does require a bit more effort and start-up capital to get it working for you. This method is to simply invest in real estate. And then to rent that real estate out to people who are looking for a place to live, and are willing to pay you rent monthly to live in your property (otherwise known as renters).

Without a doubt, once you secure a property, and a renter for that property, you’ll be earning quite a bit of money while you sleep. Certainly, there will be days when you’ll have to be a bit involved with issues that arise from being a land lord, but, it won’t be something you’ll have to spend hours on everyday of the week to make work for you. And if you hire a property manager, this money will become even more passive.

Below is a sample of how anyone can make money while they sleep by investing in real estates. It shows the price of a multi-unit property, the down payment you’d have to make, and some of the typical monthly expenses you’d have to pay on that property, including the mortgage. It also shows how much each renter will pay you every month, and the total revenue you’d be earning. And, when you subtract your expenses from that revenue, you’ll be left with profit, also known as cashflow.

How to Earn Money When You Sleep with Rental Income

And this is the cashflow that will essentially set you free. Because once you own enough of these types of properties and the cashflow is greater than income you toil for every day, you can say goodbye to your J.O.B. forever!

So, give it some thought, start saving/investing some money, and then make your move before you’re ready.

Final Thoughts on Making Money While You Sleep

There you have it, the simplest and in my opinion the best ways to make cash while you sleep. Without a doubt, these are the first three money making avenues I would start on. Here they are again as a quick recap:

  • Invest in Dividend Stocks
  • Leverage Digital Publishing for Ad Revenue
  • Invest in Real Estate Rental Properties

The order you follow is up to you. But investing in dividends stocks first could help you build a large enough down payment to invest in real estate. Then, once you have the real estate, you can use your extra cash to invest in more properties and additional dividend stocks. And when you have the time, build internet traffic and capitalize on the potential for perpetual ad revenue. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Now, get out there and make some moves.

Till next time,


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