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Most In Demand Skills

In today’s highly competitive global job market, earning good money means learning all-new skills beyond the limited scope of your college degree. While having a satisfactory educational background certainly does help, the key to hitting the financial jackpot lays in developing the most in-demand skills that employers are currently pursuing.

It’s no secret that job market trends have dramatically changed these past couple of decades. One of the most obvious trends is the significant expansion of the digital nomad and online freelancer community. 

Honing skills that can facilitate freelance work will allow you to make money on your own while following a schedule that works for you. Isn’t this better than hustling away at a thankless 9-5 job that ultimately only benefits large capitalist firms while doing little for personal growth and development?

Most of the skills listed below are aimed at helping you become financially independent and work on your terms while still making a significant contribution to the world. Working within jobs that require these skills will help you feel like a valued member of an intimate group that’s geared at helping the client find success – all while making an excellent buck for your hard work.

Highest Paying and Most In-Demand Skills

The skills listed below also have strong ties with technology. This is because the world is in a phase of accelerated digital transformation. So, if you want to be an active, working member of the global village, I’d recommend you look into these high-paying and most in-demand skills:

Best In Demand Skills to Develop

1. Project Management

Are you a multi-talented individual with brilliant leadership, communication, and organization skills? If so, project management might be your calling!

Project management is an excellent field to consider working in because of how relevant it is and always will be. Part of this relevancy comes from versatility; project managers can work in any industry, as long as there’s a project that needs leading. So, if the industry you’re currently working within is going out of demand, you can easily switch over to a different, more stable one.

As a project manager, your client company or boss will expect you to have adequate knowledge about project management software, including how to use it for optimized performance. 

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2. Coding

Most In Demand Skill - Coding

Coding is another evergreen skill that can be employed within any industry. For example, you could be coding to develop new software for a local fashion house, or you could be coding to create new technology for the IT world.

Just like project management, this brilliant skill allows you to switch in between industries while still working the same job with a fixed skillset. 

Coding isn’t for everyone, though. It is a tedious job that requires significant focus and dedication. So, if you’re not a fan of slow, patient work that includes numbers and math, you may have trouble staying motivated

3. Sales Skills

If coding isn’t your thing, that’s okay. You can always consider working in a less technical field, like sales.

Working as a salesperson requires excellent communication skills. You should also have a knack for helping the customer find a product that’s a perfect fit for them. 

Salespeople generally earn money on a commission basis. So, the more sales you generate, the higher your revenue will be at the end of the month.  

Sales skills are actually one of the most in-demand skills just about every industry, and you can easily find jobs that require either a solely online presence or physical attendance, depending on which you prefer! 

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing experts are in high demand and can work with businesses that are based in any industry. As a result, this skill bears an impressive scope, making it highly unlikely that you’ll ever be out of a job.

Digital marketers can work both remotely or within an office setting, depending on their personal preferences.

If you’re keen on launching your digital marketing service, you’ll first need to work on marketing yourself. Once you’ve done this and garnered a solid reputation as a field expert, you can move onto marketing for other firms and their products or services.

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5. Mobile Application Development

Using our favorite mobile apps has become as common as breathing for some of us. These apps are everywhere and have become a popular way for companies to either expand or facilitate their user base or launch new digital products. 

Mobile application developers are, therefore, in high demand across the globe. One of the best things about working as a mobile app developer is that you can work remotely from home for a firm that may be located in another part of the world. This is one of the leading benefits of working online – you’ll never be out of a job!

6. Cloud Computing

High Demand Skill - Cloud Computing

A cloud computing system is in charge of sending available resources, like important files, to other devices that are linked within the same digital cloud network. If this sounds like something you can see yourself building, I’d recommend you look into becoming a cloud computing engineer. 

The internet is both the present and the future, so jobs that are related to the internet and digital technology are going to be in demand for a long time to come. For this reason, cloud computing engineers enjoy a new level of job safety that most other fields do not offer.

7. Web Design

A brand’s website is hands-down the most important facet of its entire digital presence because it is the first place a customer will go when they want to learn more about said company. 

To help ensure customers get a good impression of their brand, businesses generally hire web design experts to curate an accessible and attractive website for them. 

Web design is a creative field and requires ample knowledge related to graphic design. You don’t need to be skilled at the coding of software development to work as a web designer. 

8. AI 

AI technology has shown significant, steady growth this past decade with no signs of slowing down. AI developers are still in high demand in the tech and computer science industry. So, if you’re an IT fan, we’d strongly recommend you consider brushing up on your AI skills. This includes learning about machine learning, automation, chatbots, and programming. 

AI skills will also soon be employed within the world of business development and marketing. For example, a tourism firm may decide to use AI technology to develop an application that better facilitates their clients in finding the best vacation destination tailored to their needs. 

9. Video Production

Did you know that the online marketing and freelance industries both thrive off of video production? You may have realized this if you’ve ever wondered who edits those fascinating YouTube videos we’re all guilty of binging or those short, 5-second video ads that run before the actual content. 

Video producers must be able to plan the filming process and handle post-processing work. This means you’ll need to have experience with different video editing software and if you plan on working in digital marketing, knowledge of how to pitch your product in an attractive way to draw in potential customers.

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10. UX Design

UX is a High Paying Skill

UX (user experience) design is another fun, creative skill that has direct links with the digital world but can also tie in with physical products, depending on the nature of your client’s business, product, or service.

UX designers must aim to create a brilliant user experience for all those using your client company’s digital service. Maximizing user experience includes creating a comfortable online environment for digital visitors while simultaneously providing them with relevant quality content on-demand. 

This job may require you to conduct competitor analysis, create new content, and create product structure and presentation strategy. 

Bonus section

If none of the skills listed above suit you, don’t worry. The world of employment goes far beyond just the digital realm, although the types of jobs you’ll find may sometimes be significantly different.

Here are a few jobs you can consider taking up if you’d like to focus on skill-oriented career paths as opposed to ones that require an extensive university education:


Frankly speaking, everything would be pure chaos if plumbers did not exist. If you’re keen on having more hands-on work experience, we’d recommend you look into modern plumbing jobs. With time, you can even develop your skills to a point where you’ll be fully equipped to launch your own plumbing company. 


Carpentry can pay well if you about it the right way. Modern carpentry firms can make an impressive buck when working on large renovation projects, for example. So, don’t hesitate to look into this field, either. 

Final Thoughts on These In Demand Skills

As you can see, having a college degree is becoming increasingly irrelevant if you want to make good money. Instead, you must focus on developing high-demand skills like project management, web design, AI development, and digital marketing. 

While some of these skills require a strong understanding of mathematical concepts, others are geared towards more creative minds who can help bring something fresh to the table

All of these jobs can be held online, but some of them may even allow for in-person work. Remote jobs won’t pay any less than in-person ones, so you don’t need to worry about losing out on money. However, it might be slightly challenging for you to connect with like-minded individuals and build personal relationships, which is something you can mostly only do in a physical workplace setting.

Still, working online has many excellent benefits, including being able to work on your terms (for the most part), creating a customized schedule that works for you, 

If you don’t have a personal computer and reliable WiFi network yet, it’s high time you started looking into getting them! Remember, having the right setup is essential if you want success within these jobs. Having a haphazard workstation will reflect poorly on your work quality and could result in you losing out on new, brilliant career opportunities. 

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