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How to Make Extra Money Online

Are your bills more than you earn? Stuck with just one source of income and unable to make both ends meet? Then it’s critical you learn, once and for all how to make extra money online and create multiple sources of income. Many people put in a lot of hard work and do jobs like baby-sitting, setting up a garage sale, pawning, and even selling scrap to earn some extra cash these days. And while these methods work for earning extra cash, there are other, and yes, better ways to make extra money.

So what are these “better ways” to make extra money? Well, it’s finding a way to earn money online. We are in the digital era after all, and learning these skills will serve/pay you for the long-term. By learning just a few easy ways to earn extra money from home, you’ll not only be positioning yourself to eventually write your own pay check, but you’ll also expand your current income levels.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to make extra money online and from the comfort of your home, or pretty much any place that allows you to plug into the internet, let’s get to it. Behold, some of the best ways by which you can make money online in 2023. 

Best Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Best Ways to Make Extra Money Online

1. Make Money By Naming Domains: 

Are you good at coming up with new, unique names? Well, you can earn good money with this talent. Help people find a good name for their online businesses or re-name their current lousy business names. Yes, people do pay you for this because brand nomenclature is the most important part of forming a brand identity. 

The original idea about naming domains came from Dane Carson’s blog. You help them name their brand and get paid. And who knows – that brand name can rock the world? 

2. Be a Smart Seller:

Selling is an ART and you can be the artist. Make money by selling or reselling the products. Thinking about how and what products to sell? By Flipping. Just go on to websites like Ebay. Numerous people are selling products at discounts and very cheap prices. Buy those cheapest products in bulk and sell them at a higher price on other websites like Now that’s really an easy way to buy and sell.

You can also be the Reseller i.e. sell someone else’s product and earn commissions on every sale. If there is a set target, then you earn bonuses when the sales target is achieved. 

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3. Write Reviews:

There are some sites that pay for product reviews, so why not search for these sites and give them an offer they can’t resist? Contact developers and offer one’s services to be a review writer for their product – and it can be any product, like software, cameras, printers, etc. 

Writing good product reviews and testimonials can really boost up sales, so don’t quit convincing developers to hire a product reviewer! This job is actually fun and easy to do, plus – free products or software are up for grabs!

4. Blog and Get Paid For It:

Blogging is more than just a writing pastime, it can get some income coming too. Most bloggers know how to make money online the easy way by creating links to a product or website on their page that would improve the website’s traffic. 

You might need tools to go deep into web traffic analytics and SEO. We have compared 2 best tools Semrush vs Similarweb that can help you to make a right decision.

More traffic means more money – and yes, these sites are willing to pay the blogger a reasonable price for the little favor the writer did.

5. Be a Poet:

Are you someone who loves to write poems? Well, people love to read new art pieces and you can easily earn a side income from your hobby. There are many websites that pay you to write rhymes, short poems, full fledged long poems, quotes and maybe a song. Also, the best – there is no language barrier. 

Login to the website, submit your write-up and get paid. Go ahead, put your creativity to use and let that money come in. 

6. Freelancing:

As a freelancer you are able to put those things that you do best to work. For instance, if you know how to write articles you can become an article writer for others. If you know how to build websites then you could put that practice into play and pull in massive profits with your skills.

No matter what your expertise is, I can rest assured that it is a demand somewhere. You can get started freelancing with sites like Freelancer or Elance.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Being an affiliate is probably by far one of the most popular ways of making money online. Everyone gives a shot at affiliate marketing, but only so few succeed because they’re not taught properly. One thing to keep in mind when affiliate marketing is to affiliate with products that are in a profitable niche. 

For instance, if someone had a product in the weight loss niche before you even think about promoting that product make sure that niche is profitable. Of course, the weight loss niche is profitable, but that’s just an example.

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8. Information Products:

Aside from the affiliate side of the world, creating and selling your own information products can be a big moneymaker for you. Most people don’t create their own information products because they feel that they aren’t an expert in a field, but that is untrue. 

If you know at least one more thing than someone else in a niche, then people will be willing to learn from you and that qualifies you to have your own product. So, with a little time investment, and creativity, you can create your own information product and have it up in no time at all.

9. Physical Products:

Taking advantage of auction sites like eBay to sell physical products is also a good idea. The whole idea would be to purchase products at a low price and sell them at a higher price point. You can buy products using drop shipping companies or wholesale.

10. Online Consulting:

This is by far the best way to earn money online. If you have extreme knowledge about a business or niche and you can help that business grow with your techniques, then you are perfect to be an Online Consultant. You have to present yourself as an expert so you need to be thorough with your skills. It’s better to gain some experience in the same and then jump into online consulting. Just by being the Go-To-Guy of a business, you can earn huge dollars. 

11. Job Marketplaces:

Find job marketplaces online and start bidding for online work. Yes, there are indeed a lot of job markets online where you can earn money with your skills. 

Among the in-demand jobs online that you can venture into are web content and article writing, web programming and designing, data entry, transcription, and many others.

12. Accept Ads on Your Site or Blog:

Online advertising provides huge opportunities for people to earn online at the comfort of their own homes, and even if you are a beginner, you can take a number of these opportunities to make good money online. 

Among the profitable advertising ventures that you can find online are banner advertising, pay-per-click ads, text links, and many others. You can also sell ad space on your website.

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13. Make Money on eBay:

Online auctions are also great venues to start making profits online. In fact, anyone can make good money on eBay. If you have collections and things that you do not need anymore, then go ahead, sell them on eBay. 

Once you get familiar with eBay and you are successful with your little selling, you can even put up an eBay business that you can really make good profits from. Exploring eBay is indeed one of the great ways to make money online for beginners to take advantage of.

14. Google AdSense:

If you are completely new to the internet business field you may want to start off by adding Google’s AdSense to your sites. Start off by adding some contextual advertisements to your site. Google will read what you have on your website and will generate ads based on the content you have.

Making money with AdSense does take some time and hard work but it is possible to make a decent income with this program.

Using AdSense along with your other programs will help you make a decent income. Choose a color scheme that will blend with your website and place the ads where they can easily be seen. The key is to drive enough traffic to your website in order to generate a lot of clicks on the ads.

The easiest way to get approved for the Google AdSense program is through your blog. Have some good fresh content on your blog then apply for the program with your blog’s URL. Once you are approved you can add some advertisements to your main website.

15. Paid Surveys:

If your goal is to try and make a few hundred dollars a month from the internet then consider taking paid surveys. Big companies pay top dollar to survey takers and the demand is greater today than ever before. If you have limited time to work a home business then taking surveys may be for you because these programs can be worked on a part-time basis.

Big companies from all industries are paying people to take surveys to improve their marketing campaigns. You can earn a few dollars for a survey, I have even seen survey payouts as high as seventy dollars. Participating in focus groups generally pays more but requires more time to complete.

Basic Things You Need to Start Making Money Online:

Own Your Website:

You must have your own website. This will give you a professional appearance. This is required even if you are only promoting affiliate programs. This will allow you to develop your own landing page, get the names and email addresses of your potential customers, and this builds your own mail list. 

Ranking your website is not easy and Semrush can help you with that! Try a free trial of Semrush and use its powerful features without paying any single penny.

Add An Autoresponder:

It is rare to sell to a prospect on the first contact. It usually takes 4 – 7 contacts before you make a sale. You probably do the same yourself. You see something that could be very useful in a store, but you’re not sure. You go home and you see the same thing advertised on TV. This makes you more sure that this is just what you need. 

You are balancing the need with the cost. Eventually, you make up your mind about whether to buy or not. On the internet, you have one other obstacle to overcome. Who are you? Can you be trusted? These questions are answered over time with multiple contacts.

This is where a follow-up autoresponder comes in. An autoresponder allows you to keep in touch with your prospects and build that trust.

This is by no means all there is to know about how to make money online, but these are some basic things anyone considering making a few extra bucks should consider.


Aside from these handful of ways to make some extra money online, there are dozens of other ways for you to bring in some extra cash. However, in our opinion, these are the quickest and best ways.

With that being said, if you know anyone who is in dire need of making some extra cash; whether it be for some personal emergency, or if is just because they want to find a way save up more money faster so they can retire early, please don’t hesitate to share these online money making tips with them.

Till next time,


PS – Many people struggle to make “enough” money online not because they don’t have a good business idea, but more than anything, because they have a bad money mindset. So, if you’re looking to improve your money mindset start with these powerful money quotes.

Shubham Chopra is the founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will help startups & SMEs penetrate into the online world easily. Check out my viral meme content on Instagram.





Warren Buffett Net Worth

Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and is one of the most successful investors of all time. In addition to this, he’s also one of the world’s greatest philanthropists and richest self-made billionaires. To be sure, he has come a long way from his modest beginnings out of Omaha, Nebraska.

Having ran the gamut of various investment jobs as an investment sales person, securities analyst, to even being a partner at a small investment firm, he now calls the shots as one of the richest and most successful people in the world. And the reason he gets to call the shots is because of his uncanny ability to invest in businesses that almost always grow exponentially in value.

In fact, his track-record for stock-picking and investing in over 60 companies has allowed him to become the world’s fifth richest person with a staggering net worth.[1]

What is Warren Buffett’s Net Worth?

How staggering? Well, according to Forbes, Warren Buffett’s Net Worth is $108 billion.[2] He’s down about $2 billion from the end of 2022, and nearly $5 billion since early February of last last, but he’s still plenty rich.

How rich? Well his net worth is approximately a 103,699,797% difference from the Median net worth of the average American, which is around $97,300, but who’s counting?[3]

How Much Does Warren Buffett Earn?

One thing that is well known about Warren Buffett is his belief in value investing, which is one of the main strategies he has used to build such a large nest egg. However, another key to his fortune is related to his frugal way of living despite his immense net worth.

For example, for many years Warren Buffett has claimed an annual salary of only $100,000 as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Why? To minimize his tax liability, and have more money to reinvest back into his corporation’s holdings. So how much has he earned this year? $100,000.

Now how much could he earn if decided to pay himself from the earning power of his entire net worth? Well, we’ll tell you with this hypothetical money metric we’ve created based off his net worth of $108 billion alone.

So, we know Warren Buffett is a savvy enough investor to at least earn an annual 4% dividend yield on his combined $108 billion net worth, because he’s been able to get returns of around 30% per year for over 10 years in the past, with many of those holdings having similar dividend yields. So for simplicity’s sake, we will base our estimation off of a 4% yield, and assume he invested his entire net worth into a few safe(ish) Stocks, ETF, and REITS. Which, if he did, his annual earnings would easily come out to be around $4.32 billion per year, so about $360 million a month.

Now, it is not Elon Musk or Andrew Carnegie impressive, but it still pretty impressive.


Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$108,000,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$4,320,000,000
Per Month:$360,000,000
Per Week:$83,076,987
Per Day:$11,868,140
Per Hour:$494,505
Per Min:$8,241
Per Sec:$137

Note:  This is an approximate earnings metric based off of the earning power of Warren Buffett’s net worth’s alone.  It does not include how much he potentially earns from projects, sponsorships, or social media, etc.. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Warren Buffett Net Worth History

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Warren Buffett’s wealth. Here’s a quick snapshot of Warren Buffett’s net worth history by year, going back 7 years.

Slow and steady usually wins the race, and in Buffett’s case, it’s helped him become one of the top 10 richest people in the world.

Warren Buffett Net Worth History

Buffett Fun Facts:

  • Warren Buffett applied to Harvard, but was ultimately rejected.
  • Buffett’s father-in-law told Buffett that he would fail in business.
  • 99+% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was earned AFTER he turned 60.
  • Buffett has lived in the exact same house since 1958.
  • Warren Buffett spends at least 80% of his day reading.
  • Warren Buffett’s net worth is larger than the GDP of Ukraine.
  • Buffet’s fortune is ONLY HALF the size of Elon Musk’s fortune.

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How Did Warren Buffett Become So Rich and Successful?

Be Fearful Quote by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s father was a politician, but also an investor, which likely had a lot to do with Warren learning the ropes of investing at the ripe young age of 11. Of course, Warren was also entrepreneurial at heart, as he was known to try to make money through various ventures in his youth. Ventures like selling bubble gum, coke bottles, and running a pinball machine business.

In addition, Warren was so good with money and numbers, that he had a net worth of $6,000 when he was only 15 years old. This is impressive, considering $6,000 in 1945 is the equivalent of around $86,743 in today’s dollars.

Now, there is no doubt about it, that Warren Buffet’s Net Worth and success are atypical. But, what we can gleam from observing the success advice he tends to generously give, is that much of his success stems from his passion for wealth building and a knack for numbers.

In addition to being fearless and not following the crowds. He also suggests that much of his success stems from his love of reading and going to bed a little smarter every day. Indeed, it seems that compounding knowledge about how to compound one’s money is a pretty good recipe for financial success.

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Success in His Own Words

Here are a handful of wise Warren Buffett sayings that also lend a few small clues on how he became so rich and successful:

This is a great video that provides a few more breadcrumbs on how Warren Buffett became so rich.

Video Credit: Yahoo Finance (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

 Here are some of the key takeaways from our Warren Buffett Net Worth article:

  • Buffett’s Net Worth:  $108 billion
  • Annual Salary:  $100,000
  • Annual Earnings **:  $4.3 billion
  • Keys to Success:  Having a Passion for Your Work, Risk Taking, Reading

Warren Buffett’s massive net worth is the result of having the tenacity to read and research everything there is to know about a business before investing in it. As well as having the guts to sell his well researched ideas to attract more money to leverage.

His wealth and success also stems from being willing to fearlessly sink money into businesses and markets despite the rest of the world seemingly doing the exact opposite.

And lastly, loving every aspect of this process with a passion clearly puts him at an advantage to do what he does longer and with more exuberance that most others would.

With that being said, we hope you’ll let Warren Buffet’s net worth and some of the keys to success we shared inspire you to find new and creative ways to make more money. so you can then invest it and start building your own sizeable pot of gold.

Till next time,


PS – If you want to build sizeable net worth and not have to work till the day you die to do it, then you’ll have to learn how to make money while you sleep like Warren Buffett.

** Disclaimer: These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Warren Buffett’s net worth alone assuming a 4% dividend yield.

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Codie Sanchez Net Worth

Codie Sanchez is a highly successful investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and multi-millionaire who aims to help other people build wealth through contrarian thinking and investing. Having first started off in the media industry as a journalist, she switched gears to work on Wall Street and in private equity where she rapidly climbed the corporate latter and achieved a substantial level of financial success as an executive. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be highlighting on this page, the net worth Codie Sanchez has managed to build for herself over the years, the earning power of her current fortune, and how she built it.

What Is Codie Sanchez Net Worth?

Codie Sanchez Net Worth 2023

First things first, Codie Sanchez is not a slow and steady type of investor. She’s got a lot of energy and she’s puts in a lot of work in everything she does. Just study a few of her YouTube videos, or read a few of her articles, and you’ll agree, she’s a go getter.

That said, she self-disclosed that she made her first $10 million by the age of 30.[1] So, her net worth certainly requires an adjustment from her early years. Per our research and analysis, her updated net worth is indeed much higher now.

That said, after considering the $50 million business portfolio she shares with her business partner, calculating data drawn from various public sources in conjunction with the performance of the markets and the various asset classes she’s invested in over the years, Codie Sanchez net worth is roughly $17.7 million in 2023.

How Much Does Codie Sanchez Make?

Now that you know how much Codie Sanchez is worth, you probably want to know how much she makes. Well, we know her businesses bring in roughly $4.1 million in revenue per month, but we also know revenue isn’t profit.

Codie’s YouTube ad revenue is approximately $6.5K per month, not including the money she makes from affiliates, sponsored videos, or her masterclass. That said, it’s difficult to pin down exactly how much Codie Sanchez makes in profit from all of her current ventures. However, the profit margin for your typical small business is usually between 7 – 10%.[2]

That said, profit doesn’t always equate to how much she pays herself from these companies, but she could invest 100% back into her businesses, or 50%, or zero. We just don’t know. Of course, if we assumed Codie invested 50% (divide this by two since she’s cofounded this biz) of her profits back into her acquisitions business, and kept the difference, she could very well be banking $110K per month when you include her Ad revenue.

However, her baseline income, meaning a more cautious estimate of the amount she could easily make from her approximate net worth of $17.7 million (so long as she invested all of her money into a mix of ETFs, REITS, and stocks and followed the 4 percent rule) would be in the neighborhood of $59,000 per month.

So, Codie Sanchez could make anywhere from $59K to110K per month. The breakdown below showcases how much she could pull in every month without having to work another day in her life.


Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$17,700,000
**Earnings Per Year:$708,000
Per Month:$59,000
Per Week:$13,616
Per Day:$1,945
Per Hour:$81
Per Min:$1.35
Per Sec:$.46

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric based off of the earning power of Codie Sanchez’s net worth alone.  It does not include how much he potentially earns from projects, sponsorships, Ad revenue, or social media, etc. This calculation is an estimate and is for entertainment purposes.

Codie Sanchez Net Worth History

Codie Sanchez’s was on the fast track to riches, but her net worth took a big hit after she gave up 60% of her net worth (approximately $3 million) to avoid litigation.[3]

However, after her divorce she shifted gears and put herself and her finances on a completely different trajectory. This graph below showcases Codie’s net worth history by year, and according to our calculations, she’s managed to grow her fortune by approximately 254% since 2014.

Codie Sanchez Net Worth History

Codie Sanchez Fun Facts:

  • Codie Sanchez has 554K Instagram followers, 298K Twitter followers, 6K Facebook followers, 503K YouTube subscribers, 2.5 million newsletter subscribers . As such, her social media reach is roughly 3.87 million people.
  • She graduated from ASU, has an MBA from Georgetown University, and a Ph.D. from Fundacao Gestulio Vargas.[4]
  • Sanchez has aired on the following channels CNBC, Fox, CNN.
  • Codie Sanchez was born in 1986 in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Sanchez is currently married to a former Navy Seal.

How Did Codie Sanchez Get Rich?

Codie Sanchez is a go-getter. She started off as a journalist with The Arizona Republic while still in college, but then decided she wanted to “make money.” So, she chose to go into the industry where they “did money.”

She attended as many personal finance events as she could, and networked heavily until by happenstance she befriended a recruiter from Vanguard who helped her get her foot in the door of the industry. She then made the leap into the financial services industry right out of college.

cody sanchez story quote

From there, she climbed the corporate ladder, working for some of the largest financial firms in the world, working at firms like Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, and State Street. She spent about 2 years on average at each of those firms, starting at around $37K, then progressing to $45K, then $75K, all they way up to $250K.

Smart Money

After leaving State Street, she went and worked for First Trust for five years as Head of Latin America Investments and again, she kept socking away her money into the market the whole time. But, after a few years of crushing it in the cut-throat industry of traditional finance, she finally decided to walk away. So, she’s switched gears and chose to become a private equity investor in cannabis.

After hustling for nearly three years at one of the first growth equity firms in the cannabis industry, she co-founded Unconventional Acquisitions, while launching her Contrarian Thinking media business at virtually the same time.

That said, despite all the different companies Codie was working for, she was smart with her money, and she saved large chunks of her earnings the whole time she was employed. It’s important to note, that she didn’t just save her money, she put it to work for her in the stock market and other high return investments. Which, over time, earned her millions of dollars.

So, how did Codie get so rich? The good old fashioned way. She worked hard to rise to positions that paid well, and she channeled large chunks of her earnings into assets that compounded over time.

Codie Sanchez Success Insights

That said, Codie shares a lot of her own insights on how to find success and build wealth on her YouTube channel, blog, and newsletter. So, we decided to capture some of her best advice and takes on what leads to success in the form of quotes:

Read More: Codie Sanchez Quotes

Extra Success Insights

If you’re looking for even more insights about how Codie built her wealth, she’s lays out some invaluable insights in this short video. If you have a few minutes give it a watch, as she provides a great lesson on the power of dreaming big, starting small, and building up.

Video Credit: Codie Sanchez (Subscribe Here)

Key Takeaways

Here are some key Codie Sanchez takeaways:

  • Codie Sanchez Net Worth:  $17.7 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $59 million
  • Social Media Followers:  3.87 million
  • Keys to Success:  Hard Work, Strategic Job Hopping, Contrarian Investing

Codie Sanchez’s massive net worth seems to be directly related to her action-oriented personality, the disciplined investment of her early income, and her ability to take risks on investments that most people overlook.

Considering she’s constantly creating, innovating, and buying new businesses, we’re sure her fortune will continue to grow over the years, so stay tuned.

That said, we hope you enjoyed this write up, if it inspired you or even entertained you, please do us a favor and share it with someone who my benefit from Codie’s inspiring story and wealth building insights.

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed this Codie Sanchez net worth profile, then you may equally enjoy learning about the net worth of other high achievers and influencers like Grant Cardone or Gary Vee.

** All of these figures are estimates and are calculated off of the earning power of Codie’s Sanchez approximate net worth assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Jeff Bezos is the ecommerce icon who founded and built from the ground up, one of the most recognized and used ecommerce platforms in the world. He’s since expanded his horizons into other verticals like cloud computing, space exploration, and media amongst others. In short, he’s a visionary action-taker, successful business mogul, and a savvy investor, who has managed to build one of the most impressive net worth’s in the world over the years.

So, that’s exactly what this page will be highlighting, Jeff Bezos’ net worth and his current earning power. And, while you’re here we’ll also share with you a few intriguing fun facts about Jeff Bezos and his life. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth

jeff bezos net worth 2023

Everyone knows Jeff Bezos is a billionaire, but how much of a billionaire is the real question? Well, we’ll just say he’s one of the biggest as he’s been vying with other billionaires for the #1 spot for the past couple of years. He’s not currently the richest, but he is up there.

As of 2023, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is estimated to be around $125.7 billion.[1] Which puts him in the top three position for world’s richest. For perspective, he’s nearly three times richer than the founder of FaceBook, Mark Zuckerberg.

How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make?

Now that you know how filthy rich Jeff Bezos is, you’re probably wondering how much he makes a year. Well, as a savvy business owner, he pays himself a modest $81K per year, and pulls in by other means compensation that puts his annual income at about $1.7 million per year.

But, considering he’s a multi-billionaire, we all know he could be pulling in a lot more income per month if he wanted to. So, to give you a better idea of exactly how much Jeff Bezos could be making per year, we’re going to provide you with his annual earning power based off of his his $125.7 billion fortune.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how much Jeff Bezos makes per day, month, or even a year, this metric below will give you a good approximation.

To get to this number, all we have to do is presuppose Jeff Bezos is smart enough to earn an annual 4% yield on his combined $125.7 billion net worth ( FYI, 4% is a beyond reasonable return to expect, due to the fact that historical returns on safe investments typically fall between the 3% to 5% range [2]).

Learn More: The 4% Rule

That said, assuming Bezos consolidated all of his assets into a handful of stocks, ETFs, or REITS with a modest 4% annual dividend yield, Jeff Bezos would be making $5.02 billion per year. Put another way, that comes out to approximately $13.8 million per month.

Now, that’s what we call… cash flow!


Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$125,700,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$5,028,000,000
Per Month:$419,000,000
Per Week:$96,693,051
Per Day:$13,813,293
Per Hour:$575,553
Per Min:$9,592
Per Sec:$159.8

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings metric based off of the earning power of Jeff Bezos’ net worth alone. It does not include how much he potentially earns from other projects, sponsorships, or miscellaneous business dealings he’s involved in. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.


If you’ve ever wondered how much Jeff Bezos’s wealth has grown over the years, below is a graph that shows you just that; Jeff Bezos’ Net worth History by year, going all the way back to 2016.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth History

Fun Facts

Below are few interesting fun facts about Jeff Bezos that you may not have known. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Bezos’ biological surname is Jorgensen, but he assumed his step-father’s surname.
  • His biological father was a unicyclist and circus performer.
  • Bezos’ owns less than 10% of Amazon since selling over $8 billion of his stock in 2021.
  • In his youth, Bezos spent most of his summers working on his grandfather’s ranch.
  • Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife is one of the richest women in the world.
  • Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
  • Jeff Bezos has 6.1 million Twitter followers.

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How Did Jeff Bezos Achieve Success

Jeff Bezos achieved most of his staggering success and fortune through founding and building, initially an online bookstore that would grow to become one of the largest, if not the largest ecommerce stores globally.

Success wasn’t just handed to Bezos though, he had to choose to risk his lucrative career in finance, as well as his money, and other people’s money (friends, family, and investors) to get his online bookstore venture started.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth Quote

Fortunately for Bezos, his business gained traction early, and that traction eventually turned into massive momentum. A momentum that Bezos has been riding for over two decades now.

In short, Bezos success stems from having a vision, taking the necessary risks to pursue that vision, and then persistently and consistently finding ways improve his service offerings and the quality of his services to people all over the world.

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Bezos Business Insights

Here’s a short video that contains some sage business and success advice for entrepreneurs looking to go big like Bezos.

Video Credit: Better Everyday (Subscribe Here)

Build Wealth Like Bezos

Building a sizeable fortune like Jeff Bezos may seem impossible, but Jeff did it. Certainly, he’s a rare example of high achievement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own small fortune.

So, whether you’re looking to create the next, or just want to start growing your own pile of cash, either way you’ll want to follow these steps to start building your fortune like Bezos:

Build Net Worth Like Jeff Bezos

Final Thoughts

Here are a handful of key takeaways from our Jeff Bezos net worth page:

  • Jeff Bezos Net Worth:  $125.7 billion
  • Annual Earnings **:  $5.02 billion
  • Social Media Followers:  6.1 million
  • Keys to Success:  Innovation, Taking Risks, Resourcefulness, Focus On Service

There’s no doubt that Jeff Bezos’ massive net worth is directly related to the risks he’s taken and the value, convenience, and time those businesses have provided to people. The saying, “Be a lot, do a lot, do a lot, have a lot” rings especially true in Jeff Bezos case.

That said, if growing an astronomical net worth like Jeff Bezos is something you’re aiming for, remember, you have to start somewhere. So, dream big, start small, but most of all, start building.

We hope you enjoyed our Jeff Bezos net worth page and hope you come back soon.

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed learning about the net worth of Jeff Bezos, then you’ll likely also enjoy diving into the net worth profiles of his biggest competitors: Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault.

** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of Jeff Bezos’ net worth earning potential alone assuming a 4% dividend yield.

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Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler Perry is an inspiring director, actor, filmmaker, best-selling author, and businessman. He’s the architect behind the extremely popular “Madea” character, as well as countless movies, stage plays, and television shows. He currently owns one of the largest production studios in the United States, a 330-acre lot in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to produce highly entertaining and inspiring films and shows for people all over the world to this day.

That said, Tyler Perry’s long list of accomplishments have led him to amass an impressive net worth over the years. So, that’s exactly what this page will be highlighting, Tyler Perry’s net worth and his current earning power. In addition to this, we’ll also throw in a few interesting facts related to his success, influence, and inspiring life. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Tyler Perry’s Net Worth?

Tyler Perry Net Worth 2023


According to Forbes, Tyler Perry’s net worth was $1 billion back in 2020.[1] However, he’s been making big moves since then; acting, directing, and creating new films, Netflix shows, and more. Not to mention, he’s made over $165 million this past year alone, and has been averaging an annual income of over $131 per year for past three years.

As such, we believe a more accurate approximation of Tyler Perry’s net worth should take into consideration how much he makes on average every year, and the average historical growth of the markets for each asset class he owns .[2]

That said, an up-to-date estimate of Tyler Perry’s net worth is around $1.3 billion,

How Much Does Tyler Perry Make Per Month

As mentioned above, Tyler Perry’s active earnings for the past three years is approximately $131 million a year. Again, according to Forbes, he made the list of one of the highest paid entertainers this past year, pulling in over $165 million.[3]

So, if you’ve ever wondered how much he makes per month, this metric below provides these earnings details by month, day, minute, second.

Tyler Perry Money Metric

Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth:$1,300,000,000
Earnings Per Year:$165,000,000
Per Month:$13,750,000
Per Week:$3,173,077
Per Day:$453,296
Per Hour:$18,887
Per Min:$314
Per Sec:$5.24

How Much Would Tyler Perry Make If He Retired?

If Tyler Perry decided to retire today, his baseline retirement income would be $58.5 million a year.

Assuming he moved his entire net worth of $1.8 billion into a few safe investments that pay out at least a 4.5% yield annually, (historically, “safe” is 3 – 5 % annually) this is what his baseline retirement income would be. Which is not too shabby of a retirement plan if you ask us.

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings metric for Tyler Perry based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he could potentially earn from projects, sponsorships, or social media, etc. Again, this calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Tyler Perry Net Worth History

Tyler Perry’s road to riches was slow at first, but once he hit it big, his riches truly started to flood in. And this graph below provides a small glimpse at how fast his wealth has grown in just the last few years.

This wealth history graph goes back 4 years, starting in 2018, and demonstrates the significant growth of Tyler Perry’s fortune. According to our calculations, the growth rate of his wealth has been about 22% year over year for the past four years!

Tyler Perry Net Worth History

Fun Facts: 

  • Tyler Perry has 7 million Instagram followers, 15 million Facebook Followers, and 6.7 million Twitter followers. This comes out to a grand total of 28.7 million social media followers.
  • Tyler Perry was born September 13, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A.
  • Perry’s birthname was Emmitt Perry Jr.
  • Tyler Perry has one son named Aman Tyler Perry
  • Tyler Perry dropped out of high school and then earned his G.E.D

Ho Did Tyler Perry Get So Rich?

Tyler Perry’s rise to riches was certainly no easy task. In fact, he spent many years working menial jobs, while simultaneously moonlighting to produce and act in, what would become his flagship play. This play was particularly important to Perry, as it was an account of his painful past, and was created to help others deal with their past.

That said, after six to seven years of trial and error to get his play off the ground and noticed by the public, he finally transformed his delivery into something people loved. Once word got out about his inspiring production, he began selling out theater after theater.

Tyler Perry Net Worth Quote

This initial success eventually lead to over $100 million in ticket sales, $20 million in merchandise sold, and $30 million in videos, even before the flood of opportunities from Hollywood would begin opening up for him.

Tyler Perry would go on to slowly star in and create many other plays after the stellar success he had with his primary play ‘I know I’ve Been Changed’. Then after maxing out the potential of those plays , he eventually took a leap into making it in Hollywood. 17 movies, 20 stage plays, and 7 television shows later, Tyler Perry has yet to look back.

Read Full Story: Tyler Perry Success Story

More Insights on How Tyler Perry Became a Billionaire

Here’s a short video produced by Forbes that gives great synopsis about Tyler Perry’s rise to riches as well. It’s only 3 minutes and 52 seconds long, but it’s worth it:

Video Credit: Forbes (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

 Here are some key Tyler Perry takeaways:

  • Net Worth of Tyler Perry:  $2.6 billion
  • Annual Earnings:  $165 million
  • Baseline Retirement Income: **$58.5 million
  • Social Media Followers:  28.4 million
  • Keys to Success:  Persistence, Faith

Success icon, Earl Nightingale once stated that “Perseverance is another word for faith.” And Tyler Perry’s inspiring success journey and sizeable net worth are true testaments to the size of his faith. Indeed, Tyler Perry’s fortune is directly related to his faith in his dreams, and his ability persevere against all odds until he reached his aims.

Now it’s your turn. Until you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed this Tyler Perry Net Worth Profile, then you may also enjoy reading the net worth profiles of fellow entertainers like Kevin Hart, Will Smith, or Kanye West.

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Prosperity Mantras

Look, you don’t have to believe in the law of attraction, or in the power of mantras, or affirmations to find riches and abundance in your life. In fact, many people have found plenty of prosperity through shear effort, focus, and self-discipline. However, our research of successful and prosperous people over the years indicates that a great many of them believed in the power of mantras.

Why mantras? Well, because mantras helped them develop their mindset, and their mindset is what lead to much of their overall success and prosperity. And interestingly enough, most claim that their mindset was chosen and developed by their will alone. In short, they were the sole creators of their own success and prosperity, which means, you can be too!

Influence Your Own Mindset With Mantras

So how did they influence their own mindset?

Well, if the answer is not obvious yet, it was simply through mantras. Also known as affirmations, autosuggestion, incantations, etc.. In other words, they made up their mind (quite literally) to be a person of success and prosperity, by forcing themselves to think a certain way about money, success, health, and their overall quality of life.

Now, it can be said that you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world…..

So, to help you along in experiencing much of the success and abundance that many highly successful people have already experienced for themselves, and to help you better create the prosperous type of life you want, we thought we would put together this helpful list of prosperity mantras that actually work.

How do we know they work?

Our entire staff uses them, and the many successful people we acquired them from, use them as well. So, neglect to use them at the risk of your own abundant future. It’s your life.

Behold, and enjoy, the very best and powerful prosperity mantras used by highly notable and prosperous people the world over… May they lead you to experiencing for yourself avalanches of future success and abundance in your life.


Best Prosperity and Abundance Mantras

Prosperity Mantra 1: Avalanches of Abundance

This is one of our favorite prosperity mantras that world renowned performance coach and multi-millionaire Anthony Robbins swears by. Sure, It is longer than all the others, but it covers all the bases and packs a prosperity punch.

Prosperity Mantra 2: Love It or Lose It

This pithy prosperity mantra is short and sweet but it gets the job done. Jen Sincero, author of ‘You are a Badass’ and ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ uses this powerful little mantra to create an abundant life for herself and so should you.

Abundance Mantras

Abundance Mantra 3: Happiness and Gratitude Now

Famous for his appearance in ‘The Secret’, and his many successful businesses, Bob Proctor has been said to use this very prosperity mantra to help him create the riches he now enjoys.

Prosperity Mantra 4: Divine Love

The following prosperity mantra was pulled from Prosperity expert and author Catherine Ponder. It’s a powerful mantra that seeks to draw to us the one thing that people value more than money and riches… love!

Prosperity Mantra 5: Opportunity = Prosperity

This is a classic abundance mantra that has has been uttered by many successful people who managed to turn their challenges into opportunities and their opportunities into success over the years.

Without a doubt, it will surely continue to be uttered by many more for years to come, with similar positive results that follow.

Prosperity Mantra for Abundance

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Abundance Mantra 6: Allow Prosperity to Flow

A famous mantra quoted in multiple success and self-improvement books written over the past few decades. It is a simple and encouraging mantra that can help you tune your mind to such a degree that you’ll begin realizing the numerous opportunities and blessings that we all occur in our lives daily.

Without a doubt, this is another one of our most favorite abundance mantras.

Prosperity Mantra 7: Be Open to Wealth

Many of us didn’t grow up with money. In fact, due to programming we received in our youth about money, and the scarcity of it, many of us have mental blocks that keep us feeling as if we deserve a better life or more money.

And anytime a mind feels as if it doesn’t deserve something, it will resist the opportunities that lead to staggering levels of abundance. So, start using this prosperity mantra and open mind to the wealth you deserve.

Abundance Mantra 8: Claim Your Abundance Now

This gem of a prosperity mantra comes from Randy Gage, whom is somewhat of a prosperity guru. If you’ve ever spend any time learning about direct marketing then you’ve probably heard of him, and if you’ve ever done any research on prosperity, then you”ll have absolutely heard of him.

With that being said, he is a magician when it comes to money and success, as such, it will pay (sooner or later) to give this mantra a go.

claim my abundance mantra

Prosperity Mantra 9: Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important aspects to living a prosperous life. If you’re not grateful for what you have, no amount of wealth, health, or success will ever be enough for you. So, start reciting this power prosperity mantra and get your attitude of gratitude where it needs to be.

Prosperity Mantra 10: Large Sums of Money Come To Me Quickly and Easily

This is an extremely powerful abundance mantra that will help you create massive prosperity in your life. It can serve as both an affirmation, as well as a mantra. The important thing to keep in mind with this one, is it works.

This mantra has worked for us, as well as for countless other people, and it can work for you too. Give it try, believe, and see what happens!

abundance mantra

Bonus Abundance Mantra: You Deserve The Highest and Best in Life

We saved one of the best mantras for last because we wanted you to really remember it and hopefully apply it. This is another powerful Catherine Ponder mantra, pulled from her powerful book ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity [affiliate link], which by the way is a book every person seeking serious prosperity in their life should read.

Until then of course, allow this prosperity mantra to work its magic.

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Final Thoughts on Prosperity

And there you have it, 10 powerful prosperity mantras that actually work. So, if you are experiencing financial lack, or if you simply desire to live a fuller, more satisfying way of life, do yourself a favor, and bookmark this page.

Once bookmarked, you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate back to these 10 prosperity affirmations daily. And once you start using these daily just keep a close eye on how much things start to change for you. We’re quite optimistic that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed these abundance mantras for prosperity, then you’ll love our collection of supporting affirmations and mantras for prosperity and wealth. Give them look, put all three resources to use, and surely your prosperity will flow and grow:

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