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Best Ad Networks for Entrepreneurs

Advertising is still one of the most effective revenue generating aspects for most entrepreneurs, small businesses, and their marketing teams. As such, if you are an entrepreneur, you should be well versed in at least some of the top Ad Networks to help you market your business.

And even if you are not an entrepreneur, but you are interested in making money online without a business, knowing what an Ad Network is will be helpful to you.

What’s an Ad Network?

What is an Ad Network you ask? An Ad Network is a company which bounds together both advertisers and publishers, accelerating the success of your ads while allowing common publishers to make money as well.

These Ad Networks typically allow a collective hosting space and fill it with relevant advertisements. As a result, owners of blogs, online stores, and websites can earn money from their content; all the while businesses get extra promotion opportunities for their various products and services. It’s a win-win set up for sure.

With that being said, here is a list of 20 quality Ad Networks to get going in the right direction.

1. Instagram

First on this list is Instagram. Instagram is mostly a mobile-based social media network that is famous for sharing photo and short videos. More than 600 million people visit this website every month. The main particularity of its target audience is passion to view and post-visual content.

Payment methods & terms of service: at any rate, the average CPC (cost per click) on Instagram is around $.70 (about $0.35 on Facebook). CPCs are also higher on audiences in the 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44 ranges. More :

2. LinkedIn

Next up is Linkedin. Usually this professional network is used for B2B ads to increase the popularity of their products. With its numerous settings in targeting by industry, geography, job, etc the LinkedIn is a great place for collecting contacts of target audience.

Payment methods & terms of service: Maximum cost bid (Manual bidding) (CPC/CPM/CPV) allows you to specify the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click, 1000 impressions or video view.

  • Pay-per-click (CPC) – $3.00 per click
  • Pay-per-1,000 impressions (CPM) – You specify a set cost for each 1,000 times your ad is shown, no matter how many clicks you receive
  • Pay-per-Video View (CPV): You specify the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per video view.

Note: The suggested bid range represents an estimate of the current competing bids by other advertisers who are targeting the same audience.


3. YouTube

This popular video platform is unbelievable powerful. There is a long list of additional instruments, which allow showing or overlaying advertising in video content. Thanks to targeting according to topics, keywords, age, and other criteria it is very relevant to show ads.

Payment methods & terms of service can vary depending on your country and currency but most businesses start with at least $10 per day for local campaigns. Available payment methods: automatic and manual payments. With the automatic payments setting, you will pay automatically after you accrue costs. With the manual payments setting, available only in some countries, you will make payments for your costs before your ads run. You pay only when users watch your ad.

More :

4. Airpush

Coming in at number four is Airpush. This mobile platform has more than 150,000 applications in its base. In each one there are viewers who are ready to watch ads. It is known to have opted into the advertisement that is why all viewers of ads are much more receptive than customers who are not ready to watch something like that.

Airpush will deliver Advertisements on behalf of you to Consumers in accordance with the criteria established through your Advertiser Campaign.  Each Campaign shall specify the information necessary for Airpush to deliver the Advertisements, which information may change from time to time.

Payments: Payments through Airpush’s Site or through an applicable insertion order(s) executed by you and Airpush. All Campaign charges will be calculated solely based upon Airpush’s records.

5. Rocket Fuel

This company is specialized in assisting publishers to increase the return of investment rate. It is also very useful to create unique marketing campaigns with personalized tools and additional equipment. Thanks to high level of personalization, the results of advertising will be much higher than in traditional campaign.

Payout options can vary depending on type of advertising and your country. More info:

6. Adsterra Network

Adsterra platform is known to include different types of advertising so publishers are able to pick up the most efficient format. It has own verification system to check the quality of ads and ensures users in their safety. To know more information about payment plans and other conditions clients may ask their personal managers for consulting.

Payment models: CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI). You can choose model according to your needs. More info:

 7. Revcontent

If you are looking for platform with 100+ billion uses then you will choose Revcontent with a doubt. This company is very attractive to publishers and accepts only 2% of all requests. Such approach demonstrates that this Ad network values its reputation and advertisement quality highly.

Payment options: Auto-Funding, Manual Funding, Prepay Billing, Monthly Invoice Billing.

Ad conditions can vary according to business type, its location and type of advertising. For more information, you can follow:

8. AdBlade

This platform is keen in working with specific target audiences and increasing the efficiency of marketing strategy. Its reputation is proved by ABC, Yahoo!, and other well-known clients. The main AdBlade advantage is making only relevant ads. At the moment, more than 1,000 clients have been using their services and can recommend it as well.  Payment and terms conditions can vary according to business type, its location and type of advertising. For more information, you can contact the marketing department.

9. Oath

This premium network allows publishers managing ads in all aspects. There are options to hide advertising messages according to sphere, category, and even unpleasant advertiser. With this website, the client may reach 300 thousand and more impressions every month.

Payment to the Publisher shall be based on either the CPM, CPC, CPA or Revenue Share terms. Cost and payout terms can vary according to your location, business type and currency. More details you can find here:

10. Creafi

Company has high standards for publishers, but in advance gives them wide array of ads formats, control options, and special tools. To provide relevant marketing campaign publishers may use such revenue models as CPC, CPM, CPV. Payment conditions can vary according to your location, business type and currency.

11. Media Nexus

This company cooperates only with small group of publishers including Fortune 500. Yes, it is hard to join their community, but all efforts are worth those advantages this ad network proposes. Among them are 6 types of verticals, guaranty of the full satisfaction, good eCPM system, etc. You will pay only when a user click on your advertisement. The price start from 15¢ but all conditions are individual, so you should contact the marketing department.

12. IgnitionOne

IgnitionOne differs from other ad networks because it is based in the cloud. Clients will have an opportunity to use emails, search engines, social media, and other types of digital marketing. Thanks to targeting by exact criterion this platform proposes really good solution for advertisers. Payment conditions can vary according to your location, advertising type and currency. For more information, you should contact the marketing department.

13. Inmobi

Nowadays it is vitally important to use behavior factors in building marketing campaigns. By this reason, Inmobi has special tools to understand users’ feelings and desires. As a result, it gives customers ability to increase advertising conversion to the TOP. Payment conditions are very individual. You have to contact the marketing department to get payout options and terms according to your needs.

14. SiteScout

This is one of the first company in this sphere, which still occupies the leading place among others. Hardly 31 billion advertising campaigns per day and 70,000 websites can be mistaken. With this ad network client can use real-time reports, optimize settings, and reach the highest ROI.

Minimum deposit each time you fund your account is 500 USD. Payment methods: credit card, wire transfer and PayPal. Further conditions are individual (according to business type, its location and advertising type). For more details – contact marketing or support department.

15. Adknowledge

In the Adknowledge catalog, there are different kinds of advertising including social media networks, video platforms, mobile applications, etc. That is why advertisers and publishers can easily find the common language. Bids start at just 10¢ and you only pay when a user clicks on your Ad, making BidSystem Ad Marketplace PPC 100% cost-effective and accountable.

16. BookBub

BookBub is a website, which proposes advertising to literature fans. The platform collects subscribers’ emails to send them emails with new deals with books, so advertisers get more opportunities to develop their projects. In addition, having a lead magnet allows clients upload any demand content and get more benefits. To promote your deal with highly ROI you should also target your audience. Payment conditions can vary according to your location, advertising type and currency. You should contact the marketing department for more information.

17. Epom

This is great place to promote your services and products with traditional, video, and mobile application ads. Epom cooperates with other ad networks and increases useful target options. It’s important: clients may use the 30-days trial version to test all its benefits.

Pricing: 1. Basic – 250 USD/month (Display Impressions 5 M/month; Mobile Impressions 1,5 M/month; 2500GB Traffic Amount). 2. Standard – 1000 USD/month ( Display Impressions 30 M/month; Mobile Impressions 10 M/month; 10000GB Traffic Amount; General analytic). 3. Advanced – 2500 USD/month ( Display Impressions 100 M/month; Mobile Impressions 50 M/month; 25000GB Traffic Amount; General analytic). 4. Custom – individual payment conditions.

18. Ad Maven

If you need numerous strategies to promote your products then pay attention to Ad Maven. It includes light boxes, banners, interstitial advertising, slider types, etc. Nowadays this platform works in 200 countries in the world. Payment conditions are individual (according to business type, its location and advertising type). For more details – contact marketing or support department.

19. Sovrn

Sovrn’s main goal is to improve the process of monetization with qualitative ads for clients. Besides traditional promotional banners, this platform has in its range professional tools such as onScroll InView ads, VPAID, VAST video, etc. Payment and terms conditions can vary according to business type, its location and type of advertising. For more information, you can contact the marketing department.

20. ONE by AOL

Next on the list is ONE by AOL cooperates with 50+ thousand of mobile apps and online resources. It doesn’t require minimal investment so it is compatible to both large and small advertisers’ needs. Payment options and payout terms are individual. It is depend on many factors such as: business type, location, currency and type of advertisement. You can contact manager for more information.

Final Words

If you are aspiring to generate revenue by publishing advertisements then this list should be useful to you? And if you are a business owner looking to get more eyes on your prize, this list can help. Each of the resources mentioned will help you gain more revenue for your business in the digital arena.

And now that you what the top 20 ad networks to choose from are you can take action and pull the trigger. Good luck.

Till next time,


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Juan Koss is a business coach and digital strategist of Do My Writing. He loves his job because it gives his the opportunity to inspire others and share your thoughts with like-minded people.