10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog This Year

I was dropping my kids off at school and one of the parents and I started chatting about money and investing.

Start a Blog Today

The guy was an ex-military gunner who said he had a large chunk of money after doing some private military work overseas.  I was sort of in a rush to get back home and work on the blog (not out of necessity, but out of excitement to create and build), but he invited me to go have a cup of coffee so we could chat more about money.  And because I love a good conversation around the topic of money-making and investing, I agreed to join him.

I asked him a few questions about what he was planning on investing his money in, and he singled out real estate.  We chatted for a good ten minutes on the topic of real estate alone, and we agreed that real estate was one of the most powerful vehicles for making money.  But, only if you have the initial investment to get the ball rolling.

After chatting about real estate for a while, the conversation turned to blogging.

This guy became interested in blogging after I told him about what I do for a living.  He became interested in how it works and why I decided to start blogging.


He was curious as to why, over all the other business ventures one could get involved these days, why I would choose blogging.   So, I gave him a brief overview on why and how I got into the blogging business.

I used to be heavily in invested in real estate.  In fact, real estate is what helped me build a large chunk of my wealth. But, I wanted to create a business that would eventually free me up even more so, to do what I most love to do; travel.

Now I still believe in and invest in real estate.  Real Estate will always be a part of my wealth building portfolio.  However, I want to have the flexibility to go wherever I want, whenever I want.  I don’t want to be tied down to a physical location just because that is where my investments are.

I don’t want to be forced into sticking to one geographic location, because that’s where all my eggs are.  I want to be free.

I want my money to keep flowing into my bank account, regardless of my location.  And I don’t want to have to worry about whether I’ll have tenets to ensure my money keeps coming in.

If you’ve ever been a landlord, you’ll know that dealing with tenets is stressful.


There are two other reasons I decided to build a blog.

I wanted to create something that would allow me to have a greater impact on people’s lives.  I’ve always wanted to both inspire and help people.  And through my words and the resources I create on this blog, I can now do that.

The second reason is more practical.  I decided to start a blog to spread my risk.  I started a blog because it is another way to help me live the life of my dreams.  And with the right attitude, it can do the same for you.

The way I made my money through real estate is the exact way I plan to make even more money through blogging.

In real estate, I bought a piece of property that was low value, ugly, and needed a lot of elbow grease.  I put in the effort and improved the value of that piece of property over the time-span of a few years.  Through effort, and persistence, I turned a piece of property that nobody wanted at first, into something that a lot of people wanted.

The same principle is being applied to this blog.  It started off as something that was of no value to anyone but me.  However, the more people learn about it, the more I build it into a value generating machine, and the more I can get people to keep coming back to it, the more valuable it becomes.   And then, just like real estate, I will be able to either sell it off, or “rent it out”.

What do I mean by renting it out?

Renting out in the online world is akin to offering products, services, or advertisements to the audience.  In other words, selling products or services that visitors will be interested in purchasing.  In which case, much like rent on real estate, the site pays me monthly.

In short, I don’t want to be overinvested in real estate or stocks.

My friend became really curious after mentioning all this. His eyes especially lit up after I mentioned that I could travel the world and make money while doing it.

He asked me, so then how do you make money from blogging and how did you learn to do it.

I told him it was easy.  Because really, it is. Learning how to make money from a blog is easy.  If you can do research on the internet, you can learn how to blog.  The hard part, is doing the work and sticking with it long enough to see it make money for you.


I told the guy, blogging, like a lot of businesses, is a numbers game.  If you get good a getting those numbers large enough, then the money starts coming in.  No, not automatically.

This is a simple viewpoint, but when you get the numbers right, you can change your focus to get the money right.

Start a Blog Today and Make Money

For example, T.V. plays the numbers game.   Online Magazines and Newspapers play the numbers game too.  People making YouTube videos are also playing a numbers game.

In order to make money in the blogging world, and all these other areas just mentioned, you need to have an audience.  There needs to be a certain number of eyeballs looking at your site every single day.  When that number grows, so does your chances for making money.

The more viewers a site, blog, show, newspaper, or whatever, gets, the more money-making potential they have.

For instance, YouTube shows an advertisement right before every video.  If you click on that advertisement, the person who loaded the video makes money.

Newspapers get paid by advertisers in advance, for placing a small ad within their pages.  If it is an online newspaper or magazine, it uses ads much like google does, and makes money on every click too.

The same is done with blogs.  Blogs can include ads on their site and follow the same principle.    And like the YouTube video or online newspaper, the more people see your ads, the more potential you have for making money.

Same thing applies for a physical store.

Which store do you think has a better chance of making money, the store that only gets 10 people a day, 1,000 a day, or 10,000 people a day?


You see, the more an ad is exposed to a person, the higher the likelihood will be that the ad gets clicked on by a visitor.  And advertisers actually pay for each click the website or blog helps them get.

Why?  Because you are helping them expose their business. You are helping them acquire new business.

In essence, sites, magazines, shows, and internet businesses that help other business owners introduce their products or services to the market, get paid.

This guy was really interested now.   But he still was not sure how he could make money if he started his own blog.  Especially because he didn’t know how to do all that online advertising stuff.

First of all, all that advertising stuff is easy.  These days, all you need to do is set up an account, much like you would for an email account.  You put in your bank info, tax info, and presto, you are half way there.

If you can read and follow instructions, you can get set up easily.  And the great news is, just about everything in this online world comes with instructions these days.  And if it doesn’t, the answer is usually hiding in Google somewhere.

At this point you would just use a simple plugin for your site, add the ad specs you just created, and bam, you are in business.

But, one of the best ways blogs make money, is when the owner or company creates and sells their own products directly to the audience.

Why?  Because ads pay cents per click, whereas, if someone clicks on a product you created, and is interested enough to buy, you get all the money.


The truth is, anyone can start a blog.  But, to do so is not for everyone.  Just like investing in real estate is not for everyone.  And the same can be said for getting rich or becoming your own boss.  It is not for everyone.

Yes, anyone can do it, but not everyone will.

Truth is, many people start blogs, but they don’t know what they are doing, or how it can make them money.  Truth is, they don’t have the right expectations when starting, and so they quit before it ever works for them.

So if you start a blog, either decide or find a way to never give up.

It’s like someone buying a piece of real estate, and then trying to sell it in one or two years and expecting it set them up for life financially.  But this rarely happens.  Why?  Because money can’t be made with out first creating something of value.  And real value can’t be created in one or two years.

Anyone who understands this, is going to have a much better shot at having their blog fatten their pockets and bank account with money.

Blogs have worked and are working for me.  And they work for countless others.  At first, the money just trickles in.  But then that trickle starts trickling a bit faster, and before you know it, the trickle becomes a gushing stream of money.

Unfortunately, the conversation between my friend and I got cut short because he had to run.  Had our conversation went on for bit longer, I would have had the chance to provide him with the 10 biggest reasons he should start a blog today.

But since you are still with me, I’ll share them with you.

Here they are:




When you start a blog, it is an investment in your future.  A blog, like a piece of real estate, is something that you can buy, put money and effort into, and then sell at a later date.  And when you sell it, it can be for much more than you bought it for.

On top of this, a blog can also become a means to earn an additional stream of income.  The amount of effort and focus you put into your investment, will determine the amount of money it will provide you with in return.

When you own a blog and work on it, you are creating an opportunity for yourself.


When you start a blog, you will be learning a ton of new things.  You will learn more about technology then you ever knew before.  You will learn about the ins and outs of marketing, and how to become a better writer.  But most importantly, you will be habitually doing things that will make you better.

Why?  Because, if you want your blog or site to succeed, you will need to be adapting and changing things as you go.  As such, you will be improving both your blog and yourself overtime.

A blog can be the ultimate self-improvement tool.


If you start a blog today, you can start it just for the fun of it.  Many use a blog a public journal.  Or as a pro-bono resource to help others.

But if you really want to add value to people, you should start it as a business.  Meaning, you should be creating it with the intent of making money.

But isn’t that selfish?

No and here’s why.  If you focus your energy on turning your blog into a money-making machine, then you will eventually learn how to add real value to people’s lives.

Why do I say this?  Because, when you discover a way to get people to exchange their hard-earned money with you for something that you are offering, then you’ve found a way to be of service to others.  And if you’ve found a way to do this, you have learned the fundamentals of business.

If you want to stay in business, you will need to understand that business is the exchange of value.

If you start a blog, you will learn about business.


By starting a blog, you stake a claim in your future.  You are saying to the world, I will be free.  I am not going to be dependent on my job, the government, my family, etc., forever.  I will one day be my own man/woman.

When you have a blog, you begin moving in the direction of independence.  Because if you do it right, that is exactly what a blog will help you do.  It will help you become independent from almost everything.  By starting a blog, you start the process of becoming self-made and more independent.


In 20 to 30 years, your time may be up.  Like most people, you will have worked most of your days for someone else.  You will have raised a family (or not), and you will have done your time here on this earth without leaving much of a dent.

For a few years after your death, you will be remembered, maybe, by those closest to you.  But the rest of the world will slowly forget about you.

When you create a blog, you give yourself a chance at creating something that can last throughout the ages.  If you put ideas and words together in such a way that it touches people, helps them live better, or changes their lives, your words will not be forgotten.  And by having a blog, (much like writing a book) you can create something that can outlast you.

If you start a blog today, you can leave a legacy for tomorrow.


If you start a blog today and stick with it long enough, it can transform into something that will give you freedom.  Freedom from the daily grind.  Freedom from having to be stuck in one city or country for the rest of your life.

A blog can provide you with the freedom you desire.  If you believe it can happen, it will.

You can turn a blog into your job.  You can transform it into something that will eventually pay your bills.  With a blog you can become your own boss.

If you want it bad enough, a blog can set you free.


Not everyone who starts a blog will become financially free.  However, it does have the potential to provide you with financial freedom.  How?  There are two ways.

The first way, is to create a blog that makes you a ridiculous amount of money.  There are blogs out there that pull in $100,000 to $300,000 a month.  If you make this amount of money, you can count yourself as financially free.

The second way is this.  If you create your blog correctly, it can be designed to be automated.  Meaning, in time, much like a business.  It can be built to leverage other people’s time, money, and efforts to keep the wheels turning.

Once you get your blog to a point where it generates enough money to pay for all of your living expenses, you can slowly develop mechanisms that will automate everything.  And if you do it right, you can set up a business system that runs without you, and similarly, pays you without you needing to do much of anything.

At this point, you will be financially free.


Some people don’t care much for money.  Some people just want to get their message out to the world, make an impact, and become influential.

When you have a platform, you can influence public perception.  Unfortunately, without tons of money, getting your message out to millions of people can be difficult.

For the most part, if you don’t have tons of money to spend, if you are not a celebrity status, or don’t have an established and platform (like a column for a major media outlet i.e. NYT, Wall Street Journal, etc..), then getting your voice heard by many will be difficult.

But, if you start a blog today, you have a good starting point to create a platform for yourself.  A platform that can eventually command the attention of millions.


There is more to blogging than meets the eye.  If you aim to run it as a business, a lot of thought will go into it.  You’ll consider design elements, posting frequency, distribution channels, strategic relationships, and how to better communicate your message with your words, all of which, will require a good amount of thinking.

Most importantly though is this.  As you write and communicate through the medium of a blog, you’ll find that your thinking becomes clearer.  So long as you do it consistently. Why?  Because when you put your thoughts down for other people to read, the more aware you’ll become about how other people perceive what you are trying to say.

The more you write, and the more you seek to get people to react to your blog, the more critical your thinking will become.  It doesn’t happen automatically.  It will start to happen when you begin looking for ways to improve your results.


When you start a blog and begin writing about topics that your audience finds valuable, you will establish yourself as an authority.  And as you become an authority over a certain subject, you will at the same time, be improving your professional image, and as a result, your business opportunities.

If being seen as an expert is something that is important to you, then starting a blog is an easy way to do it.  It will take some time and effort on your part.  But with enough focus and intent, you can leverage your blog to enhance your authority and expertise.


Blogs are great, because you can use them to eventually make you rich, much like real estate.  But unlike real estate, you don’t need a ridiculously huge down payment to get you started.

I believe in blogs.  I believe in them because I believe in the value of effort.  Same reason I believe in business.  Because when you start your own business, it will live or die by what you decide to do with it.

If you give it everything you got, it can give back to you everything you want.

On the flip-side, if you approach it like a hobby, it will give the same results a hobby gives you.  You will be entertained, but it won’t make you rich.

Opportunity is everywhere.  And while some people are born with more talent, better looks, better this and better that, a blog as a business (and any other business for that matter) can level the playing field.

If you put in the work, a blog can be leveraged to improve many areas of your life.

If you strive, you will arrive, especially with a blog.

So get off the side-lines and start a blog today!


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