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Reasons to Start a Blog

If you’re in search of some reasons to start a blog then you’ll enjoy this post. But before I dive into those reasons, here are a few key things you should know.

I used to be heavily in invested in real estate.  In fact, real estate is what helped me build a large chunk of my wealth. But, I wanted to create a business that would eventually free me up even more so, to do what I most love to do; travel.

Now I still believe in and invest in real estate.  Real Estate will always be a part of my wealth building portfolio.  However, I want to have the flexibility to go wherever I want, whenever I want.  I don’t want to be tied down to a physical location just because that is where my investments are.

Nor do I want to be forced into sticking to one geographic location, because that’s where all “my eggs” are.  I want to be free.

I want my money to keep flowing into my bank account, regardless of my location.  And I don’t want to have to worry about whether I’ll have tenets to ensure my money keeps coming in.

If you’ve ever been a landlord, you’ll know that dealing with tenets is stressful.


With that said, there are two other reasons I decided to build a blog.

I wanted to create something that would allow me to have a greater impact on people’s lives.  I’ve always wanted to both inspire and help people.  And through my words and the resources I create on this blog, I can now do that.

The second reason is more practical.  I decided to start a blog to spread my risk.  I started a blog because it is another way to help me live the life of my dreams.  And with the right attitude, it can do the same for you.

The way I made my money through real estate is the exact way I plan to make even more money through blogging.

In real estate, I bought a piece of property that was low value, ugly, and needed a lot of elbow grease.  I put in the effort and improved the value of that piece of property over the time-span of a few years.  Through effort, and persistence, I turned a piece of property that nobody wanted at first, into something that a lot of people wanted.

The same principle is being applied to this blog.  It started off as something that was of no value to anyone but me.  However, the more people learn about it, the more I build it into a value generating machine, and the more I can get people to keep coming back to it, the more valuable it becomes.   And then, just like real estate, I will be able to either sell it off, or “rent it out”.

What do I mean by renting it out?

Renting out in the online world is akin to offering space on my site to advertisers, advertisers who will pay the site owner money to offer products and services that my audience may want to buy.  So, much like rent on real estate, the site pays me monthly.

In short, I don’t want to be over-invested in real estate or stocks.

The great news is, learning how to make money from a blog is easy.  If you can do research on the internet, you can learn how to blog.  The hard part, is doing the work and sticking with it long enough to see it make money for you.


blogging like a lot of businesses, is a numbers game.  If you get good a getting those numbers large enough, then the money starts coming in.  No, not automatically.

This is a simple viewpoint, but when you get the numbers right, you can change your focus to get the money right.

For example, T.V. plays the numbers game.   Online Magazines and Newspapers play the numbers game too.  People making YouTube videos are also playing a numbers game.

In order to make money in the blogging world, and all these other areas just mentioned, you need to have an audience.  There needs to be a certain number of eyeballs looking at your site every single day.  When that number grows, so does your chances for making money.

The more viewers a site, blog, show, newspaper, or whatever, gets, the more money-making potential they have.

For instance, YouTube shows an advertisement right before every video.  If you click on that advertisement, the person who loaded the video makes money.

Newspapers get paid by advertisers in advance, for placing a small ad within their pages.  If it is an online newspaper or magazine, it uses ads much like google does, and makes money on every click too.

The same is done with blogs.  Blogs can include ads on their site and follow the same principle.    And like the YouTube video or online newspaper, the more people see your ads, the more potential you have for making money.

Same thing applies for a physical store.

Which store do you think has a better chance of making money, the store that only gets 10 people a day, 1,000 a day, or 10,000 people a day?


You see, the more an ad is exposed to a person, the higher the likelihood will be that the ad gets clicked on by a visitor.  And advertisers actually pay for each click the website or blog helps them get.

Why?  Because you are helping them expose their business. You are helping them acquire new business.

In essence, sites, magazines, shows, and internet businesses that help other business owners introduce their products or services to the market, get paid.

These days getting the ball rolling with advertising is easy. All you need to do is set up an account, much like you would for an email account.  You put in your bank info, tax info, and presto, you are half way there.

If you can read and follow instructions, you can get set up easily.  And the great news is, just about everything in this online world comes with instructions these days.  And if it doesn’t, the answer is usually hiding in Google somewhere.

At this point you would just use a simple plugin for your site, add the ad specs you just created, and bam, you are in business.

But, one of the best ways blogs make money, is when the owner or company creates and sells their own products directly to the audience.

Why?  Because ads pay cents per click, whereas, if someone clicks on a product you created, and is interested enough to buy, you get all the money.


The truth is, anyone can start a blog.  But, blogging isn’t for everyone.  Just like investing in real estate isn’t for everyone.  And the same can be said for getting rich or becoming your own boss.  It is not for everyone.

Yes, anyone can do it, but not everyone will.

Truth is, many people start blogs, but they don’t know what they are doing, or how it can make them money.  Truth is, they don’t have the right expectations when starting, and so they quit before it ever works for them.

So if you start a blog, either decide to, or find a way to never give up.

It’s like someone buying a piece of real estate, and then trying to sell it in one or two years and expecting it set them up for life financially.  But this rarely happens.  Why?  Because money can’t be made with out first creating something of value.  And real value can’t be created in the snap of a finger. Real value takes time.

Anyone who understands this, is going to have a much better shot at having their blog fatten their pockets and bank account with money.

Blogs have worked and are working for me.  And they work for countless others.  At first, the money just trickles in.  But then that trickle starts trickling a bit faster, and before you know it, the trickle becomes a gushing stream of money.

With that being said, if you’re still not convinced that starting a blog is something that you should do, here are the 10 best reasons to start a blog today.

Here they are:


best reasons to start a blog


My personal favorite reason for starting a blog is because it’s an investment.  When you start a blog, it is an investment in your future and it’s an investment in itself.  A blog, like a piece of real estate, is something that you can buy, put money and effort into, and then sell at a later date.  And when you sell it, it can be for much more than you bought it for.  When you build a blog, if you do it right, you can build equity, and equity is worth something.

On top of this, a blog can also become a means to earn an additional stream of income.  The amount of effort and focus you put into your investment, will determine the amount of money it will provide you with in return.

When you own a blog and work on it, you create options for yourself now and in the future.


When you start a blog, you will be learning a ton of new things.  You will learn more about technology then you ever knew before.  You will learn about the ins and outs of marketing, and how to become a better writer.  But most importantly, you will be habitually doing things that will make you better.

Why?  Because, if you want your blog or site to succeed, you will need to be adapting and changing things as you go.  As such, you will be improving both your blog and yourself overtime.

A blog can be the ultimate self-improvement tool.


Let’s say you wanted to start a blog today, but you don’t really have that much business sense.  That’s okay, because you could still get started just for the fun of it.  In fact, many use a blog as a public journal.  Or as a pro-bono resource to help others.

But, if you really want to add value to people, you should start it as a business.  Meaning, you should be creating it with the intent of making money.

But isn’t that selfish?

No and here’s why.  If you focus your energy on turning your blog into a money-making machine, then you will eventually learn how to add real value to people’s lives.

Why do I say this?  Because, when you discover a way to get people to exchange their hard-earned money with you for something that you are offering, then you’ve found a way to be of service to others.  And if you’ve found a way to do this, you have learned the fundamentals of business.

No doubt, a blog can teach you about business.  Especially if you want to stay in business, because you will soon learn that business is the exchange of value, and if you’re aren’t providing value, you won’t be in business for very long.

So, when you get started on a blog and use it as your own personal development laboratory, you’ll be learning everything you need to know about success and business.


One of the best reasons for starting a blog is because of the independence it can give you.  By starting a blog, you stake a claim in your future.  You are saying to the world, I will be free.  I am not going to be dependent on my job, the government, my family, etc., forever.  I will one day be my own man/woman.

When you have a blog, you begin moving in the direction of independence.  Because if you do it right, that is exactly what a blog will help you do.  It will help you become independent from almost everything.  By starting a blog, you start the process of becoming self-made and more independent.


In 20 to 30 years, your time may be up.  Like most people, you will have worked most of your days for someone else.  You will have raised a family (or not), and you will have done your time here on this earth without leaving much of a dent.

For a few years after your death, you will be remembered, maybe, by those closest to you.  But the rest of the world will slowly forget about you.

When you create a blog, you give yourself a chance at creating something that can last throughout the ages.  If you put ideas and words together in such a way that it touches people, helps them live better, or changes their lives, your words will not be forgotten.  And by having a blog, (much like writing a book) you can create something that can outlast you.

If you start a blog today, you can leave a legacy for tomorrow.


One of the best reasons to start a blog is freedom. If you start a blog today and stick with it long enough, it can transform into something that will give you freedom.  Freedom from the daily grind.  Freedom from having to be stuck in one city or country for the rest of your life.

A blog can provide you with the freedom you desire.  If you believe it can happen, it will.

You can turn a blog into your job.  You can transform it into something that will eventually pay your bills.  With a blog you can become your own boss.

If you want it bad enough, a blog can set you free.


Not everyone who starts a blog will become financially free.  However, it does have the potential to provide you with financial freedom.  How?  There are two ways.

The first way, is to create a blog that makes you a ridiculous amount of money.  There are blogs out there that pull in $100,000 to $300,000 a month.  If you make this amount of money, you can count yourself as financially free.

The second way is this.  If you create your blog correctly, it can be designed to be automated.  Meaning, in time, much like a business.  It can be built to leverage other people’s time, money, and efforts to keep the wheels turning.

Once you get your blog to a point where it generates enough money to pay for all of your living expenses, you can slowly develop mechanisms that will automate everything.  And if you do it right, you can set up a business system that runs without you, and similarly, pays you without you needing to do much of anything.

At this point, you will be financially free.


Some people don’t care much for money.  Some people just want to get their message out to the world, make an impact, and become influential.

When you have a platform, you can influence public perception.  Unfortunately, without tons of money, getting your message out to millions of people can be difficult.

For the most part, if you don’t have tons of money to spend, if you are not a celebrity status, or don’t have an established and platform (like a column for a major media outlet i.e. NYT, Wall Street Journal, etc..), then getting your voice heard by many will be difficult.

But, if you start a blog today, you have a good starting point to create a platform for yourself.  A platform that can eventually command the attention of millions.


There is more to blogging than meets the eye.  If you aim to run it as a business, a lot of thought will go into it.  You’ll consider design elements, posting frequency, distribution channels, strategic relationships, and how to better communicate your message with your words, all of which, will require a good amount of thinking.

Most importantly though is this.  As you write and communicate through the medium of a blog, you’ll find that your thinking becomes clearer.  So long as you do it consistently. Why?  Because when you put your thoughts down for other people to read, the more aware you’ll become about how other people perceive what you are trying to say.

The more you write, and the more you seek to get people to react to your blog, the more critical your thinking will become.  It doesn’t happen automatically.  It will start to happen when you begin looking for ways to improve your results.


When you start a blog and begin writing about topics that your audience finds valuable, you’ll establish yourself as an authority.  And as you become an authority over a certain subject, you will at the same time, be improving your professional image, and as a result, your business opportunities.

The great news is, starting a blog is one of the easiest and surefire ways to establish such authority.  It will take some time and effort on your part.  But with enough focus and intent, you can leverage your blog to enhance your authority and expertise.


Blogs are great, because you can use them to eventually make you rich, much like real estate.  But unlike real estate, you don’t need a ridiculously huge down payment to get you started.

I believe in blogs.  I believe in them because I believe in the value of effort.  Same reason I believe in business.  Because when you start your own business, it will live or die by what you decide to do with it.

If you give it everything you got, it can give back to you everything you want.

On the flip-side, if you approach it like a hobby, it will give the same results a hobby gives you.  You will be entertained, but it won’t make you rich.

Opportunity is everywhere.  And while some people are born with more talent, better looks, better this and better that, a blog as a business (and any other business for that matter) can level the playing field.

If you put in the work, a blog can be leveraged to improve many areas of your life.

If you strive, you will arrive, especially with a blog.

So get off the side-lines and start a blog today!


High effort, self-discipline, and fearless action are “my things”.  If you could use a bit more of these life-enhancing attributes, or if you want to be nudged from time to time to start taking action on your goals and dreams, follow me on Twitter.





Personal Virtual Assistant For Entrepreneurs

The business world has evolved in so many ways in the past 10 years. With modern business becoming an ever-growing playing field spanning across the globe, entrepreneurs are realizing the urgent need for them to implement new strategies that can help them transform and enhance their brands in order to stay on top of their game.  And one of the best moves an entrepreneur can make these days to get ahead of the competition, is to seek the help of personal virtual assistants for their businesses.  What to know why? If yes, keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Are you a business entrepreneur looking for ways to improve your business? Then, hiring a virtual assistant should be on top of mind for you.  If you are a business entrepreneur who doesn’t have a virtual assistant on deck yet, consider this article your tell-tale sign. 

So, if you’ve ever considered getting a virtual assistant, but never taken a deep dive into all the benefits and reasons you should, then perhaps this article is the serendipitous occassion you’ve been waiting for to nudge you into action. 

With that being said, below are the top ten reasons why business entrepreneurs like you should get an assistant to help in your business today.  Take a look, the success of your venture could depend upon it.


personal virtual assistant

1. Helps You Manage Your Time

As a business entrepreneur, you always consider time as of the essence in making your business grow.  But sometimes the feeling of wanting to do so many things in such a limited number of time can provide you with unwelcome stress and headache.  To prevent this from happening, you would need all the help that you can get to manage your time as efficiently as possible.

With a personal virtual assistant, this wouldn’t be a problem.  Hiring for his services will make you have an extra hand in completing your tasks for the day.  Because of this, managing your time and getting on top of your work will not pose as much of a challenge to you.

2. Minimizes Operational Business Costs

One of the reasons why business entrepreneurs are hesitant in hiring a virtual assistantis that they think it will cost them much.  Fortunately, this is not the case.  It is quite the opposite.

Hiring a virtual assistant minimizes your business operation cost.  It, your business, will have a variety of needs.  And for this, you would need to hire someone adept in business operations and transactions.   Having a general virtual assistant on deck for the team is the answer.

A general virtual assistant gets the administrative tasks of the business done.  For example, he will look into answering your emails, setting up appointments with your clients, giving your clients the follow-up call, encoding important data, transcribing important documents, and many more.  To attend to these tasks, you wouldn’t need to hire people but a general virtual assistant. Imagine the money you can save up in not hiring multiple people to have all of these tasks done.  Because of these reasons and more, you might want to consider hiring a general virtual assistant for the team.

3. Helps You Get More Organized

It comes without a surprise that a busy business entrepreneur like yourself runs a tight daily schedule.  Attending to several concerns on a regular might be very time-consuming, not to mention very stressful.  To help you stay on track, you need to organize not just your thoughts but your schedule in order not to run the risk of forgetting something important.

For this, hiring a dedicated virtual assistant will be helpful.  A dedicated personal virtual assistant will take care of keeping you organized.  You can ask her to make your to-do list, manage your business calendar, keep your files updated and systematized, remind you of important tasks now and then and give you updates from time to time.

4. Reduces Workload

Hiring a virtual assistant significantly reduces your workload.

As a business manager, you will face a variety of tasks daily.  Because you will need to focus on them one by one, you might end up tiring yourself and not getting enough tasks done.

With a virtual assistant around, you will get help from accomplishing your tasks on a regular.  You will get help in managing your emails, researching on certain topics, creating basic reports, and even preparing your slideshows for a business meeting.  Because of this, you will notice that your workload is significantly reduced.

Reducing your workload is helpful not only to save you from a lot of stress at work but also to help you become more productive during your working hours.

5. Lets You Focus on Bigger Tasks

Having a virtual assistant in the team will do you a lot of wonders.  One of the positive contributions that it will bring to you and your company is that it will allow you to focus on the more important aspect of making the business grow.

As we have mentioned before, time is a precious resource for a business entrepreneur like you.  Because of this, you would want to spend your time as effectively and productively as possible.

With a virtual assistant around, you wouldn’t have to spend the first few minutes of your business hours, answering your emails or getting on the phone to set-up a meeting with an important client.  Your virtual assistant will do these tasks for you.

Because your administrative tasks will be out of the way, it will allow you to have more time to focus on the bigger tasks for the company.  You can now take your time, thus become more relaxed and creative in coming up with business plans and strategies that will positively contribute to your business in the future.

6. Enhances Customer Service

A virtual assistant will enhance your customer service and consequently improve your customer satisfaction.

With a virtual assistant on deck, your company will provide better support and assistance to your customers.  By having her on the team, you will have someone to address your customers’ pressing needs timely.  As a result, your customers will be assured of the fact that whenever they need assistance in availing your service, you are not far from reach.  Your customers can give you a call, send you an email, or message you via your platform.  And they will be guaranteed to get an answer.

Because of this, your customers will feel that their concerns are not taken for granted.  Getting a timely response from you develops your rapport with them and thus will help you gain their loyalty and engagement.

7. Can Stabilize Your Businesses Weak Points

Can your company use some help in marketing your services? Then, think of hiring a virtual assistant to help you with this.

Digital marketing has been one of the most effective tools that modern companies nowadays use to their advantage.  It involves a wide range of areas that your virtual assistant can help you with.

For one, your virtual assistant can help you with your email marketing strategy by sending the company’s regular newsletter via emails to your target audience.  A talented virtual assistant knows perfect email management software to schedule your emails and do this task efficiently.

Another area where you can use the help of a virtual assistant is in content marketing.  Content marketing has been the name of the game for companies who try to up their brand image.  To develop the content marketing game of your company, you can ask the help of your virtual assistant to write blog posts for your company or other content generating tasks that will help you attract your audience into availing your service.

Aside from helping you improve your marketing strategies, there are several ways where a virtual assistant can assist you in stabilizing your company’s weaker points.  There are a lot of talented virtual assistants at bay waiting to help you with your needs.  And what you would only need to do is to avail of their quality service.

8. Can Increase Productivity

Some of the start-up companies of today encourage their employees to multitask.  With this, they assign additional tasks to their employees that are unrelated to their function in the company.  For example, aside from having an employee as a staff in the recruitment team, these companies would also make him write regular content for the company’s blogs.  They would reason that by doing this, they can cut their operating costs and thus generate more profit for the company.

Though we don’t want to burst their bubble, the practice of multitasking may not only lead to their employees’ burn out but also it may hurt their productivity.  We are here to tell you that you don’t have to follow suit.  Instead, allow your staff to focus on a specialized task and let them become productive and efficient with it.  Thus, if there are tasks that call for the company’s immediate attention, we recommend that you outsource them to a virtual assistantBy doing this, you give your team the time that they need to concentrate on their work, put in the right level of energy into it, and thus motivate them to do their best and contribute positively to the company.

9. Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

With the advent of technology, the modern world has provided business entrepreneurs like yourself a different playing field in business.

Because most of the people nowadays are online, companies have made a continuing effort to build their brand and create a positive not to mention sweeping online presence.  And this, you can also use to help your own business grow.

One of the most effective techniques to develop your online presence is by creating social media accounts.  To maintain your different social media platforms, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage them for you.  Your virtual assistant can help you create relatable posts that they can publish in your business platforms online.  You can also ask her to comment on these posts to increase traffic to your site.

With the help of a talented virtual assistant, you can have a business profile that will stand out from the rest.  In no time, you will be able to build an awesome online presence that will translate to positive results for the company in the long run.

10. Allows You Time to Relax

Having the time to relax is leisure that a business entrepreneur like you should not deprive yourself of.  With a virtual assistant around, you can have some time for yourself to relax and unwind, even for a while.

Taking the time to relax may not have to be a grand scheme at all.  Because a virtual assistant significantly reduces your workload, you can have the time for other things that you have in mind.  For instance, you can call on a loved one and check on them while you’re at work.  Or you can have the time to talk with your team and bond with them from time to time.

Some of you may consider these things petty, but these are the little things that will help you reduce and manage your stress levels at work.  Maintaining a work-life balance is key to making your business grow, and your virtual assistant can help you achieve the balance that you need.

Main Takeaways

These are the top ten reasons why a business entrepreneur like you needs a personal virtual assistant in the company. Here they are again as a quick recap:

  • Helps You Manage Your Time
  • Minimizes Operational Costs
  • Helps You Get More Organized
  • Reduces Workload
  • Lets You Focus On Bigger Tasks
  • Enhances Customer Service
  • Stabilizes Your Businesses Weak Points
  • Increases Productivity
  • Can Be Leveraged to Improve Brand Awareness
  • Allows You Time To Relax

You and your company may use some help in different areas according to your needs.  These tasks may include email management, setting up or booking appointments, file management, researching on varied topics, transcription, taking down notes or minutes of the meeting, creating reports and PowerPoint presentations, managing your social media platforms, generating content for your blogs, and many more. 

Hiring the services of a virtual assistant who is skilled to help you in these tasks wouldn’t hurt.

With these advantages and so much more, we can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t welcome a personal virtual assistant to your team.

Till next time,


PS – Some virtual assistants are better than others, and as you’ll soon see, or probably already know, you may need to motivate some of them. If you ever run in to this problem, here’s a great resources to help you keep your virtual assistants motivated.

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best books for aspiring entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. You don’t need lots of money, status, or influence to make it as an entrepreneur, but you will need ideas, vision, determination, and a relentless willingness to execute.

Everyday a new entrepreneur gives their dreams a shot, and equally, every day another entrepreneur decides to call it quits and close up shop.

Considering this fact, we decided to create a post for all aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a few keys to help them get their enterprise started with the right mindset and on the best footing. The hope is that these resources will encourage many to get started on their dream business, and equally plant in them the seeds of success they will need to see their venture through till the end.

Without further ado…


best books for aspiring entrepreneurs

Note:  We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. The Obstacle is The Way

Without a doubt, as an entrepreneur you are going to suffer set backs. On top of this, you will doubt yourself almost every step of the way. And if you are like most entrepreneurs, you will consider throwing in the towel just about every other week, because, well, starting a business is hard freaking work. The great news is, you’ll have either read The Obstacle is The Way, or you’ll have it in your arsenal to encourage you to engage with and even accept your challenges and obstacles as welcomed friends that you’ll need to embrace if you wish to succeed.

The books is not exactly made just for entrepreneurs, but the lessons of turning trials into triumph is exactly what you’ll need to be hearing, reading, and absorbing inf you are going to make it through the entrepreneurial gauntlet.

So, if you don’t already own this book, do yourself a favor and get it now.

2. Think and Grow Rich

Everyone has heard of Think and Grow Rich, and it is absolutely one of the best success books ever written. And the reason it has made this list for books every entrepreneur should read, is because of it’s ability to help you believe that you can be succeed. This book does a great job helping you obtain the mindset you’ll need to endure and bring your vision to life.

Beware, it is an old book. Put the principles are as true today as they were when the book was written in the early 20th century.

So, get this book and read it often as you make the journey towards creating your business empire.

3. Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is not an inspirational book at all. In fact, it is quite boring to read. However, it is a book that many MBA students and executives have been required to read over the past decade. In fact, we listed it here, because every entrepreneur needs to take a vary rational and strategic approach to their business if they want to succeed. By reading this book, you’ll give your venture a chance at success, so long as you apply the principles.

In this day and age, you can’t just start something you love and accept that it will succeed in the market. No, you have to ensure that what you are offering is unique, fresh, and uncontested in the markets if you want your venture to thrive.

So, read this book, create your strategy and then go make your dreams (anchored by reality) come true.

4. 10X Rule

Grant Cardone is a pretty inspiring guy, but don’t expect a super polished and pedantic lesson; rather, Grant will teach you what it will take to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world the way he learned his lessons; up front, real and in your face. There is no hand-holding with this book. So, pick it up, brace yourself, read it, and then apply his hard learned lessons and watch your success sky-rocket.

5. Millionaire Fastlane

A successful entrepreneur at the end of the day makes money. If you start a business that doesn’t generate enough cash to keep you fed and the lights on, then you may have started a hobby not a business.

We recommend this book for every entrepreneur. Especially before they take the leap because it will give you a taste of what entrepreneurship really looks like, from bootstrapping, to losing tons of money, to making it all back. In short, it will help prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

The book is also a great starting point for the type of mindset you’ll need to acquire if you wish create a business that thrives financially, and you will come to understand the value of execution and taking action on your business goals.

So don’t hesitate to get this book if you are about to take your entrepreneurial leap.

6. The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau is a fantastic book to read if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. This book provides powerful ideas that encourage the reader to think outside the box. But more importantly, the book does a good job at helping the reader realize that starting a business doesn’t require some grandiose idea, or massive amounts of capital.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of encouragement and a few good ideas that can help you thinking differently about entrepreneurship and creating a business you love, you should read this book.

7. The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup is one of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs because it deals with a commonly overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship; over-committing. This books does a great job at relaying the necessity of starting your entrepreneurial endeavor with a minimal viable product to test, versus committing all your resources to an idea/product/service that the market may ultimately reject.

So, if you’re truly considering entrepreneurship, do yourself a favor and pick this book up. It will give you the framework to approaching business in a lean way, and could potentially save you lots of money, time, effort, and heartache.

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Final Words on The Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

And there you have it. The best books for aspiring entrepreneurs. We sincerely believe every entrepreneur should read these books before deciding to dive into the deep sea of entrepreneurship. We could have added more books, but didn’t want to waste your time, because as you’ll soon learn as an entrepreneur, time is money.

Till next time,


PS – If you enjoyed learning about our selection of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs, then you may also enjoy learning about the best business audiobooks.

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seo for startups

Launching a startup requires a lot of grit and determination. It takes time to build brand and product awareness amid tons of competition, especially in saturated markets with a lot of heritage brands to compete with.

Startups need aggressive and robust marketing strategies to solidify their place in the business world and generate business. Without solid marketing, your startup may not make it to year two.

To make matters worse, startups are often struggling with virtually nonexistent budgets and few, if any, marketing professionals to help. A lot of the capital goes to building a brand and developing products, rather than marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) solves this problem. This practically free marketing strategy can boost your ranking on search engine pages and drive traffic to your website, and all it takes is some time and effort.

The catch is that your pages need to rank on the first page. Most searchers don’t look past the first page when they search for information, so if you’re not showing up until the third or fourth page, you may as well not exist.

Getting a high ranking is vital to organic traffic, and the best way to do it is with a solid SEO strategy specifically for first-year startups.

The Value of SEO

SEO is a marketing strategy that seeks to optimize search engine ranking and drive organic traffic to the website or pages. Unlike paid ads, which drive traffic for marketing spend, SEO is completely free traffic that comes from searchers looking for information and finding relevant posts (your content).

The more you can deliver relevant, valuable content and establish your brand authority in the industry, the higher your ranking will be. Content can be a variety of types to suit your audience, including blog posts, videos, web pages, articles, webinars, and podcasts.

Think of it this way. Say you were a teen excited to get your license and you’re looking for resources to prepare for your permit test. You submit a search query in Google and check out the results on the first page. If you click on those links and they give you the information you need, you may be inclined to look for other resources from the same brand and spend more time on the site, boosting its authority and showing the search engine that these results were relevant to your search intent.

So, you need to be the brand that delivers that content for the right searchers.

Benefits of SEO for Startups

Startups are working with limited budgets and marketing talent, so they typically lack the resources to pour a ton of money into brand exposure and paid advertising methods. SEO is an excellent option that’s practically free and generates remarkable returns.

Here are some benefits of SEO for startups:

Cost-Effective Traffic

Startups benefit from SEO because it’s one of the cheapest marketing strategies and generates excellent returns. For just time and effort, you can drive organic traffic to your site and generate more awareness for your brand, even if you have a lot of competition.

Brand Authority

Brand authority refers to the trust, credibility, and expertise of your brand, as perceived by prospects and customers. This can be achieved through consistent and positive customer experiences and a position as an industry authority, both of which can be done through content.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a big factor in the success of a first-year startup. As more searchers come across your content, they learn more about your brand and what you have to offer. They may eventually become paying customers and recommend your brand to their friends and family.

For example, at Zutobi, a teen driver may search for resources to prepare for their permit and driving tests and may use a search query like “how to prep for the DMV permit test.” They find your permit practice test and your other teen driver resources, and perhaps they become a paying customer in the future.

How to Develop an SEO Strategy For Your Startup

best seo strategies for startups

Refine Your Audience

It’s not enough to have traffic for your website – it needs to be targeted to your ideal customers. If you sell commercial fleet vehicles and get a ton of traffic from teens shopping for cosmetics, you’re not getting a paying customer for your efforts.

Your traffic needs to be targeted to your ideal audience, the people who are likely to be looking for what you have to offer and inclined to make a purchase, whether now or in the future. You may have a general idea of who you’re marketing to, but you need to drill down to understand them better. Consider questions like:

  • What are my customers’ problems?
  • How does my product or service solve them?
  • What is my customers’ age, location, occupation, etc.?
  • Where do they spend their time online?
  • What type of content do they consume?
  • How can I give them a positive, valuable experience?

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of your content. You need to research the keywords your audience will use and plan your content around them. Targeted keywords are beneficial, but it’s best to choose “low-hanging” keywords.

These keywords are easy keywords that already have high search engine rankings and lower competition. These will get your content ranked higher from the start, and you already know they perform well.

Longtail keywords are also valuable. These keywords are often phrases, like a question, that give you insights into your audience. You can use longtail keywords to guide your content strategy and offer highly relevant information.

Stay Consistent

Startups can be busy environments. There’s a lot to juggle and everyone is wearing multiple hats, so throwing in SEO and content can seem overwhelming. It’s necessary for your success, however.

Your audience relies on consistency, so it’s best to have a schedule for your content. It’s better to post fewer times, but on a schedule, than churning out a bunch of content and disappearing for a while.

In addition, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Having a lot of poor-quality content doesn’t serve your goals, and your audience won’t develop trust in your brand.

Set Yourself Up as an Authority

Distinguishing your brand from the competition is never easy, but it’s essential to your success. You have to build your brand from the ground up and position yourself as a trusted source of information and value for your customers, driving more people to your website.

The search engine will also put more value on your brand if you provide targeted, relevant, and high-quality content. Stick with the topics you know well and deliver what your customers are looking for.

Tighten Up Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a big factor in how search engines categorize and index your website and content. Search engine bots crawl websites to understand their hierarchy and structure to determine the ranking, and that’s where technical SEO comes in.

Here’s how you can improve your technical SEO:

  • Use a schema markup, or semantic vocabulary, to help search engines index your site and provide more relevant information for searchers.
  • Fix any performance problems, such as broken links, lagging pages, or images that won’t load.
  • Optimize your content for mobile devices, paying close attention to zoom capabilities, page orientation, load times, and page layout when it switches to the mobile site.

Technical SEO requires some technical knowledge. If you don’t think you’re up to it, outsource the task to a professional and get your website in optimal condition.

Focus on Backlinks

Linkbuilding is a long and tedious process. There’s no fast-track to getting quality links, so best to start as soon as you can.

Linkbuilding, otherwise known as backlinks, is when credible websites link to your website in their own content. You earn traffic if readers follow links to your website from the original post, and typically from the right audience.

These links have a lot of value for your SEO, including domain authority and traffic. Search engines also recognize the authority of the linking domain (which is why you want links from authoritative sources) and consider your site credible as well.

Keep at It

SEO is one of the most valuable marketing strategies for your startup, but there’s no way to make it happen quickly. You can’t pay for your traffic or ranking, even with paid posts, since they just send irrelevant traffic your way and burn through your marketing budget without generating more sales.

Focus on creating a solid, scalable SEO strategy and putting in the time upfront. As you create more content and earn more links, you’ll generate more traffic and better rankings that get your brand in the spotlight.

Get Started with SEO

Startups have a lot to overcome, including online presence in a crowded digital world with lots of brands competing for attention. SEO is an effective strategy that earns you traffic and authority, all without substantial marketing spend.

Best of all, SEO isn’t going anywhere, so the strategy you develop from the start can serve you well into the future.

Till then,


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Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Online businesses are booming and with more and more people coming online these days, online businesses will continue to be trending all over the world for years to come. So, if you are here because you are wondering which is the best online business to start as a beginner, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will go over some of the best online businesses that you can start this year.

A recent study shows that more than half of the world is online now, what does that mean? That means more people are buying online, more products and services are being sold online, and this trend will continue to increase. But if you are not ready with your online business yet, you are losing money on the table because your ideal customer is hanging out online.


best online business ideas

With that being said, if you are ready to start an online business this year, you’ll be able to find out the best online businesses that you can start as a beginner.


No matter which online business you choose, you’ll need a blog to help that business thrive. Blogs have existed for several years and will continue to be one of the primary platforms to get more visibility, generate leads, and turn random visitors into buying customers. Why? It’s because people love reading blogs and I believe anyone can earn money from blogging.

All you have to do, is simply start a blog, and make it profitable with a little bit of effort and the eventual improvement of your writing skills. Almost everyone has something to share with the world. If you can write blog articles regularly, you can build an audience as well. And if you have never written a blog post earlier or don’t know how to write your first blog post, well, there’s no time like now to try something new.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is nothing but just word of mouth or referral marketing. You choose and promote a product by simply recommending it to your friends, family, and audiences. If the person makes a purchase using your referral link, you earn a commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works. But let’s see this in the real-life example, suppose you want to purchase a new phone and asked me which smartphone should you buy? Instead of just saying “iPhone X is worth buying, I sent you a link to purchase it from Amazon. Since I’m affiliated with Amazon, if you purchase using my affiliate link, I’ll earn a commission from that. It’s that simple. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest of all and even a beginner can earn from Affiliate marketing. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll need an audience to earn from affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to build an audience but having a blog or YouTube channel is the most popular ones.

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 The trend for Vlogging is increasing. Video content is being consumed more than ever before and that’s why YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google. If you are not creating video content, you are missing lots of potential customers. Anyone can create a YouTube video with the advanced cameras of modern smartphones. So, start a YouTube channel and create videos. If you don’t have a professional camera, no problem, use your smartphone or even you can use any screen recording software and create videos on your Mac or PC. Upload videos on your YouTube channel, get more views and monetize it. You can sign up for Google AdSense program, enable ads on your videos and earn money.


If you want to start a business that can be started without any investment, this one is for you.

Freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer for long-term. Almost everyone has got some skills, you must have some hidden skills as well. Maybe you are good at graphic design, coding, app development, digital marketing, creative writing, or anything else. Just ask yourself what skills you already have. And once you know your skills, you can offer services and charge your clients for services you offer.

You can create a profile on sites like,, or etc. Although getting your first client would be tough, but once you get a few clients and good ratings from them, your profile starts looking professional and you’ll start getting more clients as well. That’s how you’ll earn more money in the long run. The good thing about freelancing is you are not committed to a particular boss. But the bad thing is: it’s just like any other 9-5 day job but with the flexibility of choosing your own timing. So you’ll have to work hard and there is no passive income as a freelancer.


There are two ways to sell products and make money – either you can sell physical products or digital products. But whatever you sell it, you need to manage shipping, billing, customer support, refunds etc.

Dropshipping is a hybrid approach to selling products where you don’t have to go through all these. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party that ships it directly to the customer.

Her is a real life example of dropshipping. Let’s say you create a mini-site like Amazon, you choose the products you want to sell on your store, import them from 3rd party store using a plugin and show on your e-commerce store. Now you bring visitors to your store website, people purchase the product and the product is shipped and fulfilled by that 3rd party store from where you imported. It’s as simple as that. But the good thing is: you can import a product for $10 and sell it for $20. That’s a huge profit.

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Final Thoughts on Online Business Ideas for Beginners

And there you have it, some of the very best and simplest online businesses that can be started by just about anyone with a little effort and a dream. Without out doubt, you are now armed with the knowledge of the very best online businesses that you can start this year.

Of course, there are many other online business ideas out there as well. I have only selected those online businesses that are great to dive into to learn the ropes and that are perfect entrepreneurial learning paths for beginners.

Till next time,


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starting a media company

I am going to tell you something you probably already know.  We are simultaneously living in challenging times, while also living in an era of high leverage!  It’s an era where more people have access to technology and information, while fewer control the distribution of that information.

It’s an era where anyone with $100 CAN start a media company and connect to billions of people all across the world. But, it’s equally an era where not everyone will.

There is a democratization of attention and influence that is continually evolving, improving, and becoming more accessible to all.  In fact, it is unfolding right now as you read this! Truly, we are witnessing an era that holds more opportunity for every single person across the world, than at any other time in recent history.

These days, if you have a message, a computer, and access to the internet, you can create something big and influence how our world unfolds.


In the past, there has always been a huge gap between the consumers and the creators of information.

The creators of our information and entertainment were the big media giants.  Media giants like NBC, New York Times, ABC, Wall Street Journal, etc.  These companies had, and still have deep pockets, they had control of the media production technology, along with all the distribution channels.  Which, by default, made them the rulers of “media land”.

start a media company

Not only were these media giants the rulers, but so were their 6 corporate rulers (GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS), because they got to influence and direct information in a way that benefited their business (and interests).

Because they were all the rulers of this so called “media land”, we had to watch and listen to what they wanted us to view and listen to.  We were influenced to buy what they wanted us to buy (their advertisements etc.), and do what they wanted us to do.

By being the rulers of this so called “media land”, they got to choose the messaging and influence that the majority of the world would get to consume.  In short, they had (have) the power. But WE can change all of this, and we should.


But this era is no more friends.  That was the old era, and now we are into the new.  This era we have been shifting into, is the era where anybody with an idea, a message, and a willingness to strive, can connect with the multitude.

The era we now live in, is an era where anybody can grow their very own audience, and control the frequency and quality of the message themselves.  We are now in the ‘era of you’.

You see, internet technology has evolved, and it is now allowing more and more people to choose what they want to consume and when.

Technology has unwittingly, put much power back into the hands of the people.  We now have the power to choose what we want to consume, and to create that which we want others to understand.  And fortunately, the barriers to entry have been removed.

Small and medium sized businesses have been slowly starting to pick up on this, and are moving in the direction of becoming their very own media companies.  Small businesses are hedging their bets against the media giants that once ruled the landscape, and are staking their claim in this new world.

They have realized, that if they are not creating content, then they virtually don’t exist.  Without a platform, they have no leverage, no way to influence, and will struggle to control their own destiny.  They have realized the value of positioning themselves as a media business.


Even a handful of artists, authors, and solo entrepreneurs have already picked up on this trend with remarkable success.  As we speak, many are continually seizing more and more ground in terms of attention and subscribers from the old guard.

For example, look at these handful of individuals who not too long ago, decided that their moment was now.  You will notice that they have managed to create massive audiences in a short amount of time.  Audiences that have given them power, influence, and profits like they wouldn’t have ever been able to experience had they not seized their moment.

Gary VaynerychukGary Vee, as many know him by these days, has almost double the YouTube subscribers than NBC News.   And when it comes to web traffic, his site pulls in almost 3% of, which is impressive considering currently pulls in around 18.5 million online viewers per month.  Not bad considering he started his online empire by piggybacking off the online success he had selling wine for his parents liquor store.

From that modest success, Gary Vee managed to become the voice of hustling entrepreneurs the world over and one of the biggest advocates of becoming your own media company.

Evan Carmichael: Evan is about to surpass the New York Times on YouTube, which has just under a million subscribers.  That is a phenomenal achievement, considering he’s just one guy (who leverages a small team) and has not been around for nearly as long as the New York Times.  The cool thing about Evan, is he started out as with small website dedicated to sharing success insights for entrepreneurs.  And over the years, he transformed his small platform into well-known brand and media outlet.  If you’ve ever searched for any top 10 rules of success on Youtube, you’ve likely seen one of his inspirational videos.

Lori Deschene: Lori started a Twitter account to initially share her ideas, which then transitioned into a blog in 2009, and then transitioned it into a community site that now attracts close to 4 million active users monthly.  Her current reach is roughly 14% that of old media companies, like Newsweek.

Pete Cashmore: Pete started a personal blog which would morph into, a site that now gets roughly 49.5 millions views per month!   For perspective, that’s almost as much attention as the Wall Street Journal is currently getting!

Michael Arrington:  Michael was an attorney who left his job to give his digital entrepreneurship idea a shot.  After a year at it, he decided to go back to the working world.  However, while his was back at his desk job, he decided to start a blog on the side.  He chose to do this in order to keep up with all the changes in technology and all the new up and coming tech websites. 

Out of that side-hustle came, the wildly popular media business focusing solely on news related to the technology industry.  And currently pulling in around 27 million visitors per month.

Darren Rowse Darren decided to started document how he was making money from his blog experiments in 2004.  His blog became a hit, and turned into one of the best resources for aspiring bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.  His site is, currently helps roughly 700,000 people a month with insights and information related to monetize content creation on the web.

Arriana Huffington:  These days, everyone has heard of Arriana Huffington.  If you don’t recognize her entire name entirely, surely you’ve heard of the Huffington Post, aka the Huffpost.  Well, she was the co-founder of this massive media company.  Arriana and Co. took a professional approach to their blog from the get go.  And this is what helped them transform their blog into the media platform it is today, reaching 137,000,000 people a month.

Jason Wachob: Jason left Wall Street to start a low-carb cheesecake company, and after it failed he hit rock-bottom. But, he decided to recollect himself and rebuild anew. And even though he was working out of his mother’s basement, he leveraged his life experiences to start Mind Body Green.

And now, is one of the most popular lifestyle media brands in the world.

With that said, this list can go on and on.  But here’s the thing, if they can do it, you can do it too.


One of my personal heroes, Theodore Roosevelt once exclaimed, “Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster”.  No doubt, he was talking about these type of moments, moments and opportunities that come once in a lifetime.  Starting a blog or your very own media company at this moment in time, is the right moment.

So why am I sharing this with you?  Because your time is now.  Because I believe that what you have to say, matters!  Your message, ideas, and influence can positively impact millions of people.  And I don’t want you to waste this chance of a lifetime.

Just look at the change in access to the internet over the past few decades:

Like Bob Dylan said, ‘These times are a changing”.   And now your voice can now be amplified to such a degree, that you can change the world.

Want to Create Your Own TV Show? Start by creating a channel on YouTube.

Curious about starting your own media company?  Get a website, upload a Newspaper Theme, and start creating and aggregating content.

Want to create a community of like-minded individuals to start making an impact across the world? Do like Lori Deschene, and create a Facebook Group or a community website.

Interested in creating a platform to spread your message, build trust, and start growing your influence?  Get Started on Your Own Media Company, and begin sharing your voice!

If you’re still not convinced, that’s okay.  Starting a media company isn’t for everybody. You don’t have start with some grand plan either.  Most successes don’t.  They just had a dream and were willing to give that dream a try.  However, if you’re still looking for some more good reasons to give your own thing a try, here are 10.

The bottom line is this…your voice matters, and now, unlike any time in recent history, you can leverage technology and help the world see and experience innovate and fresh ideas.   The world is hungry for what you have to offer, for what you have to say.  So, give it to them!

My friends, your moment is now. More people starting a media company is what our world needs.

Till then,


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