Your Moment is Now

The Era of YOU

Friends, this is something you probably already know.  We are living in an era of high leverage!  An era where anyone with $100 can create their very own platform and connect to billions of people across the world.

Seize Your Moment

There is a democratization of attention and influence that is continually unfolding right now as you read this! We are witnessing an era that holds more opportunity for every single person across the world, than at any time in recent history.


In the past, there has always been a huge gap between the consumers and the creators of information.

The creators of our information and entertainment were the big media giants.  The media giants like NBC, New York Times, ABC, Wall Street Journal, etc.  These companies had deep pockets, they had control of the media production technology, along with all the distribution channels.  Which, by default, made them the rulers of “media land”.

Not only were these media giants the rulers, but so were their 6 corporate masters (GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS), because they got to influence and direct information in a way that benefited their business.

Because they were all the rulers of this so called “media land”, we had to watch and listen to what they wanted us to view and listen to.  We were influenced to buy what they wanted us to buy (advertisements etc.)  By being the rulers of “media land”, they got to choose the messaging and influence that the majority of the world would get to consume.  In short, they had the power.


But this era is no more friends.  That was the old era, and now we are into the new.  This era we have been shifting into, is the era where anybody with an idea, a message, and a willingness to strive, can connect with the multitude.

The era we now live in, is an era where anybody can grow their very own audience, and control the frequency and quality of the message themselves.  We are now in the ‘era of you’.

You see, internet technology has evolved, and it is now allowing more and more people to choose what they want to consume and when.

Technology has unwittingly, put much power back into the hands of the people.  We now have the power to choose what we want to consume, and to create that which we want others to understand.  The barriers to entry have been removed.

Small and medium sized businesses have been slowly starting to pick up on this, and are moving in the direction of becoming their very own media companies.  Small businesses are hedging their bets against the media giants that once ruled the landscape, and are staking their claim in this new world.

They have realized, that if they are not creating content, then they virtually don’t exist.  Without a platform, they have no leverage, no way to influence, and will struggle to control their own destiny.


Even a handful of artists, authors, and solo entrepreneurs have already picked up on this trend with remarkable success.  As we speak, many are continually seizing more and more ground in terms of attention and subscribers from the old guard.

For example, look at these handful of individuals who not too long ago, decided that their moment was now.  You will notice that they have managed to create massive audiences in a short amount of time.  Audiences that have given them power, influence, and profits like they wouldn’t have ever been able to experience had they not seized their moment.

Gary Vaynerychuk:  Gary Vee, as many know him by these days, has almost double the YouTube subscribers than NBC News.   And when it comes to web traffic, his site pulls in almost 3% of, which is impressive considering currently pulls in around 18.5 million online viewers per month.

Evan Carmichael: Evan is about to surpass the New York Times on YouTube, which has just under a million subscribers.  That is a phenomenal achievement, considering he’s just one guy (who leverages a small team) and has not been around for nearly as long as the New York Times.

Lori Deschene: Lori started a Twitter account to initially share her ideas, which then transitioned into a blog in 2009, and then transitioned it into a community site that now attracts close to 4 million active users monthly.  Her current reach is roughly 14% that of old media companies, like Newsweek.

Pete Cashmore: Pete started a personal blog which would morph into, a site that now gets roughly 49.5 millions views per month!   For perspective, that’s almost as much attention as the Wall Street Journal is currently getting!

One shot one opportunity eminem quote


So why am I sharing this with you?  Because your time is now.  Because I believe that what you have to say, matters!  Your message, ideas, and influence can positively impact millions of people.  And I don’t want you to waste this chance of a lifetime.

Like Bob Dylan said, ‘These times are a changing.’   Your voice can now be amplified to such a degree, that you can change the world.

Want to Create Your Own TV Show? Start by creating a channel on YouTube.

Curious about creating your very own media company?  Get a website, upload a Newspaper Theme, and start creating and aggregating content.

Want to create a community of like-minded individuals to start making an impact across the world? Do like Lori Deschene, and create a Facebook Group or a community website.

Interested in creating a platform to spread your message, build trust, and start growing your influence?  Start a Blog, and begin sharing your voice!

The bottom line is this…your voice matters, and now, unlike any time in recent history, you can now leverage technology to allow the world to listen.   The world is hungry for what you have to offer, for what you have to say.  So, give it to them!

My friends, your moment is now….


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