How to Overcome The Obstacle to Success

A Review of 'Go Fearless'

The STRIVE was started to help inspire and motivate as many people as possible.  The aim was and is to help others recognize their potential to do more, become more, and live life more fully.

Fearless Formula

On top of that, The STRIVE is meant to be the encouraging voice that gives you the nudge you need from time-to-time to pursue that thing that brings you most to life.

Do You Still Have More to Give?

You could say, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the ex-athlete, the artist, the bold entrepreneur, and the daring dreamers of the world.  A special place for those few who may not have all of the answers, but know deep in their hearts that they still have a whole lot more to give.

So, I started on my quest to create this platform for people looking for tips, tactics, and tools to reach higher, become more, and improve their lives in the process.

The Answer

When I first got started, I asked myself, “How can I best serve people interested in changing their lives and achieving more?”, the answer that came to me was clear and simple.  “Help people overcome the obstacles to their success.”

obstacle to success


The answer seemed simple enough.   Especially so, as I’ve studied success and achievement over the years, and the #1 obstacle that seems to keep most people from achieving their greatest success is… fear.  Fear in the form of a lack of confidence.  Fear in the form of an unwillingness to get started.  Fear in the form of an inability to take determined action.  And, lastly, fear in the form of allowing our own self-talk to convince us that we aren’t worthy of what we deeply desire.


I’ve had my own challenges with confidence in the past.  I’ve gone from being someone with extremely rock solid confidence, to someone who was supremely self-conscious, anxious, and afraid to take even the smallest risks, like speaking up for myself.

Fortunately, I’ve also discovered how to get my groove back.  It took some time, and lots of trial and error.  But I figured it out.


Go Fearless is essentially the fearless formula we could all use at times, to overcome the biggest obstacle to success, fear.

To help others overcome such obstacles, I created a simple 124+ pg. book called ‘GO FEARLESS’.  It is a book that reads like a short story, provides 10 powerful fear-busting and confidence-boosting antidotes, and includes convenient workbook-like sections, so readers can work directly off the book.

Each antidote was curated from both personal experiences and other great minds who have lent their wisdom to the task of becoming fearless and crushing life.

The resource was designed in such a way, that when it has been read all the way through, and completed in its entirety, you will have created your own unique fearless formula.  A unique formula capable of strengthening your ability to forge your own destiny and become a conqueror of your life.

Here are some of the positive reviews of The Fearless Formula received so far:

“As I’ve gone through these formulas the confidence that I’ve been searching for is finally starting to surface.” Dwan S.


“I just read the Fearless Formula, and I must say, it is a GREAT compilation of wisdom/hacks/strategies to take yourself to the next level.”  Health Warrior


“I really liked this resource. It is actionable, and has great content. It’s super valuable, and there is no doubt this product will help change people’s lives.”Jess M.


I’ll cut to the chase, this book delivered some great principles and actions to conquer fear. The 10 antidotes give a clear and solid path towards kicking that fear to the curb and taking control of your life. The book gave me some great insights and I’m looking forward to reading more from Nate in the future.Matt E.

Overcome THE Obstacle to Your Success….


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