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How to Destroy Self-Doubt

The great generals, emperors, and conquerors of history all had this one thing in common.  They excelled at bringing the fight to the enemy.

The greatest achievers and leaders have always had a knack for assaulting that which posed a threat to their dominion, to their greatness.

Seek and Destroy Your Self-Doubt

There are many important lessons that can be learned from studying the history of the great leaders of nations.  If you pay close attention, you can observe significant parallels that exist between them and the internal battles we face in this new era. Parallels that can help us learn how to become conquerors as well; not of nations, but of our selves.

If we are to ever claim our rightful place under the sun, to achieve that which we are destined to become, that glorious vision we have of ourselves living the life we’ve always imagined, we must go on the offensive.

In terms of success and personal achievement, our biggest enemy lies within us.  In many ways, self-doubt is the biggest obstacle that keeps most people from acquiring the sense that they are winning this thing called life.

Sun Tzu, in the Art of War, advised that there is security in a strong defense, but that if it is victory that is sought, then going on the offensive is necessary.

This post is about how you can heed the wisdom of Sun Tzu, to seek and destroy that which hinders most your rapid progression in work, business, and life; self-doubt.

The Self-Doubt Saboteur

Self-doubt is a saboteur.  It’s a cunning and viscous aspect of our personal natures that seeks to deliberately destroy the brightest light we have to offer to others, and this world.

Too many people have allowed their inner doubting voice to sabotage the great hopes they once had for their lives.  The dreams they held onto for so long, only to be whispered to death by that conniving yet convincing voice named self-doubt.

But we, as field generals charged with the sole responsibility of claiming victory over any adversary seeking to hinder our expansion and growth; must be prepared to do what is necessary to annihilate the enemy.

To get you battle-ready, I’ve prepared these practical strategies so you can take the fight to your inner saboteur.

Best Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Best Ways to Destroy Self-Doubt

1. Seek

Before you can destroy any internal weaknesses you have in the form of self-doubt, you must first discover where that self-doubt is coming from.  There is no easy and quick way to do this.  Embrace the fact that this is going to be a challenge, and get on with the seeking process.

If you find yourself saying some of the following phrases to yourself like “I am not sure I can do this”, or “who am I to do such things”, or worst of all, ‘I want to….but”, then you have some slaying to do.

Here is what you need to do first.   Get yourself a journal and create a list of all the things/achievements/actions you really want to do in your life, but feel a bit of uncertainty around when you consider executing on those items.  Be sure to leave some space in between each item.

Now, in between each item, write down 2 or 3 reasons you’re self-doubting self-sabotaging mind is giving you, as to why you can’t accomplish the aspiration you wish for yourself.

Once you have this list, you will have officially discovered and isolated your self-doubt.  Now it is time to move on to the next step of this self-doubt decimation process.

2. Slay

Before we begin slaying these pesky self-doubts, it is important to know that all self-doubt stems from a built in self-defense mechanism.  A mechanism your mind has developed to keep you from making drastic and unsettling changes in your life.  Changes that are uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.  When you are comfortable, you are safe.  At least that’s what your mind keeps telling you.

When you understand that self-doubt is primarily an attempt by your mind to keep you safe and in your comfort zone, you will be empowered to take the action necessary to ambush it.

With this being known, here is how you will slay that self-doubting beast.

Take Decisive Action

You will need take decisive action regardless of the sense that you can’t do it.  You must confront your opponent head on to be victorious.  If you lack the internal fire to do so, go watch ‘Brave Heart’ or the ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, then get to work.

Use the list created in the previous step,  then pick one item that you really want to achieve, and go do it.  When your self-doubt starts barking at you, just ignore it.

By doing this, you will gain a small victory over your doubts.  In addition to this, you will also have proved your inner self-doubter wrong, slowly starting your march towards victory over self.   Such victories will begin to diminish the power of the future objections that your self-doubting voice will try to resurface.

Action Slays Self-Doubt.

 Silence Your Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be loud, so loud that it drowns out our logical clear thinking mind.  This is one of self-doubt’s biggest strength’s, but also one of its greatest weaknesses.  As a great tactician, you need to use your opponent’s strength against it.   To do this, you must simply ensure that you have a competing voice in your mind that sounds off at the same level of your doubting voice.  If you can do this, the two voices will effectively cancel each other out.

The quickest way to silence your self-doubt, is to program your mind using guided visualizations, or hypnosis.  The power behind such a method, lies within using a program that speaks directly to your biggest unconscious doubts.

For instance, if your biggest self-doubts are stemming from your mind telling you that you are not a good conversationalist, you can find a program that convinces you otherwise.

If your inner saboteur is telling you that you are not a good public speaker, or a confident leader, then you can find a program specifically for drowning out that self-doubt as well.

The next best way to program your mind is with confidence affirmations.  When you affirm you have a strength that your doubting voice says you don’t, you slowly weaken the strength of the doubting voice.

3. Secure

Now that you’ve made some surgical strikes on your self-doubt, you can consider it all but dead.  You’ve weakened that seven headed monster, but like all good foes, it has the ability to rise from defeat and regroup.  Unfortunately this can come back to cause us harm, so we have to have our guard up.

As such, it is vital, that we build up our confidence and mental defenses so-to-speak, in order to secure our lives from falling prey to the debilitating effects self-doubt can have on us.

To start fortifying your mind, here is what you need to do:

Habitual Affirming

It is important to make affirmations a habit.  When you practice affirmations habitually, you will counteract the lies that your inner saboteur tries to convince you of.  By affirming that you possess the strength, skills, or whatever quality your inner saboteur tries to persuade you on, you will in effect, re-fortify your mind against those destructive whispers that show back up in the form of self-doubt.

Eliminate Negativity

Avoid negativity in all forms is a must.  This measure is a difficult one to execute for most because let’s face it, we live in a pretty negative world.  Turning the TV on is no longer a requirement to be bombarded with toxic fear reinforcing messages.  These days, plenty of ads (and posts) on Youtube,, and even Twitter promotes a state of fear and uncertainty that plagues the minds of the many.   So be careful with what media you are consuming.   Here’s a good article that goes into more detail on why negativity should be avoided if you want to keep your mind strong.

Stay in Motion

With your inner saboteur still lurking in the depths of your mind, waiting for you to drop your guard, it is vital that you keep your strength up.  Doing the steps above will help considerably, but the most important measure that you must take to secure against any future encroachment, is to stay in motion.

You must take consistent action towards those things that you want to do, but feel you can’t.  The minute that you have a sincere desire to do something, but opt to not act on it for fear that you can’t, you will unintentionally start the whole weakening process all over again.  You want to avoid hesitancy at all costs, as it is the quickest way to resuscitate the self-doubting saboteur.

By staying in motion, by taking consistent action on your goals daily, you keep the enemy, the monster buried.

4. Put It Away

This last step for overcoming doubt has to do with putting your smart phone down and getting away from social media in general. Not forever, just for awhile. Why? Because social media is all about people only showing the good, and rarely the bad aspects of their lives. It’s basically a bunch of people showing off 24/7. And as innocent as it all is, it has an unfortunate downside of creating a type of comparanoia for its many casual users.

What’s comparanoia? Comparanoia is when you compare your life, your status, your level of success etc. to everybody else all the time. It is a form of malady that tends to leave people always feeling like they are not good enough, rich enough, in love enough, etc. It can lead to you feeling behind in life, and/or just not doing life right. As such, platforms like Facebook and Instagram create a lot of unnecessary self-doubt.

So, do yourself a favor from time to time and put “it” (your device) away and take a break from social media.

Final Thoughts on Overcoming Self-Doubt

There you have it my friends.  Seek, Slay, Secure, and Put It Away… simple strategies to take out enemy number one, your self-doubt.  Seek and destroy all internal enemies and actions that pose a threat to you and the expression of your greatest self.  

So, if you want to experience powerful changes in your life, stay consistent in your pursuits. Apply these methods to your life, and fully believing in yourself again will be a cinch.

Till next time,


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