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money mantras

If you could use a few game-changing money mantras to help you attract more wealth and abundance into your life would you use them? Of course you would, which is why we’ve pulled together this powerful list of money mantras to help you shift your money mindset.

“Each Of Us Is What We Are Because Of The Dominating Thoughts We Permit To Occupy Our Minds.”

– napoleon hill –

Believe it or not, your mindset about money matters. What you think about money, and how you feel about it, can have a direct impact on your personal finances. Your mindset drives the decisions you make about spending, saving, and managing money. It also impacts how much energy you’ll expend and the type of actions you’ll take to get more of it. Thus, your mindset is very much related to how much wealth and abundance you are currently experiencing in your life.

With that said, if you are new to mantras, here are a few quick ground rules. Mantras are not a wishes. Mantras are like a verbal form of meditation. And similar to meditation, it is the practice of directing your thoughts towards a particular object. When you meditate, the aim is to focus on nothing so as to calm or settle one’s busy mind. But when you use a mantra, especially a money mantra, the purpose is to focus your mind on money, having more of it, deserving it, and the positive feelings and experiences you aim to have as your money situations improves.

As such, when you use a mantra is very much like programming a guidance system. The challenges of daily scrambles our ability to focus on where we want to truly go. But when you use your mantras, you help reorient your mind towards that which you want most. And in our case, it towards more financial success.

So, if you’re ready to get to work on transforming your mindset into one that will guide you towards more abundance, wealth, and financial success in your life, then let’s jump right in into these powerful money mantras.


Best Mantras For Money

Mantra 1: Large Sums of Money Come to Me Quickly and Easily

This money mantra has quickly become one of our favorites. It stems from American author, entrepreneur, and millionaire Jake Ducey. It’s an effective mantra to get money immediately as it helps shift your energy and thinking about money in a powerful way.

It’s also a great mantra to practice if you’re looking to calm your mind, with thoughts that the solutions to your financial challenges are just around the corner.

Mantra 2: I Deserve The Highest And Best In Life

 Napoleon Hill, who was one of the most influential success authors of his time, once wrote, “If you do not see riches in your imagination, you will never see them in your bank balance.” It’s a powerful statement, that should be considered when using this mantra.

So, be sure to repeat this mantra while simultaneously envisioning the money and riches that you’ll soon have in your life.

Mantra 3: I Claim My Abundance Now

Your better future awaits, but you’ll have to claim your stake in that future. The great news is, when you use this mantra, you make in known to yourself and the universe, that more money and abundance will be yours.

So, use this mantra to help you claim the abundance and riches that are yours for the taking.

I claim my abundance mantra

Mantra 4: I Am Open And Receptive To All The Wealth Life Offers Me

Most people struggle with money because of the messaging around money they have acquired during their upbringing. Whether it was from a well-meaning parent who suggested money was the root of all evil, or the cultural programming they learned about money from the community they group up in.

This money mantra will help you let go of some of those mental blocks, and open your mind to the abundance of money that you will come your way, if you let it.

Mantra 5: I Am So Happy And Grateful Now That Money Comes To Me In Increasing Quantities Through Multiple Sources On A Continuous Basis

This money mantra is exceptionally long, but it stems from the late Bob Proctor who was a consummate authority when it comes to prosperity and riches.

This mantra has an almost hypnotic effect to it, as it touches on just about every area that deals with our thinking about money. I taps into gratitude, amount, source, and frequency, which are all helpful towards priming our minds for financial success.

Mantra 6: Money Flows To Me Everyday And In Every Way

Often times when we want more money to come into our lives, we think it has to come from a particular revenue stream, like our jobs. So, we hyper-focus on that stream, and when the money doesn’t seem to be growing or increasing fast enough via that stream, we lose heart.

Fortunately, when you use this mantra, it will help you open your mind to receiving money, and being okay with it coming from a variety of sources (regardless of the size/origin). And it’s that realization that will ultimately lead to a river of money and abundance eventually showing up for you. So, use this mantra to ensure you don’t block those smaller financial tributaries, because it’s those small streams of money that ultimately make up your greater prosperity.

Money Flows to Me Everyday Mantra

Mantra 7: I Am On Track To Achieving Financial Success

This is a wonderful mantra for keeping you motivated towards your money goals. More often than not, people lose steam on a new habit because they can’t see immediate results. But this mantra does a good job at pre-empting the thoughts that would make you give up on your financial goals too soon.

So, repeat this mantra for financial success often to keep your spirits up and your momentum going forward until you reach your financial ends.

Mantra 8: My Every Action Is Focused On Creating The Financial Success I Seek

This mantra helps focus your mind on the activities required to achieve your financial goals. Because when all is said and done, your financial situation will ultimately change when your actions change, especially when those actions are focused on improving your financial situation.

The more focused action you take towards improving your financial situation, the better off it will become. The opposite is also true.

Mantra 9: I Am Committed To The Riches I Seek

Your financial situation will improve over time to the degree which you are committed to having it improve. This money mantra helps you recommit to your financial goals.

So, repeat it often to strengthen your commitment, and with it, your results.

Mantra 10: The Money I Seek Is Tied To The Actions I Take

Out of all of the money mantras listed thus far, this one is more or less on the pragmatic side. Regardless, it is a great mantra because it is important to convince your mind of the reality, that without intention and focused action, nothing changes.

Leverage this mantra when your activity is not lining up with the results you seek.

Mantra 11: I Am Open And Receptive To All The Abundance That Is Coming My Way

There’s lots of opportunities that we miss because we aren’t aware of their presence. But, this mantra does a good job of helping you keep your antennas up for opportunities that could very quickly assist you in changing your financial situation.

 Mantra 12: I Am Worthy Of Wealth And Abundance

If you’re looking for a money mantra that works instantly, this one should be on the top of your list. This is the perfect mantra for smashing those subconscious beliefs that have been sabotaging your financial success up until this point.

Repeat this mantra to yourself often, and truly and deeply believe it. Because money will elude you until you truly believe that you are worthy of having lots of it.

Worthy of Wealth Mantra

Mantra 13: I Am On Track To Becoming Financially Free

This is another great financial mantra to use for ensuring your spirits are high and your motivation is strong as you strive to become financially free. Similar to a previous mantra that is aimed to keeping you on track, but different in that it will help you stay on fire for financial freedom.

If financial freedom is a goal of yours, then this is one mantra you’ll want to use often.

Mantra 14: I Am Smart With My Money

Way too many people think that money management is rocket-science when it is not. There are a handful of simple rules to follow, and everyone can easily learn them if they a determined to.

So, if you’ve ever doubted your financial savviness, use this mantra crush those doubts and inspire you to learn those few simple and easy to learn principles of money that will have other people soon saying, “dang, you sure are smart with your money.”

Mantra 15: There Is No Shortage Of Money In This World

We can always earn more money, and the ways to earn that money are, for all intents and purposes, infinite. The limits we truly have are the limits we place on ourselves.

So, if you have a nagging voice in your head that reminds you that money is a finite resource, just use this money mantra to counter act it. Once you do that you’ll be able to take more action.

Mantra 16: A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned

The first millionaire of America, Ben Franklin was known to say a penny saved is a penny earned. And it’s a frame of mind that can benefit just about anyone who puts it to practice.

The most important thing about this mantra, is that it will help you force your mind to appreciate the value of each dollar bill, and as a result, help you be less frivolous with each dollar you earn.

Mantra 17: A Part Of All I Earn Is Mine To Keep

 George S. Clason authored one of the most invaluable personal finance books of all-times, and one of the most critical bits of advice in that book was this, “A part of all I earn is mine to keep.’ Say it in the morning when you first arise. Say it at noon. Give it another go at night. Say it each hour of every day. Say it to yourself until the words stand out like letters of fire across the sky.”

Transform his advice into a mantra and you’ll soon be holding on to most of your money like the rich do.

Mantra 18: I Make My Money Work Hard For Me

One of the greatest secrets to achieving financial success is knowing that money makes money. And the more aware you become of this fact, the more often you’ll search out ways to make your money work hard for you. In other words, find ways for your money to earn you high returns while protecting (minimizing the risk) it from loss.

So, use this mantra to help you achieve the discipline necessary for finding the best ways to leverage your money and optimize your returns.

Hard Working Mantra for Money

Mantra 19: I Invest My Money, And Then Spend What’s Left

Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki once stated, “Most people fail to realize that in life, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep.” As such, this money mantra will help you reprogram your mind to be an investor first, and a consumer second.

It’s a subtle mental shift that can dramatically transform your entire financial situation. If you want to become a millionaire or filthy rich, this is the way to go.

Mantra 20: My Past Does Not Define My Existence, My Financial Future Is Bright

Tony Robbins once quipped, “Your past does not equal your future.” It’s was a statement that was as powerful as it was true, and the crux of that statement is embedded in this mantra.

Thus, you’ll want to use this mantra to help you overcome any self-limiting beliefs that stem from your past financial experiences.

Mantra 21: Financial Success Is My Birth Right

Here’s another great mantra to drive the point home to your subconscious mind that financial success is yours for that taking. It will help you believe in your worthiness, and that worthiness will help you attract and go after the money you deserve.

So, if you’re guilty of second-guessing yourself or doubting your worth and ability to achieve a better financial situation for yourself, start using this mantra for money right away.

Financial Success Mantra

Mantra 22: I Am Worthy Of The Riches I Desire

We cannot attract that which we don’t feel worthy of having. Attracting money and success is sort of like dating. If you go on a date with your partner and you don’t feel worthy of them, she/he will sense it, and they will more than likely lose interest. And of course less interest means less future interactions.

So, if you feel like you are having problems with your worthiness of money, use this mantra. It will do wonders for your money-related self-esteem

Mantra 23: Saving Is Earning

One of the richest entrepreneurs in history, Andrew Carnegie once stated, “If you want to get rich, think of saving as earning.” It’s advice that everyone should hear at least once in their lives, as it could help them think a whole lot differently about how they handle their money.

With that said, say this short little money mantra often to rewire your mind until saving/investing your excess money becomes second-nature.

Mantra 24: I Have Faith In My Ability To Accumulate Vast Sums of Money

Certainly you’ve recognized the pattern that underlies many of these mantras by now. If not, the patter is the intense focus on getting you to trust in yourself and believe in your vision.

The focus is so strong on your belief in yourself because there is truly magic in believing. Believing starts the miracle process. It is the fuel that propels the dreamer forward. So embrace this mantra and all the others, and have faith in your ability to accumulate the riches you seek, for that belief is bridge that connects you to your future.

mantra to get money immediately

Mantra 25: I Can Achieve Whatever Financial Goal I Set My Mind To

Believing is the bedrock of your future success. If you truly believe that you can do a thing, you will find a way to make it happen. So, fill your mind with this mantra as often as necessary, until you are convinced that you truly can achieve the financial success that inspires you.

If you believe, you can achieve.

Bonus Mantra: God’s Wealth Flows To Me In Avalanches of Abundance

Here’s our last money mantra. And it is one of our favorites out of all of the other money mantras. It was derived from a powerful incantation that Tony Robbins uses for priming his own mind on a daily basis, and well, it seems it has worked for him.

We also included it is as a bonus, because there’s no way you can’t not supercharge your money situation, if you choose to go straight to the source of all wealth and abundance.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach For Riches

Hopefully these money mantras will encourage you to reach for the riches you deserve.
Many, if not most successful people in this world rely on a go-to mantra to realign their minds with their goals whenever they need assistance. Some successful people will even repeat their mantra to themselves throughout day.

With that said, we urge you to choose a few money mantras to employ daily, whether it be from this list or one you came up with yourself, and use it to prime your mind for the financial success you seek.

Most importantly, remember that mantras don’t work unless you do. So, be proactive and back them up with action. Do this, and you will eventually attain the money you’re pursuing.

Till then,


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The STRIVE is on a mission to inspire and uplift 1 billion people by 2032. Our primary aim is to help as many people as possible believe in the uncommon thought, that they can be more than they are, do more than they've done, and achieve more prosperity than they've ever dreamed possible. Let's achieve the impossible together.





Manifestation Affirmations

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to easily manifest or achieve success after success, while others struggle to create very little positive change in their lives or make any progress on their goals, and as a result eventually give up? Want to know what the main difference between these two groups of people is? It’s simple: It’s their mindset.

That’s right, your mindset is responsible for much of the success and achievement (or lack of thereof) that you’ve been experiencing in your life up until this point. If you’ve been experiencing positive change and successes, chances are you possess a healthy and positive mindset. But, if you’ve been experiencing the opposite, like failure, frustration, or a lack of reasonable progress, then you may have a problem with your mindset.

The great news is, we’ve discovered a little secret through trial and error, that can help just about anyone reverse their mindset, and with it, their luck. So, what’s this little secret? Well, it’s none other than affirmations. But not just any ole affirmations, we’re talking about manifestation affirmations to be precise.

What Are Manifestation Affirmations?

First and foremost, affirmations are essentially statements that can help rewire your mindset or how you perceive the world when you say them to yourself or write them down regularly.

A 2015 study published to the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journal, which can also be found on The National Library of Medicine, used an MRI to show how employing self-affirmations can actually activate the reward centers in your brain.[1]

For example, by simply affirming to yourself, “I am confident”, you can activate the same reward centers that react to other dopamine-releasing experiences, like watching a great movie, or eating chocolate. In short, affirmations can activate your neural pathways, and if done enough, via neuroplasticity, you can eventually transform those areas of your brain responsible for how positive you feel about a given aspect of your life.[2]

But here is the real reason why affirmations are so powerful. When you use them, you essentially leverage two different types of biases that we all have. Namely, what’s known as the observational selection bias and our confirmation bias.

The former is a bias that helps us see more of something once it has been noticed. It’s like when you hear a certain song, and then you start hearing that song everywhere. The latter bias (the confirmation bias) is our tendency to search, interpret, or recall information that confirms our pre-existing beliefs.

Thus, when you use affirmations, you are essentially hacking these two cognitive biases for your own advantage.

With that being said, for an affirmation to be truly effective, you should believe in it, and it should be said with emotion and faith. It won’t hurt to remember the following sage advice when you employ them, ‘All things are possible to those that believe them.” In fact, the less faith you have in your affirmations, the less effective they will be.

So, if you really want to get the most out of your affirmations, you will want to suspend your disbelief and minimize the significance of that overly critical and doubting voice we all listen to from time to time.

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The Manifestation Affirmation

Now that we’ve covered what an affirmation is, here’s what a manifestation affirmation is, and why you should use these types of affirmations if you want to truly realize your dreams and more success in your life.

The word manifestation, at its core means to be readily perceived by the senses, or to be easily understood or realized by the mind. The word also means to essentially create something or transform something from an idea into a reality. 

So, a manifestation affirmation, is an affirmation that you’ll want to use to create a mindset that is primed to more readily perceive, understand, and realize the success, positivity, and positive change that you seek in your life.

Manifestation affirmations are affirmations that will not only help guide you to the positive outcomes you are after (like a honing device), but they’ll help you strengthen the mindset that is more apt to see and perceive the success that is on its way. And like a positive feedback loop, the more you use manifestation affirmations, the more fully aware you’ll become of the success and possibilities you seek.

And as a result, you’ll be more inclined to look for the “wins” that’ll entice you to persist in taking the actions that will eventually lead you to the realization of the inspiring possibilities and success you seek.

So, if you’re ready for our collection of what we believe to be the best affirmations for manifestation dreams, then let’s dive in:


Best Manifestation Affirmations

1. “I am passionate about my goals and I convert my dreams into reality with unwavering courage.”

2. “I am abundant and ready to live my dreams now.”

3. “I focus my energy on positive thoughts and actions.”

4. “I believe in myself and in my ability to achieve my dreams.”

5. “All the Universe conspires in helping me achieve my dreams.”

Affirmation for Manifestation

6. “I see and feel my goals and dreams as already accomplished.”

7. “I have clearly defined and written goals with a deadline.”

8. “I expect success.”

9. “I create my own luck and prosperity.”

10. “I deserve the highest and best in life.”

I deserve the highest affirmation

11. “I am powerful, positive, and energetic in the pursuit of my dreams.”

12. “Prosperity flows to and through me.”

13. “I am happy with who I am and can be.”

14. “I am worthy of my dream job and creating the lifestyle of my dreams.”

15. “My success grows with limitless expectations.”

My Success Grows With Limitless Expectations Affirmation

16. “I am creating happy, fulfilling relationships in my life.”

17. “I attract success and happiness easily and effortlessly.”

18. “I am the architect of my fate and I can achieve what I have dreamt for myself.”

19. “My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant, my soul is tranquil.”

20. “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

I can do anything manifestation affirmation

21. “My potential is infinite, and my future is bright.”

22. “My life is full of positive friends and family members who love and support me.”

23. “I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.”

24. “I am living the life I have pictured for myself.”

25. “I am whole, complete, total, and fully alive in this moment.”

Affirmation for Living In The Moment

Bonus Manifestation Affirmation

Bonus: Here is one last bonus affirmation for manifesting your dreams. It’s a powerful testament to yourself, that will open up the floodgates of success and plenty when you fully and truly believe it. Enjoy

“My Mind Is Open To Success And Abundance. I Know I Can And Will Have It All.”

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best of the best when it comes to manifestation affirmations. Remember, your success is largely a mental game determined by your mindset. And once you convince yourself that you are responsible for the pictures you hold in your mind, and take action to proactively change those pictures, good things will start showing up in your life.

Just like in sports, the goal, the touchdown, or the game winning shot are all pictured in the mind in advance, before they are ever realized in our physical world. The same goes for the realization of your goals and dreams. So, if you’re serious about manifesting the successful life you seek, you may want to get serious about taking control of your mindset with these manifestation affirmations.

Till then,


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Manifestation Mantras

To understand why we write and speak manifestation mantras, we first need to explore the precise nature of manifestation. What is manifestation? Well, in its simplest terms, manifestation is what happens when we bring something from our desired reality into our physical reality.

What does this mean exactly? Here is an example. If you have a goal of buying a new car by the end of next year and you end up achieving that goal, you can say that you manifested the car. Put another way, manifestation is the outcome of positive action that was initiated by positive thought.

Manifestation isn’t magic or magical thinking. In fact, there is actually a lot of research the supports the power of goal-setting and manifesting.[1] What you put out into the universe is more likely to find its way back to you. That’s the basic law of attraction. With that being said, let’s further explore the science of manifestation and manifestation mantras. Because the more you know about them, the better equipped you’ll be to put them to good use in your own life.

The Science Behind Manifestation Mantras

To understand how manifestation mantras work, let’s go over exactly what a mantra is. By definition, a mantra is a syllable, utterance, or sound. Sound creates and changes vibration, and anywhere you see or feel a vibration, there is usually a sound behind it.

What this means is that our entire existence is a sort of sound, or rather, a complex amalgamation of different sounds. In other words, our world and our lives are made up of mantras of one kind or another.

When you can direct your mantras and use them specifically and intentionally, you can watch them become the key that opens up an entirely new dimension of experience and life within you.[2] Mantras activate a particular type of energy in your body.

What Exactly Are Manifestation Mantras?

Are manifestation mantras the same thing as affirmations? The two are similar but there are some subtle differences. Affirmations usually have highly specific intentions. For example, you may have affirmations that address very specific outcomes, such as amounts of money, relationships, or the type of car you hope to have.

On the other hand, manifestation mantras are usually shorter utterances and they are more focused on matching our desired outcome’s energy. With manifestation mantras, your desired outcome may be unconditional love, abundance, or fulfillment. You can see that they’re much less specific than affirmations and they’re also not as wordy.

Here are some examples of manifestation mantras that you can use during meditation as you focus on the energy of what you are saying.


Best Manifestation Mantras

1. Everything I do is yielding results for me.

2. The Universe always takes care of me.

3. I am moving toward my best life every single day.

4. That which I am seeking is also seeking me.

5. I am creating a life of purpose and passion.

6. My dreams are beginning to come true.

7. All is working out for my greater good.

8. Everything is as it should be.

9. My life is rich and full.

10. All my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously.

11. God’s wealth is circulating in my life.

12. My actions are leading me to prosperity.

13. I trust in the divine to supply all my needs.

14. I live a blessed life.

15. The desires of my heart are met with ease.

16. My diligence leads to profit.

17. I am healthy and wealthy.

18. I live in joy.

19. Every cell in my body is alive an beautiful

20. Every day I grow into my potential.

21. I am creating my best life.

22. I listen to my body and take good care of it.

23. I am grateful for all that I have.

24. I release all anxiety and worry.

25. I am living a great life.

Now that you have a solid list of powerful manifestation mantras that you can leverage daily, let’s dive in to how they impact us.

How Manifestation Mantras Impact Us

Below, we explain in detail how manifestation mantras can impact your life and health.

1. Saying Manifestation Mantras May Stimulate Our Endocrine Systems.

When you chant mantras, your tongue is pressing against the palate inside your mouth. This stimulates the thalamus, hypothalamus, and pituitary. In the palate in your mouth, there are 84 specific meridian points. Specifically, there are 20 meridian points in the soft palate and 64 meridian points in the hard palate.

When your hypothalamus emanates a vibration, it directs that pituitary gland’s actions and also governs your endocrine systems. Also, as this process happens, hormones and chemicals are released throughout the body and onward to the brain, resulting in healing bodily effects.

The tongue stimulates the pituitary gland and hits the various meridian points. The reason this is so powerful is that the pituitary gland forms when we are in utero from cells that originate in the roof of the mouth. These cells rise to the brain. Because of this, pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth stimulates the pituitary gland.

2. When We Say Manifestation Mantras, We Are More Focused.

It’s well-documented that when we chant mantras while meditating, we are more able to focus. Chanting mantras distracts our minds from the random thoughts that we all experience every day, allowing us to anchor our minds in concentration.

3. Saying Mantras Effectively Helps Us Release Emotions.

Do you ever feel the need to release emotions? Chanting manifestations is an effective way to let go of whatever emotions are controlling you. Essentially, when you are saying manifestation mantras, you are impacting your heart and throat chakras and releasing the negative emotions through self-expression.

4. Our Vibration Aligns When We Say Manifestation Mantras, Creating Awareness.

Because mantras are spoken aloud, they create vibrations. Repeating manifestation mantras direct our words, feelings, actions, and thoughts to impact our consciousness. Every sound has a different vibration and different mantras will have a different effect. Because sounds affect our molecular structure, mantras have the power to be extremely transformative. 

To understand this fully, think for a moment about how various sounds affect your life. Some music has the power to change your mood, and loud noises or yelling affect our moods in a negative way. When you say manifestation mantras with intention, you’re exercising some control over the sounds that affect your life. 

5. Our Vibrations Become Better Adjusted When We Say Manifestation Mantras.

The Law of Attraction says that we attract that which we seek and put into the universe. If you’re vibrating good things such as love, you will begin to see good things everywhere you look.

The stronger your focus, the better your results.

6. Saying Manifestation Mantras and Changing Our Vibration Can Help Us Overcome Our Karma.

Do you want to alter your Karma? You can start doing this by changing your vibration. If you’re a sensitive person, you will more fully experience the positive effects of manifestation mantras. 

Benefits of Chanting Manifestation Mantras

In life, habits become patterns, and thoughts become words. When words become actions, you can effectively experience the power of manifestation mantras. When you repeat manifestation mantras, you can find liberation from the ingrained patterns that are holding you back from your full potential. 

With that being said, here are a handful of supporting mantra resources you can try, if you’re looking for a good place to start your manifestation journey:

So, leverage this resource whenever you need a good reminder about the power of manifesting. But most importantly, give some manifestation mantras a try and see what happens in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Till then,


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Millionaire Mantras

There are two types of people who want to be a millionaire. There are the types who think it would be nice to become a millionaire someday if by good luck it just happened to them. Then, there are the people who want to become a millionaire, and are determined to do whatever is necessary to make it a reality. If you resonate with the latter, then this page is certainly for you, as it is a collection of mantras derived directly from the minds of actual millionaires . As such, these millionaire mantras will help you develop the mindset needed to both earn and keep your first million.

“If You Want To Become a Millionaire, You Have To Start Thinking Like One”

However, before we dive into these millionaire mantras, it is critical to understand that a mantra is not a wish. A mantra is a method of forcing your thoughts to be aligned with what you value. As such, a millionaire mantra is you saying out loud phrases that have the power to change your inner thoughts, beliefs, and perspective about money, lots of money.

Thus, by consistently using a millionaire mantra, you’ll eventually shift your mind into the type of thinking and taking the type of actions that are best aligned with building the fortune you desire.

So, if you’re ready to dial into the mindset of a millionaire, then let’s dive into these effective millionaire mantras.

Top 10 Millionaire Mantras for Accumulating Wealth

Best Millionaire Mantras Quotes

Mantra 1: I am a Millionaire

An extremely popular saying amongst some of the worlds most successful people is this; before you can do something, you must first be something. So, embrace who intend to be, and then start doing what millionaires do…execute on your ideas.

Mantra 2: I am on Track to Becoming a Millionaire

Like good ole Mickey once said to Rocky, “You see yourself doing right, and you do right.” This mantra is exactly that, a mantra to help keep you focused and assured of your intended end result.

On Track to Be a Millionaire Mantra

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It is meant to remind you that the actions you are taking are the right actions, and that they will inevitably carry you to the top of millionaire mountain.

Mantra 3: I am Happy and Grateful Now That Money Flows to Me

Millionaire and success guru Bob Proctor swears by this mantra. On numerous occasions he has stated that this is his go to mantra/affirmation for improving his wealth consciousness.

Mantra 4: I am Worthy of Being Wealthy

This millionaire mantra is a perfect for helping you combat those pesky self-doubts that make you feel like you are unworthy of wealth. By repeating this mantra, you’ll dissolve the self-doubting that keeps you from taking that action that must be taking to achieve your millions.

Millionaire Mantra About Being Worthy of Wealth

Mantra 5: I am Disciplined, Consistent, and Persistent

This millionaire mantra is key, because it contains three of the most important qualities needed to become a millionaire in this day and age; discipline, consistency, and persistence. Recite this mantra often, and put the qualities to work, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Mantra 6: I am Committed to Success and Riches

Commitment is doing what is necessary to fulfill the promise we made to ourselves before difficulties show up as road blocks. And without a doubt, pursuing the goal of becoming a millionaire has its share of obstacles.

Of course, no obstacle is unsurmountable to the committed. So, recite this mantra often to stay committed and on the path to millions.

Millionaire Mantra for Riches

Mantra 7: I Take Massive Action Daily Towards Providing Millions of Dollars in Service.

The more action you take, the more value you can create. And the more value you create, the sooner you’ll become a millionaire. So use this mantra often to keep your momentum going and compound your actions over time.

Mantra 8: I Talk, Act, and Work Like a Millionaire

Similar to our first millionaire mantra, this mantra helps you set that precedent for yourself, that you are a millionaire in the making.

As such, reciting this mantra will help ingrain into your subconscious mind that you are aligned with the essence of a millionaire.

Millionaire Mantras quotes

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Mantra 9: I Create Massive Value For Others, and Deserve The Fruits of My Labor

Earning big money is rarely an accident. In fact, money flows towards value. The more value a person provides, the more money they deserve, and the more money they typically make. So, use this millionaire mantra to help you keep your mind and actions aligned with what creates true wealth; providing value to others.

Mantra 10: I am Open and Receptive to All The Wealth Life Offers Me

All too often people sabotage their ability to earn and hold on to wealth. Many never earn millions because they don’t believe they can. And many other attract or earn millions, only to lose it or waste it away soon after.

As such, this mantra key for helping you prime your mind for being open to receive and keep the abundance you deserve.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it, 10 effective millionaire mantras that actually work. Use these mantras to both reprogram your mind and to convince yourself that you deserve a life full of abundance.

Without a doubt, these mantras will have you walking, talking, and acting like a millionaire in no time at all. Which of course is of the upmost importance, because before you can do something, you must first be something.

So, bookmark this page, comeback often, and use these millionaire mantras till you reach that coveted but very possible goal; millionaire.

Till next time,


PS – If you enjoyed these millionaire maker mantras, then you’ll likely love these two supporting resource to help you accelerate your path to riches. Check them out there:

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business mantras

Succeeding in business is no easy task. In fact, the road to entrepreneurial success is often littered with many setbacks, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and frustrations. Lots of frustrations. But, the end result, which is the achievement of a thriving and self-sustaining business venture is worth all the toil and sacrifice.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and business owners lose steam or get discouraged on their journey towards success. The obstacles, challenges, and negative experiences they face eventually lead to negative thinking. Then those negative thoughts tend to lead to negative habits, and those negative habits almost always crush momentum and lead to the loss of enthusiasm and hope. And once they lose hope, they stop striving. But were not going to allow that to happen. Not for you!

“Whatever We Plant In Our Subconscious Mind And Nourish With Repetition And Emotion Will One Day Become Reality.”

Earl Nightingale

We want to help ensure you keep your mindset strong and your thoughts positive, so you can keep taking the positive steps necessary to reach your business aims. So, to help you combat the challenge of achieving the success you seek, we’ve rounded up some of the most empowering business mantras for your entrepreneurial success.

If you’re not sure what a mantra is, or what the benefits of mantras are, read this first.

With that said, we know that with consistent use, mantras can and will help you drown out those negative thoughts that lead to defeat. But more importantly, they’ll help you focus on the the thoughts that lead to success. After all, what you focus on expands, and results always follow focus. So, the next time you’re feeling low or discouraged while on your entrepreneurial journey, employ these empowering business mantras to get yourself back on track for success:

25 Best Business Mantras for Entrepreneurial Success

business mantras for business success

Mantra 1: Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

More often than not, failure comes from doing the same things over and over, yet expecting different results. In business, especially in the early stages of one’s entrepreneurial journey, if something isn’t working, something has to change.

So, use this mantra if you need to snap yourself out of the habits or line of thinking that may be keeping you on the path towards mediocrity and eventually failure.

Mantra 2: You Get What You Focus On

It’s critical for everyone who seeks success to pay attention to what they think and what they focus on. But this is especially important for entrepreneurs and business owners, especially since time and resources is of this essence.

Leverage this mantra to keep yourself aligned with the necessity for positive thinking and intentional focus.

Mantra 3: Find a Way, Not an Excuse

There’s no place for excuses, not in the business world. You either produce results, or your ideas and business will end up in the dust bin of history.

Therefore, it’s imperative to force your mind to become a realist, because the business world and the market only cares about what works. Make excuses a thing of the past with this powerful business mantra.

Mantra 4: Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can

This is one of the best business mantras to use as an entrepreneur because it can help you deal with feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm keeps too many would-be entrepreneurs from getting started on their dreams.

They don’t know where to start, how to start, or if they have what it takes. But, as most big dreamers who achieved their dreams will attest, you’ve just gotta start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

Leverage the line of thinking that has worked for countless success stories with this business powerful mantra.

Mantra 5: Don’t Wait For Opportunity, Create It

Every successful entrepreneur knows that opportunity isn’t given, it is created. Entrepreneurs understand that their dreams will only become a reality when they act to make turn those wishes real.

Use this mantra as a catalyst for action, because if success in business requires anything, it requires bold action.

Business Mantra

Mantra 6: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

The market, people, and the public in general flock to the businesses that provide something special, different, and highly valuable in terms of a product or service. And most businesses really begin to flourish once they’ve created a name for themselves by offering something remarkable.

So, use this mantra to keep yourself inspired to always be working towards standing out from the crowd, and creating something special for your customers.

Mantra 7: The Future Is Promised to No One, Take Your Shot

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and business, like most things, is a numbers game. So, make sure you are keeping yourself inspired to take risk, innovate, and put yourself out there, because that were your success lies; in the endeavoring.

Take your shot, and take it often; success is a numbers game.

Mantra 8: If You Want More, Do More

Too many people want things to change without changing themselves or making any adjustments to their operations. But, business success responds to action, just like physics. So, if you want to 10x your business success, start 10xing your business activity.

More Results and better results is always preceded by more and better action.

Mantra 9: It’s Not How You Start The Race, It’s How You Finish

Every entrepreneur is good at one thing; and that’s starting a business. But, the successful entrepreneurs and the high achieving business owners know that starting is only half the battle, but real and enduring success always goes to the strong finisher.

So, use this business mantra often to strengthen your persistence and improve your ability to finish strong in everything you do.

Mantra 10: Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude

It’s so easy to let our attitudes get negative and pessimistic these days. When everything in the news seems to be constantly negative, and when people around us seem to only talk about their problems, our attitude can suffer. And negative results almost always following negative thinking.

But, if you use this mantra often, it will help you keep your focus on only those things that will benefit your and your business.

business mantra on attitude

Mantra 11: You Only Have One Life, Make The Most of It

Many of us hold back with how hard we push, or how big we dream. But why not go for it all? Why not aim for the highest and best outcomes for our business. There’s no standard for how your business or venture should look.

So craft your best outcome in your mind, and commit going for it, because that’s the only way you’ll ever achieve it.

Mantra 12: You Can Only Fail When You Begin Failing to Try

Many businesses fail, that’s just the way it is. But failing because of a bad start, poor execution, or just simply failing because your idea was rejected by the market reject is not failure. Failure is choosing to no longer pursue your dreams.

So, if things aren’t going your way, pivot, take a step back, or change lanes, but never stop striving.

Mantra 13: You Are Enough

You have to believe that you are deserving of what you seek and that you have what it takes. If you don’t, you’ll never make it. The great news is, you do have what it takes, and you are enough. Sure, you may have to become resourceful or learn some new things to reach the success you are after, but never let your self-doubt sabotage your dreams.

You are enough and you can do this!

Mantra 14: Weak Desires Bring Weak Results, Strong Desires, Strong Results

Sometimes you’ll think you’re doing everything correct with your business but your results will still be lackluster. When this happens, the culprit is usually your desire. So, if your results are not where you want them to be, double check that what you are after is really what you want.

If it is, then dial up how bad you want what you are after by reciting this business mantra often. The renewed desire will lead to renewed and heightened action. And strong results love red hot action.

Business Mantra 15: Persist Until You Win

Sometimes a business will succeed purely because the entrepreneur relented until his competitors quit. It’s not a fun way to win, but it is still one of the surest ways any entrepreneur can win.

If you don’t quit, if you continue to persist, you can’t lose. Use this business mantra to persist until you win.

business mantra for persistence

Mantra 16: The Average Rely on Wishes and Hopes, The Successful Rely on Goals

You are not average and your dreams are not average. The dreams you are after are special, they’re special to you.

So, if you’re serious about achieving what you want, you’ll have a roadmap put in place and a timeframe for when you intend to reach that aim. In short, you’ll have goals.

Mantra 17: Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen

Everyday brings with it news challenges and unforeseen obstacles. And some days may seem monotonous, but you’ll have to follow the process in this mantra if you wish to keep moving forward.

If you stay positive, keep working hard, you’ll eventually make it happen.

Mantra 18: To Get Ahead, You Have to Get Started

Often times we sit and ruminate on an idea for way longer than we should as entrepreneurs. We know how much work a new idea may take to implement, or we languish at the thought of how much effort a new approach to our business may require, but to get ahead, we have to take action, we have to start.

So, if you’ve been hesitating on an bold new idea lately, use this mantra to remind yourself that sometimes getting ahead is all about pulling the trigger and just getting started.

Mantra 19: Tomorrow Is Determined By What You Do Today

Easy so easy to get off track as an entrepreneur. If we’ve come across funding, we rest on our laurels, or if things or going well, we lay off the reigns, but this is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because tomorrow is dependent on what we do today.

So, don’t take your foot off of the gas pedal, especially when things are going well. Keep pressing forward with action today, so tomorrow you be one step closer to your dreams.

Mantra 20: Don’t Wish Things Were Easier, Wish You Were Better

The grind of entrepreneurship is hard, and no amount of wishing things to be easier will make it so. Similarly, no amount of hoping and waiting for things to improve will work either. Things will improve when you improve.

So, get your mind right with what you need to do to improve your business situation with this powerful business mantra.

mantra for business

Mantra 21: Work Hard, Dream Big, Aim to Achieve The Impossible

Some of the biggest achievements were made by enterprising people who followed this simple process; they dreamt big, worked their tails off, and eventually achieved what others thought was impossible before their achieving it.

Use this mantra often to keep your mindset aligned with the winning ways of high achievers. Work hard, dream big, and eventually, you will achieve the impossible.

Mantra 22: The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Setback

Setbacks are part and parcel of the entrepreneurial process. But, if you can see each set back as but another opportunity to spring you further ahead than you were before your set back, you’ll become unstoppable.

Turn your setbacks into seeds of achievement with this entrepreneur mantra.

Mantra 23: Build Your Dreams, Or Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs

Most entrepreneurs are motivated to be their own boss because they don’t like being told what to do. Entrepreneurs like doing things their own way. So, if you’re business seems to be going off the rails lately, and you don’t know what to do, leverage this mantra to remind you why you got started in the first place; freedom.

Mantra 24: Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Out of all of the other business mantras, this one holds the secret to success. Why? Because your business in the end, will be the result of all of your accumulated choices.

So, pay special attention to each action and decision you make for you business. Treat each as business decision you make, and each activity or non-activity you partake in as if it mattered to how your business turns out, because it does.

Mantra 25: Comfort is The Enemy of Progress and Growth

Too many people go into business for themselves because they think entrepreneurship automatically means you’ll have access to “the good life”. And while entrepreneurship can lead to better days, the good life of entrepreneurship is not a given, and it usually only comes only after much toil and effort.

So, don’t get faked out by the entertainment industry’s notion of entrepreneurship. Real entrepreneurship is uncomfortable, and real progress in the real world comes at the expense of comfort. Leverage this mantra till you know in your bones that comfort is the enemy of your success.

Mantra for Business

Business Mantras Print Out

Coming back to this page every day could become cumbersome, so we decided to provide you with a helpful printout of these business success mantras. Just click on the button below to download them on your computer, and then you can print them out and place them where ever you like.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, 25 powerful business mantras to help you keep your mind strong and your thoughts focused. We hope you find a handful of them that speak to you, and that you’ll choose to use often.

With that said, we wish you all the success in the world. And whatever you do, don’t stop endeavoring to create the business and life of your dreams.

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed these powerful business mantras, then you’ll certainly enjoy these motivational mantras that actually work.

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Monday Mantras

Mondays can be rough, especially after a long relaxing weekend. We’ve all dreaded that Monday morning alarm, and having to virtually drag ourselves out of bed and back into reality each week. We all push through the day and we all typically survive. But, Mondays can be more than just a day of surviving, it can be a day of thriving. And that’s exactly what we intend to help you discover with these Monday mantras.

Many notable people have acknowledged the power a good mantra can have in helping them start their week off on a positive note. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world are known to use mantras to spring themselves into action; people like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and the Late Steve Jobs just to name a few.

So, if you’re looking to transform your Monday into a day that will inspire you to take on the rest on the week with gusto, then you’ll love these powerful Monday mantras!


Best Mantras for Monday

Mantra 1: What Good Shall You Do Today?

This is a powerful mantra that Benjamin Franklin (One of the most accomplished founding father’s of the United States of America) would utter to himself everyday. Not only is it a great mantra to use everyday, but it is especially effective on Mondays.

So, ask yourself, ‘What good shall I do today?’ and handful of times, and you’ll be surprised with the answer your mind gives you, and the sudden urge to to take action that follows.

Monday 2: If You Want to Get Ahead, You Have to Get Started

Sometime the cold hard truth is the last thing we want to hear on a Monday, but if you want to make the most of this day, you’ll have to be honest with yourself. And this mantra is 100% what we all need to hear, especially on Mondays.

With every utterance of this mantra, you’ll be holding yourself more and more accountable to getting your day started.

Mantra 3: I Have What I Takes to Get Through The Day

This is a popular mantra that Oprah Winfrey has been known to use. And if it works for her, it can work for you. So, leverage mantra.

It will help you get through just about anyway of the week, but it is a mantra that we could all use on those Monday morning when we’re feeling less that motivated.

Mantra 4: I am Thankful For Today

Gratitude is probably the last thing anybody wants to show for a Monday. But, if you can you force yourself into an appreciative mindset, you’ll clear your mind of the negative thoughts you’d normally have on a Monday morning.

Tony Robbins once stated, “You can’t be grateful and angry simultaneously.” So, leverage this insight and this mantra of gratitude on a Monday, and you’ll transform your experience in no time at all.

Mantra 5: Your Week Depends on What You Do Today

Monday often sets the tone for the rest of week. Which is why this Monday mantra is so important. It will help with the clarity we can all use to cut through those groggy Monday mornings.

So, you can use this mantra early and often to gain clarity on the day, and what needs to be done, or you can wait till you’ve finished that second pot of coffee, it’s up to you.

monday morning mantra

Mantra 6: You Can Handle Whatever This Week Throws at You

Sometimes the dread we experience on Mondays is mostly due to our overactive imaginations. More often than not, we despise Mondays because of a perceived uphill battle we’ll have to face with co-workers, bosses, or unfished projects.

But, if you overrun your thoughts with this mantra, you’ll neutralize the false worry that makes just about everyone loathes Mondays. Indeed, you can handle this day, and whatever the rest of the week throws at you.

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Mantra 7: Don’t Wish Yourself Through The Day, Work Through It

This Monday Mantra gets straight to the point. The only way out, is through. Sometimes embracing our challenges and admitting that things are going to be hard, make things easy.

So, use this mantra to strengthen your resolve so you can get through this day successfully. Don’t wish for it, work for it!

Mantra 8: Your Better Tomorrow Is Built Today

You have 365 days every year to build a world-class life for yourself. Imagine if you let 52 of those days go to waste because they were Mondays.

Use this mantra to snap yourself into remembering that today matters, and to help you act accordingly.

Mantra 9: Today Can Be The Best Day of Your Life

If you believe the day lacks potential, it will. If you think it will be a mediocre day because it’s Monday, it will be. But, the opposite is also true. Believe the day has promise, and it will prove you right. Believe the day can be the best day of your life, and you’ll improve the chances of this being true.

Leverage this Monday mantra to help you believe that today can be the best day of your life.

Mantra 10: Mondays Are For Miracles

Mondays don’t have to be some humdrum day that we just have to get through to survive. They can be fertile ground for change, possibility, and new opportunities. Mondays can house miracles.

So, use to the mantra to help you see the day as one filled with opportunity and miraculous potential, and your belief will help make it so.

Monday Mantra - Miracles

Bonus Monday Mantra: Today Is a New Beginning

Imagine of you saw Mondays as a day of new beginnings, how much pep would that put in your step? What if you saw the day through threw a lens of newness, would your approach to the day be different?

Our hypothesis, is that you would have more excitement about the day. The potential for novelty would energize you and act as a catalyst for taking action. So, give this mantra try, and see what a new perspective will do for you.

monday mantra

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Final Thoughts

Mondays don’t have to be dreadful. They can be exciting, fun, and full of opportunity. No doubt, there is a better way to experience that first day of the week.

Hopefully these Monday mantras will help you experience this fact. With that said, if you found value in this page, or any of the mantras suggested please share them with a friend or family member who will appreciate them.

Also, if you enjoyed this list of Monday morning mantras, then you’ll certainly enjoy this list of related and helpful resources to try:

Lastly, don’t hesitate to bookmark this page, you may need it next Monday!

Till you reach your aims,


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one word affirmations

Affirmations are powerful, effective, and based upon neuroscience. They leverage a concept known as neuroplasticity to make real changes to the activity and functioning of your brain.[1] Typically affirmations are used as phrases to strengthen the mind. However, one word affirmations can be just as effective, if not more so, than their long-phrased counterparts.

Some might argue (like John McDonald from Message of a Master) that removing the “I am” from your affirmations to use just one single but positive word, is the most productive way to strengthen your mind and reinvigoration your life force.

So, we did our research and pulled together the very best one word affirmations for you to use. These affirmations have been vetted by their ability to truly and positively impact your mindset. In short, they really work and they work fast. That said, if you’re ready to dig into these powerful one word affirmations, then let’s dive right in:


1. Abundance.

2. Achievement.

3. Action.

4. Activity.

5. Alertness.

6. Ambitious.

7. Balanced.

8. Beautiful.

9. Brilliant.

10. Bold.

11. Capability.

12. Champion.

13. Charity.

14. Committed.

15. Compassion.

16. Competent.

17. Concentration.

18. Confidence.

19. Consideration.

20. Courage.

21. Courtesy.

22. Creativity.

23. Decision.

24. Decisive.

25. Determined.

26. Diligent.

27. Elegant.

28. Energized.

29. Energy.

30. Excellent.

31. Excited.

32. Faith.

33. Focused.

34. Freedom.

35. Generosity.

36. Gentleness.

37. Gifts.

38. Goodwill.

39. Grace.

40. Growth.

41. Guidance.

42. Happiness.

43. Harmony.

44. Health.

45. Honesty.

46.  Hope.

47. Humility.

48. Ingenuity.

49. Intelligent.

50. Inspired.

More About Positive One Word Affirmations

Pro Tip: You’ve made it halfway through the list, great job. Here’s a quick pro-tip on how to implement these one word affirmations. First things first, set aside 15 minutes in either in the morning or evening when you can be alone and undisturbed.

In a quiet environment choose a handful of words from the list that you feel you or your life could use more of. Then slowly repeat those words calmly and confidently over and over for the allotted amount of time. If you’re new to affirmations read these related resources:

Alright, let’s get back to these positive one word affirmations.

51. Integrity.

52. Justice.

53. Kindness.

54. Law.

55. Leader.

56. Life.

57. Love.

58. Lucky.

59. Memory.

60. Mastery.

61. Merit.

62. Motivated.

63. Nonresistance.

64. Order.

65. Passion.

66. Patience.

67. Peace.

68. Persistence.

69. Poise.

70. Potential.

71. Power.

72. Progress.

73. Prosperity.

74. Purpose.

75. Ready.

76. Resilient.

77. Resourcefulness.

78. Respected.

79. Rich.

80. Serenity.

81. Sincerity.

82. Spirit.

83. Strength.

84. Strong.

85. Success.

86. Sympathy.

87. Tenacious.

88. Tolerance.

89. Tough.

90. Triumph.

91. Tranquil.

92. Trust.

93. Trustworthy.

94. Truthful.

95. Understanding.

96. Unity.

97. Victory.

98. Vitality.

99. Wisdom.

100. Youthful.

Final Thoughts

You did it! You made it to the end of our list. Now the hard part is putting these one word affirmations to good use.

That said, feel free to come back any time you need a collection of one word affirmations that actually work. Also, if you liked these affirmations then you’ll love these related resources:

Share the page if enjoyed it and never forget….

Until you reach your aims,


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Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Are you in search of some money affirmations that work instantly for attracting more wealth and abundance in your life? If so, this page is for you. Chances are you have felt frustrated by the lack of money flowing into your bank account as of late. Or, you aren’t feeling as financially secure as you would have hoped to be at this point in your life.

It’s okay if this is the case, because most people are not strangers to financial challenges. Us included, we’ve had our trials in the past. The great news is, you don’t have to remain where you are financially forever. In fact, with a few positive adjustments to your money mindset, you can gradually move yourself into a more prosperous and financial state of well being.

“Money Is Only An Idea. If You Want More Money Simply Change Your Thinking.”

– Robert Kiyosaki –

Now, here’s the issue, and it is the cold hard truth. If you’re currently struggling with money, it is likely that your current relationship with money may be “off”.

Chances are, you have limiting money beliefs that are stifling your financial growth. If you’ve ever held thoughts about money being evil, that it doesn’t grow on trees, or that wealthy people are greedy, then how can you ever expect to improve your financial situation?

The truth is, your very thoughts may be blocking your success with money. Which is why we’ve decided to publish these money affirmations that work fast. There are other resources out there that provide 100, 200, or 300 affirmations for money.

But we’re not going to give you diluted affirmations just to fill up a page. We are going to give you money affirmations that actually work, and work fast. As such, on this page, you’re only going to find highly effective money affirmations to help you rapidly change your mindset about money.

Affirmations that will aid you in improving how you think about money, your deserving of it, and thus your ability to take the required actions to earn and keep more of it.

“It’s The Repetition Of Affirmations That Leads To Belief. And Once That Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction, Things Begin To Happen.”

– Muhammad Ali –

With that being said, if you are new to affirmations, and you want to learn more about them, be sure you check out this comprehensive guide to affirmations. However, if you are already familiar with them, then, let’s dive into these powerful money affirmations that work fast at improving your relationship with money:


Best Affirmations About Money

Affirmation 1: I Deserve To Make More Money.

Before you can increase your net worth, you have to increase your self-worth. Your belief in whether or not you deserve money, will impact how much you decide to go after.

If you feel like you don’t deserve to make more money, use this affirmation to crush that limiting money belief.

Affirmation 2: I Am Open To Receiving All The Money And Wealth Life Brings To Me.

If you want to have more money come into your life, you have to open your mind to receiving it. Most people have closed their thoughts to making lots of money, so, when the money comes, it just as easily goes.

Think of it this way, how much water can you poor into a cup with a closed lid? Exactly, not much! So, be like an open cup, not a closed one when it comes to money; and allow and except money in all its forms until your cup runs over.

Affirmation 3: I Enjoy A Healthy Relationship With Money.

Having a healthy relationship with money is key. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you’ll repel each other. It’s very much like an unhealthy relationship with a person. If your relationship is bad, you’ll repel and avoid each other at all costs.

So, use this affirmation to not only improve your relationship with money, but to cozy up and enjoy it. Money, like people, are attracted to those who show a healthy interest.

Affirmation 4: Money Flows To Me Easily And Effortlessly.

This is a great affirmation for money that will help break down any resistance you may have to receiving cash. It will help you get comfortable with the thought that making money and keeping it, is natural.

Affirmation 5: I Deserve And Desire More Money.

Most people desire limited amounts of money because they feel they deserve only a small portion of it. This line of thought has its roots in scarcity thinking.

However, when you decide to change your thinking about what you deserve in terms of money, you’ll also change your desire for it. Think you deserve more money, you’ll eventually desire more, and inevitably get it. Think you deserve less? You’ll desire less, and inevitably get it.

So, watch your thoughts, and be sure change them with this powerful money affirmation.

I Deserve More Money Affirmation

Affirmation 6: I Appreciate The Money I Have, And The Avalanches Of Money On Its Way.

Appreciation is a key secret to living a happier and abundant life. It is also an extremely well-kept secret for having more money come into your life.

So appreciate all that you have now, and you’ll set the stage for much more of what you want to come your way.

Affirmation 7: I Attract Money To Me Easily And Effortlessly.

This money affirmation is similar to one of the affirmations already mentioned, but it is slightly different. This affirmation helps you prime your mind for the law of attraction, and it helps you reprogram your mind about money from a different aspect.

As such, be sure to add this affirmation to your arsenal as well.

Affirmation 8: I Accept And Receive Unexpected Money.

Let the universe (and your subconscious mind) know that you are serious about money now. And that you are open to receiving it from all sources.

Using this affirmation will keep your mind attuned to the abundance of ways more money can and will come into your life. Why is this affirmation important?

Well, if someone throws a ball at you while you’re not looking, will you be able to catch it? Same concept applies to being attuned to opportunity and money.

Affirmation 9: I Am Smart With My Money And Put Every Dollar To Good Use.

Spending every dollar that you earn may be fun, but it is not the smartest use of your money. If you want to become financially secure, you’ll have to eventually learn how to keep more of what you earn.

So, use this affirmation to convince yourself that you are an intelligent money manager, and before you know it, you will be.

Affirmation 10: I Choose Money, And Money Chooses Me.

I choose money affirmation

You have to stop doubting your ability to become rich if you ever aim to become rich. Rich people choose to be rich, and because of that choice, riches seemingly choose them.

Make the choice to befriend money, and then crush any doubts you may have about the amount you deserve with this affirmation.

Affirmation 11: Abundance Is My Birthright.

When you were younger, you likely believed that you could have it all. But, somewhere along the road someone convinced you that you couldn’t.

Well, we are here to tell you that you have it all, and that abundance is available to you. And this affirmation will help you convince ‘numero uno’, yourself, that this is the case.

Affirmation 12: There Is No Shortage Of Money In This World.

We are all creatures of our environment to a certain extent. But, we are not trees. We can move, change, grow, and create out of nothing, miracles.

Use this money affirmation to rid your mind of any scarcity thinking that you believe could be holding you back.

Affirmation 13: I Am Prosperous, And Embrace My Abundant Future.

Visualizing is one of the most powerful methods for bridging the gap between our imaginations and reality. The dream house is built in the mind before the first brick is laid.

Affirmation 14: I Love Money And Money Loves Me.

We tend to take better care of the things we love. When we love something, we give it more attention, we think about it more, and we hold on to it a bit more tightly. And for this reason it is in your interest to convince your mind that you love money.

Use this affirmation frequently and you’ll begin treating every dollar you come across with the care and devotion that each one deserves.

Affirmation 15: I Am Worthy Of Making Lots Of Money.

Not only are you worthy of the money you earn, but you are also worthy of so much more of it. And when you change how you feel about money, you’ll take more action. And when you take more action, you’ll earn more of it.

In other words, your thoughts lead to a changes in how you feel, and feelings lead to action. And more action is what leads to more money.

I am Worthy Affirmation

Affirmation 16: I Am In Control Of My Actions, Therefore, I Am In Control Of My Prosperity.

Once you’ve come to realize that massive action is what leads to success, and that the only person who can get you to take action is you, money will find its way to you.

So, use this powerful money affirmation to help you take ownership of your mind, your actions, and by extension, your financial destiny.

Affirmation 17: I Am Open To Learning How To Make More Money.

As the saying goes, “The more your learn, the more you’ll earn.” And when you embrace this affirmation, you’ll open your mind to acquiring the skills and knowledge that will help you add more value to others.

The great news is, when you add more value to others, you’ll get repaid in more dollars.

Affirmation 18: I Make My Money Work Hard For Me.

One of the best ways to get rich is to take advantage of leverage, and the best way to leverage your money is to lend it to a business or real estate company that will pay you use your money for profit. In other words, when you invest your money, you are making it work hard to earn you more money.

Therefore, use this affirmation for money until you’ve reprogramed your mind to put as much money as you can to work hard for your, and your money and wealth will grow rapidly.

Affirmation 19: I Use Money To Positively Improve My Life And The Lives Of Others.

Money can be used for good as well as bad, but when you use this affirmation, you’ll encourage the optimistic side of making lots of money.

Affirm this daily to commit your mind and actions to do good for yourself and others.

Affirmation 20: Money Flows To Me Everyday, And In Every Way.

The word affluence stems from the latin verb affluere, which essentially means to “flow abundantly”. Thus, using this affirmation will help you better embrace all the good that comes into your life daily, especially when it comes in the form of money.

So embrace the flow, and your money will grow.

Affirmations for Money that work instantly

Affirmation 21: I Am Focused And Determined To Build Wealth For Myself And My Family.

There is certainly some wisdom to be found in the law of attraction, but nothing builds wealth like focused action. As such, you’ll want to use this powerful money affirmation to transform your mind into a wealth building machine.

Affirmation 22: I Am Grateful For The Money I Have And The Money That Is On Its Way.

Having an attitude of gratitude is essential for success. People can sense it, and believe it or not, the world rewards those who have it.

It is for this reason that we highly recommend this affirmation. You may not feel grateful for all the you have at first, but with practice, you’ll come around. And when you do, things will begin changing for you.

Affirmation 23: I Claim My Abundance And Prosperity Now.

There is no time like now to command your mind to start believing that you are here to collect. Not sure why this affirmation works so well, but it does. Use it when you’re about to ask for that promotion, just before you try to make your next sale, or before your finalize your next project.

Trust us, there is magic in this one, so use it wisely.

Affirmation 24: I Deserve The Highest And Best In Life, And I Attract Both To Me Now.

You won’t be able to experience the highest and best that life has to offer you until you put your foot down and demand it. The more you use this affirmation for money, the more the world will get out of your way to give in to your demands.

The world is your oyster, so reach out and take it.

Affirmation 25: The Amount Of Money I Can Earn Is Unlimited.

The biggest obstacle people face when it comes to money is their reluctance to let go of beliefs that keep them bound to a certain income level. It’s like people have their own personal money thermostat, and most of those thermostats are set to low.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you stop believing the mythical limits that someone sold you on, the amount of money you can earn becomes limitless. So, use this powerful money affirmation to once and for all shift your internal money thermostat to unlimited.

powerful money affirmations - unlimited earnings

Bonus Money Affirmation: Large Sums of Money Come to Me Quickly and Easily

This is as close to a magical money affirmation as it gets. This affirmation will help expedite your ability to get your mind aligned with the appropriate mental money state. And as a result, it will supercharge your money getting and money attracting ability.

So, give this bonus affirmation for money a shot, and see what happens.

best affirmation for money

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Bring These Money Affirmations to Life

We are huge fans of success journals and vision boards. In our experience, they have been extremely effective for bringing our dreams to life.

As such, we recreated these affirmations in visual form you so you could easily print them out. Once printed, you could place them in your journal, keep them handy near your work desk, or tape them to your bathroom mirror, it’s up to you. Without further ado… here they are:

list of money affirmations that work instantly

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our best collection of the some of the most highly effective affirmations for money on the web. Without a doubt, if you use these affirmations daily and diligently, they will actually work for you. But you’ve got to take the first steps to make it happen.

“If You Want To Change The Fruits, You Will First Have To Change The Roots. If You Want To Change The Visible, You Must First Change The Invisible.”

– T. Harv Eker –

With that being said, we hope you enjoyed this list. If you’ve found value in this page, or if you believe these are some of the best money affirmations you’ve come across, please bookmark it and come back often.

And most importantly, share these powerful money affirmations with someone whom you think could you use a good shakeup to their money mindset.

Till you reach your financial aims,


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