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Millionaire Mantras

There are two types of people who want to be a millionaire. There are the types who think it would be nice to become a millionaire someday if by good luck it just happened to them. Then, there are the people who want to become a millionaire, and are determined to do whatever is necessary to make it a reality. If you resonate with the latter, then this page is certainly for you, as it is a collection of mantras derived directly from the minds of actual millionaires . As such, these millionaire mantras will help you develop the mindset needed to both earn and keep your first million.

“We Are All Self-Made”

However, before we dive into these millionaire mantras, it is critical to understand that a mantra is not a wish. A mantra is a method of forcing your thoughts to be aligned with what you value. As such, a millionaire mantra is you saying out loud phrases that have the power to change your inner thoughts, beliefs, and perspective about money, lots of money. And by doing so, you’ll eventually shift your mind into taking the type of actions that are best aligned with acquiring the type of money you desire.

So, if you’re ready to dial into the mindset of a millionaire, then let’s dive into these effective millionaire mantras.

Top 10 Millionaire Mantras

Best Millionaire Mantras

Mantra 1: I am a Millionaire

An extremely popular saying amongst some of the worlds most successful people is this; before you can do something, you must first be something. So, embrace who intend to be, and then start doing what millionaires do…execute on your ideas.

Mantra 2: I am on Track to Becoming a Millionaire

Like good ole Mickey once said to Rocky, “You see yourself doing right, and you do right.” This mantra is exactly that, a mantra to help keep you focused and assured of your intended end result.

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It is meant to remind you that the actions you are taking are the right actions, and that they will inevitably carry you to the top of millionaire mountain.

Mantra 3: I am Worthy of Being Wealthy

This millionaire mantra is a perfect for helping you combat those pesky self-doubts that make you feel like you are unworthy of wealth. By repeating this mantra, you’ll dissolve the self-doubting that keeps you from taking that action that must be taking to achieve your millions.

Mantra 4: I am Happy and Grateful Now That Money Flows to Me

Millionaire and success guru Bob Proctor swears by this mantra. On numerous occasions he has stated that this is his go to mantra/affirmation for improving his wealth consciousness.

Mantra 5: I am Disciplined, Consistent, and Persistent

This millionaire mantra is key, because it contains three of the most important qualities needed to become a millionaire in this day and age; discipline, consistency, and persistence. Recite this mantra often, and put the qualities to work, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Mantra 6: I Talk, Act, and Work Like a Millionaire

Similar to our first millionaire mantra, this mantra helps you set that precedent for yourself, that you are a millionaire in the making. As such, reciting this mantra will help ingrain into your subconscious mind that you are aligned with the essence of a millionaire.

Mantra 7: I am Committed to Being Rich and Successful

Commitment is doing what is necessary to fulfill the promise we made to ourselves before difficulties show up as road blocks. And without a doubt, pursuing the goal of becoming a millionaire has its share of obstacles.

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Of course, no obstacle is unsurmountable to the committed. So, recite this mantra often to stay committed and on the path to millions.

Mantra 8: I Create Massive Value For Others, and Deserve The Fruits of My Labor

Earning big money is rarely an accident. In fact, money flows towards value. The more value a person provides, the more money they deserve, and the more money they typically make. So, use this millionaire mantra to help you keep your mind and actions aligned with what creates true wealth; providing value to others.

Mantra 9: I Take Massive Action Daily Towards Providing Millions of Dollars in Service.

The more action you take, the more value you can create. And the more value you create, the sooner you’ll become a millionaire. So use this mantra often to keep your momentum going and compound your actions over time.

Mantra 10: I am Open and Receptive to All The Wealth Life Offers Me

All too often people sabotage their ability to earn and hold on to wealth. Many never earn millions because they don’t believe they can. And many other attract or earn millions, only to lose it or waste it away soon after.

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As such, this mantra key for helping you prime your mind for being open to receive and keep the abundance you deserve.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, 10 effective millionaire mantras that actually work. Use these mantras to both reprogram your mind and to convince yourself that you deserve a life full of abundance. Without a doubt, these mantras will have you walking, talking, and acting like a millionaire in no time at all. Which of course is of the upmost importance, because before you can do something, you must first be something.

So, bookmark this page, comeback often, and use these millionaire mantras till you reach that coveted but very possible goal; millionaire.

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