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Achieving success and happiness requires a combination of key qualities, but there is only one quality that breeds continual, long-term success across every aspect of our lives; self discipline. And since we know self-discipline is a struggle for many people, we’ve pulled together a list of effective and easy to apply discipline affirmations to be used daily.

Using these discipline affirmations will help you slowly develop the discipline you’ll need to create the life you want. How do we know? We’re students of success and we practice what we teach.

If you’re not sure about affirmations, know this, daily affirmations are to the mind what exercise is to the body. The word affirmation comes from the Latin word affirmare, which essentially means “to make steady, strengthen.” So, when you employ an affirmation (repeating a phrase to yourself repeatedly), you essentially reinforce and strengthen the helpful positive thoughts your mind requires to take action.

So, if you are ready for our ultimate list of discipline affirmations that actually work, let’s dive in.

Best Affirmations For Building Self-Discipline

Best Discipline Affirmations

Affirmation 1: I Take The First Step and Make Things Happen Now.

This discipline affirmation will prime you for taking action with urgency. And action is key, because self-discipline without action is dead.

Affirmation 2: I Have The Discipline to Accomplish My Goals.

This may seem counterintuitive, but you have to believe you are disciplined before you’ll actually be disciplined. Why? Because belief powers action.

So, use this affirmation to help you change your belief about how disciplined you are.

Affirmation 3: I Do What Needs to be Done, Even When I Don’t Feel Like Doing It.

Resistance is every achiever’s worst enemy. It doesn’t matter what you are striving for either, it could be better health, better habits, or more prosperity. But what keeps us from those goals is resistance.

As such, this affirmation can be used to short-circuit your mind, so it will help you do what you must, regardless of how you feel.

Affirmation 4: I Will Be Ready, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

This affirmation is effective because it helps disarm any self-doubt you may have about how ready you are to achieve your aims. It helps you set the record straight for yourself, that you are ready to do what is necessary.

Use this discipline affirmation to prime your mind to do what you must to be ready and stay ready for the success that will inevitably come your way.

Affirmation 5: I am The Master of my Thoughts and Actions.

One of the most empowering proclamations a person can make to themselves is the acknowledgment of their individual self-responsibility for all of their outcomes. So, use this affirmation to once and for all take the helm of your life.

I am the Master of Discipline Affirmation

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Affirmation 6: I Resist All Temptations and Remain Focused on my Dream.

The thing that stops most people from reaching their goals is interruption caused by minor temptations. So use this affirmation to keep your mind shut to all temptations small and large, so your momentum can grow.

Affirmation 7: I am Disciplined and Determined to Accomplish My Goals.

Use this discipline affirmation to convince your subconscious mind that you have what it takes to reach your goals. Because once your subconscious mind believes it, you’ll believe it, and once you truly believe it, the world will be your oyster.

Affirmation 8: I am Full of Discipline, I am Focused, and Persistent.

Discipline requires persistence and focus, and the stronger your focus, the more persistent you’ll be. So repeat this affirmation often and allow each quality to reinforce your discipline.

Affirmation 9: I am In Control of My Behavior.

All too often we allow our impulses to call the shots in our lives. But, things don’t have to be this way. You can call the shots if you really want to.

Every time you repeat this discipline affirmation, you’ll make your position clear to yourself. You’ll reinforce in your subconscious mind that you are the boss, and that your goals are your new priority now, not your whims.

Affirmation 10: Discipline is The Root of All Good Qualities.

Once you realize in your bones the truth of this statement, the more eager you’ll be to employ self-discipline in every aspect of your life. And as a result, every aspect of your life will benefit.

Self-Discipline Affirmation

Affirmation 11: I Will Finish My Tasks and Consistently Work Towards My Goals, No Matter How I Feel.

Embracing this affirmation helps you embrace the struggle. And the more inclined you are to lean into the pain and discomfort of discipline, the easier the struggle will become over time.

Affirmation 12: I am In Charge of My Own Outcome.

Continually staking your claim leads to more ownership. And it is the owner, (in all instances) who is really in charge.

Affirmation 13: I Believe in Myself Enough to Follow Through.

Self-belief is the cornerstone of all action. Less belief, less follow through. However, the more you believe in yourself and your goals, the more likely you’ll be to take action on then follow through.

Affirmation 14: Nobody Can Hold Me Back, Not Even My Own Doubts.

If you are to doubt anything, doubt your limitations. And one of the best ways to do that is by repeating this self-discipline affirmation often. When you do so, you’ll be minimizing any doubt you may have about what is possible for you.

You’ll know this discipline affirmation is working when healthier does of self-reflection begin to sound like, ‘why not me?’, or ‘why not now?’

Affirmation 15: There Is Only One Way, The Way of Discipline.

The greats, the millionaires, and the high achievers of history were all students of success. And they all had one thing in common; their belief that self-discipline was the common denominator in their success.

The Way of Discipline Affirmation

Affirmation 16: I Do Today What They Won’t, So Tomorrow I Can Accomplish What They Can’t.

One of the best ways to get someone to do something is to show them the benefit of doing a thing. Using this affirmation helps remind yourself that there are tangible benefits to applied self-discipline, and it will eventually lead to your becoming “luckier” in the eyes of others.

Affirmation 17: I Embrace Hard work. I Love The Discipline Of It.

The more you can convince yourself of your love of hard work, and the discipline that goes with it, the more of it you’ll do. And the more of it you do, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.

Affirmation 18: I Have Power Over My Mind, and I am In Command of My Every Action.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, and when you begin to have power of your own mind, every action you take inches you over that bridge towards your ultimate aim.

Affirmation 19: I am Persistent and Consistent.

You can’t be disciplined for one day or one week and expect great results. Nope, you’ll need to cultivate the habit of self-discipline for the long haul. You’ll need to be persistent and consistent.

Affirmation 20: I Enjoy Being Disciplined.

The more you enjoy a thing, the more you’ll want to do said thing. So, use this discipline affirmation to hack your mind, and trick yourself into doing more of what you must to reach your goals.

I Enjoy Being Disciplined Affirmation

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Affirmation 21: I Can Reach My Full Potential With Discipline.

Your potential is only limited to the extent of your self-discipline levels. So, use this daily affirmation to help you level up your self-discipline, and as a result unlock your full potential.

Affirmation 22: I Bring My Dreams Into Fruition Through Self-Discipline.

This discipline affirmation will convince your subconscious mind that the attainment of your dream is possible, and that the vehicle best suited to get you there will be the strength of your self-discipline.

Affirmation 23: Self-Discipline Is The Center of All Material Success.

Steel Magnate Andrew Carnegie commissioned a man by the name of Napoleon Hill to seek out the richest and most successful people across the land to discover the true secret of success.

Can you guess what his final assessment was? If you guessed self-discipline, you’d be right.

Affirmation 24: Self-Discipline is Self-Love, and I Love Myself.

When you practice self-discipline you are practicing self-love. It counts as self-love because every act of self-discipline is a testament to yourself and the world, that your dreams and goals matter, and that you are deserving of them.

Affirmation 25: All Things are Possible With Self-Discipline.

Theodore Roosevelt believed this truth to its core. And without a doubt he effectively demonstrated the power one can wield and the accomplishments one can reach if they too live by this truth.

All Things Possible With Discipline Affirmation

Final Thoughts on These Discipline Affirmations.

There you have it, 25 effective discipline affirmations that will actually work. Of course, for them to work for you, you’ll have to use them. And consistency is key.

Remember, affirmations are a proven practice of self-improvement because of their power to rewire our brains. Just like exercise helps us mold our physical fitness, affirmations help us mold our psychological fitness.

So, bookmark this page, and use these affirmations often. Because repeating affirmations is what will ultimately help you reprogram your unconscious mind to create the god-like self-discipline you’re after.

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