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Tony Robbins Net Worth

Tony Robbins certainly doesn’t need much of an introduction, seeing as he is one of the world’s most prominent life strategists, motivational speakers, and author of best-selling books like Awaken The Giant Within, Unlimited Power, and Money: Master The Game. Unquestionably, he is no stranger to success or the lime light.  Tony Robbins has truly made an impact in the lives of so many people including presidents, celebrities, and global influencers alike. And, with the ability to change so many people’s lives, as well as inspire a great many to unimaginable levels of success and fulfillment, comes wealth.  So that’s what this article is all about, Tony Robbins’ Net Worth, and a handful of insights on how he’s managed to make so much money.

What Is Tony Robbins’ Net Worth?

Anthony Robbins Net Worth 2023

How much money? Well, Tony Robbins’ Net Worth as of 2024 is roughly $600 million.[1] This comes out to a 616,549% difference from the median net worth of the U.S citizen, which is a net worth of around $97,300.[2]

Indeed, Tony Robbins’ Net Worth is staggering, which likely has you wondering how much he earns every year to amass such wealth.

How Much Does Tony Robbins Make a Year?

Based off of our research, Tony Robbins owns multiple businesses in industries that span across hospitality, education, media production, business services, in addition to his global seminar business and his self-help products. In total, he earns money from his 31 plus businesses and his real estate investments. So how much did Tony Robbins make this year?

Well, we know he earns on average about $9 million from his popular Unleash the Power Within program. And we also know he earns a lot more money from the $5 billion in revenue that his multiple businesses produce every year.[3] But, what we don’t know, is the exact amount he has earned, as he has not made his annual earnings public.

However, how much he could earn if he decided to pay himself from the earning power of his entire net worth is a different story. So, we’ll tell you with this hypothetical money metric we’ve created based off his net worth of $600 million.

Our model projects how much money Tony Robbins could make every year if he decided to invest his entire $600 million nest egg in a handful of investments that earned him a modest 4.5% annual dividend yield. Why 4.5%? Because the historical returns on safe investments tends to fall between the 3% to 5% range.

With that said, if you’re ready for that amount, here it is. Tony Robbins could easily kick back and not work another day in his life and still earn $27 million per year.

Tony Robbin’s Money Metrics

Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$600,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$27,000,000
Per Month:$2,250,000
Per Week:$519, 230
Per Day:$74,175
Per Hour:$3,090
Per Min:$51
Per Sec:$0.85

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings Metric for Tony Robbins based off of his net worth’s earning power alone.  It does not include how much he potentially earns from his ongoing projects, sponsorships, social media, etc.. This calculation is for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Facts About Tony Robbins

Speaking of entertainment, here are some fun facts related to Tony Robbins social media reach and life.

  • Tony Robbins has 6 million Instagram followers, 4.38 million Facebook Followers, 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, and 3.1 million Twitter followers. This comes out to a grand total of 14.88 million social media followers.
  • Tony’s real name is actually Anthony J. Mahavorick 
  • Tony Robbins ran away from home when he was just 17 years old.
  • In his own words, he states he was totally broke growing up.
  • Robbins once worked as a janitor.
  • He uses affirmations and mantras to control his thoughts and stay positive.
  • He was once diagnosed with cancer in 1994.
  • Tony Robbins’ height is 6′ 7″.
  • Tony Robbins wife is Sage Robbins.
  • He is the proud father of two children (Jairek & Jolie)

How Did Tony Robbins Become So Successful?

Tony Robbins had a rough upbringing. But, he managed to channel the financial limitations and family chaos he experienced in his youth, into a drive to never have to pinch pennies or say that he could not take care of his family. As such, his obsessive drive would lead him to first becoming a top sales person for Jim Rohn, then eventually a great high performance coach, and then finally into the great life strategist and businessman he is today.

For a more in depth analysis on how Tony Robbins became so successful, this Success Story is a great place to start.

Tony Robbins has had lots of success and has made lots of money, but he’s also lost a lot of it too. In fact, if you aren’t good with money, you’ll never be able to hold on to it. And fortunately for Tony Robbins, he finally figured out the money game.

Of course, he did so only after hitting rock bottom, and nearly losing most of his net worth through some failed business dealings in the past.

With that being said, here are some Tony Robbins’ best hints on money and success:

Lastly, for some of his best advice for how to start building wealth so you can retire rich, regardless of your age or generation, watch this video:

Video Credit: CNBC Make It (Subscribe to Their Channel Here)

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from our Tony Robbins Net Worth profile:

  • Robbin’s Net Worth:  $600 million
  • Annual Earnings (est.) **:  $27 million
  • Social Media Followers: 14.88 million
  • Keys to Success:  Adding Value to People’s Lives, Taking Action

Tony Robbin’s massive net worth is the result of his obsessive focus on adding value to others. As a business and life strategist, he’s been striving to help change people’s lives for over three decades now. And, as his net worth indicates, he’s been extremely effective at what he does.

Having said that, we hope you enjoyed this Tony Robbins Net Worth profile. But more importantly, we hope you’ve gained at at least an ounce of inspiration and a new belief that accumulating riches, building a massive net worth, or just reaching for the stars is worth the effort.

So, learn from Tony; aim high and strive to add massive value to others. And then, just be smart with the avalanches of cash that will undoubtedly come your way.

Till you reach your aims,


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** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Tony Robbin’s net worth alone assuming a 4.5% dividend yield.

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lewis howes net worth

Lewis Howes is a highly successful entrepreneur, peak performance coach, podcast host, and inspirational best-selling author.  He’s best known for his award-winning and highly popular podcast ‘School of Greatness’, where he interviews high achievers, celebrities, and success icons from all over the world. He’s been at it since 2013, and has accrued a sizable fortune as an influencer, marketer, and master networker. How sizeable? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to highlight in this Lewis Howes net worth profile.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know what Lewis Howes’ net worth is, how he built it, and how much he likely makes from these days, then let’s dive into this page:

What Is Lewis Howes’ Net Worth?

Per our research, most of the major net worth profile sites have outdated information on Lewis Howes’ net worth. In fact, most showcase data that hasn’t been updated since 2016.

That said, we’ve conducted our own net worth analysis for Lewis Howes using updated information and market data. So, per our analysis, Lewis Howes net worth as of 2024 is approximately $17 million.

How Much Does Lewis Howes Make Per Year?

In 2012, Lewis Howes made $2.5 million in revenue just from his webinar business.[1] Then he founded his podcast in 2013, and his income trend didn’t stop.

Given that his podcast has acquired over 500 million downloads so far, we can estimate that he’s made over $25 million from his podcast alone since launching it. This comes out to an average of $2.5 million per year from advertisers and affiliates alone.[2]

He also makes money through books sales and speaking engagements, which is estimated to at approximately $250K per year. And assuming Lewis Howes is a savvy investor, he likely earns money every year just from his money.

Therefore, presupposing Lewis Howes is a savvy enough investor to earn an annual 4% yield on his combined $17 million net worth (4% is a reasonable minimum annual yield to expect on investments considering historical returns on safe investments have typically fallen between the 3% to 5% range annually), he likely brings in an additional $680K a year just from his financial assets.

When you add it all up, Lewis Howes makes roughly $3.4 million per year.


Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$17,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$3,430,000
Per Month:$285,833
Per Week:$65,961
Per Day:$9,423
Per Hour:$392
Per Min:$6.54
Per Sec:$.10

Note:  this is an estimated earnings Metric based off the earning power of Lewis Howes estimated net worth along with his estimated earnings from book royalties, advertisers, and other business dealings.  This calculation for entertainment purposes only. Methodology

Lewis Howes’ Social Media Earning Power

One thing we didn’t include in Lewis Howes’ monthly/yearly income, was the potential income he makes from social media. Because it’s difficult to assess how many sponsored posts Lewis Howes does per year, we’ll just give you how much his social media earning power is per post.

First things first, here are his social media numbers. Lewis Howes has 3.1 million Instagram followers, 247K X followers, 2.9 million Facebook followers, 1.9 million TikTok followers, and 3.13 million YouTube subscribers. As such, the grand total of his social media followers is 11.3 million.

That said, per current social media market rates with all the social media platforms combined; Lewis Howes’s social media earning power is roughly $57K per sponsored post.

How Did Lewis Howes Get Rich?

Lewis Howes played semi-pro football after college. Unfortunately, his football career abruptly ended after a hand injury.

In short order he found himself living on his sister’s couch, struggling to make ends meet. After deciding to move out to New York to play handball, Howes began leveraging LinkedIn for networking purposes in the sports industry, and to make some enough money so he could move there.

Howes was given some good advice to get on Linked by mentor of his. So, he created a LinkedIn Groups page and successfully built one that attracted a lot of attention.

He leveraged his newfound skillset to coach other people on how to land jobs and use Linkedin to improve their business and professional goals.

Soon after, Howes transformed what he knew about Linkedin into a multimillion-dollar education business that specifically taught people in the sports industry how to leverage Linkedin and find jobs in sports.

Howes then went on to create a podcast that allowed him to branch out to new leaders in all walks of life. He would go on to interview leaders and success icons from all over the world, extracting and sharing their success secrets so that others could learn how to create a business and lifestyle they were excited about.

And as they say, the rest was history. Lewis Howes’ podcast would go on to become a massive success, earning him over 8 figures since launch, and allowing him to then leverage it for even more business opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key Lewis Howes takeaways:

  • Lewis Howes Net Worth:  $17 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $3.4 million
  • Social Media Followers:  11.3 million
  • Social Media Earning Power: $57K per sponsored deal
  • Keys to Success:   Networking, Leveraging Technology, Branding

Lewis Howes has created a sizeable net worth and strong brand in a relatively short amount of time. To this day he continues to expand his network, leverage technologies, and help people all across the world with his podcast, YouTube show, and as a high-performance coach.

So, we can expect his success, fame, and fortune to grow for years to come. That said, if you enjoyed this Lewis Howes net worth profile, then you may also enjoy these related profiles:

Mel Robbins Net Worth | Ed Mylett Net Worth | Jay Shetty Net Worth

Till you reach your aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Lewis Howes’ net worth alone assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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paulo coelho net worth

Paulo Coelho is the author of one of the most inspiring best-selling books of all-time, ‘The Alchemist’. In addition to that book, he’s also authored 32 other books. Coelho has already sold over 350 million copies of ‘The Alchemist’ alone, and his sales continue to grow. As such he ranks in the top 25 for most books sold and is considered one of the richest authors in the world. How rich? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to highlight in this Paulo Coelho net worth profile.

Having said that, if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how much money Paulo Coelho has managed to keep as one of the most prodigious authors in modern times, then this page is for you. We’ll also touch on how much his net worth could afford him in terms of an annual passive income.

What Is Paulo Coelho’s Net Worth?

As of 2024 Paulo Coelho’s net worth is approximately $500 million. Coelho’s vast net worth primarily stems from the hundreds of millions of books he’s sold over the past four decades.

He’s owned property in places like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Pyrenees in France, and Geneva, Switzerland, and has the rest of his money tied up in savings, stocks, and other assets.

How Much Does Paulo Coelho Make Per Year?

Paulo Coelho’s biggest paychecks have come from his book royalties, but he may also bring in extra money from paid speeches, and allowing his material to be used in movies and T.V. series.

That said, there’s little to no publicly verifiable data on how much Paulo Coelho makes a year, aside from calculating his royalties from books sole each year, but that data is private until it isn’t. But here’s what we know he could earn based off of his net worth alone.

Assuming Coelho invested the bulk his money in safe assets with an annual yield of at least 4%, he could very easily make $20 million a year in passive income (for perspective, 4% is a reasonable minimum annual yield to expect on investments considering historical returns on safe investments have typically fallen between the 3% to 5% range annually).


Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$500,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$20,000,000
Per Month:$1,667,000
Per Week:$384,615
Per Day:$54,945
Per Hour:$2,289
Per Min:$38.15
Per Sec:$.63

Note: this is a hypothetical (but very possible) earnings metric based off the earning power of Paulo Coelho’s net worth.  It does not include how much Paulo Coelho makes from ongoing projects, sponsorships, royalties, etc… This calculation is for entertainment purposes only. Methodology

Paulo Coelho’s Social Media Earning Power

Have you ever wondered what Paulo Coelho’s social media influence was worth? If so, we’ve pulled together his social media reach to give you an estimate of how much he could charge for each sponsored social media post.

First things first, here is Paulo Coelho’s social media reach: He currently has has 30 million Facebook followers, 15 million Twitter followers, 2.3 million Instagram followers, and 474K YouTube subscribers. As such, his grand total of social media followers 47.7 million.

As such, Paulo Coelho’s massive reach on social media could give him the ability to demand roughly $350K per sponsored post.

Key Paulo Coelho Facts:

  • Paulo Coelho once worked as a song writer.
  • Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1947.
  • Coelho didn’t become a millionaire until he was well into his 40s.
  • He is now one of the richest writers in the world.

How Did Paulo Coelho Get Rich?

Paulo Coelho initially gave up his dream to become a lawyer. It wasn’t what he wanted to do, but his parents nudge him in that direction.

Eventually Coelho dropped out and lived a nomadic lifestyle for a while. After he got the travelling out of his system, he moved back to Brazil and made money as a song writer.

He also acted, directed theater, and even made money as a journalist to get by. But Paulo Coelho eventually got rich by following his dream of becoming a writer.

Read More: Paulo Coelho Story of Success

In 1982 in his mid thirties he began publishing books. But it wasn’t until he wrote ‘The Alchemist’ that his financial situation would dramatically shift.

His luck didn’t change overnight in 1988 when he published ‘The Alchemist’, but through persistence and belief in his work, his masterpiece eventually picked up steam.

And every year since publishing the book, his sales would grow larger and larger, and after only 10 short years he hit the 100 million sales mark. So how did Paulo Coelho get rich? Sales, book sales… millions upon millions of them.

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Success Insights

That said, here a few powerful words and success anecdotes that Paulo Coelho has uttered himself over the years that may just help you gain a better understanding about how he did it:

1. “You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paulo Coelho

2.  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

3.  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

4. “It’s only those who are persistent and willing to study things deeply, who achieve the master work.” – Paulo Coelho

5. “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho

6. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

7. “If You Don’t Care About What People Think, You Already Passed the First Step of Success.” – Paulo Coelho

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Key Takeaways

Here are some key Paulo Coelho takeaways:

  • Paulo Coelho Net Worth:  $500 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $20 million
  • Social Media Followers:  47.7 million
  • Social Media Earning Power: Roughly $350K per sponsored post
  • Keys to Success:  Taking Risks, Following His Dreams, Writing Well

Paulo Coelho’s journey to riches is truly an inspiring one. There’s no doubt that his net worth is extraordinary, and that the method of achieving his riches is not typical.

That said, who knows what’s possible when you listen to your heart and chase your dreams and not the money.

One last thing, if you enjoyed our Paulo Coelho net worth profile, then you may equally enjoy learning about the net worth of other writers and artists like the following:

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Till you reach your aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of x’s net worth alone assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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alex hormozi net worth

Alex Hormozi is a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and multimillionaire who helps other entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses. After launching his own modest gym out in Huntington Beach, CA, and successfully expanding his own gym’s footprint and operations, he leveraged that knowledge to help other gym owners do the same. The result? Multiple business model shifts and progressions that rendered him a fortune?

How large of a fortune? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to highlight on this Alex Hormozi net worth profile page. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know how wealthy Hormozi has become, and how he managed to grow his net worth so fast, then this page is for you.

What Is Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth?

Less than a decade after launching his first business as a gym owner, Alex Hormozi would enter the ranks of multimillionaire. In 2014 at the age of 26 he was broke, but just a few short years later he grew three additional companies to over $120 million in revenue.

In 2021 he sold one of his companies for a whopping $46.2 million, and now partially owns which has a valuation of over $150 million. Which means that as of 2024 Alex Hormozi’s net worth is estimated at over $100 million.[1]

That said, Hormozi is still hunting and aiming to grow his net worth with a goal to one day reach billionaire status. And with a track record like his he may just pull it off.

How Much Does Alex Hormozi Make Per Year?

Certainly, Alex Hormozi’s current net worth and rate of growth begs the question, ‘So how much does he make per year, or per month?

According to an interview he conducted with ‘The Business Method Podcast’, he revealed that he brings home at least $1.2 million per month from his business ventures.[2]

That said, Hormozi’s $100 million net worth could also easily earn him an additional $4 million per year (assuming a safe 4% yield), just from dividends alone. So, per our research and analysis Alex Hormzi’s estimated monthly income is around $1.53 million.


Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$100,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$18,400,00
Per Month:$1,533,333
Per Week:$353,846
Per Day:$50,549
Per Hour:$2,106
Per Min:$35
Per Sec:$.58

Note: this is an estimated earnings Metric based off the earning power of Alex Hormozi’s net worth combined with the estimated active income from his ongoing business pursuits.  This calculation is an estimate derived from our own research and analysis; however, it’s only for entertainment purposes only. Methodology

Alex Hormozi’s Social Media Earning Power

Now that we’ve covered the estimated monthly income produced from Hormozi’s business ventures and assets, let’s dive into his social media earning potential.

Alex Hormozi has 1.9 million Instagram followers, 502K X (formerly known as Twitter) followers, 83K Facebook followers, 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, and 756K TikTok followers. As such, his grand total of social media followers is roughly 4.9 million.

So, with a social media reach of nearly 4.9 million raving fans, Hormozi could potentially demand approximately $25K per sponsored post for any business looking to take advantage of his audience’s attention.

How Did Alex Hormoz Get So Rich?

Just out of college Hormozi worked for a regular 9-5 job which he detested. He was making good money, but he was not happy with what he was doing.

After two years of grinding it out, Hormozi moved across the country to Los Angeles area to start his own business as a gym owner.

Harmozi’s quickly built up that gym, and scaled it up to six different locations. Then he decided to leverage his keen ability to expand business for gyms, and launched a consulting business that helped gym owners turn their businesses around and grow their revenue rapidly.

He then switched from a consulting business to a licensing model and continued to grow his fortune. Then he launched a supplement company, Prestige Labs, as a way to help gym owners add another stream of revenue to their operations.

A year later he launched another venture, known as ALAN which was a software company that helped gym owners increase their customer base. All of his ventures scaled rapidly, and in 2021 he decided to sell portions of ownership of ALAN, Gym Launch, and Prestige Labs for 8 figures.

These days Alex continues to grow his wealth by acquiring promising companies via, and helping them grow. Alex Hormozi also continues to generate revenue from his growing social media influence on platforms like, X, book sales, and, speaking engagements.

How to Get Rich Like Hormozi

That said, if you’re looking for some of Alex Hormozi’s best advice when it comes to money and growing your net worth, then give this following video a watch. Alex Hormozi published it himself via his popular YouTube channel, and it is certainly worth the watch (even though it is a bit long).

Video Credit: Alex Hormozi Channel (Subscribe Here)

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Key Takeaways

Here are some key Alex Hormozi takeaways:

  • Alex Hormozi Net Worth:  $100 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $18.4 million
  • Social Media Followers:  4.9 million
  • Social Media Earning Power: $25K per sponsored post
  • Keys to Success:  Taking Risks, Business Acumen, Creating Marketing Systems, Selling Assets

Alex Hormozi’s massive net worth is a direct result of his sharp business sense, eye for growth, penchant for creating businesses that add massive values for his clients and audience.

That said, if you enjoyed this Alex Hormozi net worth profile, then you may equally enjoy learning about the net worth of other high achievers and influencers like the following:

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Till you reach your aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Alex Hormozi’s net worth alone assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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rhonda byrne net worth

Rhonda Byrne is the producer and creator of the hit film, ‘The Secret’, as well as the best-selling author the book. Before producing what has become almost a literary canon for the law of attraction, she was struggled financially and professionally. But, she discovered one of the secrets of success, and it’s helped her build a sizeable fortune. How sizeable? Well, that’s exactly what we aim to highlight in this Rhonda Byrne net worth profile.

So, if you want to know how large Rhonda Byrne’s net worth is, how much she makes, and what her secret to financial success actually is, then let’s dive into the details:

What Is Rhonda Byrne’s Net Worth?

rhonda byrne net worth

Many sites have had her net worth placed at around $100 million since 2020, but as we all know money never sleeps. For example, the general market (i.e. the SP500) has grown by an average of 74% since that time, and she continues to reap large royalties from her hit book and video, ‘The Secret’, in addition to the many additional works she’s created since, including her 2020 release of ‘The Greatest Secret’.

That said, per our research and analysis, Rhonda Byrne’s net worth has undoubtedly gone up over the past few years. Therefore, as of 2024 Rhonda Byrne’s net worth is approximately $140 million.

How Much Does Rhonda Byrne Make Per Year?

Rhonda Byrne’s first giant payday came in 2006 when she released the classic film ‘The Secret’, and then followed it up with the book of the same name. She sold many millions of the film, and over 35 million copies of the book.[1]

Since then she’s published five more best-selling books and a Hollywood movie adaption of ‘The Secret’. Needless to say, she’s been busy producing high value works for her fans all over the world for nearly two decades now, and she’s been getting paid very well do so.

That said, there’s not enough public data available to provide an official accounting for how much Rhonda Byrne makes per year.

However, because 4% is a reasonable minimum annual yield to expect on investments considering historical returns on safe investments have typically fallen between the 3% to 5% range annually, we can safely presuppose that Rhonda Byrne earns at least $5.6 million a year just from her net worth alone.


Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$140,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$5,600,000
Per Month:$467,000
Per Week:$107,692
Per Day:$15,384
Per Hour:$641
Per Min:$10.6
Per Sec:$.17

Note: this is an estimated earnings metric based off the earning power of Rhonda Byrne’s net worth.  It does not include how much she makes from projects, sponsorships, ongoing books sales etc… This figure is for entertainment purposes only. Methodology

Rhonda Byrne’s Social Media Earning Power

One thing we could have included in Rhonda Byrne’s estimated earnings was how much her social media reach could potentially make her. However, we chose to keep it separate since the amount she could make is solely dependent on how many posts she makes and how many deals she negotiates each year.

That said, Rhonda Byrne has about 204K Instagram followers, 23K X (formerly known as Twitter) followers, 410K Facebook followers, and 177K YouTube subscribers. As such, her grand total of social media followers is approximately 814K.

As such, we can estimate her earning power for each sponsored post at approximately $7.5K.

How Did Rhonda Byrne Get Rich?

If you want to know the details behind how Rhonda Byrne escaped her lifestyle of struggle and hardship then you’ll want to make sure you check out her success story here: The Rhonda Byrne Story of Success.

However, a simplified version of how she got so rich is that she leveraged the knowledge and wisdom she read from The Science of Getting Rich, and improved and repackaged it into a relatable and entertaining message that hundreds of millions of people fell in love with.

In short, she created a viral film and book that taught people how to turn their life around, like she had by using the “secret” she found in Wallace D. Wattles book.

It sounds simple, but that’s exactly what she did to launch herself and her secret-of-success brand into superstardom.

Extra Success Insights

That said, here a few powerful words and success anecdotes that Rhonda Byrne has uttered herself over the years that my just help you realize how to find success and get rich like she did:

1. “We Become What We Think About. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.” – – Rhonda Byrne

2. “Everyone Visualizes Whether He Knows It Or Not. Visualizing Is The Great Secret Of Success.” – Rhonda Byrne

3. “Visualizing Is The Great Secret Of Success.” – Rhonda Byrne

4. “You Change Your Life With One Happy Thought At A Time.” – Rhonda Byrne

5. “See Yourself Living In Abundance And You Will Attract It.” – Rhonda Byrne

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Key Takeaways

Here are some key Rhonda Byrne takeaways:

  • Rhonda Byrne Net Worth:  $140 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $5.6 million
  • Social Media Followers:  814K
  • Social Media Earning Power: $7.5K per sponsored post
  • Keys to Success:  Visualization, Mindset Shift, Creating Value

Rhonda Byrne’s massive net worth testifies to the value she has created for people. The hope that her product(s) have created for people, in addition to the real world benefits they’ve had on people’s lives has positively impacted her bottom line.

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That said, hopefully we successfully provided you with the net worth details you were looking for related to Rhonda Byrne’s wealth.

And till you reach your financial aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of the earning power of Rhonda Byrne’s net worth alone assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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Bruce Lee Net Worth

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists of all-time. On top of that, he was also a talented actor and director who’s fame exploded within the movie industry and across the world just before his death at the age of 32. That said, his endeavors helped him leave a lasting legacy while building up a sizeable fortune. How sizeable? Well that’s exactly what we aim to highlight via this Bruce Lee Net Worth profile.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know what Bruce Lee was worth just before his death, how much his fortune would be worth today, and a few additional financial facts, then dive right into the numbers.

What Was Bruce Lee’s Net Worth?

Bruce Lee passed in 1973, and at the time of his death his fortune was estimated at approximately $10 million. So he was a young 32 year old multimillionaire.

That said, if he were a alive today his net worth would look a little different. So, we crunched the numbers and here’s what we got: Bruce Lee’s Net Worth today would be roughly $71 million.

Of course, if Bruce Lee never died and remained on the earning trajectory that he was on just before his death, he’d likely be a billionaire like Michael Jordan.

How Much Did Bruce Lee Make Per Year?

If Bruce Lee were alive today, he’d likely be making hundreds of millions per year just form the royalties earned off all of his movies and iconic merchandise. Who knows how many other movies he would have made or starred in as well. So his earnings could have stratospheric.

But, to keep things simple and as close to reality as possible, we’ll just go off of his net worth. That said, Bruce Lee’s $71 million dollar fortune (in today’s money) could very easily earn him over $2.8 million a year if it were invested in assets earning him a modest 4% yield.


Money MetricAmount
Net Worth:$ 71,000,000
**Earnings Per Year:$2,840,00
Per Month:$236,000
Per Week:$54,615
Per Day:$7,802
Per Hour:$325
Per Min:$5.43
Per Sec:$.09

Note: this is a estimated earnings Metric for Bruce Lee based off the earning power of his net worth.  It does not include how much Bruce Lee could make from royalties, etc… This calculation is for entertainment purposes only. Methodology

Key Facts About Bruce Lee:

  • Lee was born in San Francisco, CA in 1940.
  • Bruce Lee began martial arts at the age of 13.
  • He starred in over 20 films before the age of 18.
  • Bruce was a philosopher.
  • He created his own fighting style known as Jeet Kun Do.
  • Bruce Lee’s death was the result of brain swelling caused by an allergic reaction to a pain killer took for a headache.

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Key Takeaways

Here are some key Bruce Lee takeaways:

  • Bruce Lee Net Worth:  $10 million
  • Bruce Lee Net Worth today: $71 million
  • Annual Earnings **:  $2.8 million

Bruce Lee’s net worth was quite large, and chances are that had he not passed so early, he’d have a massive net worth today. That said, all we can do is imagine.

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Till you reach your financial aims,


** These earnings are hypothetical and calculated off of Bruce Lee’s net worth earning power alone assuming a 4.0% dividend yield.

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gordon gekko quotes

Gordon Gekko is the well known anti-hero character from the wildly popular film ‘Wall Street’. As a shrewd investor and corporate raider, his persona has become somewhat of a cultural symbol for unrestrained ambition and unchecked greed. And while the character is fictional, his essence is not, as it can be found lurking in the subconscious of many corporate financiers and banking types across the world. That said, we’ve decided to highlight some of the most insightful and popular Gordon Gekko quotes.

We’re publishing these quotes not to champion, condone, or praise them, but rather, to bring attention to the cut-throat inclinations that still exist in the world of business to this day. Our hope is that they’ll equip you with the pragmatism needed to keep your money safe in this day and age, as well as put your mind on guard to the type of thinking that won Gordon Gekko’s character a slot as one of the top movie villains of all time. With this in mind, not all of Gordon Gekkos’ quotes are bad, some of them are just plain realistic, but we’ll let you be the judge. So, let’s dive into these insightful quotes and sort them out.


best gordon gekko quotes

1. “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” – Gordon Gekko

2. “Don’t run when you lose, don’t whine when it hurts. It’s like first grade. No one likes a cry baby.” – Gordon Gekko

3. “It’s not about the money — it’s about the game.” – Gordon Gekko

4. “It’s not always the most popular person who gets the job done.” – Gordon Gekko

5. “The mother of all evil is speculation.” – Gordon Gekko

6. “It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred from one perception to another. Like magic.” – Gordon Gekko

7. “A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place.” – Gordon Gekko

8. “I’ve been in this business since 69 and most of these Harvard MBA types don’t add up to dog sh**. The guys that are poor, smart, and hungry…. and no feelings. You win a few, you lose a few, but you keep on fighting. And if you need a friend, get a dog… It’s trench warfare out here pal.” – Gordon Gekko

9. “Greed is right. Greed works.” – Gordon Gekko

10. “Greed is good.” – Gordon Gekko

11. “I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things. Read Sun-Tzu, The Art of War. Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” – Gordon Gekko

12. “What’s worth doing is worth doing for money.” – Gordon Gekko

13. “You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth.” – Gordon Gekko

14. “Just made 800,000 in Hong Kong gold. It’s been wired to you. Play with it. You’ve done good, but you gotta keep doing good. I’ve showed you how the game works. Now School’s out.” – Gordon Gekko

15. “This painting here, I bought it ten years ago for sixty thousand dollars, I could sell it today for six hundred. The illusion has become real. And the more real it becomes, the more desperate they want it.” – Gordon Gekko

16.The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars.” – Gordon Gekko

17. “It’s all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation.” – Gordon Gekko

18. “The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest.” – Gordon Gekko

19. “In my book, you either do it right, or you get eliminated.” – Gordon Gekko

20. “Money never sleeps, pal.” – Gordon Gekko

21. “I create nothing. I own.” – Gordon Gekko

22. “Greed captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.” – Gordon Gekko

23. “We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naïve enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it.” – Gordon Gekko

24. “I am not a destroyer of companies, I am a liberator of them.” – Gordon Gekko

25. “Lunch is for wimps.” – Gordon Gekko

26. “Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs? They get slaughtered.” – Gordon Gekko

27.  “Payback. Except I’m not in that business anymore – because the one thing I learned in jail is that money is not the prime asset in life. Time is.” – Gordon Gekko

28. “Most people, they lose, they whine and quit. But you got to be there for the turns. Everybody’s got good luck, everybody’s got bad luck.” – Gordon Gekko

29. “It’s easy to get in – it’s hard to get out.” – Gordon Gekko

30.  “Idealism kills every deal.” – Gordon Gekko

31. “Stop telling lies about me and I’ll stop telling the truth about you.” – Gordon Gekko

32. “Every thief has an excuse.” – Gordon Gekko

33. “If you’re not inside, you’re outside.” – Gordon Gekko

34. “A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.” – Gordon Gekko

35. “Ever wonder why fund managers can’t beat the S&P 500? ‘Cause they’re sheep, and sheep get slaughtered.” – Gordon Gekko

Bonus Gordon Gekko Quote

Bonus: Alright, here is one of our favorite Gordon Gekko quotes. It’s not too villainous, and well, it’s 100% true. Information, knowledge, etc…. is invaluable.”

“The Most Valuable Commodity I Know Of Is Information.”

– gordon gekko –


You’ve made it to the end of these high-powered and cut-throat Gordon Gecko quotes, great job. We hope they help or inspire you in some way shape or form, not necessarily to be a corporate raider or merciless banker type, but to be on guard for the wolves that are in our midst in the world of business.

Till next time,


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Money Mindset Books

One of the key differences between the people who have success with money, and those who do not, is their relationship to money. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule. But, by and large, the better a person’s relationship with money is, the better their money situation tends to be. This is important because a person’s relationship to money is determined by one thing, and one thing alone: their money mindset.

What’s a Money Mindset?

A money mindset is nothing more than your attitude and your beliefs around the concept of money. Your money mindset determines the actions you take to earn, keep, and utilize your money. Thus, if you have a limited money mindset, your potential for earning, keeping, and growing your money will be limited. However, on the other hand, how much you earn, how much you keep, and the rate at which you grow and accumulate your money is directly related to your money mindset.

With that said, we aim to help you maximize the benefits that come with having a strong money mindset. So, we’ve rounded up the best money mindset books that can actually help you revolutionize your psychology when it comes to money, and as a result, gradually and eventually, revolutionize your financial reality.

We’ve read, studied, and researched countless books over the years. Some money books teach you technical skills on how to manage your money well, and some teach you how to make more money with the money you’ve got, while others help you change your relationship with money, so you can acquire, keep, and grow lots of it. These books are the latter. So, if you’re ready to dive into the best books available for transforming your mindset about money, let’s dive right in:


Best Money Mindset Books

Note: We’re reader supported. If you buy any of these books on money mindset through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

1. Think and Grow Rich

There really is no greater book out there to teach you how to change your mindset about money, riches, and success than Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich‘. The title itself provides you with the key for what it takes to grow rich… use your mind.

If you want to change your money situation, you have to change your mind. So, if you are truly and earnestly seeking insights that will improve your money mindset, this is the book you should start with.

In fact, out of all of our recommended money mindset books, if there is only one that you should read, it is this one.

2. The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason created a masterpiece with this book. It teaches, in a very subtle way, the fundamentals of money. This book is recommended second, because once you’ve read ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and once more money begins flowing to you, you’re going to need to understand the fundamental principles for managing that money. This is key, because as they say, easy come, easy go.

And well, we don’t want you to lose that hard earned money once avalanches of it start flowing your way.

Thus, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon‘ will teach you everything you need to know about money and how to keep the money you earn. This book is a powerful tool for anyone who is ready to change their money situation for good.

3. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Catherine Ponder’s ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity‘ is a must read for anyone who is serious about dramatically changing their relationship with money. Much of her book is aimed at dispelling coming myths and mental blocks that people have about money which ultimately keeps them from obtaining more of it.

You’ll learn how what you believe about money shapes your ability to possess it through her various anecdotes and inspiring insights. In short, this is the perfect book for improving one’s money mindset.

Give it a shot if you’re truly ready to make a change.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki is a successful modern American businessman who has come to be known for his insightful financial education books and programs. A few decades ago, he wrote a book called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ to help people change their thinking about money. And his book has done just that.

Since publication, the book has been ranked as one of the best Personal Finance books of all-time. With over 30 million copies sold in over 90 different countries, the advice in this book has become an effective roadmap for people all over the world.

Without a doubt, this is a must-read book for anyone interested in revolutionizing their mindset and their approach to personal finances.

5. The Millionaire Mind

Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. is the best-selling author of ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ as well as this invaluable gem of a book. ‘The Millionaire Mind’ is a must-read book, that provides meticulously researched data and facts on the thinking, actions, and habits that are responsible for creating the majority of millionaires across America.

We highly recommend this book for improving your money mindset. Why? Because it does an excellent job of proving that making money and becoming a millionaire is much simpler and commonplace than most people think.

So, if you’re looking for a collection of mental maps for how many millionaires found their riches, reading this book is a must.

6. The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane‘ by M.J. Demarco is a money-making masterpiece. It’s a must-read money mindset book if you’re ambitious and/or impatient to change your money situation.

Much of this books deals with eye-opening financial truths that teach the reader how to build wealth in a way that will allow for them to enjoy it while they are still young and healthy enough to do so.

Thus, it is a must read if accelerating your financial success is important to you.

7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi’s book ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ does just that. Every chapter in this book provides you with effective money management tips and long-term personal finance strategies that when combined, will eventually make you rich.

However, one of our favorite aspects of this book, are the simple mental hacks provided throughout, that prove useful for overcoming psychological barriers and rewiring your mind.

All in all, this is one financial book that not only helps you better understand money but provides easy-to-apply baby-steps that can get you on the right path towards changing your financial situation today. You can get the book here.

8. Millionaire Baby Steps

If there is one name that is synonymous with money management and personal finance, it is Dave Ramsey. As one of the biggest advocates for personal responsibility and being smart with your money, his book ‘Millionaire Baby Steps’ does an excellent job at putting personal debt into perspective, while providing you with a financial road map that empowers you to gain control of your expenses, and start putting cash into your pockets until you become a millionaire.

This book is like a boot camp, it tells you lots of what you don’t want to hear but pushes you until you’re convinced to change your thinking and money habits, even if it is uncomfortable and hurts a little.

Thus, it’s a great book to help you transform your mindset around money, and as a result, your financial situation. If you’re interested in becoming a millionaire, then this book is for you.

9. You Are a Badass at Making Money

Jen Sincero, the author of ‘You Are a Badass at Making Money’ wasn’t always a poster child for financial success. In fact, she struggled to make ends meet while still in her 40s but turned it all around after she decided to transform her financial situation and the way she thought and felt about money.

In short, she revolutionized her personal finances after choosing to do so. And she does a great job at laying out the steppingstones that everyone who is serious about making more money can take to make a similar change in their lives.

So, if you want to create the money mindset needed to become a badass at making money, read this book!

You Are a Badass at Making Money

10. Money: Master The Game

No one understands the human mind, or our ability to get the most out of it, more so than Tony Robbins. As a world-renowned peak performance coach, motivational speaker, multi-millionaire business magnate, and best-selling author, Robbins continues to create resources that positively impact people’s lives all over the world with this book.

In ‘Money: Master The Game’ he applies the same approach (rigorous research, extensive interviews, and self-assessed strategies) that he’s used for decades to help people transform their lives. But this time around it’s to help people transform their money game.

This is a book that not only provides a powerful blueprint that will help you master some of the most effective and time-tested personal finance strategies, but it also reveals some of the best kept secrets for changing your money mindset, pulled directly from some of the greatest financial minds. You can get the book here!

Bonus Money Mindset Book: The Automatic Millionaire

David Bach does a wonderful job with this book. In our opinion, he created one of the best resources for helping people realize that they can become financially successful.

In the Automatic Millionaire, he makes the case for how easy it is for just about anybody to become a self-made millionaire these days, if they’ll create a simple plan, and then stick to that plan.

His suggestions are not overly optimistic, and provide sound strategies that deliver not just hope, but a financial path that anybody can embark upon to eventually become a millionaire.

If you’ve ever doubted that you could become a millionaire someday, this money mindset book is a must-read.

best money mindset book for millionaires

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Final Thoughts

Alright, you now have one of the best places to begin your journey of improving your mindset about money. This list of the best money mindset books is your starting point, but what you do with these resources is completely up to you.

With that said, we’ll leave you with this final quote to inspire you to take control of your money mindset, and with it, your financial destiny….

“Every Man Who Knows How To Read Has It In His Power To Magnify Himself, To Multiply The Ways In Which He Exists, To Make His Life Full, Significant And Interesting.”

– aldous huxley –

Till you reach your aims,


PS – If you enjoyed our list of the very best money mindset books to invest in, and you’re truly committed to changing your money mindset once and for all, then you’ll love these powerful mindset-changing money affirmations.

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