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Truth About Success

The purpose of this article is to serve as an encouraging voice to all the hardworking people out there striving for success, but have yet to find it. It is an article for all those who may be feeling stuck, or like they are spinning their wheels.  However, to achieve this a somewhat hard to swallow truth must be told.  What’s this truth? The truth about success.

A Reminder

Now, we know nobody needs a reminder on how hard life can be.  We all know life can be hard, and at times feel unbearably heavy.  The real reminder is related more-or-less to the fact that rising up, moving forward, and achieving worthwhile accomplishments does not come easy.  It never has been easy and it never will.

The reason why we need to be reminded of this, is because somehow, somewhere, someone may have convinced you that success is easy.  Too many of us have accepted the fact that life is hard, but have simultaneously been convinced that success can come easy.

The Conflict

Oddly, too many of us have bought into these two conflicting messages: life is hard, but success can come easy.  Believing in both ideas simultaneously is a good recipe for going nowhere fast, and a whole lot of frustration.

We are sure much of this conflict stems from the ubiquitous messaging that oozes forth from the unscrupulous marketers that are selling such fantasies.  Fantasies like “You too can have success come easy, but only if you listen to everything I say and buy my…. Fill in the blank.”

There are so many people and websites out there that constantly proclaim the ease of success.  Like if it were some type of shirt that anyone could just slip on, and then poof, just like that, one finds themselves successful.

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The Truth About Success

The truth is; to be successful, to create a worthwhile and lasting success, one has to continuously strive.  To be successful, you have to continuously fight, and consistently aim to stay vigorous in your battle against the demons of mediocrity.

The purchasing of one product, one course, or the attending of one seminar is not going to cut it.  Believing that one of these resources will automatically change everything for you overnight, is ludicrous.  Success does not have a silver bullet.

Working on some remote beach off of your laptop, while drinking a corona is a dream, it is not reality, and it is not where your greatness lies.  Sure, when you become successful, you will have the option to do that, (some of the time) but no truly successful person really works on a beach off of a laptop all of the time.  Why? Because it’s not practical.  Lawn chairs are uncomfortable, work-windows are annoyingly short due to the limited battery life of your lap top, and squinting at your computer while the sun blazes above your head all day can cause your face to cramp, (trust me, I’ve tried it) and the list can go on.

There is More to Success Than This

If you believe that you will only be a success when your life looks like the beach dribble marketers put out there for you to consume, then you’ve bought into a lie of laziness.  If you look closely at those who have obtained true success, you will notice that they never flaunt their riches. 

They are never taking pictures of themselves while working on some exotic beach, and then showcasing it to you.  They don’t try to impress you into buying whatever they are selling.  Truly successful people don’t use our weaknesses to bait us in to buying their products or services.

Only the marketers trying to sell you on the idea of success do that.

So, if you feel like you are not making progress because your life has yet to manifest that image of success that many are trying to sell you, we respectfully suggest to you, don’t lose hope. And of course, don’t take the bait.

Your success, your greatness, you high hopes are much more than beaches, beer, and babes (baby-faced hunks for the ladies reading this).  Your success is both the journey, the pain, the effort, and the daily decisions you’ll need to make to keep moving forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

The prize you give to yourself for not quitting, and for accomplishing something meaningful to you, will be your success.

So please, pretty please, ignore those fake images of success that others are selling you.  Because those images can also make you feel as if you are not making progress.  Especially if those results promised you haven’t shown up as quick as initially expected.

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Enemies of Success

The scourge of apathy, of laziness, and of indifference, is an enemy that we must all overcome.  There will be times when you will feel like giving up.  Moments when what you are doing doesn’t feel worth the effort. Times when you feel like you are out of your league, or like you should just accept your ‘fate’ and re-join the countless others who are still trudging along aimlessly through life.

If you feel like this now, don’t give up.  Don’t back down.  You may feel cornered, outnumbered, and at a disadvantage in your contest against mediocrity.  But you are stronger than you know.  You are stronger than the weakness that calls you to be less than you know you can be.

Do not relent!  You have something special that only you can bring to life.  But that special message, that uniqueness that is yours, will never see the light of day if you give up, if you quit.

Success Hack

One small success hack that you can employ, that will help throughout your journey, is to embrace the struggle. No doubt, you’ve likely heard this saying or phrase before. But, it exists for a reason.

So, if your journey to success has a semblance of being unbearable, try convincing yourself that it is suppose to be hard, and that it is actually going to be 10x harder then you initially thought. And then regardless of this reality, choose to remain determined to still see to it that you reach your aims.

Use this little hack and you’ll mitigate some of the frustrations that you’ve been experiencing in your pursuits. So, give it a shot, because your success is ultimately all in your state of mind.

Final Thoughts on The Truth About Success

With that being said, we beg of you.  Keep on fighting. Stay strong.  Believe in your greatness, and stay on the path that you started on so long ago.  If you feel as if progress is not being made, take a minute or two to dig deep into all that you have done.  Consider everything you have accomplished up until this point, and how many people you’ve impacted.

Once you’ve done this, look to the future, and imagine the impact you will continue to have if you just keep moving forward.

Your works-of-art, your message, your light, your fire is needed in this world.  Do not back down, rest if you have to, but do not stop.  And whatever you do, do not quit.  Pivot if you must, quit you must not.

You will have plenty of time for rest and relaxation at the end of your story.  So get your grind gear on, and get back to work.  The world is awaiting your Greatness!

Till next time…