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Seeds of Greatness

Are you the type of person who hears the word greatness, and gets goosebumps?  Are you able to recognize greatness in others? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  A place for Greats in the making.

You probably already know, that you don’t have to be Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, or Achilles to be Great.  The idea that you must be a conqueror of nations, a powerful leader of the masses, a genius, or an all-star athlete to be considered great is a concept that is fading.

So, If you feel like you’re not on track to becoming the next Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Albert Einstein, please don’t fret.  Because greatness is so much more than what you’ve come to know.

A New Paradigm of Greatness

Greatness is more than the examples mentioned above, it is something more than what we have all come to know, and we all have an abundance of it residing within us.

I want to suggest to you a new paradigm of greatness in this post.  In other words, a different way of looking at it.   A way that will encourage you to be more willing  to strive for it.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 seeds or rules of greatness.  Rules that you can begin to hone in on to help you unleash more of yours.

A standard understanding of the word greatness, is that it is a concept of a state of superiority affecting a person, and/or refers to a person who possesses a natural ability to be better than all others.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably always looked at greatness in the context of comparison with others.  You’ve seen someone else’s grand achievements from afar, or through the lens of history, and deemed their achievements as greatness personified.

While such an approach still has merit in identifying and remembering great acts of achievement; It is method for classifying greatness that is limited.

Unlimited Greatness

I would argue that greatness is but a point of reference.  As such, to use the achievements of others as a reference point for greatness has limits.

In my opinion, a concept of greatness that references our individual potential is far more comprehensive as a measuring stick, because it creates an ever-expanding point of reference.  A reference point that is unique, personalized, and limited only by the imagination and ambition of the person considering it.

Hence, a better definition of greatness, is the greatness that you can both imagine and value in your mind.  This form of greatness is your greatness, and it is something that can be realized, if you choose to realize it.

Okay, so If you are on board with what I believe to be a more relevant and unlimited concept of greatness, I’d like to provide you with some observations I’ve made to help you express more of it in your life.

Unleashing our greatness can be a simple process.  All you have to do is follow some fairly simple rules that I will lay out today.  I say simple, because they are simple in theory; however, make no mistake about it, they are challenging in application.

The Seeds of Greatness

The Seeds of Greatness

If you can muster up the courage, energy, and persistence to plant the following seeds of greatness into your daily routines, you will be well on your way to becoming your greatness.

1. Be Hungry For More

The first seed of greatness is that you must be hungry for more.  To truly tap into your greatness, you need to have some ambition.  At a minimum, you must be driven to be better than your former self.  If your greatness is the ever-expanding concept of your potential, you must have an internal urge to become your best.

As you change and grow as a person, your personal concept of greatness will change and grow as well.  And so long as you are hungry and driven to realize that better you, you place yourself on the path of greatness.

Be hungry to exceed your own expectations.

2. Pay Attention

Your greatness is relevant to your imagination and your will to realize that ideal.

However; all too often we get so busy that we fail to recognize that we can become more.  We let life distract us.  And being distracted, stuck in the day-to-day monotony of making a living will stifle our ability to grow.

As such, a primary rule for unleashing our greatness is related to paying attention.  Essentially, we must become more aware, aware of ourselves, our trajectory, our lives, and our place in it.

And to become more aware, we must practice mindfulness.  So how does one practice mindfulness?  Well, mindfulness can be practiced by taking time each day to think about your life.   Some of the best ways to do this are the following:   mediation, long-walks, solitude, and going for a drive.  These are just a few ways that you can practice mindfulness, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

3. Strive Your Face Off

If you want to reach your greatness, you are going to have put in a lot of work.  You must plant the seed in your mind, that greatness requires effort.  Know, that your best self will not appear out of the blue just because you can imagine it.

Michael Jordan practiced 5 to 7 hours a day throughout his life.  He had to train and practice to show up as the person we’ve all come to admire.

Pablo Picasso painted 13,500 paintings, created at least 100,000 graphic prints and engravings,  produced 34,000 book illustrations, and  designed over 300 sculptures.

Prolific writer, Paulo Coelho has written 34 books since 1974, and wrote 4 books in one year alone.

Bringing your best self into the world will be no different.  It is going to take hours and hours of practice and tons of action and extra effort to make it happen.

Just like metal needs forging to be formed into a desired shape, so too will your greatness require concentrated effort to mold and make.

4. Experiment

Habitual experimenting is a seed of greatness.  Some of the best inventions, recipes, and businesses have come to existence due to experimentation.

As you’ve probably already know, it took Thomas Edison over 1,000 experiments before he realized his vision of the working lightbulb.

Henry Ford experimented with businesses and had 5 businesses fail before one took off.

Similarly, the delicious meals and drinks we get to enjoy at our favorite restaurants are the results of endless experimentations.

All in all, if we want to unleash our greatness, we must be willing to try new things, take different approaches, we must be willing to experiment.

5. Quantity Vs. Quality

This rule is related to the last two, but it is different as it relates to not just taking action, but to ensuring that we are shipping or completing our creations.  It is necessary that you get your talents, ideas, and gifts out there to benefit the world.

To realize your greatness, you must get bits of it out into the world.  Not just for the sake of getting something out there, but in order that it may serve other people.

The more we can put out into the world, the better.  Sure, some of our ideas, creations, or whatever it is we are delivering to the world may not be of the highest quality at first. But, you can always (and should eventually strive to) improve quality over time.

The most important part is just getting your great works out there.  Because the quality of what you have to offer the world will improve as you provide it.  So, start shipping your greatness today!

6. Always Be Learning

ABL; Always Be Learning, is the next seed of greatness.  One of the easiest ways to become more, is to learn more.  The more we learn, the larger our capacity for growth becomes.

Why you ask?  Well, recall the new and improved way of looking at greatness that was mentioned earlier. The one that was greatness “as a personalized reference point, limited only by the imagination and ambition of the person considering it.”  In doing so, notice the words “limited only by the imagination” of the person considering it.

Well, when we learn more, our ability to comprehend and imagine what is possible grows. And as our imagination grows, so to does our capacity to serve in a great way. As such, continual learning is vital to reaching your greatness.

7. Time Travel

This next seed of greatness may seem crazy, but bare with me. Yes, I am serious, Time Travel is the 7th seed of greatness. Just here me out, and suspend your disbelief for a few seconds. With that being said, if you time travel, you will position yourself to realize more of your greatness.  Of course, I am not talking about actual time travel here, (which would be cool) but rather, I am talking about travelling through time in your mind.

In other words, time travel as it relates to our ability to look forward into the future using our imagination alone.

To time travel in this sense, try to envision yourself as the greatest at what you have a passion for doing.  Try to envision the best version of yourself, or your ideal self in the near future.

When you do this, you’ll be stretching your mind and creating a void to be filled in by action. The action that is necessary for building the foundation that your future greatest self will soon rest upon.

Time travel in this sense can also help you make those big life altering decisions easier.  Jeff Bezos once mentioned a form of mental time travel he used to tap his greatness, but he called it a ‘regret minimization framework.’

In his example, he projected himself forward to the age of 80 and asked himself a series of questions at that point, on what he would or wouldn’t regret.  The answers that came to him are what propelled him to act on those ideas that were most aligned with his greatness.

And if you know anything about Jeff Bezos, you’ll know he made the right choice.  A choice that unleashed a multi-billion-dollar business empire.

So, if you want to fortify your capacity for greatness, close your eyes and take a leap into your imagined future.

Bonus Seed of Greatness: Focus on Your Contributions

This last seed of greatness is probably one of the most important. It is also the seed that just about anyone can make up their mind to improve upon. At the same time, it is oddly forsaken by most people. So what’s this last seed of greatness? Simply put, it is to increase your contribution to others.

The great business philosopher Jim Rohn said it best, when he stated: “Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.” That’s right, service to others leads to greatness. If you can find a way to increase your contribution to others, you’ll simultaneously be increasing your greatness.

The great news is, the more you focus on what your contributions, the better they’ll be, the more you’ll be helping others, and as a result, the great you’ll become. So, become a contributor, focus on serving others and doings so to the best of your ability, and you’ll be hopping on the fast-track to greatness.


To live one’s greatest life….to achieve one’s greatness, a lot of hard work will be involved, a lot of discipline as well.  Determination is going to be needed, you will without a doubt, need to tap new levels of courage.

Failure will happen, and you’ll have to show some serious resolve!   But, if you’ll simply start sowing your seeds of greatness, everything will change for you.

When you begin baking these 7 Seeds of Greatness into your pursuits, you will be poised to unleash your greatness, and with that, your amazing future.

Till next time…


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