How to Become a Modern Day Titan

Effort as a Super Power

So you want to become a Titan?  Excellent!  Quick disclaimer; if you’ve stumbled on this page looking to become the type of Titan of the NFL variety, then you’ve landed on the wrong page.

Become a Titan

Similarly, if you think this is an application to join the pantheon of Greek Deities it is not.

However; if you are looking to learn how to become a modern day Titan, the type of person who is a juggernaut, influential, or a person of massive power in their life or in their line of expertise, then keep reading.

Before we go further, I want to quickly elaborate on where the word ‘Titan’ comes from. Doing so will give you, the sincere student of achievement, some useful context as you journey towards becoming a modern day Titan.

According to a handful of scholars, the word stems from the Greek verb “teino”, which means to stretch.  There are a few other interpretations, but today, I will only be focusing on this interpretation of the word as it relates to our modern day Titans.   I’ll be doing this both for the sake of brevity, and because the life lesson from this first interpretation of the words origination, precedes the order and importance of the lessons that can be learned from the other ones.

How to Become a Titan

With your forward thinking mind, you’ve probably already guessed what the straightest path to becoming a modern day Titan is.  If you guessed that the straightest path to becoming a Titan is to simply espouse the essence of the name’s origination, you’d be right.  What I mean by this is that to become a Titan, one has to incorporate the meaning of the word stretch, into their every action.

If we want to become Titans, we must commit ourselves to obsessively reaching, trying, striving, to be better than our former selves.  Such actions are the underlying theme behind the word Titan.   In short, we must constantly be stretching ourselves.

An excellent word that makes stretch more meaningful and actionable is effort.   From my observations, it doesn’t matter what the undertaking is.  Anyone in any field can become a Titan.  You can become a Titan Teacher, a Titan Corporate Trainer, a Titan Executive Assistant, or a Titan Customer Service Rep, the field doesn’t matter.  All that is needed is the will to put in the effort to be the best at what you do.  You must be ready and willing to sacrifice great levels of effort towards your skill, if you wish to become a Titan.

Stretch Your Effort Like These Titans

The challenge to becoming a Titan is a lack of awareness of the levels of effort needed to become phenomenal at one’s craft.  Here are a few people who are alive today that you can watch closely to learn from.

 Hustle Like Gary Vaynerchuck

If you observe Gary Vaynerchuck, who can be considered a Titan of social media and branding, you will notice he is consistently stretching himself.  He works long days running multiple companies.  If you look closely, you’ll notice how he’s always documenting himself, constantly brainstorming, while unfailingly grinding away behind the scenes on new books, projects, or speaking events.

If you are not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck, he basically started out working for his parent’s liquor store, and ended up taking that business from a 3 million dollar a year company to a 60 million dollar a year company in a few short years.  While grinding away working for his parent’s liquor store, he created an online video show, called Wine Library TV, which quickly became an internet sensation.   If you follow any of what Gary does, it becomes apparent quite quickly why he’s been able to become the Titan he is today.  He’ll also eventually sum up it up for you, when he utters a phrase he’s become known for saying often…..” Go hustle your face off”.

 Push Through Pain Like Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis, the former professional football player has an excellent story about how his stretching allowed him to become a Titan.  For Ray, his initial stretching came in the form of pushing through pain.  Stretching himself through pain in his childhood led him to become the physical behemoth that would dominate on a professional football field for 17 years.

Ray’s stretching also came from pushing past the pain of a torn tricep injury, to help lead his team to victory in Super bowl XLVII.  When most people would back off from the pain and discomfort caused by such an injury, Ray Lewis, stretched himself to get through it, and conquered the situation by applying extra effort to make up for the physical handicap.

The most noticeable Titan traits that Ray Lewis exhibited can be easily seen when watching his performance on the field.  What you’ll notice about Ray, was his commitment to becoming the greatest linebacker in history.  Ray would translate that desire into an almost superhuman effort on the field.

 Grind Like Robin Sharma

If you were to create a hybrid human by cloning the genetic DNA of Freddie Mercury, Tony Robbins, and Mahatma Gandhi, you’d get one Robin Sharma.  If you’ve ever observed him, I am sure you’ll agree.  In the event that you have never heard of him, he is one of the top ‘leadership guru’s’ alive and rocking today.

What many probably don’t know about this leader of leaders, is how he arrived at his current status of Titan.   Robin was initially a lawyer who appeared successful on the outside, but felt unsuccessful on the inside.  Robin had the sense that he had more to give to this world.  The lack of fulfillment in his life would ultimately fuel his great efforts to break free to become the person he was meant to be.

If you were to study Robin closely, you would notice that what allowed him to kick start his iconic journey to Titandom, was his ability to grind.

You see, when Robin Sharma was still hammering away at his day job as a lawyer, he was in his spare time, hammering away at a type writer creating his first book, ‘Megaliving!’.  Once he published that book, he would then spend a good portion of his spare time attending events where he would promote his book.  His rise to Titandom didn’t come immediately, as it wasn’t until well after his second self-published book, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ was picked up by a major publisher, that he departed from his profession as a lawyer.  Moral of the story, he stretched his dreams, his actions, and his effort levels to break him out of the ordinary, and into extraordinary living.  Robin Sharma’s stretching, striving, and extra grinding lead him to rise to the level of the Titan.


Not everyone will become a Titan, but anyone can.  If you watch existing Titans closely, they will reveal the secret ingredients to reaching such esteemed heights.  Of course, it doesn’t stop there, after learning from your observations; you must then apply what you learned from them to your life.

Here is a model from one of my educational resources. It will give you more context of the level of effort and stretching you will need to endure if you wish to become a Titan.



They say modeling the greats is the quickest way to become great yourself.  If I could expand on that saying, I would also include the following; modeling the effort of the Titans is the quickest way to become a Titan yourself.  Make effort your superpower, and you will become a modern day Titan.

Till next time,

Go be Great!


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One thought on “How to Become a Modern Day Titan

  1. What a great write up Nate! Becoming better and achieving more is totally in plain sight for most of us, and yes, anyone can do it. But it’s good to be reminded from time to time as well. So, thanks for this nudge.

    P.S I love the breakdown of the “Titan Zone”. That’s where I want to be, for sure!!