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Born For Greatness

The other day I was waiting for my coffee to brew and it was taking a bit longer than normal.  So, I fired up my JBL portable speaker and started rocking out to an oldie-but-goodie-song.


It’s sort of a mainstream song, but a good one.  You may have heard of it, it was ‘Born for Greatness’, by Paparoach.

The song had a good high energy beat, just enough to momentarily stand in for the coffee I was waiting for.  That songs message though, yeah, it really flared things up within me.  Listening to that song put some fire in my heart.

The coffee finished brewing and the song was about to end, and it inspired the following thought, “If we are born for greatness, why are so many of us running from it?”

Well, that thought transformed into some fire.  And that’s the kind of fire I plan on sharing with you today.

Running From Our Greatness

I want to touch on this idea of running away from ourselves, of running away from our greatness.

To begin let me ask you this…

How many people do you know who have given up on their dreams?

How many people do you know who have let themselves go? Physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

How many people do you know who seem to spurn the idea of greatness?

I am sure it wouldn’t take you long to count on two hands how many people you know who match this criteria.

You know who I am talking about.

I am talking about all those people who waste all their free time watching TV, surfing social media sites, shopping all their discretionary money away, partying, playing… wasting their lives away.

The people who allow themselves to be consumed by the happenings of the day, yet always complain about not being happy.

People who know they can have a better life and do more with their lives, yet never choose to do anything about it.

People who have talents or stengths, but don’t use them.

You know, the escape artists; the ones trying to escape from effort, from the dismal reality they’ve allowed their lives to drift into.  There’s no shortage of them.

But why? Why do they run?


Here’s my hunch.

They run from their greatness because they’ve been programed to believe that greatness is bad.

They’ve been raised to associate greatness with an ego-filled mission that only serves the person striving for it.

They’ve always praised the Rockstar, the pros, and the talented; the Jordan’s, the Kanye’s, the Jim Carrey’s, but when it comes to thinking of themselves as great, they think badly of it.

They praise greatness, but assume it to be bad if they were to chase it themselves.

But this is wrong.  It is an incorrect assumption and it keeps way too many people sidelined.  It is an error of judgement.  It ‘s an error that deprives this world of much good.

Many equally use the thought that “greatness is subjective” as an excuse to not strive for it.

The thinking is, that if we really don’t know what greatness is, how can we pursue it.

We see greatness as talent we don’t have, or some nebulous concept fit only for the rich, the lucky, the famous.

So what do we do?  We deem it unworthy of pursuit.  We rationalize that greatness is not for us.

But that excuse is weaksauce!


Let’s bring clarity to the issue once and for all.  Let’s do it so the making of excuses for pursuing our greatness is harder to come by.

So you can once and for all, believe that you are indeed born for greatness. So you can start creating the great life you were meant to live.

Why?  Because this world fu*%^& needs your greatness!

Look at the world we live in.  Last I checked, there is some major room for improvement.

Let’s settle this once and for all.

Let’s see if we can come up with a strong, undeniable definition of greatness, one that we can all agree on.  One that we can all be eager to pursue and inspired to realize.

So what is greatness then?

For the better part of a year, I interviewed a handful of people and asked them what their take on greatness was, and their responses helped me pull together THE ANSWER.

Before I share that answer though, let me give you some of those responses.

Here they are:





















That should do the trick.

Did you see the trend among these perspectives?

I did, and this is what I gathered.  Greatness is about fulfilling one’s potential.  And one’s potential is defined as striving to maximize your gifts, your talents, your strengths.

And a natural byproduct of doing so, is a positive transformation of your life.  And not just your life, but the lives’ of others as well.

Still not convinced?

Dang, I guess I have to go nuclear.

Well, here we go.

Take a look at the set of antonyms for Greatness below.  As you read them, realize, that if you are not pursuing your Greatness, then you are allowing your life to be defined by the following:


Averageness, Badness, Crumminess, Inferiority, Mediocrity, Ordinariness, Worthlessness.

Once again….If you are not pursuing your greatness, you’re pursuing a life of insignificance, smallness, weakness, powerlessness, averageness, worthlessness, etc…


Please my friend, pretty please, tell me you’re not okay with allowing your life to be defined in such a way.

We weren’t born to look down, to go backwards, to shrink.  We were born to look up to the heavens, to go forward, to reach!

But don’t just say it, show it.  Show the world you’re not okay being defined as the opposite of greatness. Show it with action.

What kind of action?  This kind of action.

Here are 10 actions you can start doing today to help you realize your greatness.

Let’s go….

10 Actions To Start To Realize Your Greatness

1 – Start Demanding Excellence From Yourself

Your potential will be limited by your demands, no one else’s.  Demand the very best from yourself, because no one else will.

If you want better for yourself, for your life, for your business, for others, you must be committed to excellence.

Strive for perfection.  You may not hit it, but you if you don’t aim for the best, you damn sure ain’t gonna ever get it.

Commit to always giving your best, in all areas of your life.  Start demanding excellence from yourself, today.

2 – Find Your Purpose, and Live It

Would you hop in a car with a blindfolded driver who had no idea where he was at, or where he was going?

Where do you think you’d end up?

That’s right, probably flying off some cliff or stuck in a ditch.

Well, the same thing happens to us when we don’t know where we are going.  The cliffs and ditches are still there, they just appear in a different form.

Capiche kemo sabe?

So know where you are going.  If you never take the time to truly find out what it is you want in this life, you’ll never get anywhere.

Aimlessness is the antithesis to Greatness.

Take some time to dig deep and find out what it is you really want in this life.  Discover what your purpose is.    Once you find it, then get to work with all your might and all your energy to live it.

People with purpose prosper.

3 – Start Reading Biographies About Great People

Reading about great people is so important.  It is important because it will help you realize how normal those “GREAT” people actually were.  It will reveal the secrets to their greatness.

And you’ll be surprised to learn that much of the great’s greatness stemmed not so much from special talents or skills, but from their great wills.  And the great thing is, the decision to will your destiny is in your control.

I can tell you this fact all day, but you won’t know it, until you’ve had the ‘aha’ yourself.  So get to reading friend.

Don’t know what book to start with.  Here’s a good list to start with.

4 – Start Taking Care of Your Body

You don’t have to strive to be Mr. Olympia or a sexy super model.  But you need to take care of your body.

Your body is your temple, and it reflects how you feel about yourself.

If every time you look in the mirror you see something you don’t like, you’ll subtly communicate to yourself negative thoughts.  And negative thoughts lead to doubt and mediocrity, not greatness.

On top of that, people will treat you differently if you showcase disrespect for your physical appearance.

Their judgement may not be right or nice, but it will be there, and that is a fact.

And if the vibe you are always getting from people is that of disgust, how do you think those accumulated vibes are going to make you feel?

That’s right, not good.

So, start taking care of your physical appearance and your health, and ensure the vibes you get from yourself and others are only good ones.

5 – Start Being Grateful For What You Have, But Stay Hungry For More

Be humble enough to know that everything you have in your life is a blessing.  If you are unappreciative for what you do have, why should anyone or anything (God, Universe, Great Spirit, or Human Patron) give you more.

Would you give five dollars to someone who crumbled up a dollar that you so graciously gave them?

I sure as hell wouldn’t.  And I am certain the world mysteriously works in much the same way.

Be grateful for all you have, while staying hungry to get more.

And don’t you think for a second that wanting more is greedy.  There’s nothing wrong with a good appetite.

In fact, you can’t grow without an appetite.  Without an appetite, you won’t eat.  And lions that don’t eat (accomplish) don’t grow.

That’s just the nature of things my friend.

So always say thank you to your higher power for what you have, and for all the accomplishments and rewards that are still in store for you.

Start being grateful today, but stay hungry my friend! Very hungry!

6 – Start Waking Up Early

You’ll be amazed by all the benefits you’ll receive from doing such a small thing like waking up early.

When you wake up early you’ll improve how you feel about yourself.  Waking up early helps you kick laziness to the curb.

A lot of times when we wake up late, we wake up groggy.  We wake up feeling sluggish, and those sluggish feelings can carry over into much of what we do throughout the day.

The slow, the sluggish, the slothful rarely win the prizes of life.

Not to mention, slothful people usually look like crap (see step 4).

Waking up earlier will also help you with productivity.  It will give you more time to plan out your days, or finally help you find the time to stop postponing the creation of your magnum opus, your life’s masterpiece.

Start waking up earlier home slice!

7 – Start Adopting the ABS Attitude (Always Be Striving)

Never be satisfied.  When you allow yourself to be satisfied, you give in to mediocrity.  Greatness is not halfway up the mountain, greatness is progression towards the top, and eventually the top.

Look, we are born to grow, to change, to improve.

We’ve all been doing it since day ONE.

It’s the nature of things.

In life, we are either moving forward in growth, or stagnating, dying, decaying.

What do we call a tree that stops growing?


The same can be said for your relationships, your health, and your career.

Always be striving to move them forward, or brace yourself for their eventual death.

Adopt the ABS attitude today… and never, never, whatever you do, never stop striving.

8 – Start Trusting Your Instincts

You may have already realized this fact my friend, but if you have yet to, listen up.

You are going to find that many people in your life don’t support you.  Well, let me put it this way, they’ll support you, so long as what you are doing doesn’t make them feel bad.

They’ll support you if what you are doing doesn’t threaten them or their insecure egos.

True story, sad story, but let’s not cry about it.

Let’s instead prepare for it.

Here’s what happens, we all too often mistakenly ask the wrong people for advice.  You’ll know they were the wrong people because they’ll lead you in a direction that is not best for you.  They typically lead you in a direction that is best for them and their frail egos.

It’s very possible that these people aren’t leading you astray on purpose.  But that’s neither here nor there, because it will happen regardless.

To combat this, just start trusting in your own instincts.

Trust what you feel.  Stop asking people for their advice.

If you must seek out people’s advice, don’t hesitate to buck it if it doesn’t jive with you.  And know that It’s okay, in fact good, to go with your gut.

Start trusting your instincts, they somehow always know what’s best for you.

9 – Start Making Effort Your Secret Weapon

Effort is the key to unlocking your potential.

Chances are you weren’t born the tallest, the most beautiful, or the most intelligent.  But  what you were born with, was the power to decide.

And with that power of decision you can either decide to do just enough, or you can decide to go above and beyond.

You can decide to outwork, outsmart, and outdo the person you were yesterday.  You can decide to beat the competition, the talent, the privileged, with effort.

Make effort your secret weapon, today.

10 – Start Reading at Least One Article a Week from The Greatest Motivation Blog,

Look, if you have been hanging around duds your whole life, you will eventually adopt a dud mentality.

When you start hanging around winners, champions, and studs, people who are going somewhere, you too will start going somewhere.

When your start filling your mind with words of encouragement and strength, you’ll become stronger.

And a stronger you, is a better you, and a better you is a greater you.

They say, birds of a feather flock together, but here we don’t flock…we strive.

Here, we say, ‘Eagles of a feather, endeavor together.’

So bookmark, and become an eagle my friend.

Make it a part of your weekly reading.

You’ll be in good great company.


My friend, know this; there is something inside of you that the world needs.

I know there is something that burns inside of your soul that has yet to be let out.

So let it out!

Your life will count for something my friend, but ONLY if you are willing to pursue your potential, your greatness.

So if you’ve been a lazy cowardly lion lately, stop it.  That’s you running from your greatness.  Stop running.  Instead, turn around and face your greatness.

But don’t just face it, lean into it.

Lean into it by following the 10 suggestions above.

And then cap it off with this…

Go stand in front of a mirror and look into it.  Look at your reflection and stare hard at that lion (or eagle) you see…

Now pound on your chest, and howl aloud with me….


And greatness you’ll see!

Till next time,


PS – If you’re ready to step up to the plate to become the hero you know you can be then be sure to read this.

High effort, self-discipline, and fearless action are “my things”.  If you could use a bit more of these life-enhancing attributes, or if you want to be nudged from time to time to start taking action on your goals and dreams, follow me on Twitter.