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Best Motivational Blogs

They say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – and that’s why we recommend you check out some of these motivational blogs daily.

The Official Top 100 Motivational Blogs From Around The World

Why do we recommend such a thing? It’s because we know this dream-chasing and hustling stuff ain’t easy.  Hustling, grinding, and reaching for our dreams is no easy task.  In fact, just about every person who is striving for a goal or a dream will at some point lose their motivation during their pursuit.

But, our aim is to minimize such occurrences.  So how do we plan on doing this?

Well, here’s how…

We plan to help you better strive for your potential and reach for your dreams by providing you with a few awesome resources…100 of them actually.  But, these are not just any resources, these are 100 of the most powerful 100 motivational blogs from around the world.  Our hope is that you will use them to maintain your motivation so you can stay fired up for consistent achievement throughout the year.

Note:  The following list of motivational blogs has been updated for 2021

Some of the blogs listed have an inspirational and self-improvement focus, but the common thread among them all is their ability to motivate you to be, do, and have more.  A handful of the motivational blogs listed are quite mainstream, so you may already be aware of them; however, there are others that are up-and-coming, provide immense value, and are highly motivational as well.

What is Motivation?

Before we get into the rankings, let’s briefly discuss what motivation is.  Why?  Because clarity leads to awareness, awareness leads to better decisions, and better decisions leads to better results.

One of our favorite definitions of motivation, is simply, “Motivation as the driving force by which humans achieve their goals.” We like it because it sums up why we all want to be motivated.  We all want to achieve something.

Motivation Definition

Another great definition of motivation is “Motivation as the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

Both definitions speak to the fact that most people want to be motivated to achieve.  They both demonstrate that we all wish accomplish those things we’ve made up their minds to do, and know that feeling motivated plays a big part in how much success we find.

How to Use This Resource

To get the most out of this resource, bookmark it.  This way, when, not if, you start to run low on motivation, you’ll have a reliable resource you can easily come back to when you need to find more resources to help you stay motivated.

Start Taking Action on Your Goals

In a way, you can consider using this page as type of motivational gas station.  If you start to run low of motivation, just come on back and pick one of the 100 listed motivational sites to help you refuel your empty tank.

Use this motivational resource and stay fired up to win it.

The Ranking

The ranking used for these motivational blogs was acquired by using Alexa rankings.  Obviously, Alexa rankings are not the end-all-be-all for how valuable a site is, or how “motivational” their blog is, but it does demonstrate a level of value that the market and search engines have placed on them.

With that be said, the rankings on this resource page won’t change much.  They do change consistently on Alexa; however, this is the global rank from the time period in which my research was conducted.  It is important to note though, that this resource may be updated intermittently, so the rankings could change.

At the moment, this is the most comprehensive list of motivational blogs on the internet. So, big kudos to you if you made this list. It means you are either an existing Titan of your craft or you are a rock star in the making.  Either way, you are lifting people up and encouraging the world to unleash their potential, so thank you for doing what you do!

If you made it on to this list, please consider spreading the fire!  To do so, please consider linking back to us or sharing this page with your followers.

Best Motivational Sites

Without further ado, here is your list:

Top Motivational Blogs

RankSiteGlobal Rank
2Life Hack3,497
3Thrive Global6,699
5Tai Lopez11,494
6Mind Body Green12,810
7Art of Manliness13,929
8Tim Ferriss14,450
9Tony Robbins14,528
10James Clear15,238
12Every Day Power18,434
13Wealthy Gorilla20,424
14Grant Cardone22,464
15Keep Inspiring Me25,554
17Mark Manson28,969
18Tiny Buddha29,781
19Brian Tracy29,787
20Gary Vaynerchuck30,536
21Good Men Project36,063
22Marie Forleo47,984
23Addicted 2 Success51,834
24Entrepreneur On Fire53,820
25The STRIVE59,960
26Awaken The Greatness Within63,807
27Positivity Blog65,022
28Zen Habits67,091
29Michael Hyatt & Co.69,292
30The School of Life70,556
31Project Life Mastery74,092
32Nerd Fitness76,249
33Fearless Motivation76,656
34Dumb Little Man78,075
35Jack Canfield83,571
36Scott H Young84,303
37Pick The Brain88,428
38Saying Images98,406
39Art of Non-Conformity103,238
40Robin Sharma106,415
41Be An Inspirer112,953
42Planet of Success113,187
43Habit Stacker114,957
44Live Bold and Bloom119,006
45Lewis Howes123,947
46Impact Theory125,589
47Success Consciousness133,738
48Motivation Grid141,306
49Brendon Burchard146,348
50The Daily Motivator175,614
51Barking Up The Wrong Tree177,363
52Lolly Daskal178,440
53WanderLust Worker180,076
54James Altucher182,578
55Early To Rise190,366
56Mel Robbins195,997
57Evan Carmichael198,491
58How to Beast266,505
59Jim Rohn267,976
61NJ Life Hacks362,510
62Life Optimizer377,547
63Stunning Motivation384,651
64Zig Ziglar396,761
65The Utopian Life423,958
66Live Your Legend428,748
67Prolific Living458,410
68Les Brown474,510
69ET Inspires502,187
71CT Fletcher515,049
72Good Life Project536,632
73Impossible HQ584,238
74Mulligan Brothers631,657
76Stephen Guise
77I Need Motivation752,181
78Dare Mighty Things792,298
79Productivity 501871,695
80Great Big Minds879,217
82Positive Sharing923,634
83Get Motivation933,977
84Good Life Zen982,063
85Ignore Limits1,006,730
86Bob Burg1,074,122
87A Daring Adventure1,162,585
89The Invisible Mentor1,301,413
90Motivation to Move1,576,855
91Calling Dreams1,889,811
92Paid To Exist1,956,197
93Simon T. Bailey2,040,294
94Life Vest Inside2,054,004
95Advanced Life Skills2,394,980
96Aden Tan2,449,257
97Basic Growth2,469,219
98Motivation For Dreamers2,718,133
99Make It Happen2,847,048
100Elliott Hulse2,876,557

Got Motivation?

Want to achieve your goals – but can’t stay motivated long enough to find success?  Then this is for you.

Stay Motivated

As students of human potential, we are always looking for ways to improve.  But just like you, we are only human, and some days our fire wanes.  And well, a fire half lit leads to potential half fulfilled.  As such, we lean on many of these resources to keep us motivated to grind at the levels necessary to live and work to our potential, and so should you.

Motivational Blogs

The STRIVE supports big thinking and deep self-belief, and aims to produce as much motivation as possible to get you strivingtowards your grand ideas, so you can become all that you were born to be. Our hope is that these top motivational blogs will contribute to your motivation as well, and as a result, to your overall success in life.

Without a doubt, happy, actualized, confident people, fired-up and fearlessly following their dreams are the ones truly set to make this world better.  So, if you found value in this resource, please share it with your friends and family using the share buttons on the bottom of this page.  You never know what kind of magic a little motivation can help to create in one’s life.

Till next time….


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