Top 100 Motivational Blogs for 2017

Most Popular Global Sources of Motivation

The main focus of The STRIVE is to motivate and encourage you to pursue your dreams, believe in your greatness, and improve your life in the process.

Motivational Blogs

The Official Top 100 Motivational Blogs From Around The World

To assist you in accomplishing the goal above I aim to provide resources that will help you stay fired up to rock life.  As such, I’ve compiled a list of the top 100 motivational blogs from around the world.

Some of the blogs that I’ve listed have an inspirational and self-improvement focus, but the common thread among them all, is their ability to motivate.  A handful of the motivational blogs listed are quite mainstream, so you may already be aware of them; however, there are others that are up-and-coming that provide immense value and are highly motivational as well.

What is Motivation?

Before we get into the rankings, let’s briefly discuss what motivation is.  Why?  Because clarity leads to better awareness, awareness leads to better decisions, and better decisions leads to better results.

One of my favorite definitions of motivation, is simply, “Motivation as the driving force by which humans achieve their goals.”  I like it because it sums up why we all want to be motivated.  We all want to achieve.

Another great definition of motivation is “Motivation as the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

Both definitions speak to the fact that most people want to be motivated to achieve, and succeed in accomplishing those things they’ve made up their minds to do.

How to Use This Resource

To get the most out of this resource, you may want to bookmark it.  This way, if ever you start to run low on motivation, you can always come back and find a new resource to help you stay fired up.

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In a way, you can consider using this page as type of motivational gas station.  If you start to run low of motivation, just come on back and pick one of the 100 listed motivational sites to help you refuel your empty tank.

Definition of Motivation


The Ranking

The ranking used for each motivational blog was acquired from Alexa rankings.  These numbers are always changing; however, this is the global rank from the time period in which my research was conducted.  I will be updating this resource intermittently, so the rankings may change.

Please know, that this is the most comprehensive list of motivational blogs on the internet. So, big kudos to you if you made this list. It means you are either an existing Titan of your craft or you are a rock star in the making.  Either way, you are lifting people up and encouraging the world to unleash their potential, so thank you for doing what you do!

Also, if you made it on to this list, please consider spreading the fire!  To do so, just link back to this page on your blog and share it with your followers on social media.

Spreading the Fire

Top Motivational Blogs

RankSiteGlobal Rank
1Ted Talks Blog847
3Life Hack2,692
5Mind Body Green8,058
6Art of Manliness8,112
7Tai Lopez13,914
10Tiny Buddha19,140
11James Clear25,383
12Tony Robbins26,058
13Mark Manson26,728
14I Will Teach You To Be Reach28,776
15Zen Habits30,744
16Brian Tracy31,412
17The Good Men Project36,842
18Tim Ferriss39,425
19Rich Dad40,534
20James Altucher43,436
21Marie Forleo43,927
22Positivity Blog47,236
23Addicted 2 Success49,546
24Gary Vaynerchuck50,553
25Keep Inspiring Me53,064
26Barking Up The Wrong Tree53,623
27Quote Garden64,040
28Pick the Brain68,335
30Live Bold and Bloom76,847
31Scott H. Young80,396
32Dumb Little Man88,576
33Grant Cardone91,325
34Robin Sharma93,072
35Jack Canfield93,448
36Evan Carmichael98,270
37Saying Images99,047
38Planet of Success102,282
40Everyday Power105,869
41Bold & Determined114,898
42The Charged Life120,104
43Early to Rise121,693
44Success Consciousness125,656
45Wealthy Gorilla137,744
46Motivation Grid139,442
47Live Your Legend158,612
48The Art of Non-Conformity167,315
49The Daily Motivator168,363
50Life Optimizer205,233
51Fearless Motivation208,458
52Motivate Me220,072
53Dare Mighty Things234,556
54Mel Robbins249,692
55Positively Positive279,165
56ET Inspires280,910
57Impossible HQ285,146
59Paid To Exist325,351
60Dr. Wayne Dyer337,632
61How to Beast357,233
62Think Simple Now371,109
63Jim Rohn374,869
64Good Life Project391,307
65Alden Tan401,074
66Positive Sharing414,188
67Les Brown422,953
69Productivity 501439,195
71Motivation For Dreamers474,975
72Get Motivation493,659
73Basic Growth536,670
74Lolly Daskal550,319
75I Need Motivation575,433
76Ignore Limits599,655
77Elliott Hulse635,302
78Stephen Guise649,990
79Awaken The Greatness Within783,783
80Become the Lion798,364
80Motivational Memo806,948
82The Invisible Mentor844,532
83Life Vest Inside962,740
84Impact Theory988,785
85NJ Life Hacks1,028,069
86Make It Happen1,079,620
88The Utopian Life1,208,693
90Bob Burg1,641,611
91Fierce Gentleman1,667,966
92Motivation to Move2,476,778
92Carrie Wilkerson1,729,486
93John Addison Leadership2,008,949
94In Pursuit of Happiness2,143,010
96Simon T. Bailey2,740,753
97Art to Self4,017,942
98Tough Motivation4,242,023
99Josh Hinds4,965,792
100Spark Your Rockstar5,931,806

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Keep Your Fire Lit

As a student of human potential, I am always looking for ways to improve.  But just like you, I am only human, and some days my fire wanes.  And well, a fire half lit leads to potential half fulfilled.  As such, I lean on many of these resources to keep me motivated to grind at the levels necessary to live and work to my potential.

Motivational Blogs

The STRIVE supports big thinking and deep self-belief, and aims to produce as much motivation as possible to get you striving towards your grand ideas, so you can become all that you were born to be.  My hope is that these top motivational blogs will contribute to your motivation as well, and as a result, to your overall success in life.

There’s not a doubt in my mind, that happy, actualized, confident people, fired-up and fearlessly following their dreams are the ones truly set to make this world better.  So if you found value in this resource, please share it with your friends and family using the share buttons on the bottom of this page.  You never know what kind of magic a little motivation can help to create in one’s life.

A Very Important Question

Lastly, I plan to update this list periodically, so if there is a motivational blog that you think should be on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

As for the very important question: What’s was your favorite motivational blog from this list?

Till next time…. GO BE GREAT!

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