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How to Believe in Success

Is there really a secret that exists out there, which only a few people have learned to use to overcome their adversities and achieve greater success?

I believe there is.  In fact, the focus of this post is all about revealing this seemingly magic quality that when applied, can and will help just about anyone achieve more in life.

The Magic Quality For Success

So, what is this magic quality?

Well, bear with me for a second longer, and I’ll fill you in.

First, I must state the obvious. As a student of success, what I’ve observed in pursuit of my own ambitious goals is this; that one of the biggest obstacles we must overcome before we can start experiencing success in anything…is a belief that greater success is possible at all.

Belief has always preceded success, and disbelief has always preceded failure.

When I doubted myself, when I doubted my ability to succeed, when I lacked belief in what was possible, in every instance, that belief, or lack of it, came true.

Years ago, I once believed that I wasn’t pro material, that I wasn’t good enough to play in the NFL, so my efforts waned, and that belief came true.

I once also believed I didn’t deserve a free-ride to graduate school, and that disbelief led me to dropping out (shortly after getting that free-ride), so that belief came true.

I used to believe that I didn’t deserve money.  So, I somehow managed to lose all of my savings, multiple times over, and get myself into what would amount to $40K in credit card debt by today’s standards.  My old belief that I didn’t deserve money, consistently lead me to never having any.  My belief around money came true.

Fortunately, I figured out how to reverse those negative and downward spiraling trends that I was experiencing in my life.  And I did so by applying that magic quality I was referring to earlier.

You ready to learn what this magical quality is already?

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How to Believe in Your Success

Well, if you haven’t guessed it by now, this magical quality is nothing more than belief.

Yup, that’s it!  There is magic in belief.

In fact, let me tell you about a resource that will teach you how to believe in your success, so you can have more of it.

Years ago, I came across a book called, ‘The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol.  I was just getting into becoming a serious reader of books, and I had the good fortune to come across this book.

I was really quite the cynic at the time of reading this book, but things weren’t looking so good for me financially, or in terms of grand achievements, so I decided to read it with an open mind.

And I am glad I did.  The book really helped me break my patterns of doubt.   It challenged me to suspend disbelief.  The book in a weird way, both showed me how to believe, and it gave me the permission I needed to believe again.

You Have Permission

I guess I personally needed the permission, considering I was raised in poverty by a single-mother, with three other siblings to boot.  I never got much in those early years, and so I started to believe, like many others do, that I didn’t deserve much.

After spending so many years in college where I was programmed to be extremely skeptical of all things, I especially felt as if I needed permission.  That’s not to say that my college education was a bad thing, or that healthy levels of skepticism is bad either.  But I was at one point, one of ’those college folks’ who thought that by doubting everything, and by being able to poke holes in everyone else’s arguments or ideas, I was somehow more intelligent. Or that it somehow made the world a better place. It didn’t.

In short, the book helped me immensely.

Some Tips

how to believe in your success

Here are a few tips to help you get started in believing in your success.

  • Suspend Disbelief:  Stop Doubting What’s Possible For You and Trust Yourself
  • Pay Attention to What You Are Thinking:  Aim for Positive Thoughts
  • Strive to Only Consume Content, Ideas, and Influence from Outlets that Serve You and Your Goals:  Negativity Negates Progress
  • Force Yourself to Believe That What You Want is Possible:  Have Faith
  • Learn About Affirmations and Apply Them to Your Life:  Program Your Mind
  • Read ‘The Magic of Believing’ by Claude Bristol:  Read With an Open Mind

The Magic of Believing

Since reading this resource and making a study of it, and using the tips listed above, I’ve had some pretty amazing things happen to me.

For starters, I was able to climb out of that 40K debt hole within a year’s time.

Shortly after, I managed to get my MBA, for free!  Just like I set out to do, and believed I would!  Obviously, I had to earn it with much hard work, tons of time spent conducting research and writing papers, but I didn’t have to pay a dime for it.

I was also able to purchase a home free and clear before the age of 35, just like I believed I would.  So that’s what I set out to do, and do I did.

In addition to this, and on multiple occasions, I’ve managed to get into the exact neighborhood, and on the exact street that I wanted to live on.  You know, that neighborhood that you always drive past, and just think to yourself, ‘Man, that would be awesome if I could eventually live there.”   Well that happened for me, twice to be exact.  And I believe there was some magic involved!

Writing a book was something that I believed I would one day do as well, and a book I wrote.  Now, it’s not a best seller yet, but that day will come.  Maybe it won’t happen for this book, but I believe it will for one of my books, someday and in the near future.  I believe it!!

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Clearly these aren’t some grand Kanye West, Tim Ferris, or Grant Cardone type of achievements.  But, I think I have been able to create some pretty cool things in a short amount of time (considering how late I started), and much of it has been a direct result of what I believed.   My friends, I am telling you, there is magic in belief.

If things aren’t going your way in life, maybe it’s time to dissect what you currently believe is possible for you.  Then, go find a way to turn those beliefs around if they don’t serve you.

If you want to have more success in life, you must believe in it.  If you want to know how to believe in your success, follow the simple tips I listed above and read the ‘The Magic of Believing’, by Claude Bristol.

Obviously, I am not done believing yet.  I still have much to do, and so do you.  These days, there is not a doubt in my mind, that if we believe more, we will eventually achieve more.

I have a hunch that a more brilliant and brighter future awaits all of us… if we would just believe.

So, let’s believe together my friends! Till next time,


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