Awakening To The Greatness Within

Dr. Joe Vitale

Welcome back to episode 31 of the Greatness Project.  In this episode, I chat with millionaire and best-selling author Dr. Joe Vitale.

Awakening to The Greatness Within

Awakening To Your Greatness

I am sure Dr. Joe Vitale doesn’t need much of an introduction, but for the few people out there who have yet to learn of him, he is an accomplished best-selling author, having authored 76 different books.

He’s considered to be one of the most popular and powerful copywriters for over the past two decades.  He has appeared in many different prime time media platforms, the likes of Larry King Live, Donny Deutsch’s ‘The Big Idea’, ABC, Fox News, The New York Times, Newsweek, amongst many others.  In addition to all of that, he was also one of the main contributors to the extremely popular law of attraction move known as ‘The Secret’.

In this episode Dr. Joe Vitale shares his Strive Story™, about how he went from poverty and homelessness and living in the Dallas public library, to one day awakening to his own greatness within.

Joe shares how his awakening from the unconscious beliefs that were creating his life, led him to become the person he’s always wanted to be; a world-renowned author of multiple best-selling inspirational books.  In addition to this, he also provides a handful of strategies that we can all employ to awaken to our greatness, so we can start living the life we’ve always wanted.

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  • The Power of Persistence
  • The Power of Beliefs
  • How to Discover The Subconscious Beliefs That Are Not Serving You
  • How to Use The Socratic Method to Change Your Beliefs
  • The Importance of Action


Mount Crushmore: 

Joe’s Mount Rushmore of inspiration, which are the people who have inspired him to strive to pursue his greatness.  In short, the inspirational people who make him want to crush life more!

John Mulholland

P.T. Barnum


The book that has had the biggest impact on Joe, and the one he would recommend others read to significantly improve their life.

The Magic of Believing



The Miracle – 6 Steps to Enlightenment

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

There Is A Customer Born Every Minute

Zero Limits (The Book Joe is Most Proud Of)


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Massive thanks again to Dr. Joe Vitale, for sharing his inspiring Strive Story™, and all his success insights on how each of us can awaken to our own greatness within.

Dr. Joe Vitale was gracious enough to provide the listeners of the Greatness Project with some valuable free resources to help you along your journey towards increased success.  See gifts below.

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Till next time, keep to it…  Strive!

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