How to Create Intrigue and Connect With Anyone

Sam Horn

Welcome to episode 33 of the Greatness Project.  In this episode, we interview intrigue expert, Sam Horn.

How to Create Intrigue with Sam Horn


Sam Horn states that if we want to be GREAT – we need to take responsibility for CREATING – NOT WAITING – for work we love.  Sam has an impressive client list that includes organizations such as Boeing, Capital One, National Geographic and Intel and individuals such as Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and the Presidents of the National Speakers Association, International Coaching Federation and Association for Association Executives, and in this episode, she shares her best practices for how you can create a one-of-a-kind brand and biz that scales your income and impact – for good.

During the interview, Sam also shares a handful insights related to how she has been able to be so productive, i.e. authoring  8 books while running her own agency.


  • Why You Need to Be Intriguing
  • How to Tell When You’ve Captured an Audience’s Attention
  • The One Word You Can Use to Draw in Your Audience
  • The 5 More Rule as a Productivity Hack
  • A Fresh Perspective on the Word Concentration


Mount CrushMore:

Sam’s Mount CRushmore of inspiration, are the people who inspire her to strive to pursue more of her greatness.  In short, the inspirational people who make her want to crush life more!  See her Mount Crushmore list below:

Her Two Sons


The book that has inspired Sam the most, and that she would most highly recommend to others to read to improve their lives, and get them on the path to pursuing their greatness.

The Black Stallion

 (Additional Resources Mentioned)

Below are some of the books that Sam mentioned during our interview.


Tongue Fu

Got Your Attention



One of the best ways to turn your drive time into strive time, is by using  Audible is seriously one of the best way to catch up on the books that you don’t have time to read, and to put your personal growth on auto-pilot.


Get your intriguing message out to the world and create your very own blog or media platform. There are free hosted options available, but you lose creative control when you go that route.  To own your own platform, use bluehost.

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Massive thanks again to Sam Horn, for sharing so many of her strategic communication insights to help us find more success in our lives.

You can learn more about Sam by visiting her Instagram page, or you can go directly to her website at  Also, if she intrigued you with her very popular LinkedIn post that she mentioned towards the end of the show, you can read it here:

Why to Never Give an Elevator Speech

Till next time, keep to it friends… STRIVE!

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