The Responsibility to Rise – Daniel Rodriguez

This week, I’m honored to welcome inspirational speaker Daniel Rodriguez to the show, for a non-sugarcoated conversation on striving to rise to our potential.

The Responsibility to Rise to Your Potential


Daniel Rodriguez, is an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran that has been awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.  On top of that, he is a Best-Selling Author, ex-NFL athlete, and professional speaker.

In 2014, Daniel authored ‘RISE’, a book that has made it onto the New York Times Best Seller…and is an account of his phenomenal story of loss, war, hitting rocking bottom, and eventual redemption and rising to not only meet the challenges of the day, but to go forth create a legacy that empowers and inspires others to rise to their potential.

In our interview, Daniel doesn’t hold anything back, and tells it like it is.  He provides some insights on how his book came to be, why he does what he does, and some very insightful ideas we could all to rise to our potential.

Join me as I pick the brain of this inspirational human…you’ll gain from what he has to say.


Mount Crushmore: 

Daniel’s Mount CRushmore of inspiration are the people who have inspired him to strive to pursue his greatness.  In short, the inspirational people who continue to motivate him to want to crush life more!

His Father

Various Mentor’s He’s Had

Must-Read Book: 

The book that has had the biggest impact on Daniel, which he would recommend others read to significantly improve their life.

Book: Mindset



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Featured Resources:  

Book:  Rise

Daniel’s Best-selling book.

Resource:  Strive Stack

The #1 monthly motivational habit trigger to help you reach your potential.


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Thanks again to Daniel for sharing his energy, inspiration, and insights for rising to our potential.

To learn more about Daniel, visit his website at, or his Facebook page.

Till next time,

Keep to it…STRIVE

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