Transforming Trials into Triumphs

Kris J. Simpson

Welcome to episode 35.  In this episode, ex-national body building champ, Kris J. Simpson shares his story of failure, struggle, and adversity, and his eventual and successful comeback.

Trials into Triumphs KJ Simpson


Kris J. Simpson is a Life Coach, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of the Amazon #1 Best-Seller ‘The All-Inclusive Diet’.

In this episode, Kris shares how he managed to overcome three personal breakdowns, a severe addiction problem, and a marriage that unexpectedly fell apart, to ultimately rise to make his successful comeback.   A comeback that has since allowed him to more effectively live his legacy of contributing to others in a meaningful way.

Kris also provides many life improvement insights and exercises that we can use to better equip ourselves to handle some of the tougher challenges that life may throw our way.  If you are interested in learning of new ways to transform your life, you won’t want to miss this episode.


  • How to Use Time, Space, Energy, and Matter to Overcome Your Biggest Challenges
  • How to use F.E.A.R to Maximize Your Energy
  • How to Transform Your Trials into Triumphs
  • Why More Sleep May Be What You Need to Optimize Your Performance
  • The 3 B’s of Being Present


Mount Crushmore: 

Kris’s Mount CRushmore of inspiration are the people who have inspired him to strive to pursue his greatness.  In short, the inspirational people who motivate him to want to crush life more!

Brendon Burchard

Dr. David R Hawkins


The book that has had the biggest impact on Kris, and the one he would recommend others read to significantly improve their life.

High Performance Habits

Additional Resources Mentioned:

Power vs Force

The All-Inclusive Diet



One of the best ways to turn your drive time into strive time, is by using  Audible is seriously one of the best way to catch up on the books that you don’t have time to read, and to put your personal growth on auto-pilot.


One of the best ways to make your successful comeback, is to get your unique message out to the world.  And to do that, you need to create your very own blog or media platform. There are free hosted options available, but you lose creative control when you go that route.  To own your own platform, use bluehost.


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Massive thanks again to Kris J. Simpson, for sharing his inspiring Strive Story™, and all the different life improvement tips he’s acquired through all the difficult challenges he’s had to overcome in his life.

You can learn more about Kris via his website at, and to gain access to his free book, follow the instructions below:

Gift:  email Kris at for a free copy of his best-selling book, ‘The All-Inclusive Diet’.   Be sure to mention that you’d heard the show, and that you’d like your free downloadable book.

Thanks for tuning in friends!

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Keep to it…STRIVE

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