Tap Your Greatness in 10 Minutes or Less

Have you tapped your greatness lately?  Did you know you can tap your greatness in 10 minutes or less?  If you didn’t answer yes to either of these questions, keep reading to learn how.

Tap Your Greatness

Perhaps today is the day for your very first Greatness makeover. I am betting you are probably wondering exactly what I mean when I say you can tap your greatness.  So I’ll go ahead and provide you with a bit more detail.

I am going to do my best to clearly explain a few things, so we can get along and actually succeed in tapping your greatness in 10 minutes or less.  So here we go.

First things first, we need to define the meaning of greatness.  Once we do this, I’ll convey the concept of your greatness in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.  Then I’ll go ahead and show you a neat little trick to teach you how you can ‘tap your greatness’ in 10 minutes or less.

Greatness Defined

If you were to look up the word ‘Great’ in the dictionary, you would find that it essentially means “of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average”.

When we add the suffix ness to the word great, we get the word greatness; meaning the quality of being great, or in other words, the quality of being of an intensity considerably above the normal or average.

Knowing the definition of greatness is one thing, seeing greatness within ourselves is something completely different.  So, let’s take the definition we just came up with, and throw ourselves in it.  What we get when we do this is the following:

Our Greatness:  “Our individual quality of being of an intensity, considerably above our normal or average.

Now that we have the concept of your greatness cleared up, I’d like you to bear with me and conduct a little thought experiment.  Obviously, your participation is not mandatory.  But why not give it a try; what do you have to lose, besides learning how to become a bit more awesome.

Tapping Your Greatness

Okay, here we go.  Close your eyes (Unless of course you are currently driving a car, are in public, or in some environment where doing so would put you in danger of any kind), and consider for a few moments who you are in as much detail as possible.

Think specifically as it relates to the type of person you’ve become and how you show up in your life, in our world…day in and day out.

Next, make a list of words to describe yourself as you are today.  After you’ve done this, prepare to close your eyes again, but this time, imagine yourself as you would like to be ideally.

Try to see yourself as that person you’ve always wanted to be.  Envision your life as you would most like it to be.

See yourself as that most perfected version of you.  What does that look like?  Who are you, in this ideal reality?  How would you perform differently at work?  How would you treat your friends and family? What additional causes would you be involved in?  What kind of amazing impacts would you be making in the world, and how would you do it?

Try to envision in precise detail that grander, greater, idealized version of yourself that you would like your friends, children, grandchildren, or future children/grandchildren to remember you as.

Okay, go ahead and close your eyes and take a minute or so to do this.

Pretty awesome right!? Be sure to write a list of the words that popped in your mind while doing this exercise…describing this potential you.

Did you like what you saw?  Was it anywhere close to your initial consideration of the person you’ve become?

Established Roadmap

You’ve just experimented with tapping your greatness. You experienced your life and your achievements at an extent, amount, and intensity that is considerably above your normal you.

I sincerely hope you liked what you saw. It was after all, your Greatness.  The really cool thing about conducting this type of thought experiment, is that you have essentially just created both a potential you and a potential life that is well within the realm of becoming a possibility.

Unknowingly, you’ve just established a point A and a point B on a roadmap of sorts towards becoming your greatness.  Now all that is needed, is for you to bridge this gap.

I’ll be discussing more about ‘bridging this gap’ in my next post…related to ways we can ‘Kickstart our Greatness’. So stay tuned!

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