How to Unlock Your Potential in 1 Minute a Day: Michael Balchan

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In this episode, I interview Michael Balchan; a successful executive coach and peak-performance consultant whose mission is to help others unlock their potential to better live, love, and lead.

Unlock Your Potential with Michael Balchan

If you want to learn how to unlock your potential in as little as 1 minute a day, you won’t want to miss this episode.


Michael is Harvard Educated, has a background in Economics and Psychology, and currently coaches high performing business Rockstars to help them become even BETTER, higher performing professionals.  He’s a peak-performance expert who is fast becoming a master of mindfulness.

In our conversation, Michael gives us some insight on his journey of getting into Harvard, becoming a successful commodities trader, the process of writing his book, and then his eventual transformation into the Rockstar executive coach he is today.

Michael also reveals some deep insights into the tools and habits he helps his clients implement to become more aware and higher performing achievers.  In our conversation, we also talk about a whole lot of other ideas and strategies that can help you unlock your potential, i.e. dealing with impostor syndrome, emotional regulation, embracing fear, and so much more.


  • The 1 Minute Habit That Can Unlock Your Potential
  • The Value of Mindfulness
  • The Importance of Practice
  • How to Acquire a Growth Mindset
  • About Reversing Desire + Leaning into Discomfort
  • A Smart Way to Look at Greatness


(Michael’s Motivation Hacks)

Book:  The Alchemist

Song:  Hamilton Soundtrack

Movie:  Rudy + Rocky

Mount CRushmore:  

Dalai Lama

Tim Ferris

Brian Johnson

(Other Resources Mentioned)

Book:  The Tools (Leaning into our Discomfort)

Book:  Mindset (The New Psychology of Success)

Highly Recommended: Online Optimization

Michaels’ Book: MEDITATION Meditation Michael Balchan


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Special thanks again to Michael Balchan for sharing so much of his deep and real-world wisdom to help you unlock your potential.   You can learn more about Michael via the following channels:


Instagram:  MBalchan

Twitter: MBalchan


Till next time… GO GREAT!

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