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How to Attract an Abundance of Money Into Your Life



Abundance of Money

Becoming financially wealthy and abundant is a key driver for many people.  It’s a worthwhile pursuit because it can give us freedom.  For some of us, it actually allows for the achievement of goals that typically get put off for some date far off in the distant future.  In short, we all want to become wealthier and live more abundantly, yet oddly, most of us fall short when it comes to making progress in this area of our lives.

The fact of the matter is this, most of us desire to make more money in our careers or business, but we have negative feelings around being wealthy or rich.  And it is these negative feelings which consistently block our ability to acquire and keep more of that which we seek most; money.  Whenever we create conflict around money, internally or externally, we impact our chances of attracting more of it.

I know I know, this may sound all “woo woo” to you, but if acquiring more money into your life is something you’d like to do, then you should at least hear me out.

Why?  Well, because the law of attraction, vibrational frequencies, the power of the mind or quantum physics, the concept of “what we put out in the world, we receive back”, is actually repeated in many psychological and scientific approaches.  So, it’s worth paying attention to.

Want To Bring An Abundance of Money Into Your Life?

Have you ever had the thought that you don’t have enough money?  That there aren’t enough clients out there for everyone?  Or there are only limited career opportunities out there?  That “if only” you had more money, then you would take that dream vacation, book that experience, hire more people so you have more time.

If so, you can’t attract in which you do not perceive to be true.   This is a mindset of lack, and one that can keep us feeling stuck, when really we are not.  It is just our thinking that is stuck.

This legacy thinking around money comes from our relationship or story around money that we have been cultivating since we were children.  You didn’t consciously do this, but from the moment you came into the world you were creating a relationship with money, just like with love and with time.

You learnt this from your primary care givers, close family, friends and peers as you were growing up.  Ever heard the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees”?  If so, this doesn’t appear in children’s books or in a school curriculum, you learnt that phrase and it’s associated lack relationship to money from someone.

This type of scarcity thinking around money impacts how we drive our businesses or careers, and how we interact with those around us.  When we see other people making more money, or booking more clients, we feel threatened and frustrated at our own progress.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Have you noticed yourself watching or seeing other people’s progress and feeling a negative emotion as to why not you?  When we start to negatively judge our progress to those around us we can become very reactive and aggressive in making sales.  Our energy going into the very tasks that we are doing to bring us in abundance, are charged with a negative and frustrated energy.

This energy is picked up by a prospective client and often results in the ‘pushy’ sales conversations.

So what can we do if we are resonating that this is your current behavior and want to change?  We can embrace the power of learning that there is a different perspective that you can operate from, and that can be life changing.   So how do we shift from a space of lack and fear to a mindful attitude of one of abundance – not just around money but also in our thinking?

Abundant meditations are one way which allow you to train your mind to become more resilient to external stimuli and to make a conscious choice to remain in a place of abundance.

In other words to train your unconscious mind to not run away with your thoughts before you have chance to change them consciously.

For example, recently having a high kinaesthetic learning and coaching style, a client was going through some intense and very real world experiences within her 7 figure company, and I was conscious after a consultation session, how many of those feelings and beliefs had been transmitted during the session.

As a powerful coaching consultant, I have a regular practice of cutting energy with clients, however taking that step back and processing where I was rating on the lack and abundance scale, allowed me to make the conscious choice to invest some time meditating to move back to a place of abundance.

As I mentioned, any negativity we have around bringing in the money which we desire, impacts not only our in the moment thinking about situations, but also our strategic financial and business planning.

Research in 2017 by Sam Barnett, co-founder of ThinkAlike, offers a glimpse that the emotional experience of anxiety actually impairs our ability to make sound financial decisions.   So feeling anxious when planning your business goals, or even in a sales conversation, adds another layer of confusion and noise around your logical thinking about money.

What Is Staying With a Lack Mindset Like?

When we are in a lack mindset, we are denying the opportunities that are available to us, we shrink back to protect ourselves and experience the world as being against us. That we are not in control and that life is happening to us.  We are at effect.

All in all, this is when we sink into a victim mentality, that events are happening to us and we have no control over them. If we take a quantum physics perspective, then the very fact that we have these negative emotions is changing our vibration and impacting our past, present and future success.


Lastly, if you are passionate about achieving the level of success that you desire, you have a very real choice and a potentially long journey to travel ahead of you.  Surely, you can decide to remain in lack, and you may even achieve some success in your life along the way; however, you’ll work cut out for you and  you may struggle to hold onto your gains long term.

Or you can decide to choose to retrain your mind for one of abundance, not just in money, but in opportunities, time and fun.

And the great news for you, is we have something to aid you in this process, below is an abundance mediation that I use for myself and for my clients.  It is a practical tool that can help you focus on creating a mindset of abundance, and train your mind to think abundantly both in and out of meditation.

Attract More Money Into Your Life with This 6 Minute Abundance Meditation


Laura is a serial entrepreneur, founding an award winning online platform, and a master Business and Success Coach, providing boutique mentoring for amazing entrepreneurs.