Cancer, Courage, and Creativity

A Cancer Survivor to Business Thriver: Heidi Kelly

Welcome to episode 009 of The Greatness Project; where I interview Heidi Kelly; a cancer survivor turned business thriver.  Learn how she conquered cancer with some courage and a dash of creativity.

Heidi Kelly

Cancer, Courage, and Creativity

In this episode, Heidi gives us some background on how she courageously picked herself back up, and pushed forth to make the best of her circumstances after her two close calls with breast cancer, and how she followed her creativity combined with sewing to cope with her illness.  She also reveals how she eventually turned that creative coping mechanism into a thriving business.

Heidi also shares some excellent mindset insights related to how she pushed through her very real and serious condition to keep living.  In addition to this, she also lets us in on some of the media she uses to keep herself motivated and moving forward day-in and day-out.

You’ll Learn

  • An Inspiring Story About Choice
  • A Life Hack Heidi Uses to Stay Productive
  • The Importance of Living Life Now
  • A Handful of Motivation Hacks

Resources Mentioned:

(Heidi’s Motivation Hacks)

Book:  Radical Joy | War of Art

Song:  Alive | Fear

Movie:  Joy


Breast Cancer Sisters

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

(Additional Resources Mentioned)

HKelly Designs

HKelly Handbag Club

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Special thanks again to Heidi Kelly for coming onto the Greatness Project to share her inspiring story of overcoming cancer and her courageous pursuit to keep fighting and moving forward to live life now.  If you’d like to get in touch Heidi, you can find her on the following Social Media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, or you can go directly to her website at


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