Hip Hop, Hacks, and Hustle

Hustle Hacks with Anthony Frasier

Welcome to episode 008 of The Greatness Project.  In this episode we tap into Tech Entrepreneur, Anthony Frasier’s Fire, where he shares success strategies via hip hop, hacks, and hustle.

Hustle Hacker - Anthony Frasier

The Hustle Hacking Tech Entrepreneur

Anthony Frasier is a Young Tech Entrepreneur out of New Jersey, and has done some pretty amazing stuff in a short amount of time.

So far, Anthony has created a handful of business startups and has already been featured in numerous mainstream publications such as USA Today, CNN, BET, Inc.com, Fast Company, and many others.    He’s also given a Ted Talk and written and published a new book titled ‘Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness’.

In our session, Anthony reveals all kinds of great insights and useful gems for how to level up your “game” , especially when it comes to entrepreneurship and achievement.  One of the things I enjoyed most during our session, was his unique, yet powerful ability to teach about success and motivation using hip hop, hacks, and hustle as examples.

Below are some other key takeaways that you will get when you listen to this episode

You’ll Learn

  • The Secret to Getting Massive Publicity
  • Gain a Stronger Perspective on What Success Really Takes
  • The Importance of Following Your Fears
  • How Hip Hop, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship are Related
  • What Motivates This GO-Getter
  • Anthony’s Take on Greatness

 Resources Mentioned:

(Anthony’s Motivation Hacks)

BooK:  The Obstacle is the Way

Music: Optimistic

Movie: Pursuit of Happyness

Inspiration:  Kevin Hart | Maverick Carter

(Additional Resources Mentioned)

BooK: Meditations

BooK: Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness

Hack: Pressbooks.com for publishing your book

Guide: A Guide  on How to Write and Self-Publish a Book

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Big thanks again to Anthony Frasier for sharing his success stories, and some of his success hacks to help us on our journey of becoming more of our greatness.  As mentioned in the show, you can get in touch with Anthony via the following social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, or his website… AnthonyFrasier.com.

Alright friends… thanks again for listening in….  Please consider leaving a comment, they are much appreciated and they help me to keep rocking the show, and they give me insights on how I can make the listening experience better for you!

Till next time…. GO BE GREAT


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