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Side Hustle and Personal Fulfillment

If you want to learn how starting a side-hustle can lead to personal fulfillment, then stick around. You may just find a few success insights that help you in life.

With that being said, early in my professional career I had what every young aspiring professional wants, especially just after graduating from college.  For starters, I was offered employment before my last semester had even officially ended.

Just three days after I walked the stage at my Alma mater, I found myself employed as a contractor with the U.S. Department of Defense.  The job was in an entirely new city, which added a sense of adventure.  On top of that, I was getting paid quite handsomely.

Astonishingly, just two years later, I would find myself working in an even bigger city, with a “hipper” company, and a cushier job, all the while receiving an even larger pay check (40% higher). One would think such outcomes would lead to higher levels of happiness and fulfillment for a person.

Oddly, this was not the case me.  I had this nagging feeling inside of me at the time.  It was this internal sense that I wasn’t living up to my potential.  I just wasn’t fulfilled with what I was doing.

Perhaps you can relate?

Don’t Live a Life Half-Lived

It was not long into my 3rd year as a member of this so called real “working world”; when I came to realize that my expectations of doing so much more as an individual, and as a human were not being realized. Nor would they ever if I stayed on the same track. No doubt, I was on a direct path towards living a life half-lived.

I just felt it in my bones. Something had to give.

Consequently, I decided to make some dramatic changes in my life.  I knew I needed to do something different to create a feeling of self-fulfillment in my life.  So I rocked my own boat!  And below I am going to fill you in on exactly how I went about rocking it.

So without further ado, here are some things I did to rock my life into self-fulfillment.  My hope is that you may learn something from these experiences.  Use them as a life hack of sorts, so you can go about creating more personal fulfillment in your own life.

You Just Have to Take The Leap

The first seemingly crazy thing I did to shake things up a bit and rock my own boat so-to-speak, was to leave my profession as a geospatial analyst, and leap into the real estate business.

I had zero experience in sales at the time, I was a borderline introvert from doing analytics type work for the past 2 years, and I had zero business sense.  As you might have guessed, my business crashed and burned.

I found myself in debt ($35,000 in credit card debt) after spending close to two years on another profession I would eventually leave.

If You Do, You’ll Learn These 5 Key Life Lessons

However; it wasn’t all a waste.  What did work out in my benefit was that I learned a lot about myself, I learned about business, and I grew as an individual.  I got a hard lesson on what it takes to succeed in the world of business.  But it was also a crash course in self-improvement.

As such, I would still to this day encourage anyone who is feeling unfilled in their job, to make the leap towards becoming their own boss.  Why?  Because you will acquire the following:

1. An Appreciation of Resources

When you go into business for yourself, you will learn the value of time. When your money is on the line or your efforts/lack of them cost you money, you will gain a better appreciation of your employer’s resources, and a better appreciation for how you use your own.  In turn, this can help you learn why operating at your optimum as an employee and a business owner is important for the company’s bottom line, and your own.

2. A Sense of Personal Growth

In deciding to start your own business you will be getting yourself out of your comfort zone.  You will experience some immense personal growth by striving to learn new technologies and skills so you can make a profit for your business.  You will also grow in your social skills dramatically.  And if you are anything like I was, you will learn the value other people play in the success of your business.

3. Perspective (Experience That Matters)

When you start running your own business, you have the opportunity to add more value to other people’s lives.    

When your business gets underway, you will quickly learn that the only way you make any money, is when what you offer starts adding value to other people’s lives.

4. Earning Ability

When you start your own business, you give yourself the chance to give yourself a raise.  Becoming an entrepreneur can give you an additional revenue stream for making more money.

This can help you save up and grow your nest egg quicker, it can give you more money to play with at the end of the month, or it can give you that extra bit of money you needed to take that 4 month European backpacking trip you’ve always wanted to take.

5. Self-Fulfillment

If you feel like I did when I had a J.O.B., in terms of being unfilled or having untapped potential, seizing the opportunity to start your own business can remove any sense you may have, that you aren’t doing enough.  

When you’re the boss, you get to decide what you want to work on, and when.  There is nothing more empowering than having freedom to decide how you get to contribute to the marketplace.

So here is my recommendation.  If you are looking to shake things up like I did, make a similar leap and start your own business.

Start a Side Hustle

I have only one caveat for you if you do decide to take this course of action.  My caveat is that I would advise you to take a much different approach to starting your business.    Instead of leaping in the same manner as I did, I would instead recommend you start a side-hustle on the internet or do something small part-time.  I could have done real estate on the side, but I was a too eager for change, and it cost me quite a bit of money.

The primary reason I recommend such a different approach now, is because of these following three very important reasons.

It is Easier

These days, starting a business is so much easier.  All you have to do is have a platform to bring your idea, product, or service to the market.  With drag and drop website building platforms like WordPress, simple point and click website hosting packages like Blue Host, and non-technical product delivery platforms like gumroad and samcart, establishing a platform has never been easier.

It is Smarter

With access to large amounts of people via social media, and their simple set up advertising campaigns, or free video sharing platforms like,, etc.. Bottom line is, it’s ridiculously easy to reach a large amount of people with your offerings.  Hence, you have a silly smart way to test the viability of your product, service, or brand before launching into your business full-time.  Taking this smart approach, can keep you from over committing your resources (like I did).

It is Safer

You can get a real feel of the business before you make a life-changing decision to quit your day job.  This approach is safer because it gives you the chance to test whether entrepreneurship is really for you.  And if it’s not, you still have the option to stick with what you’re doing or pursue other avenues that don’t put your livelihood at risk.


Deciding to shake things up in my life by starting a business, was one of the best things I did for myself.  It thrust me into a whole new world of creative adventures, flexible living, and endless money making opportunities.  But most importantly, it opened me up to accelerated self-actualization and a feeling of personal-fulfillment.

I know taking a leap into the world of business may seem scary to some, but it doesn’t have to be.  Especially in this highly connected digital age; where new empowering resources are being created almost by the minute, specifically to make doing business easier for everyone.

There is no doubt you will grow personally and professionally from the experience of starting your very own business.  There is also the exciting likelihood that you will grow your net worth in the process, as I did.  So if something is missing in your life and you’re looking for ways to fulfill your potential, consider starting your own business, and go start a Side Hustle.

Till next time,


PS – If you enjoyed this article on starting a side hustle to discover personal fulfillment, then you’ll love this article on why you should follow your dreams.

High effort, self-discipline, and fearless action are “my things”.  If you could use a bit more of these life-enhancing attributes, or if you want to be nudged from time to time to start taking action on your goals and dreams, follow me on Twitter.





I Want To Start A Business But Have No Ideas

So, you want to start a business but have no ideas?

No problem!

There are an unlimited number of ideas out there. And there are many ways to find those ideas. You only need to learn how to tap into your creative genius to spot them.

But where do you start?

The best ideas are those closest to your heart. Ideas that are good and that you will enjoy pursuing. Because when you love the process, you will stay consistent despite setbacks.

And that’s key to building a successful business.

Let’s dive into 9 tips to start a business if you have no ideas.


How to be an entrepreneur without an idea

Tip 1: What Are You Passionate About?

Follow your passion – it sounds cliche.

But in simpler terms, it means doing what you enjoy. And though it sounds so simple, this part is crucial in staying consistent for most people.

Sure, you can trade crypto because it’s popular. You can build a real estate business because many wealthy people do it. Or start an online business to have the freedom to travel the world.

But none of them is easy.

All of them come with hardships, setbacks, and challenging times.

And if you lack joy in the process, you most likely give up when those times happen.

So, when you come up with business ideas, make sure to pursue the ones you fall in love with. Don’t just go with the idea because it could make a quick buck.

Here are some ways to think about new ideas:

  • What do you already enjoy doing?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What do you talk about all the time?
  • Who or what inspires you in the world – and why?
  • At what moments do you completely forget about time?
  • If you could master one skill instantly, what would it be?

It’s a great idea to begin with yourself if you want to start a business with no ideas.

Tip 2: What Are Your Strengths?

Starting a business around your strengths is a great idea.

Knowing your strengths is key to achieving success. It enables you to get into positions in which you thrive. Simultaneously, it allows you to team up with those who complement you best.

Besides, it’s no secret that most people tend to enjoy what they excel at. In other words, finding your strengths may uncover some new passions.

And before you tell yourself that you lack any strengths, everyone does.

It just manifests in different ways.

For some, it’s hidden in a specific skill, like coding or painting. For others, it’s hidden in their character traits. And while some are exceptional with people, others do their best work alone.

Here’s how you can find yours:

  • What were you naturally better at in school?
  • What do you do with ease that others struggle with?
  • What do others compliment you for?
  • Do an online strengths test, like the free High 5 Test.

Think about your strengths from different angles. For example, are you good with numbers? Very creative? Are you great with people? Are you accountable? Responsible? Ambitious? Good at money management? Or brilliant with computers? Etc.

If you struggle to find your natural powers, do various strength tests. That way, you will get input from different perspectives.

Tip 3: Start With Purpose

In the famous TED talk, Simon Sinek talks about having a purpose. Or as he calls it, having a “Why”.

And he explains how Apple used it to become the standalone brand they are today. But it’s not just for brands.

It’s for individuals too.

A good example is Viktor Frankl. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he writes about how purpose has helped him survive and thrive in the concentration camps of the Nazis during World War II.

That’s how powerful a purpose is.

It can be the single reason that causes you to keep going, despite feeling unmotivated, lacking willpower, and wanting to give up.

Besides, finding your purpose may lead straight to the perfect business idea. Here you can learn how to find your purpose.

Tip 4: Audit Your Existing Skills and Knowledge

When you want to start a business with no ideas, a good place to start is with your current skills and knowledge.

What do you know well?

It’s often challenging to start a business in something you have no experience. But you will find it easier to come up with ideas when you already have some knowledge and skills.

It provides a launchpad towards success.

You can use that to develop your business experience and confidence. And you can use that to spiral up new ideas and start new businesses if that’s what you desire.

But what do you do if you lack skills or knowledge?

Know that your skill sets translate to your business success.

So, the more skills you learn, whether those are skills like coding and marketing, or soft skills like communication and selling, determine your success.

Do you not have any skill set yet? Then you might want to start there first. Here is a list of 10 well-paying and in-demand skills.

Tip 5: Research Different Niches

There are many, and I mean many, different business ideas and opportunities out there. And finding one that suits you is a matter of doing research and then trying stuff out.

Think about it: almost anything you can think off has a business around it somewhere in the world.

Online businesses alone already come with unlimited amounts of opportunity. You just need to explore your options.

Do your research, and you will have a business idea in no time.

Here’s where you can start:

  • Consultant (online) in any area of expertise
  • Developer: freelance or building your own thing
  • Commerce store: physical or online
  • Restaurant or food truck owner
  • A personal trainer or gym owner
  • Coaching or teaching of any kind
  • Designers of all sorts
  • A planning business
  • A travel business
  • Massage therapist
  • A cleaning business
  • Running your own Airbnb
  • An (online) marketing business
  • A sales business

There are just too many options to list. But if you struggle with your research, you can also check out these 5 easy business ideas.

Do your research, explore the options, and soon have a great idea to start a successful business.

Tip 6: Consume More

Consuming more may sound counterproductive. But I do not imply that you should watch more tv. Instead, you should deliberately choose what to take in.

And in being deliberate, I mean learning about ideas on a range of different things.

Read non-fiction books on any topics. Dive into biographies of the people you admire. Watch documentaries about a range of things. Read blogs, watch YouTube videos, and explore everything.

Expand your knowledge.

Seek to understand a bit of everything. And then, dive deeper into what interests you to find a business idea.

Exploring a variety of topics is good advice in general. Not just for starting a business if you have no ideas but also for your personal life.

Tip 7: Practice Creativity

You may not see yourself as creative, but all humans are. And there’s an easy way to prove that to yourself:

Come up with one business idea every day.

That’s not too difficult, right? You don’t have to be original. You don’t have to go wild and think outside the box.

You just need to come up with a different idea every day.


It develops the habit of creativity. Starting with simple and common business ideas gets you into that way of thinking. Then, over time, business ideas appear everywhere you go.

And that’s when you come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

That’s when creativity works its magic.

But until then, you will have to develop the habit. You have to stimulate the mind a little bit. After all, you only become good at something if you practice it.

Tip 8: Solve Problems

Every successful business solves a problem. In fact, if yours doesn’t solve a specific problem, you will soon be out of business.

And there are many different problems to solve.

  • World problems, like climate change.
  • Local problems, like not having a gym in the area.
  • Psychological issues, like self-created suffering.
  • Social problems, like how we deal with each other.
  • Financial problems, like not being able to pay the bills.
  • Health problems, like struggles to lose weight.

There are just so many problems in the world. Find an issue that’s meaningful to you. And start your business around solving it.

Need more guidance in finding problems?

Start with yourself.

What problems have you encountered in your life? Which problems did you overcome?

For example, people who struggle with weight loss may become the best personal trainers. Why? Because they can relate to their clients and understand their pain.

If you want to start a business and have no ideas, think about the closest problems to your heart. What would you like to solve?

Tip 9: Build an Audience First

You may already feel passionate about something but fail to see how to start a business around it. Or even if you see a path, it might involve many risks, like significant investments.

But you can start risk-free.

Here’s a business idea that requires no capital. Something you can start from the comfort of your home. With nothing more than a keen interest in a specific topic.

And that’s to build an audience first.

Before you have any idea about what to sell, why not build an audience around your topic of interest first? Then, listen to your audience and get them involved.

And then use their input to develop products or services.

It’s a great model.

All you need is a passion and a platform through which you want to talk about it. Think about YouTube or TikTok if you like creating videos, a podcast if you enjoy audio, or a blog if you enjoy writing.

For example, on my blog, I talk about personal development. And while it doesn’t make a lot of money today, I focus on building an audience first to learn more about them.

Besides, it’s a great learning experience, and I enjoy it. And with the knowledge gained, I might just start a completely different business.

You will just have to start somewhere.

So, if none of the tips in this article gave you a business idea, give this final tip a try. It has proven to be my best decision in life.

Closing Thoughts

Starting a business is hard. And starting a business with no ideas may seem near impossible. But ideas and opportunities are everywhere.

The question is: where do you look for the best ones?

I hope that I’ve inspired you to start with yourself in this article. Understand who you are. What makes you tick. And then teach yourself to come up with new business ideas every time.

It’s all about taking action.

Perhaps you won’t find your perfect idea straight away. Many entrepreneurs start many businesses throughout their lives. Many of which fail.

But through these experiences, they eventually find the perfect one.

In other words, give the tips in this article some thought. Then, find something that you would enjoy. And start taking action.

Till then,


PS – If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I want to start a business, but have no ideas”, then you’ll enjoy these helpful resources:

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

You’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur or you’ve found entrepreneurship in your life recently, and now you want to be successful at it. But, there are a few thoughts that seem to be holding you back from fully committing to entrepreneurship, and those thoughts are, “Do I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?” and “Do I have an entrepreneurial mindset?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, don’t worry because you are not alone. In fact, there are countless entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs out there who’ve had the same thoughts. No doubt, some of those entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, will move on to become successful entrepreneurs, while many others won’t. And the one thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful entrepreneur is “Mindset“.

That’s right, the main differentiator between the entrepreneurs who start and succeed and the one’s that never get going and eventually fail, is their possession of the entrepreneur mindset. To give you a head start on your entrepreneurial journey, we’ve listed the primary traits found among successful entrepreneurs. If you possess any of them, you have a good shot at becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Signs of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

1. You Don’t Accept the Employee Mindset

You refuse to think like an employee. You do not accept the idea of working from paycheck to paycheck, under the order of someone else.

Instead, you want to be the one who gives the orders. You want to live life on your own terms, doing whatever you want, whenever you want.

2. You Are Good at Networking and Communication

Great entrepreneurs have people skills. It doesn’t mean that you have to be an extrovert. Social skills are important for business. After all, they are what carry your business from your mouth to many other ears (the ears of potential clients)

If you are constantly networking, forming relationships, and finding potential clients, whether you are an extrovert or introvert, you possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

3. You Listen to Your Gut

Successful entrepreneurs don’t look to others for guidance. Instead, they listen to what their gut says and test their instincts. They are not afraid of testing themselves.

If you think that you never lose, but instead leverage your challenges as either you winning or you learning. And you take action on what your gut says, you possess one of the traits of a successful entrepreneur.

4. You Have Goals

You do not just dream, instead you have goals to achieve your dreams. You set realistic goals in order to achieve what you want to get out of life.

Great entrepreneurs always plan their journey effectively. They set SMART goals. What are SMART goals? Well, they are goals that are….

– Specific

– Measurable

– Attainable

– Relevant

– Timely

So, if you are setting these type of SMART goals, you definitely have an entrepreneurial mindset.

5. You Learn and Improve

When others hang out with their friends, go to parties, watch Netflix and play video games, you take courses to learn new skills, read self-development books, and listen to entrepreneurial or motivational podcasts.

How you spend your time is what makes an entrepreneur different from others.

6. You Have High Self-awareness

You have a high awareness for your strengths and your weaknesses. You do not try to improve your weaknesses instead you focus more on improving your strengths.

Successful Entrepreneurs are always living in the moment. They have a laser beam focus. If you are someone who is always aware of his feeling at the moment, you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

7. You Are a Problem Solver

One of the most common traits of a great entrepreneur is that they try to solve a problem by themselves. They do not look to others for help instead they meditate on how to find a way out of that problem.

In fact, that’s primarily what entrepreneurship is all about, finding a way to solve people’s problems. And then creating a business that is the solution to someone else’s problems.

You cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t have problem-solving abilities. But if you do have them, well, you definitely have an entrepreneurial mind.

8. You Are an Action Taker

You are an action-oriented person.

Wantrepreneurs read books, listen to podcasts, watch motivational videos and plan out their whole ideas but they don’t act on them or procrastinate. Whereas, entrepreneurs take action the moment a business idea pops up in their minds. They know that there is no tomorrow and are not afraid to take risks.

9. You Always Beat Self-Doubt

You always trust the process. Even though you have doubts but you don’t listen to them.

It is normal to have a doubt about something. After all, we are humans but beating self-doubts will make you a great entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs act as a teacher to their minds and control their thinking. They are not afraid to confront their doubts.

10. You Are Responsible

You know that you are accountable for everything. You do not waste your time by complaining when something goes wrong. You solve it or take it as a lesson and move on.

One of the greatest characteristics of an entrepreneur is that he/she knows the results of something they are doing.

11. You Learn From Failing

You have an entrepreneurial mindset if you take failure as a lesson and don’t get discouraged by it.

Most people take failure as a sign that “it is not for them” or “they don’t have the ability to do it”. Entrepreneurs on the other hand never take failure as a loss. They have a concept that if they fail, they fail forward, meaning that they have learned something.

12. You Are Uncomfortable With the Comfort Zone

Most people are afraid to get out of their comfort zone because they think that they will fail. But you are highly optimistic about yourself and believe that you can only grow if you get out of your comfort zone.

Great Businessmen know that they will never grow if they don’t face their fears. They know that they have to be comfortable with anxiety, risk, and not knowing.

13. You Are Patient

Entrepreneurs know that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes years of hardships. Entrepreneurs are comfortable with years of consistent hardworking and not getting any results. But they know that in the end, their patience and optimism would pay off.

If you think like that, you think like an entrepreneur who is destined for success.

14. You Are Emotionally Strong

You know that entrepreneurship is a journey where there are lots of ups and downs. You know that people will laugh at you and criticize you but you should never pay attention to them and not get discouraged by them.

Furthermore, you know that you have to handle failures, people will betray you. The whole world will seem to be against you but you know that it’s part of the journey. You believe in yourself.

15. You Are Passionate

It does not make any sense if you want to be an entrepreneur but you aren’t passionate about it.

An entrepreneurial mindset is the one that has a love for the process. If you think that entrepreneurship is cool but you don’t like the process of it, it is not for you. All great entrepreneurs are great today because they followed their passion and endured the process.


If you want to become an entrepreneur and already have some of the traits mentioned above in your possession, you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

But if you don’t have the mindset of an entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop one. It is not your fault if you don’t have a business mind. The problem is with the society. In schools, they teach you to get a good job but they don’t teach you to be a good entrepreneur.

The great news is, you can always practice and change your mindset completely.

But remember, entrepreneurial mindset can’t be developed overnight, but it can be developed. So, keep practicing and trying your hand at entrepreneurship, and before you know it, you’ll have the mindset needed to be a successful one

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed this article on the entrepreneurial mindset, then you’ll certainly enjoy some of these other helpful resources on entrepreneurship:

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Entrepreneur Affirmations

Entrepreneurship can be like a wild roller coaster ride full of dramatic ups and downs. Indeed, every single entrepreneur will experience their fair share of challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks before they ever achieve success. And the one thing every entrepreneur must gain control of if they wish to successfully navigate this challenging gauntlet of entrepreneurship is their own mind.

“What You Focus On Expands; Results Follow Focus.”


That’s right, the number one way to make it as an entrepreneur (beyond having an amazing product or service) is to find a way to control what goes on between your own two ears. The entrepreneur who lets their emotions to get the best of them, who allows their fears to dictate action, and permits their focus to be scattered by all the “happenings” of the world, will sooner or later be out of business.

Fortunately, every entrepreneur has within their power that ability to control their thoughts and mindset, and one of the best ways to do so, is to use affirmations. If you’re not sure about affirmations, read this first: what are affirmations?

With that said, we’ve pulled together the most powerful entrepreneur affirmations that every entrepreneur should absolutely use to keep their mind in check, so as to keep their business alive and moving forward.

So, if you’re ready for some powerful affirmations to help you reign in those thoughts, so you can ultimately experience more success in your business, then let’s dive in.

Best Entrepreneur Affirmations

Best Entrepreneur Affirmations

Affirmation 1: I Am a Fearless Action Taker

Taking a Leap of Faith: The biggest struggle for most aspiring entrepreneurs is taking that first leap. It doesn’t matter if it’s you resigning from your day job, launching that website, making your first phone call, or going to that first networking event to practice your pitch, taking that first leap is that hardest.

As such, this affirmation provides one of the best ways to convince your mind that you can do it, and that you have nothing to fear. Indeed, it will prompt you to take action.

Affirmation 2: I Trust That Success Will Happen In It’s Own Time

Patience: The ‘overnight success’ is a myth. There is no such thing, especially in business. In fact, success as an entrepreneur is more about making small steady gains over time, and remaining patient for the results you seek. So be urgent about putting in the effort, but patient about seeing the results.

And remember, empires aren’t built in a day, and fruit slow to grow always bears the best fruit.

Entrepreneur Affirmation For Stress

Affirmation 3: I Always Manage My Time Effectively

Time Management: Time flies for the entrepreneur, but probably a little faster than we’d like it to. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that has to get done with so little time to do it all. It’s also easy to spend too much time on those things that don’t keep the lights on.

So, use this affirmation to get your time management tightened up so you business and life can run a bit more smoothly.

Affirmation 4: When I am Diligent My Results Are Positive

Due Diligence: As an entrepreneur you are likely a risk-taker at heart, but that fearlessness can also lead to issues when due diligences isn’t followed in your undertakings. Many businesses have crashed and burned all because of some small oversights that lead to big legal issues.

So, be sure to use this entrepreneur affirmation to help you keep your head about you in the midst of your entrepreneurial adventures.

Affirmation for Entrepreneurs - Results

Affirmation 5: I Am Smart With Money And Put Every Dollar To Good Use.

Cash Flow: Money worries in the form of cash flow management is cause for some of the biggest headaches as an entrepreneur. So, it is critical that you, as the CEO of your owner of your company that you give enough attention to ensuring your cashflow is sufficient to keep you in business.

This affirmation won’t make money appear out of nowhere, but it will help you zero-in on your cash flow and money management issues.

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Affirmation 6: I Am In Control Of My Ego

Keeping Ego Under Control: Success as an entrepreneur can lead to issues caused by your ego. Believe it or not, your ego can cause you to make mistakes, bad decisions, and ruin important relationships.

So, to keep your ego in check throughout your entrepreneurial journey, use this affirmation.

Entrepreneur Affirmation For Ego Management

Affirmation 7: All Areas Of My Life and Business Are Harmonious And Balanced

Work/Life Balance: It’s so easy to get caught up in our business dealings as an entrepreneur. In fact, most entrepreneurs struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and overtime it eventually impacts business.

So, use this affirmation to help you keep your life and business well-balanced. Because when your balanced your business will be too.

Affirmation 8: Delegation Isn’t Failure, Delegation Is Growth

Delegation: Every entrepreneur will eventually struggle with delegation at some point or another. But, if you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll have to learn to let go of the reigns and delegate.

This affirmation will help you focus release some of that control so you can get more of what you really want, growth!

Affirmations For Entrepreneurs Delegation

Affirmation 9: Every No Is A Lesson That Gets Me Closer To a Yes

Fundraising: One of the scariest aspects of entrepreneurship can be putting yourself out there to gain new clients or request funding. Either way, you have to give a pitch to virtual strangers, and more often than not, you’ll be rejected. But, it is something that has to be done to scale your business.

So, use this affirmation to give you the poise and confidence to sell the value of your business with ease.

Affirmation 10: I Accept Adversity With Enthusiasm and Courage

Dealing With Failure: Our business ventures will see setbacks, it’s the name of the game. But how you manage those failures and setbacks will determine how well you bounce back. So, don’t lose heart if your business begins to underperform, or if bankruptcy seems like it is just around the corner. You can get through it, especially with this affirmation.

So, use this entrepreneur affirmation to help you keep your chin up, stay positive, and look for the seed of equal or greater benefit in each adversity.

Runner-Up Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

This list below consists of a handful of additional entrepreneur affirmations that you can use to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Each one will cover some aspect that every entrepreneur as some point in their ventures deals with. Enjoy.

1. I take the first step and make things happen now.

2. I am worthy and capable of creating a thriving business.

3. I attract new business opportunities every day.

4. I am driven and will achieve my goals.

5. I am a powerful and energetic creator.

6. I appreciate the freedom and flexibility by business affords me.

7. My business is growing.

8. I am energized by the obstacles I face.

9. I exude confidence and success.

10. There’s a solution to every problem.

11. Entrepreneurship is freedom.

12. I resist all temptations and remain focused on success.

13. My success grows with limitless expectations.

14. I am an effective executive who gets things done.

15. I am responsible for the success of my business.

16. Nothing can hold me back, not even my own doubts.

17. What I do today will determine my results tomorrow.

18. I am persistent and consistent.

19. I am worthy of what I desire.

20. I create my own destiny with small acts of courage.

21. I appreciate my employees.

22. My goods and services provide massive value to the community.

23. I will find a way, not an excuse.

24. I don’t wait for opportunity, I create it.

25. Even if I fail, I will try again.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the most effective affirmations for entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy them, and put them to good use. Of course, one important thing to keep in mind is that in order for these entrepreneur affirmations to work, you’ll have to put them to use consistently.

Remember, the purpose of these affirmations is to rewire your mindset so we can effectively modify our behaviors. And we’re modifying behaviors to ultimately get different/better results in our business. And just like exercise, the more of it you do, the quicker you’ll see results.

So, book mark this page, and use these affirmations often until you’re business venture is humming along.

Till then,


PS – If you enjoyed these entrepreneur affirmations, then you’ll likely love these powerful business affirmations, or these empowering entrepreneur quotes to prime your mind for entrepreneurial success.

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Business Owner Stress

Stress is part and parcel of owning a business. But that doesn’t mean you’re automatically headed for endless sleepless nights or debilitating burnout. There are various ways to cope with and manage the stress of owning a business.

“The Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another.”

William James

If you’re stressed out by various aspects of being an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re not alone. According to a Gallup poll, 62% of female and 51% of male business owners experience daily stress. 60% of female owners and 47% of male owners said they experience daily worry, and 31% of female and 20% of male owners reported that their mental health was worsening.

The stress of owning a business isn’t confined to the office. It affects your physical and mental health, and it can spill over into other aspects of your life, potentially affecting your relationships with family and friends and contributing to negative behaviors. Ultimately, stress could lead to burnout – and the worst part is, it’s not like you can hit the pause button on your business so that you can take a much-needed break.

Being told not to worry about the situation, to just breathe, or to relax, doesn’t cut it. Use the practical solutions below to manage and cope with the stress of being a business owner.

How Stress Affects Body And Mind

Your body has a built-in automatic stress response known as the fight-or-flight mode. When triggered, hormones activate various processes that basically gear you up to face the stressor or to run away from it. However, constant exposure to stressors means your body is in a permanent fight-or-flight mode, which is detrimental to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Some of the physical symptoms of stress include headaches, muscle pain or tension, fatigue, chest pain, stomach or digestive problems, and changes in your sex drive. A few of the mental/emotional symptoms include anxiety, depression or sadness, restlessness, anger or irritability, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of focus or motivation.

Stress can also lead to behavioral issues such as over/under eating, misuse of alcohol or drugs, tobacco use, angry outbursts, less exercise, and social withdrawal. It doesn’t take a genius to see how any or all of these symptoms can negatively affect your life as a business owner. Stress management is vital for your own sake and for the sake of your business.

With that said, let’s explore different ways in which you can manage your stress.


How to Manage Business Owner Stress

Recognize Your Stressors

The factors that trigger stress (stressors) are different for everyone. You might take presentations and business events in your stride, while the owner of another business might be plunged into stress, anxiety, and worry.

A few common stressors include:

  • Overscheduling
  • Long to-do lists
  • Financial concerns
  • Worries about business presentations and events
  • Managing employees
  • Keeping up with compliance
  • Keeping customers happy

Learn to recognize your stressors. Spend a few moments assessing how you process the various experiences and situations you face daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly as a business owner. Being able to identify your stressors can help you prepare yourself to deal with them constructively going forward.

Acknowledge What’s Going Well

Recognizing what’s going well for you as a business owner is just as important as recognizing your stressors. Knowing which strategies work for you and what areas you’re coping in can inform how you manage stress in other areas.

Spend a few moments assessing the areas in which you cope well and think about what makes it possible for you to cope in those ways. In addition to identifying your strengths and helpful strategies, doing this will put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Once you begin doing this, you’ll find it easier to relax when you feel like you’re making progress in at least some aspects of your business.

Build A Firm Schedule

Having a regular routine means you know what to expect when you’re at work. Yes, there will be unexpected factors that come into play, but you’ll have the advantage of already having a sense of control over your day, which means you’ll be better prepared to face them if and when they arise.

Scheduling Reduces Business Owner Stress

Build a firm schedule for yourself. Tackle the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning, so you’ve got them out of the way. Once they’re done, you’ll feel ready to tackle anything else that comes your way. Take your body clock into account when building your schedule. If you know your energy and concentration levels dip mid-afternoon, schedule the easiest tasks for that time.

Prioritize Personal Time

Self-care is essential for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Looking after yourself plays an important part in keeping stress and anxiety in check.

Prioritize your personal time and include it in your schedule. It’s too easy for business owners to get swept away in what they’re doing, and that can eat into time spent on self-care, doing the things you love, and cultivating your relationships with family and friends. Don’t think of your personal time only in terms of time after hours—you should include lunch and other breaks during the day too.

Remember to unplug during your time off. Don’t let email and other notifications eat into your personal time.

Learn To Say “No”

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often fall into the trap of micromanaging or trying to do everything themselves. Doing this can send your stress levels through the roof, so set boundaries.

Learn to say “No.” It’s not always easy to do this, so focus on your goals and ask whether the opportunity or task in front of you will help you achieve them, whether you have the time to do it, how important it is, and whether you actually want to do it. If the answers to those questions are “no,” say no.

Delegate Or Outsource Work

As much as you shouldn’t micromanage, there’s no getting around the fact that there are tasks that need doing. If those tasks relate to some of your weaknesses, they can add to your stress. However, you also can’t ignore them.

Delegate or outsource tasks and work that others can do. You’ll free up time to focus on the important tasks that do require your attention, which can help you better manage your stress.

Use The Right Tools To Lower Business Owner Stress

The technology and software you use are supposed to make your work easier. If your tech doesn’t do what you hoped it would do, if it’s not user-friendly, or if it’s out of date or doesn’t work properly, it will add to your stress.

Bad Technology Increases Stress For Entrepreneurs

Review your technology and software applications. If they don’t serve you or your business, replace them with more effective options.

Empower Your Employees

A recent report revealed that 42% of small business owners felt employee management was their biggest stressor. It’s not easy to find the right team and to keep it productive and happy, which may tempt you into trying to micromanage every aspect of your business. That said, your employees are your most valuable assets.

Empower and nurture your employees. Doing this will equip them to do their tasks efficiently, properly, and confidently. The result will be greater employee retention, increased productivity, a greater sense of collective responsibility, and less stress.

“If You Can’t Handle Stress, You Won’t Manage Success.”


Stress doesn’t need to get the better of you and it certainly shouldn’t affect your desire and drive to succeed in business. Identify your stressors, tackle them, and improve your health as well as that of your business. While some stress is healthy, knowing the difference and how to eliminate bad stress is key for dealing with business owner stress.

Till next time,


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Is Online Business A Good Investment

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Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Is an online business a good investment?’ Or even better, ‘Should I start an online business?’ If you answered yes to either question, and if you’re actually looking for some solid reasons as to why you should build an online business for yourself, then this article is for you.

In this post we’re going to make the case, as to why starting an online business is actually one of the best investments you can make for yourself, especially in this day and age. So, if you’re ready to dive into some really good reasons as to why you should consider investing in your own online business, then let’s dive right in.

10 Reasons Building an Online Business Is One of The Best Investments You Can Make

Why an Online Business Is a Good Investment

1. Unlimited Freedom

An online business is attractive because of the freedom it offers.  With technology becoming more and more mobile friendly, online business owners can free themselves up to work from wherever they want.

Walk into any coffee shop these days and you’ll see plenty of people grinding on their start-ups while consuming their cups of joe.  It’s a great feeling too, knowing you can virtually work from anywhere in the world, at your leisure, and still make money regardless of your location.

The best part though, is that when it’s your business, you can’t get fired. And when you can’t get fired, that’s when you truly have freedom.

Freedom, it’s all about freedom.

2. You Can Start Part-Time

Building an online business takes time and effort, but the great thing is, you can get started part-time.  You don’t have to risk your livelihood to test out those great ideas that have been keeping you up at night.

You can launch your online business on a weekend, and work on it in your free-time.  You can build your online empire and start cash flowing while still earning money from your day job.

Then, when your business starts to gain traction, and the big money starts rolling in, you can decide if working your 9-5 is what you really want to do with your life.

But you get to choose.  When you build your online business part-time, you can get started on creating your own freedom, giving yourself options.

Options, options, options, it’s all about options!

3. Low Overhead and High Margins

If you have a good chunk of money set aside, you can get started with your own money.  You could invest as much as you want too.

But, there is also the risk of losing money, a lot of money.  Especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

When you invest in an online business, there is a small investment.  But, these days, it doesn’t cost much at all to get started.  Were’ talking a few dollars a month of overhead costs.  And a really big perk, is that an online business can be operated without office space, retail space, or even storage space for inventory (drop-shipping).   The main thing you risk is your time and effort.

And time and effort are things we all have.  So, with a small investment to get you started, and enough time and effort spent on building your online business, you can reap massive financial gains.

4. Provides Unbelievable Scalability

Online businesses are attractive because they are scalable.  Brick and mortar businesses are scalable too, but they are dependent on location, making them much more difficult to scale.

When we say scalable, we mean a businesses ability to quickly change its size or income.

Every brick and mortar business depends on a limited number of customers that live within a certain proximity to that businesses physical location.  This means a brick and mortar business is limited by the number of customers living within a given range from it’s physical location.

An online business on the other hand, can sell to anybody anywhere.  An online business’s reach is limited only by the extent of their marketing campaign.

This means an online business can scale to incorporate as many people as it wants, all over the world.

5. Income Security

This is one of our favorite reasons.  When you build your own successful online business, you are in control of your income.   You get to decide how much money you want to make, and you can’t get fired.

Obviously, you can’t snap your fingers and demand a 500% pay raise.  But, you can change up your business operations to reach your unique goals.  On top of that, you keep making money as long as you are in business.

If your only income source is from your day job, then you put yourself at risk financially.  But when you have additional income coming in from your online business, you can hedge against the insecurities of the job market.

Build an online business and you build your very own financial fortress.

6. You Can Automate It and Semi-Retire

Everyone dreams of retiring or semi-retiring early.  But in reality, most never come close to having enough money to retire and live off of their retirement savings by the time they reach retirement age.

When you build your own online business, if you are smart about it, you can eventually automate it.  Once your business is automated, it can become your very own low-maintenance virtual ATM.

Of course, this is a lot more plausible for the majority of people, than putting aside $1,000,000 dollars by the time they retire.

By the way, if you are lucky enough to save up a million bucks, and you follow the 4% rule, (which is a retirement rule to follow so you don’t run out of money before you die), that million will only get you a lifestyle that $40,000 per year can afford. 

Of course $40,000 per year is not too shabby, but, traveling the world and trying to “live up” your retirement years on this amount of money is going to be, well…challenging.

Check this out.  The median retirement savings of families between 56 and 61 is only $17,000.  So, there is a good chance you need to start socking away tons of money…like now, or…start grinding on your new online business.

The choice seems obvious to us, but hey, it’s your future.

7. You Can Do Something Fulfilling

Starting your own online business is something everyone should do, because really, everyone has their own secret calling they wish to be living.

When you start your own online business, you get to stop putting off those projects that really bring you to life.

On top of this, when your business starts gaining traction, you give yourself the opportunity to dive into a career that truly fulfills you.  You can get paid to play.

Imagine that, every single day is play.  Sounds fun!

8. You Take Back Control of Your Destiny

When you build your own online business, you get to participate in the creation of your own future.  You gain complete control of your destiny.

Sure, your business may face it’s challenges, but obstacles are as permanent as you want them to be.  If you fall, you can always get back up.  If at first is doesn’t succeed, you change tactics and try again.

But, your business can also succeed, especially if you never give up.   Truth is, if you are seeking to create a lifestyle business, your chances of succeeding are much higher.

Online lifestyle businesses are created to cater to the owner’s specific lifestyle.  Some owners are happy making just enough money to pay the bills, buy a few tacos, and travel across the world, while others want to build huge online gold mines.

Your success is all up to you.  The effort you put in will be rewarded.  No, it won’t be instant.  Business and instant gratification don’t belong together, unless of course, you are creating a business that offers instant gratification. (Usually a good approach for most businesses).

So long as you put in the time and effort to learn the rules of the game, and then execute around those lessons consistently, mark our words, you will win.

When you invest in your own business, you give yourself a shot at becoming the captain of your own ship.  And when your the captain, you get to decide on the destination.

9. You’ll Become More Valuable

When you start your own internet business, you’ll learn all kinds of new skills.  You’ll learn about marketing, internet technology, sales, writing, sales copy, graphic design, conversion rates, analytics, etc…  You’ll learn loads about the business world.

In fact, the more you want your online venture to succeed, the more you’ll end up learning.

You’ll look at things through a different lens.  You’ll gain insights into consumer psychology and business that you didn’t have before.   Overtime, you’ll become more and more valuable, both to you and your internet business and to whom ever employs you.

No doubt, your business may take a while to take off, but in the meantime, so long as you don’t quit, you’ll become more and more valuable to the market place.

Like the saying goes, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

10. Your Online Business Never Sleeps

Most brick and mortar businesses can only stay open for a limited time. They need to close-up-shop at the end of the day because their regional customers eventually have to go home and catch some zzz’s. With no customers around to buy their products or services, most business need to shut it down at the end of each day to avoid wasteful operating costs.

With an online business though, that’s not the case.

Your online business can stay open to sell your products or services 24/7/365.

Why?  Because an online business can easily take orders from any customer, anywhere, at any time of the day.   While you sleep, people on the other side of the world are awake and hunting online for your solutions to their problems.

This means you can make money while you sleep.  Imagine waking up to see 5, 15, or 20 sales your internet business made, all while you were cozied up in your bed counting sheep.

So, Is An Online Business a Good Investment?

So, is an online business a good investment? Yes, it is a good investment. In fact, we believe it is the best investment.

It truly is the best investment, because it has the potential to yield back to us way more than we put in, and much more readily that which is prized most by society; our time.

So, if you want to increase your chances of making more money, if you want to build something that may eventually lead you to being able to spend your days doing what you love, all while creating something that which will allow you to make your own money on your own terms, then starting your own internet-based business is a good way to go.

Of course you’ll face some challenge as you build your online business up, and it may even take longer then you think it will take. But, we believe, without a doubt, that building your own online business pays the best dividends.

But, it all starts with laying that first brick!

Till next time,


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