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11 Ways to Motivate Your Virtual Assistants



How to Motivate Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are being used these days for anything and everything — it is the reality of contemporary times. Large corporations use them and so do small businesses. And they are especially popular with start-ups and solopreneurs. To be sure, if you don’t use virtual assistants now, there is a good chance you will in the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a passion project, striving to pull together that book, or building the next Apple out of your garage, virtual assistants will likely be in your future. And one challenge you’ll likely face when that time comes, or that you likely face now if manage your own, is keeping them motivated.

The Unmotivated Virtual Worker

That’s right, unmotivated virtual assistants. It is a common problem, and you’ll eventually need to find a way to keep your virtual assistants or even remote employees motivated from time to time.

No matter how chirpy an employee appears, sometimes they just have their off moments. Moments when their motivation is lagging. And of course this is a problem, because a lagging virtual assistant can lead to a lagging business or project. Sure, It is normal for your employees to feel unambitious, lazy, and demotivated from time to time, but the problem arrives when you as an employer or project manager, fail to pull them back from their ‘work-shy’ mode.

The problem can compound when you’ve hired a whole team of employees in the form of virtual assistants. Unlike your in-house employees, you cannot keep a constant eye on your virtual assistants physically. Which makes keeping your remote employees motivated a potentially daunting task.

No matter the size of your organization; whether it falls under the fortune 500 or small start-ups, this article will help you keep your virtual assistants motivated and as a result, your business optimized. 

The following tips are not specific to any industry and most of them either cost minimal or nothing:

11 Ways to Motivate Your Virtual Teams

Ways to Motivate Your Virtual Assistants

1. Talk to Them Every Day

The first rule always is a regular flow of communication. You can design an everyday ‘strategy session’ where you discuss work and share some inspiring words with your virtual assistants. This won’t just foster a professional zeal but would also make sure that everyone is on the same page—helping you track the work as well!

2. Use ‘Video’ Calls

Communicating digitally increases the chances of misunderstandings which can often lead to frustration and may also bring your virtual assistant’s morale down. Use video calls to avoid such problems and ensure that your virtual assistants are motivated despite everything.

It is easier to notice if your VA appears unhappy or demotivated and similarly, your positive energy as a leader can be radiated more in a video call rather than through a normal phone call.  

3. Share the Larger Vision

Give your virtual assistants a perspective of your larger goals and objectives. This ensures a sense of affiliation while they work on your projects. When you introduce them to the bigger picture, it helps them understand how their work will contribute to something much larger. This instills constant motivation.

4. Appreciate Their Inputs 

You might have hired virtual assistants to get your mundane tasks done easily but do ask them to share ideas simultaneously. This positive exercise of seeking inputs can make them feel empowered and may give you brains for new ideas — that can be beneficial for your business!

5. Respect Their Cultural Background

It’s always blissful when we receive good wishes for festivals and special occasions. Similarly, it’s a bit more considerate when you take out time to know your virtual assistants and respect their customs and traditions.

Once you get familiar with your offshore team’s culture, you can find ways to adapt, interchange, and celebrate it all in your organization’s culture and customs. 

6. Provide an Incentive For Extended Hours

Sometimes projects take more than the expected time and your virtual assistants leave no stone unturned to accomplish it all with the same dedication. In such a case, you need to provide them with due monetary incentives to help them realize how much you actually value their time. This not only makes them feel valuable, but it also gives them a reason to keep up the good work.

7. Help Them Rejuvenate

Avoid all-day work and no play!

When you aren’t working in a physical environment, you go through a lot of digital complications and misunderstandings that might not give a lot of scope to your remote assistants to revitalize themselves.

There are a lot of ways how you may help your virtual assistant team to socialize and revitalize remotely. You can create online events like happy hour or Fun-Friday evenings — to make sure your employees get a breather from the monotonous work.

8. Acknowledge Their Achievements

“Well done, you have outdone yourself in the last project”

Such praise can boost your VA’s morale and will push them to work harder — when they feel that their hard work is being recognized. A little recognition for a job well done will encourage them and inspire others in the team too.

9. Provide Feedback

Not just positive but an optimal amount of constructive feedback towards the end of every task can be beneficial for the business. It hardly takes any effort when you provide your virtual assistants with real feedback — which can be used and applied in the future to continue delivering exceptional and error-free work.

10. Offer Leadership Opportunities

No matter what the nature of a task is, one of the important motivational turns is when an employee is offered a leadership role. After a considerable amount of time, ask your virtual assistants to handle the complete project rather than just one part of it. This will help in their overall growth and confidence.

11. Equip Them With Tools

When you equip your virtual assistants with all the tools they need to get the job done, their productivity enhances. Either it is a designing software or an online keyword tool, providing your virtual assistants with all such resources helps in the easy transition of the entire process — ensuring quicker turnaround!

Start Today; Keep Your Virtual Assistants Motivated!

Having hard-working and dedicated virtual assistants is a gem for your business. And the overall success of your organization depends on how you retain a harmonious relationship with them. Without a doubt, it is important keep your virtual assistants motivated, so that you get impeccable results from them. So, put these motivational insights to use today, and watch how they not only inspire your virtual assistants, but also build trust and loyalty!

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Rangoli Roy works as a Content Specialist for a BPO company based in India named Acelerar Technologies. In her free time, she loves to express her creativity through poetry and art.