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11 Best Ways To Improve Team Morale



Improve Team Morale

Morale can seem like a squishy subject – the dreamy realm of feelings and emotions. In a way, that’s true. But those squishy emotions can also have a definite impact, even in the quantitative, data-obsessed world of business. As vague as the concept can feel, morale can have a concrete effect on an organization’s bottom line. 

When your staff works at peak morale, it provides you with a boost in productivity. Your workforce will be inspired to give better effort and encouraged to contribute innovative ideas. 

Meanwhile, high morale saves you money. It lowers turnover, which, in turn, reduces recruitment and training costs. You can keep your best employees longer, improving continuity. With all these benefits, it’s clear that high morale is a worthy corporate goal. But how do you achieve it?

Best Ways To Improve Team Morale

There’s no single answer. Improving morale is a day-to-day activity, a pursuit consisting of many small gestures and policy tweaks, all of which add up to a better working atmosphere. Here are 11 simple secrets to boosting your team’s morale:

Provide Clear Guidance

Workers get frustrated when decisions feel arbitrary. They want to feel like the business is headed in a clear direction. You might think avoiding definite instructions gives your team additional freedom. But, for the most part, your staff will feel more comfortable clear guidelines and transparent goals.

Provide Consistency

Part of a staff member’s job is guessing what you want. They are ultimately trying to please you. If your priorities keep changing, they will feel lost.  Obviously, business strategies evolve. But, as much as possible, keep your employees in the loop. 

Meanwhile, maintain a professional and upbeat mood in the office. If you don’t let stress get to you, you’ll have a better chance of keeping it from impacting your employees.

Don’t Play Favorites

Your employees will provide varying levels of accomplishment. It’s only natural that you will trust some more than others, and count on your top performers for more sensitive assignments. 

That said, corporate policies have to apply to everyone equally. If you start bending the rules for your stars, you might lose the confidence of your other employees. You just sow the seeds of jealousy and resentment.

Stay Positive

The atmosphere around the office makes a big difference in terms of morale. Just coming to work in a pleasant environment does a lot to keep spirits up. You can foster this feeling by giving encouragement and keeping your communications constructive and positive.

Provide Incentives

Nothing improves morale like rewards. That’s the engine of the whole capitalist system: people work better when they have incentives. However, you don’t have to offer big cash rewards or life-changing raises. But by setting targets and offering rewards, you can create a productive and energized environment.

Celebrate Milestones

Incentives provide personal motivation and help keep individuals happy. The same concept can work on the team level as well. Celebrate when your staff reaches pre-set targets. It encourages a team atmosphere and underlines the progress the company is making.

Team Building Exercises

The workplace feels like a more welcoming environment when people feel connected to their coworkers. Team-building activities often inspire jokes about corporate culture. But the exercises persist because the process helps nurture team spirit. 

With that in mind, run programs designed to encourage close working relationships. Bringing in a team-building facilitator to coordinate exercises can significantly enhance the togetherness in your office.

Schedule Social Activities

Not all team building has to take place in a formal setting. You can also encourage connections by hosting regular social activities. A weekly happy hour can go a long way in forming friendships (Everything in moderation :)) This, in turn, will create a more pleasant atmosphere in the office, leading to an overall improvement in morale.

Promote From Within

Your best employees will be ambitious. They want to advance their careers. The best way to channel this feeling is to give it an outlet within your organization. 

By promoting from within, you spread the message that good work will be rewarded. You also create a situation where personal relationships can last longer, as your best employees stay with the firm for the long haul.

Encourage Feedback

Workers want to feel heard. By allowing them an outlet for their feedback, you make them feel closer to the company and better about their place in the organization. Besides, the improved communication might encourage some good ideas you wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

Respect Work/Life Boundaries

In some respects, business success relies on a push for productivity. However, taken too far, this drive can become toxic. If you ask too much out of your employees, you can end up pushing them out the door. 

Take the long view. Allow your workers to build a stable, sustainable work/life balance. Ultimately, the increased morale and tighter team spirit will lead to better efficiency, providing you the productivity boost you want.

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