How to Transform Your Life

The Universal Soldier - Artesian Kirksey

Welcome to episode 20 of the Greatness project.  In this episode, I chat with transformational speaker and mindset coach, Artesian Kirksey.

How to Transform Your LIfe


Artesian is the CEO of Artwork, LLC , a coaching and consulting company that works to help people and organizations acquire the mindset that provides better results in life and business.

In this podcast, Artesian gives us an inspirational account of how he got around to becoming the transformational coach and speaker he his today.

Artesian also drops tons of powerful life improving antidotes and perspectives throughout our session, insights that will have you fired up to tap into your potential by the end of the show.

A client of Artesian’s once said “he has the ability to take an adversity and direct it towards purposeful passion”, and after our interview, I would have to agree.

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You’ll Learn

  • How Mindset Coaching Can Help You
  • Why You Need to Be Open to Disruption
  • How to Be Effective in the Game of Life
  • How to Leverage Momentum
  • The 10 x 10 Routine for Heightened Performance
  • What a Universal Soldier Is
  • How to Transform Your Life

Resources Mentioned:

(Artesian’s Motivation Hacks)


Think and Grow Rich

The War of Art

Compound Effect,

Mount Crushmore:

(Artesian’s Inspirational Mentors)

Dr. Myles Monroe

Jim Rohn

Dr. Will Moreland

Dr. Vurnett A. Joseph



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Special thanks again to Artesian Kirksey for sharing so much of his transformational wisdom with us on the Greatness Project.  You can learn more about Artesian via his website at  To follow or connect with him, you can also visit his Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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