Lessons and Lifehacks of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Tyler Basu

Welcome to episode 22 of the Greatness Project.  In this session I chat with lifestyle entrepreneur Tyler Basu.

Lessons From a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Tyler is a Content Manager for Thinkific, an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses. He is also a Podcast Host and Publisher of Lifestyle Business Magazine, author of Amazon Best Seller… Lifestyle Business Blueprint.

As a seasoned lifestyle entrepreneur, Tyler has contributed content to other online publications including Entrepreneur, Influencive, and Addicted2Success.

In our session, Tyler provides us with his inspiring journey with lifestyle entrepreneurship, along with a range of ideas and life improvement lessons that he learned over the years to help him bring a higher level of professionalism to both his entrepreneurial and professional undertakings.

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You’ll Learn

  • What a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Is
  • The Power One Book Can Have On Our Professional Journey
  • Self-Development Tactics to Help You Improve
  • What Content Marketing is and How You Can Use It
  • About a Powerful Productivity Hack

Resources Mentioned:

(Tyler’s Motivation Hacks)

Method:  Have a Compelling Goal

Book: The Slight Edge

 Mount CrushMore:  

(Tyler’s Biggest Inspirations)

(Other Resources Mentioned)

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Massive thanks again to Tyler Basu, for sharing so much of his greatness with us on the show today.  To learn more about Tyler, you can visit his Lifestyle Business Magazine, his website at TylerBasu.com, or you can follow him on the following social media channels:  Twitter, Facebook.

Aright my friends…let’s use some of the great insights Tyler provided during our chat to continue forging our greatness…let’s stay relentless for all that we can still do and become in our lives…….

let’s continue to strive!

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  • Thanks for having me on the show Nate! This was a lot of fun! Keep up the great work

  • It’s was awesome having you on Tyler! Thanks again for sharing so many terrific insights with me and all the listeners who get a chance to benefit from this episode. Cheers!

  • Marcus Klein

    Great episode guys. There were tons of useful gems in this one…. and the new intro was super cool too! Keep’em coming!

  • Jmo

    I enjoyed this one. Tyler had many useful gems to share. Thank you!

    • Yes, Tyler was awesome! If I weren’t conducting the podcast.. I would have been taking notes!!
      P.S. You’re Welcome! 🙂