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Making Change - Jay Wong

Welcome to episode 24 of the Greatness Project.  In this episode, I chat with THE Inner Change Maker, Jay Wong.


Jay Wong is a Canadian serial entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor, and host of the Inner Change Maker; a #1 rated self-help podcast on iTunes.

Jay’s mission is to create empowering media that helps business owners grow their business through online marketing and elevating their leadership.

In this episode, Jay provides heaps of inspiration to help others begin their journey of personal change, along with multiple self-development gems to help us tap into higher levels of performance.  There is much value to get out of this episode, so be sure to listen all the way through.

You’ll Learn

  • Why It’s Important to Have Examples of What Not to Do
  • About ‘The Dream Car Philosophy’ as a Business Perspective
  • How to Use An Alter Ego to Improve How You Show Up in Life
  • Why You Need to Stop Waiting for Clarity, and Start Creating

Resources Mentioned:

(Jay’s Motivation Hacks)

 Mount Crushmore:  

  • All of Jay’s Podcast Guests
  • People Who Fully Step Into Who They Are


(Other resources mentioned)

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Massive thanks again, to Jay Wong for coming on to the Greatness Project to share so much of his greatness for our benefit.   To learn more about Jay, you can tune in to his podcast The Inner Change Maker, go to his website, or check out his inspiring videos at JayWong TV.

Till next time…STRIVE.

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