Believe in Your Greatness – Evan Carmichael

Welcome to episode 26 of the Greatness Project.  In this episode, I chat with rockstar entrepreneur Evan Carmichael.

Believe in Your Greatness


This episode’s featured guest is Evan Carmichael; a rockstar entrepreneur out of Canada.  Evan’s is also an angel investor, the author of the critically acclaimed book ‘Your One Word’, and he’s the man behind the very popular YouTube series of videos ‘Top 10 Rules for Success”.

Evan has also been named one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers by Inc Magazine, He is considered one of the top 40 social media talents by Forbes, and he’s a bright shining example of possibility for entrepreneurs across the world.

In this episode, Evan and I chat about a range of things, including his past, the tough decisions he’s had to make between financial security and following his heart, and his belief in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs as a force for good in the world.  If you are looking for a nudge to believe in your greatness, then you should definitely listen to this episode.

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You’ll Also Learn:

  • Insights into the Adversity of Entrepreneurship
  • How Evan Went from Making $300 a month to Millions
  • How One Word (#Believe) Helped Evan Switch Gears
  • Why You Need Find Your One Word to Find More Success
  • How Evan Gets So Much Done + Produces So Much Content

Resources Mentioned:

(Evan’s Motivation Hacks)

 Mount Crushmore:  

  • Evan’s Parents


(Additional Resources)

 Evan’s Book:

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Special thanks again to Evan Carmichael for coming onto the show to share his story, his insights for becoming more successful, and his optimism and belief in our greatness as people and as entrepreneurs.  You can learn more about Evan by visiting his website at

Let’s keep to it… Let’s Strive!

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