Six Words That Hold The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success Revealed

Welcome to episode 11 of the Greatness Project.  In today’s session, I spread some fire related to the six words that hold the secret to success.   Listen in or read on to learn them.

Secret to Success


Today my friends I want to talk about The Six Words that Hold the Secret to Success.

If you’ve ever read ‘Message of a Master’ by John McDonald, or “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale, or even “As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen, then what I am about to convey to you today, may be ancient news to you…. In which you might want to go ahead and sign off right now.

However; if you haven’t read these books, or if have yet to acquire and apply the blatant six-word secret that each preach, then today’s session will not only be novel to you, but potentially valuable.

So, what are these six words that hold the secret to success!?  Stay with me for a minute longer, and I will tell you my friend….


First, let me tell you a little story about this large journal I purchased some time ago…. I call it my magic journal these days, and I want talk about it, because I think it holds the main ingredients of those six words I am going to eventually tell you about….   And I think the simplicity of the story, may make this “secret of success” more accessible…even digestible.  So here we go!!

Many years ago, I purchased this journal from Barnes and Nobles.  This Journal was a largish journal.  It was about the size of a large text book.  It was freakishly large…. Of course, all the pages within it were blank, because it was a journal.

Given that this journal was so large, I found it impractical to use as a daily journal…so instead, I decided to use it for drawing and sketching out some of the ideas that I would normally put into my daily journal in word form.


Now, the first project I drew up in that freakishly large journal, were some makeshift designs I was bouncing around in my mind for some plans I had for landscaping my backyard.  The project was a huge undertaking, but I was really excited about it…. but I didn’t yet have the funds to get started on it.

Essentially, the project was for my backyard of a new house my wife and I just purchased. And at the time, my backyard was this big, barren lot, with zero plant life.  It was quite hideous if being honest with you.

So I got to work dreaming on paper.  I would imagine what plants I wanted, what colors they would be, how far spaced apart they would be, and a bunch of other details on how it would all look once my backyard was brought up to my liking.  And I would put it all in this large journal.

As the months would pass by, I would crack this large journal of mine open…and do some touch ups, rearranging some of the plants, the trees, the lawn etc., of exactly how I wanted my yard to look.


For some reason… (kids) I eventually stopped using that journal for a short period of time.   And eventually, a couple of years had passed by before I would crack that large journal open again.

When I did open it, it was to use it for some more sketching on something completely different… much like I had done a few years ago.

In looking through the journal for a blank page to write on, I came across that sketch up of the landscape I wanted create a couple of years back….and I was amazed with what I saw.

Now, what I saw, was not magical per se, but it was a form of magical revelation.

You see, I looked at that old draw up, and then looked out of my back window into the backyard.  And what I saw was amazing!  I noticed everything in my backyard matched up exactly against everything I put down in that journal.

My backyard became what I imagined it to be. what I wanted it to be.

It was at that moment, that I realized exactly what all those success authors were referring to, when they would reference the “six words that hold the secret to success”

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So, what are those six words….  Without further ado, they are: “You Become, What You Think About.”

Now this brief story is not about what I personally became, but it is about that creative power that exists within us.  That power and ability that we all possess and can use to bring to life, those things which we most want to happen through our thoughts.  A power, that you and I can unleash with the appropriate amount thinking, planning, and devising.

My backyard became what I thought it to be.

That beautiful lush landscape that I could now see with my own eyes, and now touch and experience in reality; started off initially as a simple idea.

The layout, the plants, the beauty had existed first in my mind, and then, through determined action, it eventually came to be.

My friends, such ‘magic’ is available to you, and it can be applied to so much more than just a backyard.  Such magic can be used to become whatever you want to be… if you would just think…and then decide on exactly what you want to become.

Buddha got it: he said, “All we are is the result of what we have thought.”

The great roman emperor Marcus Aurelius understood the six words, when he said, “Our life is what our thoughts make of it”.

Even Ralph Waldo Emerson understood the secret to success: saying, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

You Become What You Think About.


These days, I am using my magic journal for much more than just designing my backyard.  I am using it for products, websites, financial goals…. I am using it for designing my LIFE.   And I hope with this message you’ll understand, that it is something that you can do to.

THINK, THINK, THINK, what you get in this life, and what you ultimately become, will be the result of the Thinking you’ve done.   THINK!

Alright my friends… I hope you got something from this session.  I deeply believe in this message, and I highly recommend the books I mentioned in the beginning.  Especially ‘The Strangest Secret’ By Earl Nightingale.

As always, thanks so much for your attention!  If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a comment on my site or iTunes, it helps a ton!

Till next time… Keep thinking, keep striving, stay fearless what you want,



Resources Mentioned:

 Book:  The Strangest Secret

Audio:  The Strangest Secret

Book:   As a Man Thinketh

Book:  Message of a Master

Journal: Freakishly Large “Magic” Journal

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