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Stress Less

Everyone has to deal with a certain level of stress in their day to day lives. For some, it is due to deadlines at work, and for others it is tests at school. Without a doubt, in one way or another, everyone counters stressful situations in there day to day lives. And unfortunately, there is a down side to stress, but its not what you think.

You see, most people don’t know this, but the level of stress that a person encounters has a major part in deciding how their future will turn out, but the thing that has an even bigger impact is one’s ability to deal with stress and counter it.

Normal day to day stress is not an issue, and it even helps us perform better, but when stress becomes chronic, and you start to stay stressed constantly, the problem gets very serious. Chronic stress isn’t only a problem itself, but it also leads to many other more serious diseases like depression, hearts diseases, anxiety, and diabetes.  Chronic stress also weakens the immune system, significantly making us more susceptible to common diseases.

In this post, we will be focusing on the causes and treatments of stress and how eliminating stress from your life can increase your productivity and contribute to your success.

Common Causes of Stress

A Hectic Work Environment

One of the most common causes of stress for the average citizen is a hectic and stressful work environment. In fact, about 80 percent of Americans feel some degree of stress because of their jobs, according to the American Institute of Stress. Constant stress at work can diminish our productivity and cause us to get left behind.

Tough Schedule in School

Unfortunately, a majority of students also have to deal with a lot of stress on daily basis. Due to the increased amount of competition, students have to work through a lot of stress to meet the expectation and get admissions in colleges. According to a study done in NYU, 49% of the students reported feeling severely stressed while 31% said that they were somewhat stressed. This stress, in some cases, can negatively affect the performance of the students and decrease motivation and productivity.

Financial Problems

Another major reason many people feel stressed is financial problems. The price of daily life has increased dramatically over the previous decades. People have to face a lot of financial stress these days. The price of education has increased significantly, and most average middle-class people are graduating with a lot of student’s loans that they have to keep paying off for years after. Credit card debt and medical bills are also a major reason people feel financial stress.

Emotional Problems

Emotional problems also contribute to the stress levels of a lot of average people. Divorces, failed relationships, death of a loved one and many other emotional problems are the common causes of emotional stress.

Effect of Stress on One’s Career and the Probability of Success

Stress has a different effect on different people. Some people who are able to manage stress and counter it regularly are somewhat motivated by it, but when stress is not checked, it causes a lot of problems for a person’s career.

The effect of stress on a person starts at a very small age at school, students are under a great deal of stress to get into good colleges, and when they do get in, they usually have to go through tough schedules and stressful routines to get their degrees, accumulating, a lot of students take loans along the way. Then, it is hard for students to get jobs because of the saturated work environment.

All of these problems are hard to deal with, and the increasing stress doesn’t do us any favors. People mostly do get through all of this struggle, but at what cost? The constant stress affects the health of people, and it actively takes years off a person’s life. Stress also negatively affects the quality of life.

Effect of Stress on Workplace Productivity

Stress, of course, doesn’t do any favors to the productivity of people. Many studies have been done to understand how stress affects us in the workspace. The standardized research on this topic gives us the Yerkes-Dodson law.

According to this law, the workspace productivity initially increases with an increase in stress, but beyond a certain level, stress can have a drastic effect on workspace productivity. Chronic stress can cause people to procrastinate, and it also decreases motivation. Workplace stress doesn’t only affect certain employees; it decreases the productivity of a whole institution.

Managers should try to make the work environment less stressful and more productive. A great example of this is the new tech companies, which have amazing and relaxing offices with a lot of amenities to keep their employees motivated and stress-free.

Effect of Stress on One’s Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a necessity for success in any field of life. You need to have a certain degree of self-discipline. Self-discipline is one of the main requirements for countering stress as well and ironically stress causes a decrease in self-discipline.

You need to follow certain habits to counter stress, and if you don’t have any self-discipline, you will spend your free time lying in front of a screen binge-watching YouTube or Netflix. This is a very unhealthy attitude as it increases stress, damages your physical and mental health and decreases your productivity.

So, you need to have self-discipline if you are going to succeed in anything otherwise you will feel more stressed and fall deeper and deeper into the pit of stress, anxiety and even depression in severe cases.

Common Methods to Counter Stress

If anyone wants to be successful in their life and career, they have to counter stress because lesser stress levels allow us to be more creative, active and productive in life. The issue is that most people don’t really know how to counter stress effectively. So, here are some common stress-countering methods that you should try.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Many studies have shown meditation to be one of the most effective methods to get rid of stress. You should try to add morning meditation sessions to your routine. You can also do some breathing exercises like yoga or Tai Chi, which are also effective in countering and relieving stress. These meditation sessions and breathing exercises allow you to relax and effectively deal with stress. So, try them out.

Working Out

Exercise is also a very effective and scientifically proven method to improve your physical and mental health. Light exercise causes the release of many hormones and endorphins in the body. One of these hormones is dopamine, which is also known as the pleasure hormone. Dopamine gives us a rush of happiness and excitement. But you have to remember to keep your workouts moderate because intense workouts can cause the release of a hormone called cortisol, which is a major stress-inducing hormone.

Using Natural Remedies

Cannabis is hailed as a wonder drug these days. It has a lot of amazing medical benefits, including stress relief. The medical benefits of cannabis have led to its legalization in a majority of American as well as Canadian states. You can use cannabis to counter stress effectively and feel more relaxed instantly. Cannabis is also quite easy to purchase these days. You can visit a local marijuana dispensary, or you can also get it online on websites like Lotusland Cannabis Club. Cannabis is one of the most effective and easy stress countering methods.

Taking a Vacation, or a Break

If your work routine or any other thing is causing you stress, it is very important that you take a break from it. You should plan a short vacation every now and then to get away from your stressful routine and relax and enjoy yourself. This way, you will return to work refreshed and active, and you will be able to be more productive, and you will have greater self-discipline.

Organize Your Schedule and Prioritize Tasks

A hectic work routine is one of the major causes of stress, now you can’t reduce the time you have to work, but you can make it much easier and less stressful by organizing your routine. You should create a time table and a to-do list to prioritize your tasks. According to a study by Harvard University, organizing your schedule is actually the most effective and common method for reducing the stress faced due to hectic work environments.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Another effective and easy way to ease the effects of stress is spending quality time with your friends and family members and talk about your problems. When you talk about your problems with people that care about you, you get to feel like a massive weight is lifted off your shoulders. This is a great way to counter stress.

Final Thoughts on Stress and Success

Overall, stress is a very serious and common issue that affects the health and the careers of many people, as stress decreases our productivity and self-discipline it is only logical that less stress would mean more productivity and success. It has also been proven by many studies that lower stress levels helps increase creativity and productivity. Remember, there are many effective and proven ways to counter stress, so follow the techniques provided on this post and sit back and watch as more success and happiness come your way.

Till next time,


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Julie regularly shares advice on physical health and is a young therapist by trade still practicing her craft, psychoanalyzing people, and discussing everyday life induced stress. You can find out more about Julie on her website





Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Are you in search of some money affirmations that work fast at attracting more wealth and abundance in your life? If so, this page is for you. Chances are you have felt frustrated by the lack of money flowing into your bank account as of late. Or, you are just not as financially secure as you would have hoped to be at this point in your life.

It’s okay if this is the case, because most people are not strangers to financial challenges. Us included, we’ve had our trials in the past. The great news is, you don’t have to remain where you are financially forever. In fact, with a few positive adjustments to your money mindset, you can gradually move yourself into a more prosperous and financial state of well being.

“Money Is Only An Idea. If You Want More Money Simply Change Your Thinking.”

– Robert Kiyosaki –

Now, here’s the issue, and it is the cold hard truth. If you’re currently struggling with money, it is likely that your current relationship with money may be “off”. Chances are, you have limiting money beliefs that are stifling your financial growth. If you’ve ever held thoughts about money being evil, that it doesn’t grow on trees, or that wealthy people are greedy, then how can you ever expect to improve your financial situation?

The truth is, your very thoughts may be blocking your success with money. Which is why we’ve decided to publish these money affirmations that work fast. There are other resources out there that provide 100, 200, or 300 affirmations for money. But we’re not going to give you diluted affirmations just to fill up a page. We are going to give you money affirmations that actually work, and work fast.

As such, on this page, you’re only going to find highly effective money affirmations to help you rapidly change your mindset about money. They’ll aid you in improving how you think about money, your deserving of it, and thus your ability to take the required actions to earn and keep more of it.

“It’s The Repetition Of Affirmations That Leads To Belief. And Once That Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction, Things Begin To Happen.”

– Muhammad Ali –

With that being said, if you are new to affirmations, and you want to learn more about them, be sure you check out this comprehensive guide to affirmations. However, if you are already familiar with them, then, let’s dive into these powerful money affirmations that work fast at improving your relationship with money:


Best Affirmations About Money

Affirmation 1: I Deserve To Make More Money.

Before you can increase your net worth, you have to increase your self-worth. Your belief in whether or not you deserve money, will impact how much you decide to go after.

If you feel like you don’t deserve to make more money, use this affirmation to crush that limiting money belief.

Affirmation 2: I Am Open To Receiving All The Money And Wealth Life Brings To Me.

If you want to have more money come into your life, you have to open your mind to receiving it. Most people have closed their thoughts to making lots of money, so, when the money comes, it just as easily goes.

Think of it this way, how much water can you poor into a cup with a closed lid? Exactly, not much! So, be like an open cup, not a closed one when it comes to money; and allow and except money in all its forms until your cup runs over.

Affirmation 3: I Enjoy A Healthy Relationship With Money.

Having a healthy relationship with money is key. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you’ll repel each other. It’s very much like an unhealthy relationship with a person. If your relationship is bad, you’ll repel and avoid each other at all costs.

So, use this affirmation to not only improve your relationship with money, but to cozy up and enjoy it. Money, like people, are attracted to those who show a healthy interest.

Affirmation 4: Money Flows To Me Easily And Effortlessly.

This is a great affirmation for money that will help break down any resistance you may have to receiving cash. It will help you get comfortable with the thought that making money and keeping it, is natural.

Affirmation 5: I Deserve And Desire More Money.

Most people desire limited amounts of money because they feel they deserve only a small portion of it. This line of thought has its roots in scarcity thinking.

However, when you decide to change your thinking about what you deserve in terms of money, you’ll also change your desire for it. Think you deserve more money, you’ll eventually desire more, and inevitably get it. Think you deserve less? You’ll desire less, and inevitably get it.

So, watch your thoughts, and be sure change them with this powerful money affirmation.

I Deserve More Money Affirmation

Affirmation 6: I Appreciate The Money I Have, And The Avalanches Of Money On Its Way.

Appreciation is a key secret to living a happier and abundant life. It is also an extremely well-kept secret for having more money come into your life.

So appreciate all that you have now, and you’ll set the stage for much more of what you want to come your way.

Affirmation 7: I Attract Money To Me Easily And Effortlessly.

This money affirmation is similar to one of the affirmations already mentioned, but it is slightly different. This affirmation helps you prime your mind for the law of attraction, and it helps you reprogram your mind about money from a different aspect.

As such, be sure to add this affirmation to your arsenal as well.

Affirmation 8: I Accept And Receive Unexpected Money.

Let the universe (and your subconscious mind) know that you are serious about money now. And that you are open to receiving it from all sources.

Using this affirmation will keep your mind attuned to the abundance of ways more money can and will come into your life. Why is this affirmation important? Well, if someone throws a ball at you while you’re not looking, will you be able to catch it? Same concept applies to being attuned to opportunity and money.

Affirmation 9: I Am Smart With My Money And Put Every Dollar To Good Use.

Spending every dollar that you earn may be fun, but it is not the smartest use of your money. If you want to become financially secure, you’ll have to eventually learn how to keep more of what you earn.

So, use this affirmation to convince yourself that you are an intelligent money manager, and before you know it, you will be.

Affirmation 10: I Choose Money, And Money Chooses Me.

I choose money affirmation

You have to stop doubting your ability to become rich if you ever aim to become rich. Rich people choose to be rich, and because of that choice, riches seemingly choose them.

Make the choice to befriend money, and then crush any doubts you may have about the amount you deserve with this affirmation.

Affirmation 11: Abundance Is My Birthright.

When you were younger, you likely believed that you could have it all. But, somewhere along the road someone convinced you that you couldn’t.

Well, we are here to tell you that you have it all, and that abundance is available to you. And this affirmation will help you convince ‘numero uno’, yourself, that this is the case.

Affirmation 12: There Is No Shortage Of Money In This World.

We are all creatures of our environment to a certain extent. But, we are not trees. We can move, change, grow, and create out of nothing, miracles.

Use this money affirmation to rid your mind of any scarcity thinking that you believe could be holding you back.

Affirmation 13: I Am Prosperous, And Embrace My Abundant Future.

Visualizing is one of the most powerful methods for bridging the gap between our imaginations and reality. The dream house is built in the mind before the first brick is laid.

Affirmation 14: I Love Money And Money Loves Me.

We tend to take better care of the things we love. When we love something, we give it more attention, we think about it more, and we hold on to it a bit more tightly. And for this reason it is in your interest to convince your mind that you love money.

Use this affirmation frequently and you’ll begin treating every dollar you come across with the care and devotion that each one deserves.

Affirmation 15: I Am Worthy Of Making Lots Of Money.

Not only are you worthy of the money you earn, but you are also worthy of so much more of it. And when you change how you feel about money, you’ll take more action to earn more of it.

In other words, your thoughts lead to a changes in how you feel, and feelings lead to action. And more action is what leads to more money.

I am Worthy Affirmation

Affirmation 16: I Am In Control Of My Actions, Therefore, I Am In Control Of My Prosperity.

Once you’ve come to realize that massive action is what leads to success, and that the only person who can get you to take action is you, money will find its way to you.

So, use this powerful money affirmation to help you take ownership of your mind, your actions, and by extension, your financial destiny.

Affirmation 17: I Am Open To Learning How To Make More Money.

As the saying goes, “The more your learn, the more you’ll earn.” And when you embrace this affirmation, you’ll open your mind to acquiring the skills and knowledge that will help you add more value to others.

The great news is, when you add more value to others, you’ll get repaid in more dollars.

Affirmation 18: I Make My Money Work Hard For Me.

One of the best ways to get rich is to take advantage of leverage, and the best way to leverage your money is to lend it to a business or real estate company that will pay you use your money for profit. In other words, when you invest your money, you are making it work hard to earn you more money.

Therefore, use this affirmation for money until you’ve reprogramed your mind to put as much money as you can to work hard for your, and your money and wealth will grow rapidly.

Affirmation 19: I Use Money To Positively Improve My Life And The Lives Of Others.

Money can be used for good as well as bad, but when you use this affirmation, you’ll encourage the optimistic side of making lots of money.

Affirm this daily to commit your mind and actions to do good for yourself and others.

Affirmation 20: Money Flows To Me Everyday, And In Every Way.

The word affluence stems from the latin verb affluere, which essentially means to “flow abundantly”. Thus, using this affirmation will help you better embrace all the good that comes into your life daily, especially when it comes in the form of money.

So embrace the flow, and your money will grow.

Affirmations for Money that work instantly

Affirmation 21: I Am Focused And Determined To Build Wealth For Myself And My Family.

There is certainly some wisdom to be found in the law of attraction, but nothing builds wealth like focused action. As such, you’ll want to use this powerful money affirmation to transform your mind into a wealth building machine.

Affirmation 22: I Am Grateful For The Money I Have And The Money That Is On Its Way.

Having an attitude of gratitude is essential for success. People can sense it, and believe it or not, the world rewards those who have it.

It is for this reason that we highly recommend this affirmation. You may not feel grateful for all the you have at first, but with practice, you’ll come around. And when you do, things will begin changing for you.

Affirmation 23: I Claim My Abundance And Prosperity Now.

There is no time like now to command your mind to start believing that you are here to collect. Not sure why this affirmation works so well, but it does. Use it when you’re about to ask for that promotion, just before you try to make your next sale, or before your finalize your next project.

Trust us, there is magic in this one, so use it wisely.

Affirmation 24: I Deserve The Highest And Best In Life, And I Attract Both To Me Now.

You won’t be able to experience the highest and best that life has to offer you until you put your foot down and demand it. The more you use this affirmation for money, the more the world will get out of your way to give in to your demands.

The world is your oyster, so reach out and take it.

Affirmation 25: The Amount Of Money I Can Earn Is Unlimited.

The biggest obstacle people face when it comes to money is their reluctance to let go of beliefs that keep them bound to a certain income level. It’s like people have their own personal money thermostat, and most of those thermostats are set to low.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you stop believing the mythical limits that someone sold you on, the amount of money you can earn becomes limitless. So, use this powerful money affirmation to once and for all shift your internal money thermostat to unlimited.

powerful money affirmations - unlimited earnings

Bonus Money Affirmation: Large Sums of Money Come to Me Quickly and Easily

This is as close to a magical money affirmation as it gets. This affirmation will help expedite your ability to get your mind aligned with the appropriate mental money state. And as a result, it will supercharge your money getting and money attracting ability.

So, give this bonus affirmation for money a shot, and see what happens.

best affirmation for money

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Bring These Money Affirmations to Life

We are huge fans of success journals and vision boards. In our experience, they have been extremely effective for bringing dreams to life. As such, we recreated these affirmations in visual form you so you could easily print them out. Once printed, you could place them in your journal, keep them handy near your work desk, or tape them to your bathroom mirror, it’s up to you. Without further ado… here they are:

list of money affirmations that work instantly

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our collection of the some of the most highly effective affirmations for money on the web. Without a doubt, if you use these affirmations daily and diligently, they will actually work for you. But you’ve got to take the first steps to make it happen.

“If You Want To Change The Fruits, You Will First Have To Change The Roots. If You Want To Change The Visible, You Must First Change The Invisible.”

– T. Harv Eker –

With that being said, we hope you enjoyed this list. If you’ve found value in this page, or if you believe these are some of the best money affirmations you’ve come across, please bookmark it and come back often. And most importantly, share these affirmations with someone whom you think could you use a good shakeup to their money mindset.

Till next time,


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Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

Ever wonder why some people succeed in life and some don’t? Ever wonder why people with almost similar backgrounds and starting points in life can end up on a completely different path? If so, we’re here to give you the answer, and the answer is about having a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.

Of course, circumstances are the first thing most people blame, but have you ever wondered what impacts the way we react to our circumstances? Well, it all comes down to having the right mindset. This is the key, because in our reactions are within our power, and our reactions depend solely on our mindset. Our reactions are in our control.

People who use downsides as their advantages to learn and act upon are the ones with what has come to be known as a growth mindset. Having this mindset can literally change every single aspect of your life, and the purpose of this article is to show you how.

So, if you’re ready to learn about the differences between a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset, and how favoring the forming can improve you life, let’s dive right in:


Growth Mindset Versus Fixed Mindset

How Mindset Forms Our Life?

Two basic mindsets that form our life are growth and fixed mindset. You can also find them under the terms open and closed mindsets.

A growth or open mindset is about seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, and about embracing challenges as a way to improve your skills.

Why is it so important to develop a growth mindset?

There are many benefits to having a growth mindset: increased happiness levels, better performance at work and school, higher self-esteem… the list goes on!

And who does not want that?

Having a fixed mindset you do not believe in change and: if you think you can’t change, then you won’t. If you believe in the idea of a fixed mindset, then you’ll never try to improve your abilities, because why would you when they’re already set in stone? But if you have a growth mindset, that means that you know that you can always get better—and that makes all the difference.

A growth mindset will:

  1. Push you further in life
  2. Help you develop resilience
  3. Ensure you have a bigger capacity for happiness
  4. Allow you to learn more because this will be your main focus
  5. Help you form more meaningful connections

How Do You Develop A Growth Mindset?

If you want to develop a growth mindset, start by challenging your beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve. If you have a fixed mindset, then every time you fail at something or are criticized for not being good enough at something, it reinforces those beliefs—you’ll see this as proof that there’s no point trying harder because you’ll never get better anyway.

But if you develop a growth mindset instead, then every time you try something difficult and fail or don’t succeed right away—or even if someone else tells you that they think your idea isn’t going to work—you take it as an opportunity to learn from them instead of letting their words define who you are.

  • Think about your goals for yourself and others. Don’t just think about what you want to achieve but also who you want to become as a person through achieving those goals.
  • Focus on effort rather than the outcome. When trying something new or learning something new, don’t just focus on the end result—focus on how much effort went into getting there instead. Even in setbacks, always look for something you can learn from them.
  • Be aware of your mistakes and failures and use them as opportunities to grow and learn even more than before!

How to start developing that growth mindset today, here are five simple steps:

  1. Remember that everyone has potential for growth.
  2. Practice being open-minded about things you don’t know yet (and maybe don’t want to learn).
  3. Think about what matters most to you, and focus on those things above all else!
  4. Stop seeking validation from other people. This is setting you up to seek approval instead of learning.
  5. If you do not know something that you wish to learn, practice saying: I do not know this, yet. The word “yet” here is crucial. It will set your brain up for learning.
Fixed MindsetGrowth Mindset
I cannot do thisI am still learning
I have failedI can improve
I should quitI can ask for help

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Research About Mindsets

Psychologist Carol Dweck wrote a book on the topic Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

Her research shows how much our approach to problems defines our quality of life. It affects our lives a lot more than talent or intellect.

Our mindset affects every area of our life. Our beliefs are conscious and unconscious too, and even a small shift in them in a different direction can change our whole life.

A growth mindset is flourishing when you have problems and sees the downsides not as a lack of intellect, but as an opportunity to grow.

During our earliest years, we form all of our behavior and our relationship with happiness and challenging situations based on these two mindsets. This impacts all the areas of our lives from professional to personal, and it determines our ability to be happy.

The research that Dweck conducted showed that people do differ in abilities and preferences, but everyone can change and grow if they put in the effort.

So, Can We All Become Einstein?

The results of her research are that not everyone can become Einstein. However, people with a growth mindset think that the real potential of a human is not predictable. We cannot predict what a person can achieve with years of hard work, dedication, and learning.

The main benefit of a growth mindset is its focus on learning and developing, and not on the approval of our surroundings. Its main characteristic is the profound belief that human qualities, like intelligence, creativity, and even the ability for love and friendship, can be developed with effort and with conscious practice.

The thought process in the growth mindset looks something like this:

“Why would I waste time trying to prove again and again my worth when for the same period I could get better?

Why would I hide my flaws, and not work on them?

And why search for stable ways instead of an experience that would lead me to growth?”

If it sounds familiar to you – good, if not – no worries, you can develop this kind of mindset!

To challenge yourself and to do it constantly, especially if the things in your life are not working as you expected, is one of the bold characteristics of a growth mindset.

This is the mindset that allows you to succeed in the hardest times of your life.

How Fixed Mindset Impacts Our Lives?

People with a fixed mindset see risk and effort as a lack of their abilities as if they are lacking something to solve the problem.

If you believe that your qualities are not going to change through life, it will lead you to one particular set of thoughts and actions. However, if you believe that your abilities are prone to develop, you will have different thoughts and actions, which will lead you to a completely different life. We are returning to the beginning of this writing – why people with similar backgrounds and starting points can lead completely different lives?

In one world – the world of fixed abilities – achievement is connected to the need to prove oneself, to prove you are intelligent and talented. This is self-affirmation.

In the other world – a world where your abilities can change – everything is calling you to learn something new. This is self-development.

People with fixed mindsets will not want to risk losing their reputation and will decide to work on the same project to prove their intelligence. The definition of success for those with a growth mindset is achieving more and more by constantly challenging themselves.

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Mindset And Feedback

A fixed mindset listens to feedback that demonstrates their current competency but ignores information that could help them grow and learn.

If they didn’t do something correctly they had already added this to a list of failures.

People with a growth mindset are open to hearing information that could help them widen their knowledge, regardless of whether they have done something successfully or not.

Their goal is to learn, not to define right and wrong.

Ability or Effort?

There is an interesting study, again conducted by Dweck, they had two groups:

One was praised for their abilities, the other for their efforts.

The conclusion is surprising:

Complementing abilities led students to have a fixed mindset. They did not want to solve more complex assignments, and they did not want to do anything that could affect their self-image.

The other group, which was praised for its efforts, behaved very differently. 90% of them wanted new complex assignments to learn more.

For the fixed mindset success was a sign that they were intelligent, lack of success means that they are lacking intelligence.

The students that were praised for their efforts – challenges, and problems are all just a sign that they need to try harder. This is not a sign that they are unhappy or unintelligent.

A fixed mindset is accompanied by an internal monologue with constant evaluation. In a growth mindset, the inner monologue is constantly looking for new ways to learn and grow, discovering creative ways to act.

Does this sound familiar?

Final Thoughts

Mindsets have a critical role in what people can achieve.

People with fixed mindsets believe that abilities are not changeable, whereas those with growth mindsets believe that abilities can be developed.

People with a growth mindset collaborate more readily, and they will readily support others. This is because they believe that everybody can achieve their goals, regardless of their starting point if they work hard enough. A growth mindset sees failure as an integral part of life.

Individuals may approach different situations with different mindsets. It is not one or the other mindset, a certain fluidity exists in all of us.

Mindsets are crucial in self-regulation and the ability to improve. We can all start developing a growth mindset today, why wait to flourish?

Till then,


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Morning Routine For Success

Looking for ways to give your productivity an edge that can set you up to achieve more? Want to make some positive changes that can dramatically improve the quality of your life? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this morning routine for success is exactly what you need.

Now most people’s routines consist of shooting up from bed to silence a blaring alarm, sliding into the shower, and grabbing coffee as they rush out the door to fight traffic. All of which are oftentimes done with a gnawing pit in their stomach as they dread the day ahead. 

A morning routine is grounded in rituals can help give you the structure you need to support a positive mindset and the beneficial physical habits to transform how you approach your day. “Rituals” may have the connotation of ceremonies with singing bowls and gongs, but you can design your own to fit the life you want to achieve.

Let’s dive right in and learn how to implement the best morning routine for success, so you can crush every day from the start.


Best Morning Routine For Success

1. Exercise Your Demons (No Priest Necessary!)

Do you wake up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart? No? Neither do most people. If your heart sinks the minute the alarm goes off, then you need to move your body first thing in the morning. It’s the quickest and easiest way to improve your mood and your outlook. Exercise causes the release of endorphins, the hormones that relieve pain and reduce anxiety. 

You’ve heard it before that working up a sweat is phenomenal for stress relief, but making it a priority at the start of your day has many more benefits than that. Upon rising, you are still in a fasting state which makes exercise more effective, allowing you to burn twice as much fat.[1]

Another benefit of rising early to get a workout in is increased focus. Sure, there are fewer distractions when you’re out early in the day, but exercise can help improve your focus overall. In fact, morning exercise can help your attention and improve your better decision-making capabilities.[2]

Also, Newton’s first law of motion tells us that a body in motion stays in motion. If you’re already making the effort to move, you’ll feel more inclined to keep that momentum going.

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2. Dry Brush To Get Your Blood Pumping

Using a stiff brush on dry skin first thing in the morning can increase blood circulation and help with lymphatic drainage. Not only does it feel good by stimulating your nervous system, but it can even help unclog your pores and help your body to eliminate toxins.[3]

Brushing the skin also helps to remove dead skin cells which can leave your skin with a brighter appearance and more even in tone.

Dry brushing is also fairly simple. Find a long-handled brush with natural stiff bristles and use it just before you shower. Start at your feet and move up to your ankles in fluid strokes. Continue to move upwards towards your heart, going easier on your more sensitive skin.

3. Breakfast of Champions

This may seem like an obvious one, but it bears repeating since it’s commonly sacrificed in the rush to get out the door for work. Those who skip breakfast are more inclined to smoke, drink more alcohol, and exercise less.[4] 

Not only will making sure to eat a nutritious breakfast lead to healthier habits and choices throughout the day, it will also provide you with more energy and focus.

While we all love to greet the day with a donut or a bagel slathered with cream cheese, eating these simple carbohydrates will lead to a sugar crash. If you want to keep your energy up, go for a mixture of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Oatmeal is a great choice because it has plenty of fiber to keep you full. Adding a hearty fat like almond butter and berries for their antioxidants will keep you satiated.

4. Drink Salted Water (So You Can Say You Did It First)

Sure, it’s important to drink water, but there are some ingredients you can add to make it work harder for you. 

Salt is responsible for proper muscle function, nerve impulses, regulating blood pressure, and even relieving muscle cramps after a workout.[5] 

Therefore, adding salt to your water in the morning is a great way to not only keep you hydrated, but as a way to recover from your morning workout by replenishing the minerals you’ve lost by pushing yourself to run that extra mile.

Now what kind of salt should you be using?

Regular table salt has been refined to remove impurities that can strip it of beneficial minerals. 

Pink Himalayan salt, however, is minimally processed and estimated to have up to eighty-four trace minerals.[6] In fact, the iron found in it is what gives this salt its special pink color. 

Of course, like anything else, salt should be used in moderation as too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

5. Reading By Dawn’s Early Light

English poet and playwright, Joseph Addison, once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” To which you may respond, “Really, Joe? Read before work, you say? Who has time for that?”

Well, if one is indeed looking to make meaningful changes to supercharge their morning routine for success, and to ultimately upgrade their life, one had better learn to get out of bed before dawn. Yes, dawn

Sure, reading is the best way to boost your vocabulary and become a better and more interesting communicator. However, it also has the added benefit of keeping your mind young and your brain healthy as it forces you to think and prompts your imagination.

You don’t have to be a voracious or high-brow reader to reap the benefits. Pick a book that speaks to you and read just one chapter a day. No more, no less. 

6. Strategize Your Day Like You’re Going Into Battle

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to cross something off your list.     

So, before you hit the road for work, take a few minutes to sit down and think about your day. Write down everything you want to accomplish and prioritize those tasks according to importance and time sensitivity. Use a handwritten list or get fancy and use a work management program like Asana or Monday to track your progress.

Use whatever works for you as long as you get things done. Chances are that you won’t finish everything you want to do, but as long as you’re making a dent in the list, you’re well on your way to making progress. Progress is better than perfect, right?

Pro-tip: be sure to include both work and personal tasks in order to keep a healthy work/life balance.

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7. Make Your Bed

Perhaps you’ve already successfully integrated these morning rituals and things are going extremely well for you. Your internal clock wakes you up before your alarm goes off and you dramatically throw off your covers in anticipation of bringing the world to its knees.

However, there may be days when the only knees that buckle are yours.

Without failure, we can’t have success and there will certainly be times when everything gets bungled beyond belief. Everyone messes up from time to time, and often times we must also endure the screwups of others. It doesn’t matter of it’s global circumstances beyond your control, or local ones, sometimes your life will just be thrown into turmoil.

Whatever it may be, there is one thing that you can control: making your bed. There is comfort in this small action because you know however awful the day was, there will be a fresh start and high thread count goodness waiting for you at home at the end of a day. So make your bed, because it’s a promise to yourself that you can begin again the next day in regardless of what the world throws at you.

Till you find the success you’re after,


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Overcoming Scarcity Mindset

What comes to mind when you think of pursuing your life’s true calling? Does it excite you?

Or do you feel anxious, uncertain, or overwhelmed at the idea of finding greater joy and fulfillment in your life?

You know what you need to do to get ahead.

You know in your heart that you were destined for greatness, but you have no idea what that is or how to get it. Or maybe you get off to a good start, but something limits your success and you just can’t seem to break through.

When we don’t know what will happen in the future, a scarcity mindset can make you think and act in ways that hold you back from seeing how successful you can be.

You might feel like you do not have much knowledge, like you don’t have the means, or like you aren’t good enough to go after your goal.

You might wonder, “Who am I to follow this dream?” If this describes you in any way, know that you are not alone; everyone feels this way sometimes. I’ve even felt and thought this way multiple times throughout my life.

My name is Omar Deryan. I’m the CEO of OJ Digital Solutions, an agency that has made me $1.5M net in the past 4 years. I still don’t consider myself “successful” as that’s subjective and a big word. But I struggled with a scarcity mindset for too long, and it was until I started working on my mindset that I began truly seeing results in my entire life, including my business life.

In fact, success is not an event that happens when you “find” winning tactics or secret methods. Success is more of a process that you live, and that happens only when you change your mindset.

That said, if you’re ready to learn how you can work on your mindset to achieve greater things, then read on.

What Is Scarcity Mindset?

A “scarcity mindset” was first introduced by author Stephen Covey in his famous book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

A scarcity mindset comes from believing there’s never enough. This toxic view poisons our thoughts and self-talk.

People with a scarcity mindset are conscious of the gaps in their lives, which leads to counterproductive thoughts, especially when they consider the accomplishments of others.

Someone with a scarcity mindset believes that opportunities are few; they look at other people’s successes and feel like failures.

A scarcity mindset could ask, “Why should I try to achieve my goals? I’ll never be as successful as those who came before me.” Or they may believe, “All the opportunities have passed me by, so I have none.”

The truth is that fresh opportunities come up daily, waiting for the right person to grab them.

This is referred to as having an abundance mindset.

What Are Signs of Scarcity Mindset?

  • Envious of others and having a carefree attitude. (I had that too much)
  • Not hopeful that situations will improve.
  • Never pleased with the accomplishments of a sibling, friend, or relative. Subconsciously, you wish for others’ failure.
  • Keeping your expertise to yourself because you believe your team members or those in the same profession might outperform you.
  • Don’t believe in the possibility of a win-win situation. When you win, you feel like you’ve beaten everyone else.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others. (Still happens to me to this day)
  • When other people acquire new possessions, you feel like you can’t afford them – it’s only for the “chosen few.”


Scarcity Mindset

1. Makes One Feel Fearful, Uncertain, and Overwhelmed

If you have a scarcity mindset, you tend to focus on negative feelings like panic and fear.

You worry that maybe you won’t earn enough if you follow your passion, or you assume that anyone who pursues their dream will end up in a financial crisis.

These ‘voices’ might cause you to feel afraid of failure. If you pursue your purpose, then you could fail or not succeed. You may also fear rejection because people may not understand why you’re doing something that is “not like you.”

The following steps may be hazy when you first discover your purpose. You may have no idea where to go or what to do next.

Worry and panic can quickly become an endless cycle. Fear of failure will paralyze you from taking any steps towards pursuing your purpose. You’ll still feel like a failure if you don’t take action that will reaffirm that you are not good enough.

When you feel overwhelmed, you can’t do anything because you don’t know what to do. This means you won’t move towards your goal and remain where you are. You’ll start to believe you cannot move forward.

2. Leads to Self-Doubt

A scarcity mindset leads you to believe that you’re not good enough. You start feeling overwhelmed and incapable of achieving what you set out to do. Your confidence wanes, and you start doubting yourself.

scarcity mindset causes self-doubt

Imposter syndrome is when someone feels like an impostor because they think they aren’t worthy of success. They may feel like a failure because they haven’t accomplished everything they wanted.

They might feel like they’re not intelligent, talented, or experienced enough to succeed. Imposter syndrome may remind you of previous failures and mistakes when you start pursuing your calling.

It whispers you’re not good or smart enough to succeed, nor do you have enough knowledge or money to venture into your calling. It will remind you that you are time-barred and will never be ready.

It can prevent you from living your purpose because it leads you to think that you need more in your life to find fulfillment. That you need another qualification or certification, or that if you don’t get more money, you’ll fail.

Sometimes, you may feel the need to return to school, especially when moving into a new career requiring a different skill set.

However, suppose you’re always enrolling in online courses and buying more books without taking action towards your purpose. In that case, you’ll continue to believe that you’ll never learn enough to succeed.

3. A Scarcity Mindset Prevents You From Taking Risks

A scarcity mindset won’t allow you to take bold steps towards your goal.

Our minds get scared when we move out of our comfort zones.

Our mind tells us all the horrible things that would go wrong if we step out of what we are accustomed to, such as “everyone will laugh at you” and “you are wasting your time and energy.”

Keep in mind: a comfort zone is a good place to be, but nothing grows there.

4. You Are Continuously Playing Small

You will never grow if you don’t explore what is outside your comfort zone.

Fear and overwhelm will have you stuck for years on a job you hate or do not live the life you were meant to.

If you let negative thoughts control you, you’ll never think you deserve a better life.

You are capable of so much more. A scarcity mindset causes one to play small because you think it’s safer. But then you wonder why you can’t get ahead or can’t experience success.

As Marianne Williamson says, “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”

5. There’s Nothing Unique About Me

You may think you have nothing unique to offer compared to others in your field. This idea can kill self-confidence and identity.

Don’t be discouraged. You have something special to give to the world.

Your unique background and life lessons can be of great value to someone else.

You can be an invaluable asset to others without even realizing it.

Maybe you went through a difficult time and overcame it. You can help others going through the same experience.

Or maybe there are milestones that you achieved that others are striving for.

Even your appearance, culture, or ethnicity plays a massive role in making you unique.

People usually relate more to individuals who look like them.

As Dave Grohl says, “No one is you, and that is your power.”

6. Comparing Yourself With Others

Social media makes us consciously or subconsciously constantly compare ourselves to others.

You might feel you are not good enough because someone else is doing better than you or “looks like” they are doing better than you.

But the reality is that no one is perfect.

Every one of us was gifted with a distinct character, unique skill sets, and life story.

So instead of focusing on how better someone else is doing, focus on what makes you “you.”

You might be surprised at how much you have accomplished in life.

And don’t forget to always celebrate your wins, no matter how small.

7. Constantly Evolving Technologies Will Render You Obsolete

We live in a fast-changing world where today’s latest discovery is outdated tomorrow.

scarcity mindset and feeling obsolete

For some people, this can be discouraging because it makes them feel like the time they spent getting that expertise was for nothing.

Curiosity, excitement, and openness to change make you use your skills and knowledge in ways that people who don’t have your background wouldn’t think of.

8. Giving up After Failure

If you’ve had a string of failed ventures, you probably think you are a failure, and if you think you’re a failure, you’re unlikely to try anything that would make you feel horrible about yourself again.

Don’t give up on yourself because you didn’t get the desired outcome.

The key is to stop telling yourself you’ve failed and look at it as a learning experience and stepping stone to success.

9. I’m either Too Young or Too Old

Who told you there is a minimum or maximum age for pursuing your goals?

We make assumptions about ourselves and the way things work.

These assumptions limit us because they keep us from reaching our goals. By letting go of these limiting beliefs, we can achieve what we set out to do.

10. I’m Not Yet Ready

A scarcity mindset says, “I need enough information, or I need to be completely ready to open a new business.” A period of time passes with no action. You can never be prepared 100% for what lies ahead.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to act; start with the imperfect and improve from there.


How to Overcome Scarcity Mindset

1.    Stay Away From Negative People

Avoid being in the company of negative-minded people. The people we spend time with influence us in one way or another.

Spend time with positive-minded people; within no time, their influence will rub on you.

2.    Gratitude

Practicing gratitude improves both mental health and well-being. Start a daily gratitude journal where you list at least five things you are thankful for.

3.    Refocus

When you focus on one issue, you ignore others. Change your mindset to address problems instead of letting them get to you.

refocus to overcome scarcity mindset

Instead of thinking how bad the problem is, change your thinking to ‘How can I solve this problem?” or “What the solution here?”.

By doing this you’ll not only feel better about the situation, but you’ll put yourself on getting footing to create positive change in your life.

4.    Change Your Thought Pattern

When times are tough, try to take a step back and consider how things could get better.

Reminding yourself that “there’s no such thing as not enough” can help you reframe your thinking so that you can accept that the idea of “lack” is just a mental illusion.

5.    Connect With Friends and Family

Loneliness increases the risk of mental illness, including depression, suicide, substance abuse, and more. A good support network can help you bounce back from stressful situations.

When moving out of a scarcity mindset and into abundance, find a group of friends who will hold you accountable. They’ll keep you grounded and remind you that you’re not alone.

Final Thoughts

To varying degrees, we all struggle with some form of a scarcity mindset.

The solution of course, is to become aware of the moments when that scarcity mindset influences our thoughts and actions, so you can steer clear of the negative results having one can bring to your life.

So, when you start feeling disoriented, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you already possess all the skills, resources, and attributes necessary to succeed.

Then, get back to work doing what you do best.

Till you reach your aims,


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Self-Awareness Practices

Self-awareness is the wisdom of being aware of your true self and living in complete peace. Self-awareness is the only door, mindfulness the only window to your success.

Understanding yourself is a fundamental piece of being human. It’s additionally a driver of expert and individual achievement. Mindful people are stronger, more desirable and reliable. They know their qualities and constraints, their pluses and minuses. Also, the self-aware pioneer knows when to depend upon others and when to ask for support.

Self-aware people are more joyful and increasingly effective. Knowing one’s self prompts more noteworthy character and greater legitimacy. While lacking self-knowledge can be very painful and difficult. How can we be able to better understand ourselves?

Why Self-Awareness Is Important?

Being self-aware can help you define your success, because the definition of success can be different for every individual. For instance, someone, having a luxury car is a triumph. Yet, for another, designing a car is success. Various individuals would likewise have various approaches towards success.

The reason behind this is that we all are different. We differ in our strengths, weaknesses, inspirations, and thoughts of disappointment. What’s more, we respond distinctively to specific circumstances. The more you think about these parts of your life, the more you can adjust to the conditions that we face. Knowing these traits that make up ourselves can assist us with breaking down how we can learn and improve.

We must thoroughly know about our feelings. Some may feel that feelings are an obstacle to our legitimate reasoning, which is fundamental to achieve success. But still, we can’t absolutely kill feelings. In addition, they are one of the most significant highlights of being human.

Our capacity to control our feelings and emotions can assist us with acting properly in specific circumstances. Dealing with one’s feelings is realizing when and how to communicate them.

In this manner, rather than investing energy to dismiss our feelings, self-awareness encourages us comprehend them more. By seeing how we feel, we can even more oversee it successfully.

As noted before, self-awareness improves our confidence, communication skills and performance at our workplace.

Self-awareness can prompt best results in the working environment, as better self-assessment normally prompts improving the arrangement between our activities and our principles, bringing about better execution.

At the point when we take part in self-assessment, we can consider to whether we are thinking and believing and going about as we “should” or observing our measures and qualities. This is alluded to as contrasting against our norms of rightness. We do this day by day, utilizing these norms as an approach to pass judgment on the rightness of our considerations and practices.

Utilizing these norms is a significant part of rehearsing poise, as we assess and decide if we are settling on the correct decisions to accomplish our objectives.

Now that we have realized that it is very important to learn self-awareness to grow and develop. So, how would you do it? What did our experts do to rehearse self-awareness?

How To Practice Self-Awareness?

There are numerous approaches to assemble and rehearse self-awareness, yet here are probably the best self-awareness practices that you can start today:

  1. Understanding your personality.
  2. Recognizing Your Strengths And Weaknesses.
  3. Practice Meditation.
  4. Live In The Moment And Analyze Your Emotions.
  5. Keep A Journal.

Let’s look at these 5 self-awareness practices in a bit more detail:


1.Understanding Your Personality:

Attempting to consider yourself to be who you truly are can be an exceptionally troublesome procedure, yet in the event that you put forth the correct attempts, becoming acquainted with your genuine self can be very fulfilling.

At the point when you can see yourself dispassionately, you can figure out how to acknowledge yourself and discover approaches to develop yourself later on.

That said, a good way to understand your personality is to spend some time taking a Myers Briggs test. The Myers Briggs test will help you understand your personality traits and how you can leverage those traits for more success with people and work.

Here’s a good free version of the personality test.

2.Recognizing Your Strengths And Weaknesses:

Becoming more acquainted with yourself is tied in with building up a genuine image of who you are, including the parts you are glad for and the parts that you battle with every now and then. Direct a stock of your qualities and shortcomings, beginning with your qualities. Consider what you like about yourself, and furthermore which parts of yourself reliably evoke the best criticism. For instance, maybe you’re regularly being informed that you are very patient with others, or you realize that you have an extraordinary creative mind. 

With regards to distinguishing your shortcomings, ask yourself whether there are basic topics in your disappointments or in disillusioning scenes of your life. Likewise, consider whether you are regularly approached to take a shot at a particular part of your character. For instance, maybe your managers routinely feature that you don’t shout out during gatherings, showing that a potential shortcoming is an absence of fearlessness.

3.Practice Meditation:

Meditation can truly assist you with focusing on being increasingly mindful. At the point when you ponder, you are in a quiet and lovely perspective, where you can truly concentrate on being available. This might be through your breathing or just by envisioning while you are reflecting. 

With meditation you can begin to work on getting mindful of any musings and sentiments you have. You could consider things you have done that have influenced your emotions or practices. 

Through meditation, you can build up a more clear comprehension of yourself and your feelings, making it simpler to build up your mindfulness.

4. Live In The Moment And Analyze Your Emotions:

At the point when we figure out how to live right now, we additionally figure out how to quit stressing over the future or the past. 

At the point when you decide to live in the moment, you can concentrate on any feelings and emotions you are having around then. You would then be able to live right now and work on any negative sentiments and feelings you have and turn out to be progressively mindful of them as you are not pondering whatever else at that point.

5. Keep a  Journal:

If you can keep a diary or log ,this can truly help you when attempting to comprehend your perspectives and activities. There are numerous ways that you can keep a diary, however maybe the most effortless is to write in every day your considerations, sentiments, and activities such that you can comprehend. 

You would then be able to glance back at your diary on significant dates, for example, another year or your birthday. You can consider what you have composed and chip away at improving whatever should be changed. 

This is an extraordinary method to build up your mindfulness as it is the most effortless approach to look into certain circumstances you may have overlooked.

Conclusion on Self-Awareness Practices

To wrap things up, here’s a quick summary of they key self-awareness practices to focus on. Repetition is the mother of skill, so once more here they are:

  1. Understand Your Personality
  2. Recognized Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Practice Meditation
  4. Live In The Moment
  5. Keep a Journal

At last, accomplishing self-awareness is actually a matter of stripping one’s self down deeply. But, it is also very important to remember that this effort needs to be undertaken optimistically, because constant hope of improvement is required, regardless of how terrible reality may appear.

So, stay optimistic and consistent in your self-awareness practices, and before you know it, your success will arrive.

Till next time,


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