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How Less Stress Can Lead to Success, Productivity, and Improved Self-Discipline



Stress Less

Everyone has to deal with a certain level of stress in their day to day lives. For some, it is due to deadlines at work, and for others it is tests at school. Without a doubt, in one way or another, everyone counters stressful situations in there day to day lives. And unfortunately, there is a down side to stress, but its not what you think.

You see, most people don’t know this, but the level of stress that a person encounters has a major part in deciding how their future will turn out, but the thing that has an even bigger impact is one’s ability to deal with stress and counter it.

Normal day to day stress is not an issue, and it even helps us perform better, but when stress becomes chronic, and you start to stay stressed constantly, the problem gets very serious. Chronic stress isn’t only a problem itself, but it also leads to many other more serious diseases like depression, hearts diseases, anxiety, and diabetes.  Chronic stress also weakens the immune system, significantly making us more susceptible to common diseases.

In this post, we will be focusing on the causes and treatments of stress and how eliminating stress from your life can increase your productivity and contribute to your success.

Common Causes of Stress

A Hectic Work Environment

One of the most common causes of stress for the average citizen is a hectic and stressful work environment. In fact, about 80 percent of Americans feel some degree of stress because of their jobs, according to the American Institute of Stress. Constant stress at work can diminish our productivity and cause us to get left behind.

Tough Schedule in School

Unfortunately, a majority of students also have to deal with a lot of stress on daily basis. Due to the increased amount of competition, students have to work through a lot of stress to meet the expectation and get admissions in colleges. According to a study done in NYU, 49% of the students reported feeling severely stressed while 31% said that they were somewhat stressed. This stress, in some cases, can negatively affect the performance of the students and decrease motivation and productivity.

Financial Problems

Another major reason many people feel stressed is financial problems. The price of daily life has increased dramatically over the previous decades. People have to face a lot of financial stress these days. The price of education has increased significantly, and most average middle-class people are graduating with a lot of student’s loans that they have to keep paying off for years after. Credit card debt and medical bills are also a major reason people feel financial stress.

Emotional Problems

Emotional problems also contribute to the stress levels of a lot of average people. Divorces, failed relationships, death of a loved one and many other emotional problems are the common causes of emotional stress.

Effect of Stress on One’s Career and the Probability of Success

Stress has a different effect on different people. Some people who are able to manage stress and counter it regularly are somewhat motivated by it, but when stress is not checked, it causes a lot of problems for a person’s career.

The effect of stress on a person starts at a very small age at school, students are under a great deal of stress to get into good colleges, and when they do get in, they usually have to go through tough schedules and stressful routines to get their degrees, accumulating, a lot of students take loans along the way. Then, it is hard for students to get jobs because of the saturated work environment.

All of these problems are hard to deal with, and the increasing stress doesn’t do us any favors. People mostly do get through all of this struggle, but at what cost? The constant stress affects the health of people, and it actively takes years off a person’s life. Stress also negatively affects the quality of life.

Effect of Stress on Workplace Productivity

Stress, of course, doesn’t do any favors to the productivity of people. Many studies have been done to understand how stress affects us in the workspace. The standardized research on this topic gives us the Yerkes-Dodson law.

According to this law, the workspace productivity initially increases with an increase in stress, but beyond a certain level, stress can have a drastic effect on workspace productivity. Chronic stress can cause people to procrastinate, and it also decreases motivation. Workplace stress doesn’t only affect certain employees; it decreases the productivity of a whole institution.

Managers should try to make the work environment less stressful and more productive. A great example of this is the new tech companies, which have amazing and relaxing offices with a lot of amenities to keep their employees motivated and stress-free.

Effect of Stress on One’s Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a necessity for success in any field of life. You need to have a certain degree of self-discipline. Self-discipline is one of the main requirements for countering stress as well and ironically stress causes a decrease in self-discipline.

You need to follow certain habits to counter stress, and if you don’t have any self-discipline, you will spend your free time lying in front of a screen binge-watching YouTube or Netflix. This is a very unhealthy attitude as it increases stress, damages your physical and mental health and decreases your productivity.

So, you need to have self-discipline if you are going to succeed in anything otherwise you will feel more stressed and fall deeper and deeper into the pit of stress, anxiety and even depression in severe cases.

Common Methods to Counter Stress

If anyone wants to be successful in their life and career, they have to counter stress because lesser stress levels allow us to be more creative, active and productive in life. The issue is that most people don’t really know how to counter stress effectively. So, here are some common stress-countering methods that you should try.

Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Many studies have shown meditation to be one of the most effective methods to get rid of stress. You should try to add morning meditation sessions to your routine. You can also do some breathing exercises like yoga or Tai Chi, which are also effective in countering and relieving stress. These meditation sessions and breathing exercises allow you to relax and effectively deal with stress. So, try them out.

Working Out

Exercise is also a very effective and scientifically proven method to improve your physical and mental health. Light exercise causes the release of many hormones and endorphins in the body. One of these hormones is dopamine, which is also known as the pleasure hormone. Dopamine gives us a rush of happiness and excitement. But you have to remember to keep your workouts moderate because intense workouts can cause the release of a hormone called cortisol, which is a major stress-inducing hormone.

Using Natural Remedies

Cannabis is hailed as a wonder drug these days. It has a lot of amazing medical benefits, including stress relief. The medical benefits of cannabis have led to its legalization in a majority of American as well as Canadian states. You can use cannabis to counter stress effectively and feel more relaxed instantly. Cannabis is also quite easy to purchase these days. You can visit a local marijuana dispensary, or you can also get it online on websites like Lotusland Cannabis Club. Cannabis is one of the most effective and easy stress countering methods.

Taking a Vacation, or a Break

If your work routine or any other thing is causing you stress, it is very important that you take a break from it. You should plan a short vacation every now and then to get away from your stressful routine and relax and enjoy yourself. This way, you will return to work refreshed and active, and you will be able to be more productive, and you will have greater self-discipline.

Organize Your Schedule and Prioritize Tasks

A hectic work routine is one of the major causes of stress, now you can’t reduce the time you have to work, but you can make it much easier and less stressful by organizing your routine. You should create a time table and a to-do list to prioritize your tasks. According to a study by Harvard University, organizing your schedule is actually the most effective and common method for reducing the stress faced due to hectic work environments.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Another effective and easy way to ease the effects of stress is spending quality time with your friends and family members and talk about your problems. When you talk about your problems with people that care about you, you get to feel like a massive weight is lifted off your shoulders. This is a great way to counter stress.


Overall, stress is a very serious and common issue that affects the health and the careers of many people, as stress decreases our productivity and self-discipline it is only logical that less stress would mean more productivity and success. It has also been proven by many studies that lower stress levels helps increase creativity and productivity. Remember, there are many effective and proven ways to counter stress, so follow the techniques provided on this post and sit back and watch as more success and happiness come your way.

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