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10 Quotes to Help You Seize Your Moment

To be alive is to make choices. Every day that passes, nay, every moment that passes, choices must be made.

Seize The Moment Quotes

Many of those choices seem relatively insignificant.  On the surface, they appear to not have any real bearing on how our lives will turn out, especially in the long run.

However, oftentimes, many of those seemingly small choices, do in-fact influence in a great way the trajectories of our lives.


Some moments, we may choose to not show up fully, be it in the work place or in our business.  And when we don’t show up fully, we subtly impact the type of opportunities that gravitate towards the people who are prepared and ready for their moment.

In other moments, we may choose to allow ourselves to be negative or neglectful in our relationships with others.  And in so doing, potentially weaken the strong ties that one day we may need to rely on for support.

There are also moments, when we must decide on whether or not the activities we choose to partake in, will serve our short, medium, and long-term goals.  Some of our greatest accomplishments are squandered in the daily grind.  We allow ourselves to be consumed by activities that appear pressing on the surface, but upon closer investigation, are really not activities that bring us any closer to the realization of our big goals, our big dreams, or the grand vision we have for our lives.

Most importantly, there are moments that pass everyday where we can choose to start something new.  We have the choice to take our lives in a new direction.  The choice can be as small as deciding to be a different type of person, i.e. more positive, more optimistic, more daring.   Or, it can be as big as deciding to write that book, start that rock-band, go on that year-long hiatus to find yourself, or to finally get started on your passion project.

Whichever it is, with every moment that passes, and new opportunity arises to choose a new life for ourselves.


I guess this post is really, just a reminder.  A reminder of how important it is for us to pay attention to the daily choices we are making.  A reminder, that in every moment that passes, we are choosing to partake in actions that will eventually determine the outcomes of our lives.

It is a reminder that every moment matters.  And if every moment matters, then we must seize every moment.

Below, are a handful of quotes to help drive that point home.  Quotes to help you seize the moment, your moment!







Seize the moment quote






I love this last quote.  It is a great reminder of the power of choice, and how with every moment that passes, we get to choose to act, be, and do things in ways that can lead to living an extraordinary life.

Every moment matters, and every choice you make within them, matters as well.

Till next time,


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