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Stop Waiting for Someday

Imagine if you were to die today.  What ideas, what dreams, what hopes, what gifts would die with you?  Would you be satisfied with who you’ve become?

Better yet, would you be satisfied with the little you’ve done?

Or would you die knowing you had more to give and more to live?

Chances are high, we’ve only scratched the surface of what we could be doing with our life.

Thousands of amazing experiences still await our embrace.

Life wants us to dive in deep.  It wants us to experience, explore, and reach the mysteries, the treasures, and the joys that await.

It wants us to grow, to give, and to live to our fullest capacity.  It wants us to be great!

But most, maybe not you, but most, are still dawdling in the shallow waters of life.

They sit there wading like a toddler in a kiddie pool on a beach.  They linger in their confined play space, content and distracted, splashing around with their little kiddie toys, while a vast ocean of life, adventure, and infinite depth stirs and thrashes right next to them.

What a waste!

They sit and they play, and they wait.  They wait for their ocean of success to come to them.  They wait for someday to arrive, like somebody is going to give it to them.

They keep telling themselves, “someday it will happen, I just know it.”

But they never do anything to move towards their someday.  They never make a decision and they sure as hell never take any action.

They dream upon a star, but never shoot for the star.

Fruitlessly they wait.  They wait for every single star and every single planet to align before they seize their moment.  Everything has to be perfect before they do what they’ve always dreamed of.

Instead they stick to their conveniences, their comforts, and their mind-numbing laziness.

And so, their gifts and their aspirations get trapped.  They get trapped in the future.  They get trapped in this little capsule called someday.

But that’s not you my friend, at least I hope it’s not.  Or maybe it is, let’s see.

How many times have you said to yourself….

Someday I’ll get into shape….

Someday I’ll get started on my book…

Someday I’ll start selling my art…

Someday I’ll start my own business….

Someday I’ll be rich enough to give it all away?

But those somedays have yet to come.  They are still far, far away, off in the distance.


And they will stay that way; unreal, a fantasy, always out of reach, unless…

Unless you stop waiting and start acting.  Unless you demand from yourself more action, more achievement, more living…now.  Not tomorrow, now.

Of course, you can continue to wait.  It’s up to you.

But how long will you wait? How long will you keep putting things off, allowing yourself to be distracted?

I know, I know…. you’ve got your good reasons.

Everyone has their reasons.  Except those reasons are not reasons at all.

Let’s be honest and call those “reasons” what they really are.  And what they really are, are excuses.

We are full of excuses, and we know it.  We just won’t admit it.

We keep bullshitting ourselves, expecting someone to show up and call us out on it.  But no one ever does.  And until someone does, we’ll continue to live our lives always waiting for someday.

But I am going to be a good friend and call you on it.

It’s time to wake up!!!

Seriously, wake up!

“But, but, but I am awake.”

No!  No your not!


Now pretty please, don’t get defensive on me… maybe you are awake, and if you are, then this salute is for you.  But if you aren’t certain, well, here is how we can tell for sure:

7 Signs You Are Waiting For Someday

waiting for someday signs

Here are seven telltale signs you are still waiting for someday to come to you.  Give them a read, and if any ring true, well then, this kick-in-the-pants is for you.

1. You Are in Debt, With No Plan To Get Out

Debt = slavery.  If you’re in debt, you ain’t free bro!   If you’re in debt, you can’t do what you want.  Debt is a straight-jacket!  And if you aren’t making moves to get out of debt, then your setting yourself up for failure.

The more debt you get yourself into, the less options you have. And the less options you have, the more your life is going to suck.  That’s real talk my friend!

More stuck = more suck.

So make a plan to get out of debt pronto.  Once you get out of debt, you will be free, free to pursue whatever the hell you want, and free to be who you want to be.

2. You Still Live in Your Parent’s Basement

Look, if you are in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s and you still live in your parent’s basement, it’s time to cut the cord.  You can’t create your own future if you’re holding on to the past.

Your parent’s house is the past.   And if you still live at home, you are holding on to the past.  So let it go if you want to grow.

And when that growth comes, you’ll realize you can do more than you ever thought you could.  You’ll realize that your self-reliance breeds self-actualization.

What is self-actualization?

Self-actualization means becoming the best possible version of yourself.  In short, it means reaching your potential.  So, if you want to live more, give more, or get more, you’ve got to get out of mommy and daddy’s house! Self-reliance is the way.

3. You Hate Your Situation, But Won’t Look To Improve It

If you hate your job, but keep showing up day in and day out and never make any moves to change things up, there is no hope for you.  You might as well stop reading now.

If this isn’t you, but you know someone who does this. If you know someone who is a whiny-pants, please share this with them.  They need someone to slap them in the face and tell them to stop whining.  I’ll do it for you!

People who complain about their jobs or their lives but never do anything to improve their situation are hopeless losers.  These people are everywhere.  Don’t be one of these people.

Complainers never take action, they just complain, complain, complain.  And that is why they always lose, lose, lose.

Complainers are people who never go nowhere, they are stuck in the same job, with the same company, in the same city, and the same boring miserable life, for the rest of their lives.

Complainers suck.  No really, they do suck.  They suck the life out of others, and they suck the hope for a better tomorrow out of their very own lives each time they open their whiny little mouths.  Complainers are losers.  Avoid complainers at all cost, and whatever you do, never ever become one.

4. You Don’t Take Any Risks

When is the last time you’ve taken a risk?  Going outside doesn’t count.  Sure it’s risky if you are allergic to sunshine and fresh air, but I am sure that’s not you.

Taking risks doesn’t have to be something that puts your life or financial well being in danger.  It can be as simple as applying for a job you don’t feel qualified for but deeply want.  Or it can be asking that hot co-worker of yours out on a date.  It can even be something as small as starting that side-hustle you’ve been day-dreaming about.

Risk doesn’t have to be big, but if you want to advance towards those dreams of yours, they must be taken.   So for the love of God, mix things up in your life a bit and take some doggon risks!

5. You Spend All of Your Free Time Watching TV or Surfing The Net

The average person spends at least 4 hours watching TV a day.  If you are watching anywhere near this amount of TV then it shouldn’t surprise you if life isn’t going your way.

People who spend this much time watching TV become, well, average.  If you want to live an average life, if you are okay with average achievements, average experiences, then please keep watching the tube like a good little zombie.

Average is easy, average is boring, average is potential unrealized.

But if you want to reach your potential, you will need to sacrifice your inner couch potato to the Gods of Success.  So drive a stake through it’s heart and kick it off a cliff!

Couch potatoes are no-getters. Kill your inner no-getter and become a go-getter!

6. You Play Video Games Everyday For Hours On End

Playing video games is just another way to escape action.  Video games are fun, and they can give a person a sense of immediate accomplishment, but they’re a big time waster.

If you’re an adult who gets sucked into playing video games on a daily basis for hours on end, you are severely handicapping your potential.

In the grand scheme of things, your high scores and level ups don’t mean diddly squat to the world.  If you can progress on your life goals like you do in video games, the world will reward you with everything you deeply and truly want.

You can’t make gains if you’re always playing games, period. So, stop playing video games and start playing life!  Level up for real!

 7. You Never Spend Time Learning How To Start: Art, Book, Business Etc..

If you say you want to do x, y, or z with your life, but you have yet to pick up a book or do research on x, y, or z, then you are deluding yourself.

If you never take time to learn how to become who you want to be, or do what you want to do, then you’ll always remain bound.  Bound to your boredom, bound to smallness, bound to be forgotten, and bound to fail.

Our goals, dreams, aspirations move in the direction and in proportion to the moves you make towards them.  If you read up on how to start a business, you are taking steps towards your goal.  And in turn, the accomplishment of that goal will move closer towards you.

You can try to achieve your goal without reading a book or doing research on it too.  But, jumping blindly into something just means you’ll have to learn the lessons the hard way.  What you seek will elude you until you’ve learned the lessons thoroughly.

Learn from people who’ve done what you aspire to do.  Learning from them will help you achieve what you are after in this lifetime.

So, read, study, practice, and teach.  Because when you do, your prizes and your potential will become easier to reach.

Bonus Sign You Are Waiting

Here is one last bonus sign that you are waiting for someday. Basically, if you are expecting for something or someone else to change before you make any changes to your life, then you are waiting for someday.

Most people sit around a wait for life to happen to them or for them. They wait for a sign, a hand out, or some big push from the outside. By chances are high, you’ll never get this push.

So, if you’re waiting for things to change, stop. If you want things to change, you have to put forth the energy and determination to make the change, period. No one else will do it for you.

So, Are You? Are You Waiting For Someday?

Alright, you’ve read the list.  So who are you?  Are you a no-getter or a go-getter?

Don’t worry, I already know who you are, what you are, and what you are not.

I know you’re a person who won’t settle for the kiddie pool and the uninspiring distractions created to keep you where you are.   You are the type of person who is going to hop out of that little cesspool and jump into the vast ocean of life and adventure.

Sure it’s bigger, scarier, and full of uncertain possibilities.  But that is where your potential lies.

Now my friend, here is what you are not.  You are not most people.  So stop waiting until everything is just right before you strive to do more with your life.

Let other people refuse to go out on a limb, to get uncomfortable, to not take any action on anything.  Let other people ignore the fact that the fruit is always out on a limb.

You are not other people.  You are you, and you have a great many things still left to do.

So stop waiting and go out on a limb and do them.  Don’t wait for someday.

Don’t let your gravestone read, “Born in 19**, Died in this year, Buried in 2050.”

Get after it today, so instead it will read…

 “Born to LIVE.”

Till next time,


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